Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obessive Fans: David Duchovny By Bree Sharp

It never fails that when a tv show hits it big, its stars are sure to fawned over by fans who's number will rise. I remember when the show the "X-Files" debuted in the early 90's and I was hooked by the objective investigation of the bizarre by FBI agents Mulder and Scully. Female fans of the show were drawn to it after watching an episode where Mulder emerged from a swimming pool wearing a speedo. No doubt, that made him a poster boy for science fiction genre. The obsession that female fans have with him can best be summed up in the song "David Duchovny" by Bree Sharp.

I had to admit the character of Fox Mulder was a pleasant change from all the usual cocky stereotype leads that dominated television. The fact that a guy who think rather than ranted got made me a fan of the show as well as the things that you learn from watching each episodes. Not just about all the weird things out there but also how you decide on how to deal with it. As for the female fans of this song, I guess they're still hooked on the pool scene. That alone was one of the reasons for the show's huge fan base.

Due to the cast changes and Duchovny's departure from the show, a drop in the fans started to emerge. Despite efforts to fix this and Duchovny's return, the show finally called it quits. These days Duchovny stars in the F/X series "Californication" which is a far cry from his character Fox Mulder. Still fans (especially the obsessive ones) will always remember him as Fox Mulder. For the female fans, the pool scene will probably be the only thing that they will remember.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Better Than The Movie: Touch By Stan Bush

I remember when Transformers The Movie live action came onto the screen. As much as the younger generation was thrilled, I didn't expect much from the film. For starters, the machines became the supporting characters to the humans and not all the beings from Cybertron were featured. It had its moments, but for me the anime version which I watched when I was in my senior high school year is still the best. I also liked the main soundtrack of the movie which called "Touch" by Stan Bush.

Unlike the live action movie, the Autobots and Deceptecons took center stage. The fight scenes in the original movie were more exciting as some of the characters met their end during the first battle. Even the fight scene between Optimus Prime and Megatron is way better than the movie. And the death scene of Optimus Prime is considered to be one of the best death scenes that really move you better than any Disney toon. Even now, I still excited seeing it as it still retains its magic every time I watch it.

My advice for people who are going to make a cartoon into a live-action movie is to please be as faithful to the original work as possible. A lot of times, the live action versions turn out to be disappointing Even if you say fans are expecting too much, that's what you get for taking on an ambitious project. So if you're going to do it, do it right. As for me, the cartoon still beats the movie. Hands, down it's still the best because there the machines are the real stars.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hate Rumor Mongering: Rumors By Timex Social Club

Being one to keep to himself, I always make it a point to mind my own affairs. What people do with their time is none of my concerns. However, there times when someone causes a stir with a careless whisper and before you know it, people start believing in it before you know it all chaos breaks loose. As it starts to spread, relationships and reputations are broken and what's worse is when it turns out to be false, the damage is already done. When it comes to rumors and the damage caused by them, I remember the song "Rumors" by Timex Social Club.

It's incredible how curiosity and assumption can take on a life of its own. A lot of times it's started by people who don't really know what happen. Still, add a little drama to the speculation and pretty soon everybody's talking about it. I pity whoever becomes the target of such rumors because it follows them wherever they go and it affects them personal as well as their work life. Sometimes it gets to the point where the damage is too great that it'll take time before they can recover from jerk's careless remark.

People who start such a ruckus are jerks in my eye. As for those who hear such rumors, my advice to you is try to find the truth before you start believing. Rumors are often started just to hurt people and if these people are good, then they deserve the benefit of the doubt. We got better things to do than listen to rantings of fools. As for those rumor mongers, go get a life man!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Really Should Thank My Brother For Finding This Classic: I'll Never Let You Go By Steel Heart

Every time I add a classic song to my blog, I look at the comments and realize that everyone shares the same thoughts as me which is today's music sucks!!!! When listening to the classic 70's, 80's and 90's, they realize just how great music was back then. Each generation had its own identity and its own music which helped defined the people of that period. One classic that suddenly came to mind was a song that was played in the early 90's . The song was "I'll Never Let You Go" by Steel Heart.

