Thursday, January 31, 2013

That's Not Going To Get You Anywhere: Wishing And Hoping By Dusty Springfield

When you're a kid, people often tell that wishes come true. That's going to be a big let down when you get older.  This is obviously because wishing for something and hoping for it to happen is like waiting for elephants to fly or waiting for gold to fall out of the sky.  You're going to have to do more than that.  That's what I feel when I listen to the song "Wishing And Hoping" Dusty Springfield.

I know this is a love song but hey February is just around the corner and that means Valentine's Day or Christmas of the Heart.  Anyway just like love, nothing is going to happen when you just wish for it.  You've got to do more.  You know what you have to do and do it right.  Being shy is not going to help and that means you have to go for it, especially if you have the means to do so.  Only then that you can achieve it.

That's what I've been trying to do all this time.  It's easier said than done when reality dawns on you.  Still, if you really want to succeed, you can't let that stop you. It's only through hard work and perseverance that you can succeed.  Just wishing is not going to get you anywhere.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

These Days, The Wind Can Be Very Fickle: Cast Your Fate To The Wind By Shelby Flint

A long time I go I remember when the management of the company I was working for suddenly changed ownership.  Everybody what they're going to do if they get cut.  At the time, I told, I'll go where the wind takes me.  That was easier said than done because getting work after that was long and difficult process I have never forgotten.  Every time I hear the song "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" by Shelby Flint, I remember that gamble and the hardship that followed.

I remember the day that I was told that our section was also on the list of people who would be replaced and sadly, I packed up my things and collect my last paycheck from those guys.  Thus began another bad period in my life as I struggled to pick up the pieces and spent a lot of time applying for a job and taking care of things at the house.  It took me a long while to get a job again and although it pays lower, at least I'm working again.  It was long dark period in my life that I will never forget because that's the second time things really went bad for me. Even now what through during time still haunts me and as a result, I am very careful about making decisions that could affect me in a big because I can't afford another dive.

I'll tell you the experience leaves you grounded because you were hoping that the wind would take you somewhere but my case, I almost ended up nowhere.  I'm not saying that I afraid to take risks but I just saying that you have to know what you're getting into before you commit yourself.  That's when I see people who suddenly fell into hard times, my heart goes out to them because I know the feeling to have everything taken away from you.  The wind these days can be too fickle and too light of anyone's sails to get them going.  That's you can't just rely on the wind anymore if you want get somewhere because you don't if it's strong enough to take you there or if it will take you there at all.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweet Dreams And Happy Thoughts: Dreamboat Annie By HeartOne

When you get older, one of the few luxuries that starts to disappear is unfortunately a good night's sleep. This could be due to a lot responsibilities or due to a lot of stress.  There are times when you don't get the required eight hour sleep due some unexpected incidents that not only keeps you awake but also cuts your sleep time.  Times like that a good 24K song can put you to sleep in no time.  A good song to play for getting some nice naps is Heart's :Dreamboat Annie".

Even though it  starts off with the morning, this song always gets me relax when things have been so stressful that I can't sleep.  That's why I try not to get too worked up at the end of the day because the adrenaline from the stress would just keep me awake at night.  When the adrenaline does start to build up, I put on my earphones and play this song.  I close my eyes and think happy thoughts as I listen to it.  Before I know it, I feel sleepy enough to call it a night.

Well I do other things as well such as drinking hot chocolate and avoiding sodas before going to bed.  Still nothing beats listening to a good song such as this to relax and retire to.  I'd rather do that than pop a pill which is too overboard for my taste.  Listening to this brings good dreams and happy thoughts.  That's all I need to get some good sleep.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Choice Is Clear: Stand Or Fall By The Fixx

A friend of mine found me through my blog and criticized on the things that I post.  I told him I simply blog what I think about or feel with the song as a means to reflect the message or mood of the post.  Sure, I admit  that lately I've been repeatedly blogging of how hard life is but I do so to remind myself that it's tough out and you either stand or fall.  When it comes to making that choice, I listen to the song "Stand Or Fall" by The Fixx.

You don't really feel that choice when life good.  But life turns its ugly and things get tough, you'll really feel the pressure.  The worst is the hard is getting harder.  It's as if life is challenging you with every crap that it throws at you.  The question is are you going to fold?  Well, for me, I've a mistakes that I could no longer correct but for some reason, I'm still here and because of that I'm still trying to get it right.

Getting it right is not easy and I still haven't gotten it together.  Still, I can't rely on others anymore and I'm also tired of being on the losing end of the stick.  I know there are some habits that I have to kick if I want to get where I'm going.  Still, I don't to just quit and let life roll all over.  When it comes to stand or fall, the choice is clear:  I choose to stand.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bests Describes These Bad Years: Seasons In The Abyss By Slayer

Even though it's just January, this year has already gotten off to a bad start. Once again, something has happened that's already dampened my mood.  As much as I try not to be too negative, life sure is throwing me a lot of crap when you least expect it.  I'm beginning to fear that this going to be another bad year.  This dismal feeling that I have for this year is the reason why I'm using Slayer's song "Seasons In The Abyss" for this post.

As I have stated in most of my posts, the last 12 years haven't very kind to me and my family.  For some reason, some always goes wrong just when you think things are all right.  When that happens, it can sure erase any hope that you have left in you.  You walk around like a zombie not caring anymore since it's all ruined.  Then the year just flows dismally down the drain and there goes another year gone to waste.

I do hope I'm wrong.  There's been one bad year too many and I'm trying hard to ensure that this year would be different.  Hopefully, things work out this time around and not just for me but for my whole family as well. This bad juju has been around for a long time.  Hopefully this year we can climb out of the abyss.

Friday, January 25, 2013

There Sure Have Been A Lot Of Them: Been Having A Bad Day By Taj Manal

Whenever I get a call from home or a sudden chore when I'm just about done for the day, that sure puts me down and ruins my day.  Right now, when I look back at all that's been said and done last year, there sure were a lot of bad days.  Though this year is just about to start, I already get a lot of out-of-the blue surprises that sinks my spirits.  Feeling down all the time is the result of having one bad day too many.  A good for those bad days is "Been Having A Bad Day" by Taj Mahal.

What is a bad day for me?  It's when something comes out of nowhere and destroys something that I've worked hard for a long time.  It can also be when something bad happened to friends and family and it affects everybody.  It can also be holding out on help that never came or people letting you down when you need them the most.  The worst part about it is that you have to accept it even though it hurts.

As I've been saying again and again, these bad days keep happening and quite frankly I'm getting sick of it.  I'm tired of accepting the unacceptable.  That's the reason why I don't give up and I'm determined to do all that I can to turn all of this around.  As I've said before, it won't be easy and I have to figure it out myself.  Until then, if a bad day happens, I'll just blog about.  That's only to soften the blow.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't Rely On Others Too Much: Waiting For A Friend By Roger Daltrey (The Who)

I hate to admit it but one bad habit that I have is relying too much on others.  Over time, I realized that that can be the worst type of addiction of you can get.  You know no longer think or do things for yourself.  Worst part about it is that you rely on others too much to the point that you always think that they will always be there but reality they won't.  When I came to that realization, it reminded me of the song "Waiting For A Friend" by Roger Daltrey (The Who).

Just because people helped a couple of times doesn't that they're a;ways there to pick up after you.  There are times where they won't be there or the problem is too much for them to solve.  The worst part about it is that this will drive your friends away.  This is because they're going to think that you're just using them or taking advantage of your generosity.  Nobody wants to hang out with someone like that.