I really should thank my brother for playing this song while I was with him last weekend. Hearing after a long time really blew me away. The way lead singer Micheal Matijevic hits those high notes really hits the heavens. It goes up there with Boston's "More Than A Feeling" and other great rock hits. I really feel like a fool for forgetting this song because it really hits you hard as you listen to it.

I agree with a lot of listeners in Youtube that this band should've gotten more recognition. It was just the wrong time as this kind of rock was fading out and alternative and grunge music started taking over. Still, this is one of those songs that helped define what real music is. I agree with one of the viewers in Youtube that this real music and should make a comeback. This is the REAL STUFF!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

When I'm In Shutdown Mode: Fortress Around Your Heart By Sting

When a person has a hard time expressing him or herself, that person is in for a very hard time in the future. Usually these are the people who are meek and simply settle for what life throws at them. Still, a lot of these guys have some pent-up anger inside of them due to the frustration that they were not able to get the life they want and as a result they have become really jaded and often shut down when things get too much. When that happens, don't be surprise to find them surly and reclusive. The thought of shutting down due to too much negative crap happening around you reminds me of the song "Fortress Around Your Heart" by Sting.

They say that pleasing too many people often leads to the ruin of your own happiness. That is especially true when you're force to do things you don't want all the time. Pretty soon it gets too much that you don't want to be around be people since all they do is cause you pain and you just want to get lost and be by yourself. What's insulting is that people don't understand why you suddenly shut down and left after all that badgering. They just don't get the fact that they're sucking the life right out of you and if that wasn't enough, your happiness along with it.

Sometimes, we need some time to heal ourselves from all that abuse. People should arealize when they go too far with a person before that person goes off the deep end. All we want is to be given a chance to do what we want and be what we want to be without the sting of redicule or the fear of being forced into something we don't want to do or be. I really people could be more encouraging and less demanding of others. If that were the case, we need not have fortresses or wall in our hearts.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Reminds Me Of My Dark Days/What A Daddy Shouldn't Be: Daddy Don't By Steely Dan

After celebrating Father's Day last weekend, I found myself contemplated on what it takes to be a dad. Apart from that, I also contemplated what a dad shouldn't do. As I thought about the latter, memories about the dark times in my life suddenly came out of the blue. I guess the reason for that is that I ever thought about having a family, the first thing that I need to do is to be there for them and make sure that I don't fall apart like I did during those hard times cause they're going to expect a lot out of me. That thought of my dark days and thinking about what it takes to be a father reminds me of the song "Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More" by Steely Dan.

Apart from falling apart from a binge session with my bros and buds, this song reminds me of the times when I was at my lowest. Let's just say that things were really tough all over and I was so numb that I didn't care about anything or anyone which is the reason why I was "stewed" most of the time. When I think of the things that I did and went through during those bad times, I realize that if ever I was going to have a family and be a dad, I first need to straighten my act. I can't act like the character in this song for the obvious reasons that people depend on me and I can't afford to make mistakes, let alone screw myself up because it would affect them as well.

I still have long way to go in getting it together. I just hope that what I'm working on will finally yield results after all that I've been doing and the research that I've put in. If I don't, then the "no mores" in this song are going to be grim reality and the last thing I want to be is to be put in the inquisition again. It's getting so much so that the thought of slipping up or falling apart terrifies me and to helplessly see things slip out of your control is unacceptable. It's a hard vow but if I don't want to fall down again or be that kind of dad, I better make sure that I better stir clear of that path and work harder to make sure that things will be all right.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another One Hit Wonder Preserved By 24K: One And Only By Chesney Hawkes

I remember back in the 80's when Micheal J. Fox was one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. I often watched a lot of his movies from my high school days to college. One of the movies that he had during my late years in College was called "Doc Hollywood". It featured a really catchy song that was a very popular at the time. The song was called "One And Only" by Chesney Hawkes.

From the get-go, this song sure caught a person's attention. I guess it's because the film revolves around a self-centered doctor who finds the true meaning of life in a small town. I remember this song got played quite a lot to promote the movie. Chesney Hawkes himself came over and did some guest appearances on the local shows which made an impression on a while. Still, after the song had its run, no other single followed and hence he joined the ranks of one-hit-wonders.