These days I do my best to accomplish tasks on my own.  The more I do on my own, the more independent I feel because I didn't rely on others or didn't make them solve my problems.  That's what it's all about because even if people are willing to help, in the end it's something that you have to solve.  They won't be there all the time so don't wait.  Do what you can at least until help arrives.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Very Good Tribute To The Sphagetti Western Genre:

I am again taking a break from my daily 24K entries to pay homage to the Sphagetti Western Genre.  For those of you who don't remember, Sphegetti Westerns are cowboy or gunfighter films made by Italian filmmakers that started around the 60's that often featured a drifter with no name take on the lawless bandits.  The protagonist often talks little but takes on the whole evil gang and comes out victorious against the odds.  Despite its origins, many of these Western films spawned a cult following and even Hollywood actors such Charles Bronson, Lee Van Cleef  and of course Clint Eastwood starred in these films.  One of the best of the Sphagetti films that I remember was "Django" that starred Franco Nero and for this post, I am using theme from his movie.

I was inspired to put the soundtrack to this post after watching Quentin Tarantino's remake that starred Jaime Foxx in the title role.  Though he made changes in his version, there was no doubt that the elements of the  Sphagetti Genre were there.  I found the film very entertaining and the dialogue was something all of us can relate with.  Like all his other films, Tarantino also dishes out his fair share of action and ends the film in true Sphagetti Western fashion.  It was one of the best films that I have watched in a long time.

From what I've seen, this is Tarantino's best work to date since Pulp Fiction.  I am amazed at how he can turn a cult genre from the past into a critically acclaimed film.  I also liked the fact that he employed the old 70's actors such as Don Stroud, Don Johnson and the original Django Franco Nero in the film.  I hope the remake does well at the Oscars.  It's a great tribute to the Sphagetti Western Genre.

It's Not Easy But It's Worth It: Living On My Own By Freddie Mercury

Ever notice when you were a kid, you were very dependent on people around.  When things were tough you had your parents, siblings and friends to help you.  But as you grow older, you become less and less dependent on them and you are doing things on your own and eventually you'll be thrown into the world where you'll be doing things by yourself.  Though it may hard at first, once you get the hang of it, there's no turning as you start to truly stand on your two feet.  That hard period on living alone reminds me of the song "Living On My Own" by Freddie Mercury.

Sometimes you get excited about going off on your own because now you're longer under anyone's supervision let alone anyone's control.  Still, it doesn't start well for you have to learn to cook and clean for yourself and there will be times when you have tighten especially when things get rough financially.  It really is test you to see if you are strong or not.  That's where the truth about what it means to be living on your own really sets in because only if you're strong enough to stand on your own despite the pressures only then can you say that your independent.

If you persevere, you reap the benefits of what you sow.  It takes time but eventually you'll see the results.  It's never easy to live on your own but you have to if you want to find yourself in this world.  Still, you'll till you try.  It's not easy at first but in the end, it's worth it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mental Games: Mental Hopscotch By Missing Persons

One of the games I was always curious about but never played was Hopscotch.  All I know about is that you're suppose to jump on certain numbers.  If you miss a step, you have to go back from the start.  Funny how life can be the same and how much it puts you to the test mentally.  I kinda got that thought while listening to the song "Mental Hopscotch" by Missing Persons.

When you set out with a plan in life, you think things would go smoothly.  You go through the motions and since everything is going as planned, you think you're home free.  Then you miss a step and all of a sudden, things fall apart.  Because of that, you wind up going back just like the game.  Still, unlike the game, it can sure take it's toll on you mentally to start all over again.

Life sure can play a lot of mental games on you.  Like a game of hopscotch, you have to be careful you make your moves.  There's a lot of pressure and you have really do a balancing act to land on the right spot. One mistake can take a toll on you mentally as well as emotionally.  It's a game you don't wan to play but you wind up playing nonetheless.  You just have to be careful where you throw and how you land.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Trying Hard To Keep The Faith: That's The Way God Planned It By Billy Preston

Just got back from Church and I'm trying to remember everything that was said in today's mass.  In this day and age where fewer people believe in religion, my mother and I still go every weekend as well as every first Friday of the Month.  I'm not that deeply a religious person but I still believe in God and Heaven.  I'm just trying hard to stay the course and keep the faith.  That's the reason why I'm using the song "That's The Way God Planned It" by Billy Preston.

This last 12 years sure shook me up in terms of faith.  A lot of things that I hope would happen didn't and things dreaded did happen.  There was even a time that my faith was so shaken that I stopped going to Church and it was only through my parents' counsel that I went back.  It was hard to accept the things that happened and has been happening but I guess that's all part of the Big Guy's plan.  Still losing faith in that time didn't help me either.  It took a while but I went back to the fold.

Right now, I'm still trying to figure what the master plan is all about.  I have to admit that I'm a little resistant about some of the plan's designs and hopefully we can meet each other halfway.  I just wish that thing's would work this time around.  I've been accepting the unacceptable for a long time and hope something good comes up for once.  In the end, it all in God's hands and I'll just have faith in what it's in store for us.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting Too Edgy: No More Mr. Nice Guy By Alice Cooper

Back then, everybody rooted for the boy or the girl next door.  They were the ones who were studious, courteous, kind and other good qualities that's associated with Mr. or Ms. Perfect.  These days, people tend to root for the bad boy and bad girl, claiming they're more realistic.  Unfortunately, the fascination with these kinds of role models are getting out of hand.  This urge to be more mean and edgy reminds me of the song "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Alice Cooper.

I guess think that being wholesome is boring at best and weak at worse.  They think that if they put on a mean front that they'll get more attention. I've seen actors and actresses go from hero to villain.  Guys put on more three-day beards and girls change their hairdos to look meaner.  You start to wonder if this was the same person you knew.

My question for those who make the switch is is it worth it?  Do feel comfortable with your new image or are you just trying to be something that you're not?  If you're not comfortable, then ditch it because it's not you are and only by being who you really are can you really be recognized by others.  In the end, you need not be too perfect nor do you to be too edgy.  Just be yourself  and everything will be alright.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

And Still Searching: I've Been Searching So Long By Chicago

When you're young, you don't have to worry about anything.  With a lot of time in your hands and friends all around, life is simple and everything is there for you.  It's a different story when you start getting older.  As you grow, you start to wonder about a lot of things and you need to get those issues addressed if you want to have some peace of mind in the future.  The fact that I'm still searching for those answers to put the issues to rest reminds me of the song "I've Been Searching So Long" by Chicago.

You can say that this is a continuation of the post that I wrote a few years ago using the song "Searching" by Santana.  You know something wrong with your life when you still can't get over certain things from the past or that there was no closure let alone fulfillment. It gets worse when you're older and your dreams and plans fall apart and you'll be lucky if you can salvage what you can.  You feel incomplete and worst of all, you're living a life you hate.  I guess they say that's living in regret.

For those of you who are still young and just beginning, be honest with what you really want in life.  When you know what you want, don't be afraid to admit.  More importantly, go for it with all that you've got.  You won't regret because you're going for what you want.  It's better than living a life of regret.  Those questions can take a toll on you believe me.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mondays Always Brings A Storm: Call It Stormy Mondays By T-Bone Walker

Thank goodness, it's finally Friday.  It's been a hectic week as a lot of assignments and deadlines that kept all  of us on our feet.  It feels good that the weekend is just around the corner.  Still, I just hope I get enough rest  because after that it's Monday and we always start things with a storm.  Thinking about what next week will bring reminds me of the song "Call It Stormy Monday" by T-Bone Walker.

It always starts with Mondays as you get overwhelmed with the workload.  As you start working, more comes in as the days pass.  Even as you finish, more comes in but that's your job and you have to get done.  Even when Friday has arrived, there's some that will come out of the blue and before you know it, work to beat the clock to get it done.  When you get home, you slump on your bed as the week has drained you from all that work as well whatever unpleasant surprise that pops up unexpectedly.

So you get as much rest and relaxation over the weekend.  You squeeze it in when some chores need to be done.  Hopefully, by the time Monday rolls in, you'll be rested enough to get back to the grind.  Still be ready to expect the unexpected.  You'll what kind of storm Monday will bring but one thing's for sure, it's going to be a handful.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Times When I Like Being Alone: Leave Me Alone By New Order

Just got home from another one of those "necessary evil" chores at work which I dread every Thursday.  After having some dinner and a cold shower, I slump into my room where at last I'm at my private Idaho.  When the days get crazy and your thoughts are messed up, sometimes you need to be alone.  That way, you to figure things out and come to your senses. The need to be alone reminds me of the song "Leave Me Alone" by New Order.