This is where I always appreciate Rt's 24K Weekend Program. While other stations don't play it anymore, it has found a play there among the ranks of tunes that have captured our ears in the past. Whether it's on a regular schedule or Valentine's "Reel Tracks" program, you can bet you'll hear it being played there. I have to admit, it's still a catchy tune when I hear it. Thanks for preserving this a 24K.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Is How I Would Like To See Them All Again: Desert Moon Dennis De Young

Once again my melancholic state has got me me missing my friends again. When I was young, it was a miracle that I had any friends because I tended to keep by myself. It was only in my High School year that I really found people who I can really consider as my friends. With the way things are right now, I miss them now more than ever. How I would like to spend time with them can be best be described in the video of the song "Desert Moon" by Dennis De Young.

To see them all again would really light up my day. We'd probably be laughing our heads off as we remember all the things we did together and the antics that we and others in our batch did. Of course, I'd break out all of my 24K hits as brews are ice cold and the scent of green fills the air. There's nothing like being in the company of those who you forged bonds because you are finally with your people as you relive the world that you shared with them. If this were to happen, I wish it would be a dream that would never wake up from.

With the way things are, it's no surprise that I wish this would come true. I know my family is there for me, but sometimes I miss the people who made life good for me when I was growing up. I really do miss the times that I had with them because we shared a lot in common and they're the few people apart from my brothers who I feel I can open up to in my darkest hours. I guess it would have to wait as I still have to work this thing that I'm devoting my attention. Maybe after that, one day we'll all gather together and relive the good times that we had back then, only this time we'll take it up a notch which will be cool for all of us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Gross Point Blank Is One Of My Favorite Movie: Mirror In Bathroom By English Beat

One of my favorite movies back in the 1990's was "Gross Point Blank". It tells the story of an assassin who travels back to his home town to attend his class reunion and get re-acquainted with old friends. Nobody knew about his true profession until rival assassins and government agents swarm in to kill him. Apart from the good action scenes, there were a lot of songs in the movie's soundtrack that came from my generation. One soundtrack from the movie was played during a fight sequence which is my favorite scene called "Mirror In The Bathroom" by English Beat.

The reason why this was one of my favorite movies was because of the lead character Martin Blank who, instead of attending Prom Night, opted to bolt out and join the Army where he later became C.I.A. hitman. I'm not praising him for being a killer, rather I liked his character because he decided to follow what he felt at the time and didn't look back. How many of us had the courage to really go for it rather than stay in a place that suffocates us and live a life that we hate. Even if he did tire of that kind of life, at least he was able to do what he wanted to do while he still had in him which is something few people achieve.

By writing this, you can say that I've had a lot of unfulfilled dreams and hopes which left me frustrated. I know it's no use to cry over spilled milk but there are times when I dwell on the things that could've, especially now that things are tough all over. Like him, there are times when I just want to bolt out to a place where I can feel I can live my life the way I want to rather than get stuck in place where I don't want to be. It's frustrating when you always find yourself in places you don't want to be. Hopefully one day, things will go the way I want to without the need to resort to such extreme measures to find fulfillment.

Monday, June 21, 2010

When Trouble And Problems Plague You To Know End: Man Of Constant Sorrow By The Soggy Bottom Boys

Some people may think that I'm exaggerating when they read this but lately I'm beginning to think that I was born under a bad star. It seemed that everything that I always wanted to do seems to go up in smoke one after another. Despite all that, I try to comfort myself with the thought that things will be better next time. If lighting struck twice, then consider my struck more times than twice because I've noticed that lately, everything that I wanted to do or wanted be gets knocked down like a house of cards. It's getting so much so that I'm in a very depressing mood right now. The song "Man Of Constant Sorrow" by The Soggy Bottom Boys best sums up my black mood of late.

No I am not selling out of my positive posts but when things just don't go well, it really makes you feel bad. I've had my cycles of good and bad times but trouble is that it's been more bad (85-90%) than good (10-15%) with the bad really being BAD. Everything that I've been trying has yielded naught which is now adding more anxiety to my already stressed state. Even when I read suggestions that may give some form relief, there's more to it than meets the eye and it just makes things worse. I've been knocked down one too many times and it really is starting to get to me.

Despite this bad predicate that I am in, I will not let this stop me because I know I can make it happen if try harder. I also take comfort in Henry Bergson's Shipwreck Theory stating that things will eventually be resolved. Right now I'm doing all that I can to make sure that I get it right this time around. I'm sick of seeing things go down the tube and I do hope something good comes out of this. I'm really tired of living in constant sorrow and to do that I have to make it happen one way or another.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Advice To Sons Who Still Have Their Fathers: The Living Years By Mike And The Mechanics

Today is Father's Day and at this time, it is the children who will be the ones to treat their dads on this special day. It could either be a day at the mall or an outing at the beach to spend some time with family and to strengthen bonds within the family. For me, however, it will be a bittersweet day because he is no longer with us and the thought of that day has me filled with sadness rather than joy. I still can't believe that he's gone and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. When I hear the song "The Living Years", I think that kids who still have their dads should never take them for granted.

My family is now included among those who lost have their father and when I see kids with their dads, it makes me miss him even more. My father was was not an easy man to get along with for he had a terrible temper and when you made a mistake with him, the consequences were severe. Still, he was a man of integrity who taught me the value of discipline as well finishing what it is that you have started. The later years of his life were the happiest that I have ever seen as he mellowed and joked more often and the change in him had everyone surprised. All the more reason why his sudden passing was a sad shock for all of us because he died just everything was going well for him.

My advise for those who still have their fathers with them (especially those who argue with their father) is to take time to know them just as they have taken the time to look after you. Don't pour gasoline to the fire when he's angry, rather find out what's wrong and help him out. If you have something you want that runs contrary to what he plans for you, stand your ground but do so with respect. If he asks for your help, help him for the fact that he is asking you means that he trusts that you can do it. Most important of all, accept him for all his faults and virtues because you cannot love someone unless you accept both the good and bad aspects of the man.

I'm putting an extra paragraph to this entry because it is not enough to express in words how me and my family miss him. If he was still alive, I bet we're all be at the house with the table filled with food and laughter filled air as my father would either crack a joke or give his view on a certain topic. That is something that I will definitely miss now that he's no longer with us every time Father's Day rolls along. For those who still have their fathers with them, cherish every moment you spend with them. Never take them for granted for one day, they too will leave this earth so say whatever it is you want to tell them, do it while you still can.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting Another One Of Those Melancholic Outsider Mood Swings Again/Wish Rt Would Add This To 24K: Lost Soul By Bruce Hornsby And The Range

With Father's Day drawing near and all the responsibilities that are in my head right now, I am going into another one of those melancholic outsider moods of mine. I guess it's because I haven't been able to accomplish that which I have been working on for the past three years. It hurts even more when I've been reading directions and putting into practice suggestions that I have been reading about and still there's no progress. As a result, I'm beginning to feel lost. When I hear the song "Lost Soul" by Bruce Hornsby And Range, it reminds me of those times when I feel so alienated and lonely in the midst of my dilemma.

I guess this is because of all the bad experiences I had from childhood to the present. A lot of times, I felt my soul leave my body as if I was struck numb from the trauma. You can say that it contributed to my being a loner and a recluse. It sometimes got so much that I feel that I don't belong anywhere and part of me is searching for that place that can give me comfort. Though people around me do their best to make me feel part of the community, it doesn't have any effect though I deeply appreciate their efforts.

Despite what I am feeling right now, it doesn't mean that all the positive entries in my blog are false. It's just when the feeling hits me, it really hits hard. Even a fighter who trained for every situation can get knock down in a fight. I just need some time to figure things out and hopefully get things to work the way I want them to. I still believe that bad times will pass eventually and things will get better. When that time comes, this lost soul will be found.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Watch Out For The Zonked Students This School Year: I Don't Know By Jimmy Buffett

It's a fact that teaching high school takes a lot of patience and guts because of the time, you will be fighting not only for the attention but also for the respect of your students. Students, however, have their minds on a lot of other things except school which is sets the stage for trouble. It gets worse when they come in really blasted out of their heads wind up doing things they don't normally do when their in their proper state of mind. You really wonder if they're serious about going to school? When I think about those days where students come in totally stewed, the song "I Don't Know" by Jimmy Buffett fits the bill.