Sometimes when the pressure gets too much, that stop button inside you is suddenly pressed.  That's when you want to drop everything and just want to get away.  Times like, I would like to just gaze at the sky on a sunny afternoon in some shady place.  Just relax and let chaos leave your mind and soul until you are at peace with nobody bothering you.  Sometimes being alone is good for your soul.

Still, you can't stay in your fortress of solitude for long.  You still have face what the day has in store for you. Be it good or bad, you have to face it nonetheless.  Still when the over and everything's done, then you can go back to lone tranquility.  It's times like that when I like being alone.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anything To Amuse: Dancing Horses By Echo And The Bunnymen

Last year was certainly a bummer.  The year before that and all the other past years weren't exactly any better.  This bad streak has been going for quite some time.  This year isn't giving me much to lift my hopes up and right now I wish something good would happen just to chase away the blues.  With that wish in mind, it reminds me of the song "Dancing Horses" by Echo And The Bunnymen".

If I was at a bar or a diner, I'd probably be slumped on the table or the bar due to depression.  Things you'd hope would come true didn't and the thing you dread did.  When that happens it can you take you down a peg or two.  Apart from that, I wasn't able to blog last Monday due to a bad headache and a lot of stress.  What a downer!

Right now I wish something good would happen.  Unfortunately,  a wish is just a wish.  You have to make things happen and that's what I'm trying to even though I'm not doing it right.  Still, it would good if there was bright spot in this dark hole.  Anything would be good even if it were just dancing horses just to chase away the blues.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Slow, Stressful Monday: Monday, Monday By The Mamas And The Papas

Wasn't able to blog yesterday.  I had very stressful weekend and it even though things turned out well, it ease  my anxiety.  On top of that the internet was so slow due to the heavy rains brought about by the weekend.  Not being able to blog was one letdown but when I got to work, things got more stressful.  I guess that's why I chose the song "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas And The Papas for this post.

The worst part was that I found out that the salary was going to be delayed.  That sucked after going through all that trouble last week.  What worries me the most is that there bills that are due and I really needed that dough.  It's not just me but all of us got affected.  Now I feel worried and guilty at the same time cause I wasn't able to contribute to anything.

I just hope that we can pull through this.  There are too many things that are happening and we're having a hard time dealing with it.  However if we do make it through and someone tells me that "see it was no big a deal", I'm gonna punch his jaw.  This is the last thing that I need right now.  It sure took a slow and stressful Monday to get the ball rolling.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wishing To Go Back To The Old Days: Long Way From Home By Krokus

Yesterday a friend of mine called me and asked a favor from me.  After we briefly talked, he said "let's catch up sometime".  As I put the phone down, I was thinking the exact same thing.  As I look at the strands of grey hair that's starting to increase on my head and my beard, I really just how long it has been since those glory days when we all together and there was not a care in the world and how I wish to go back.  Having that thought in my mind reminds of the song "Long Way From Home" by Krokus.

Man back then, you thought you can do anything.  You had your friends and   a whole lot of time to waste.  Even though you didn't have money, there was always something to do and something to trip on.  No responsibilities and a lot of time to spare and you get to spend it with cool dudes.  A lot of it was spent on feeling and that was good enough.  Ah those were the days.

These days it's a different story.  A lot of pressure and a lot of commitments and everybody have their fair share of it that it occupies their daily lives.  All I have left are the memories of those great times and they come alive whenever I hear a 24K tune. Well, at least those were some good times.  Though I can't go back, it'll do.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Good Song About Hanging Out With The Pals: Down On The Corner By Credence Clearwater Revival

Right now,  I am just reminiscing about the good old days again.  I just trying to shake off that bad funk from the holidays.  I'm trying to think of happy thoughts right now.  The good times when the friends were all there and the parties kept on coming.  As I reminisce, I listen to Credence Clearwater Revival's song "Down On The Corner."

I'm just trying to take myself back in time when things were simple but nonetheless happier.  The bonds were solid as laughter filled the air.  Everybody was there smiling and listening like this.  Sure we didn't have the internet or any of those fancy ipods or whatever devices.  We didn't need them because the only thing that mattered was the gang was all here and everything was cool.

These days it's a different story.  Times are hard and problems start popping so fast and so many, it'll drive you crazy if you're not strong enough to deal with them.  The bonds are once being threatened and the last holiday was one that I would like to forget.  It sure was great back them.  All you needed was place to hang around and cool people to be with to make the world was all right.

To Get It All Back: Bouncing Back By Robert Cray

There's no one in life that has never experienced a set-back in life.  These are the times when we think we couldn't get any higher when all of sudden we've been shot down.  Still, that doesn't mean that you'll be that way forever.  If you're determined enough, you'll climb back and get it all back. That thought reminds me of the song "Bouncing Back" by Robert Cray.

Despite the down mood I've been feeling, I'm still a firm believer in Henry Bergson's "Ship Wreck Theory" meaning that the day will come when all this sad situation will end.  It's not going to be easy cause you're gonna have make it happen if you want things to change.  It won't come instantly but slowly yet surely, that silver lining will appear brighter and brighter till all the darkness disappear.  Before you know it the worst has passed and what you've lost, you've finally got back.

I've seen a lot of people who stumbled and fall yet managed to rise up better and stronger.  I guess that proves Bergson correct.  For those who are stumbling around (that includes me) just keep on going and don't give in or give up.  It'll come together one day.  Before you know it, you're back on track again.  More importantly, you got what you've lost back again.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sadly There Isn't Such A Place: Perfect World By Huey Lewis And The News

Even though it's a new year, I don't anything changing.  If there's any change, it can be because of more problems pouring in like heavy rain in a storm.  Just when you think things are looking good, something comes out of nowhere and before you know it, you're drowning in a world of hurt.  Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we live in a perfect world.  That question reminds me of the song "Perfect World" by Huey Lewis And The News.

What is a perfect for me?  It's where you can who you want to be and do what you what to do and even make a living on it.  A world where there are no worries and no tears.  Everybody is united and problems don't exist.  That would be a perfect world for me.

Sadly, such a place doesn't exist.  The fact that I wake up already feeling stressed and frustrated gives you an idea about the type of world that I'm living in and it's getting worse.  Still  I do know that if I want to make it happen, I have to move for it to be so.  I may achieve a perfect world but hopefully I can make at a tolerable one.  That would be enough for me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unpredictable Weather At The Start Of The Year: The Sun And The Rain By Madness

Boy, the year just started but the weather sure isn't appropriate for the month.  In fact, I can't make heads or tails of what the weather will be like.  This was confirmed when the weatherman said to be prepared for scattered rain showers.  Yet it's hot in the mornings and just when you thought there won't be any rain, it suddenly pours buckets.  Sometimes you don't what to expect anymore.  This unpredictability reminds me of the song "The Sun And The Rain" by Madness.

It can be so inconvenient when you don't what the weather will be like.  You carry your rain coat along with your umbrella which can be a pain when you're commuting as you're packed up like a sardine only to find out that it didn't rain all day.  Then you go to work without rain gear only to smell the scent of water in the air and you're lucky to get a rain before the downpours comes roaring down on you.  Good thing I keep a coat and umbrella in the office in case that happens.

Now I here that there's a chance of rainfall coming in tomorrow.  I guess I better bring my rain gear again just in case.  Sometimes I think the weather is just the year.  Just when you think things are going to be good, something happens and the crap hits the fan.  The year and the weather sure have lot in common when it comes to that.  Sadly, you'll never what to expect so you just prepare as best as you can.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For Those Of Us Who Struggle Under Pressure: Man In The Corner By Genesis

I know I sound monotonous when I blog about my struggles but this blog is also my form of therapy where I can constructively express what I feel to let the frustration out.  Speaking of frustrations, I know that we make our choices in life and if things go bad, then we cannot complain cause that's what we chose.  For me rather than complain, I have through the pressure as I am already being backed in a corner.  That said, it reminds me of the song "Man In The Corner" by Genesis.