Whether it's past, present or future, you can expect some if not most students to dabble into a few vices which rocks their brain. Although I was no saint, I was the type of guy who did things at a certain time and place to do things. A lot of students, including my classmates, were more daring and their appetites couldn't be sated until they had their daily dose. So when they came to class, they obviously drew the attention of the class and the ire of the teacher. Since their cravings could not be controlled, a lot of them either got suspended or expelled. Talk about a phase for kids at the expense of their teachers and parents.

As a former teacher, my advise is to keep tight watch on your students. Take note of those who show up late or don't show up for classes. Watch out for those who looked dazed or hyperactive cause whatever they took may have varied effects depending on the user. What out for those reek of cheap perfume or deodorant or have too much menthol candy in their breath which is a cheap way to conceal the smell of what they took. In the end, the best way to know is when you ask student a question and he just stares at you and answers "I don''t know".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Of My Favorite Jazz Songs Which I Hope Rt Would Play:Islands By Kittyhawke

Though 99.5 Rt's 24K Weekend program plays mainly pop music, it occasionally plays some jazz songs and some classic rock as well. As I've said before, what makes 24K stand out as a classic radio program is because they played songs that only they released and popularized to listeners. They have no become so rare that it is almost impossible to here them anywhere except on Rt. You really have to go out of your way to hear these songs. One such jazz song that I want to 24K to include in its roster is the song "Islands" by Kittyhawke.

I remember when my brothers first got the album of this band. The moment they played it, it blew me away. The saxophone play was unlike anything that I have heard before. I was wild and really pumped me up. When the record disappeared, I really missed this song. The only way that I would listen to it was in my mind. That's the reason why I was jumping for joy last Christmas when my brother gave me an mp3 player with this song in it.

There are other songs from this band that I hope to find in the future. When I get the videos of these songs, you can be sure that I will blog about them as well. This is one of my favorite jazz bands of all time. It still excites me to this day. A powerful song that should be part of 24K.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Older But Not Wiser: Searching My Soul By Vonda Shepard

One of my favorite shows during the '90s was Ally McBeal which tells the story of a young female lawyer trying to find herself in the real world. What drew me to the programs why how she visualized what she felt when something would affect her emotionally and my favorite was when her ex-boyfriend told her that he considered her a friend and she imagined getting hit by arrows in the chest. The reason why I liked her was although she was a lawyer, she showed that she was still human and like other people, was dealing with a lot of issues and questions in her life. I also liked the soundtrack of the show called "Searching My Soul" by Vonda Shepard.

I liked the show during the early seasons where the original cast was intact and she was focusing on getting her life organized. I like the fact that despite her insecurities and eccentricities, she was always able to prove her ability as a lawyer and win cases. Later on, however, the show started featuring her darkside such being obsessed with her ex; breaking up a marriage just because she was attracted to the groom; dumping her English boyfriend and celebrating her break-up, all of which showed her darkside which turned me off. Add the fact that the cast kept on changing and their negative traits were being shown as well made loose interest in the show. In the end, the show ended on a sad note as she left the state with a heavy heart full questions than answers.

It's a shame that show ended the way it did. Had it stuck to original cast and formula, it would have lasted much longer. Though they tried to portray her as the wholesome lawyer, she had a wild and spoiled side which betrayed that image which later tarnished her character in my eyes. If they tried to some damage control, it was a little too late as the show was not as popular as it once was. The other characters started doing things that were not exactly something that could be considered as a good example. For Ally, the problem with her is that she wanted her way all the time and didn't consider how others would feel, hence, the reason why she always lost out in the end. It was sad to see the show end on that note because after all that time, she only got older but not wiser.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To All Those Wild Rebels Back Then: I Was Only Joking By Rod Stewart

It never fails that in every batch at every school year there would be a kid or some kids who would always rebel against the system. As they wage their guerilla antics on teachers and the school in general, they gain a reputation for being the cool kids who who the other students would follow or want to emulate. Yet despite all their antics, they eventually realize that living that way has its limits and in time, they eventually settle down . I guess it's a sign that they are now growing up and their antics were just a phase in their lives. When I think about those rebels who always caused a commotion during their younger days, the song " I Was Only Joking" by Rod Stuwart comes to mind.