I dedicate this post for all of us who are under pressure right now.  We don't want to show it but the pressure that life brings can be very overbearing.  It's like walking a tight-rope only to have more weights put on you. Still, you bite your lip and work your way through the pressure.  There's a lot at stake and if you lose it, everything falls apart so we take it all in fight through the pain.

We are not alone as there are many of us who are in the corner fighting our own secret wars.  Others who don't understand what we go through  It's kind of embarrassing when people stare or criticize but we do we can take the abuse along the way.  Hopefully one day, it'll all be worth it and we can get out of that corner into something better.  Till then fight on guys and don't let it get you down.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Count Yourself Lucky Then But It May Still Happen To You: Nothing Bad Ever Ha[ppens To Me By Oingo Boingo

My spirits are still low after the debacle that happened last year.  But when I look around me, I realize that a lot of other people got it worse.  Some had to spend the holidays in the hospital due to illness or injury while others were not able to celebrate due to the fact that they were victims of a calamity that occurred in their area.  For those who had it good, better count your blessings.  When I think about those people who had it good last year, it reminds of Oingo Boingo's song "Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me".

Every time I tune in to the news, there's always something bad going on.  Someone got robbed, scammed, hurt or worse.  These were people who were going about their lives only to have some jerk who didn't want to get a job victimize them or in some cases, were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I myself had my share of bad trips this year and it seems that no matter how much I try, crap always happens.

Still, there are those people who have made through the year unscathed and even got lucky at that.  These guys ought to count their blessings.  They were the lucky ones and should be thankful for it.  They shouldn't complain that nothing happens to them.  I don't they can take it let alone like if some bad really did happen.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Gotta Get Harder When Things Get Harder: Hard As A Rock By AC DC

If there's anything I learned this past few years is that life is hard.  Even if you do get some help, in the end, you have to face things all by yourself.  The fact that life is getting harder is a reality that's becoming more and more evident.  It's either you cave in to the pressure or start becoming harder to meet the hardships. The need to be a tougher or harder person reminds me of the song "Hard As A Rock" by AC DC.

I know for some this has another meaning but for me, it's all about being tougher.  It's a sad truth that hard times separate the weak from the strong but those are the facts.  It's during the tough times where you find which group you belong to.  If you don't want to be weak, then you do what you have to do to be strong.  When someone pushes you, you push back harder cause that's the only you can get things moving.

I know it's easier said than done and believe I'm still struggling in these hard times.  Be that as it may, I don't want to give up and get trampled on.  I keep on going because I know that if I try harder, I will find what I'm looking for.  If the times are hard, then I just have to try harder.  If I have to be as hard as a rock to do it, so be it.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

If There Was Such A Street, I'd Move There: Sentimental Street by Night Ranger

Well, tomorrow is January 6 which means we celebrate Three Kings.  That means that holidays are now officially over and I for one am glad for it.  Still, all the disappointments brought about by the past year still lingers in me.  Man I miss the old holidays when we were all together but then again I miss the old days period cause back then life was good.  I guess feeling sentimental which is why I am using Night Ranger's song "Sentimental Street".

I've always been a sentimental person.  I guess it comes from having no closure or having no peace with the past.  I have to admit I'm haunted by the past because of that.  There are times when  I really  want to go back.  If not to do it over again, at least tie loose ends to have peace knowing that I was able to do it.

There is no such thing as Sentimental Street.  Still, if there was such a street, I'd move to that place.  Maybe relive the good times that I have enjoyed when I was young.  Oh well, that's just wishful thinking.  I guess I just miss the old days where the good times rolled and the gang was all there.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Left Wondering: Still Wonder By Johnny Lang

One thing that really stresses me out in my life is the fact that there are so many things that turn my world upside down.  I mind my own business and do my best to stay out of trouble.  Still something or someone comes out of the blue and the next thing I know is that everything's hit the fan.  In the midst of the mess, I'm left wondering what the heck happened. It really reminds of the song "Still Wonder" by Johnny Lang.

I know this song is about a guy wondering about a girl but just like that song, I'm left with a lot of questions.  The questions aren't about a girl rather about an incident that thrown everything into chaos.  I thought things were starting to look up that year and everyone was so happy.  I can't believe that things that bad happened and ruined everything.  The worst part is that even though this is a new year, the issues from the past are still there and remain unresolved.

One thing's for sure, it hasn't given me any rest and I haven't had peace of mind since things blew up the way they did.  I don't want to accept this as a fact of life and just bear it cause I've been doing that for quite some time and I can't stand it anymore.  Still, there are things that need to be done and I'm doing them as best as I can cause life doesn't wait for anyone.  It is hard though with all this questions  and issues that weigh heavily inside me and everyone else.  I hope this gets resolved because I don't want to be spend my life wondering about it.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Small, Bright And Guilty Pleasure During Another Dismal Year: What If (Remo's Theme) By Tommy Shaw

Though the holidays are now over, I still haven't gotten over the disappointment brought about by what happened this past month.  This reminds of me of third year high school when everything started out so well only to fall apart in the end.  One of the few bright spots that happened was when my obnoxious classmate took me to watch a movie called "Remo Willians:  Unarmed And Dangerous" starring Fred Ward about a guy who saves the world and learns a weird martial art in the process.  What I also like about the film was the theme song by Tommy Shaw called "What If (Remo's Theme)".

Being a martial arts buff, I wanted the film because I was curious to see what kind of style he mastered.  One thing's for sure, it made him light as air and fast as lightning.  It was a shallow film but I was entertained by the stunts as well as the fight scenes.  You can say that it help put my mind off all the disappointments that happened that time even though it was just for the moment.  That's why I'm still fond of that film.

Right now I still have to find a good diversion from from the mood that's clouding my mind.  I'm worried and miserable and that's definitely not the way to start the year.  Will things get better and issues get resolved?  I really I don't know.  Still this is a new year and hopefully there's new hope so till then, I'll keep on trying.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nice Cover That Cheers Me Up: Runaway By Luis Cardenas

A few years ago,  I used Del Shannon's song in one of my posts.  As much as possible, I try not to use the same song twice.  Well, right now I am still feeling low from the holiday let-downs that went down. I wanted to just take my mind off of everything that happened and cheer myself up a bit.  I guess this is why I'm using Luis Cardenas' cover of Del Shannon's song "Runaway" for this post.

I remember seeing this on some music video program when I was young.  It was a cool video and the dinosaurs were hilarious.  The guy was luck in that video caused just as he was feeling down, everybody comes in to cheer him up.  I wish the same happened in my situation.  Still, stumbling upon this video really cheered me up.

Well, I'm gonna tuck myself in cause I'm done for the night.  I don't know what the day will bring but I hope it's better than what the last year brought me.  Still nothing will happen unless you make it happen.  Well it's a new year and tomorrow is a new day.  I'll find when I wake up tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

That's Life: Turn The Page By Bob Seger

Well it's no officially 2013 and you know what:  I DON'T CARE!  Sorry folks I'm still a little upset about how the holidays went down.  Sadly, there's nothing I can do about it anymore since Santa has called a night and the fire crackers have wrung out the old.  Right now as I blog I watch as the day is already fading and the night is now coming.  As I do so, I am listening to Bob Seger's song "Turn The Page".

I thought about using Metallica's cover for this post but I decided to go with the one and only original.  Woke up late and had left-overs for brunch and as I eat, it's strikes me about the term "left-overs" because I still have a gripe about the things that happened during the previous year that still lingers inside me.  Not even the holidays were spared and once again I was made to accept the unacceptable.  That's one bitter pill too many.

So another has passed and I try to be optimistic that things will better this time around.  Why do I do not believe.  I don't want to be pessimistic either.  Still, it's a chance to start over and hopefully things will turn around this time.  Well, that life and you'll never what to expect.