As a student and as a teacher, I came across a lot of guys who were wild and always like to pull some kind of stunt in school. When I was a teacher, it drove my blood pressure to the roof as each day was constant battle to control the classroom. I don't if I've made some headway but some of these guys mellowed down and we went from banging heads to sharing a laugh. I still bump into some of them once and a while and others have kept in touch with me. As for me, I am just glad that despite all the commotion that I experienced with them, they turned out okay in the end.

I guess we all go through that period where our hormones get the better of us. It's just a matter of time when we realize that things eventually change. Sometimes I look back at those times and despite all the headaches, I still liked those times. It's good to see that they grew up and made something of their lives. I guess in the end, they were just joking.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Imagine And Hope: We Close Our Eyes By Oingo Boingo

Last night, I took my time before going to bed as I was trying to sort things that have been bothering me lately. It was the weekend and there was no work the following day so I decided to spend a few more hours to relax. I guess it's because I haven't made any progress in generating traffic or getting more clicks on my blog's ads. I take what I write there seriously and although I primarily started that blog to share my thoughts and preserve rare songs that I liked listening to, I also need to generate some income to help around here and it's stressing me out. Right now I try to remain calm and relax even as the pressure builds and one song that gives me reassurance is Oingo Boingo's "We Close Our Eyes".

You know time waits for nobody and right now it's no longer a luxury for me. Sometimes I need to remain calm and think things out. I try shut things out by closing my eyes to figure out how to deal with it and more importantly implement what I figure out. Sometimes it makes some headway but other times it doesn't. I've spending hours trying to figure out how to get more traffic and have been testing each suggestion that comes my way to see if it is applicable to my predicament. Yeah I know it's a love song but it still lightens me up whenever my problems start to stress me out.

Lately, I been reading more articles on getting more traffic. I also should thank John Marine for that blogpost he made about blogging and I will try to implement those suggestions as well. I still have a lot to do but I know I have to do it with a clear mind for things to start working. It's not going to be easy but everything starts with a single step. I just to close my eyes and then let go of all my fears as I start with it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still Coping With Changes As Well As The Loss: Changes By Black Sabbath

As the night and the day ended, I suddenly remembered my father again. I still can't believe that he's gone and I have to admit I miss those temper tantrums that brought the house down and kept us on our toes. Though I don't want to admit, sometimes I am overwhelmed by the responsibilities that lay before me and my brothers. Still, I know that I can't back down and I am calling on all of my resolve to face up to the challenge brought about by these changes. I think the song "Changes" by Black Sabbath bests sums up how a person is trying to cope up with both loss and change.

Next week is going to be Father's Day and the fact that he is no longer with us really fills my heart with grief which grows sharper when he was taken away while he was enjoying his life. The bonds that we had as a family were starting to really grow stronger when he had his accident that led to his death. Right now, we are all coping with the changes that brought about by his sad passing. What gave me strength that I could cope with change is when one of my brothers reminded that I am my father's son. Because of that, I am determined to prove that I can meet these changes head on no matter how tough they can get.

Right now, I am doing all that I can to do my part. I look after my mother as bests as I could since I stay with her often. My brothers also help out and spend time with my mother when they can. I am also working on ways to earn something extra and hope that it would be enough for me to stand on my own eventually. God give me strength to cope with these new demands. It's going to be tough but that's what's got to be done.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Good Song For Independence Day: Spirit Of '76 By The Alarm

Well today my country celebrates Independence Day. As I headed home from my seminar, I can already see people on the streets getting ready for the event. Everywhere I turn, I see people either buying flags or signing pledges about their patriotism. Still, the questions for me are what real patriotism and has anything changed. Anyway, before I answer that question, when it comes to stirring the patriotic spirit in me, the song "Spirit Of '76" by the Alarm for some reason fits the bill.

Although this song is more remembering the good times with friends, the homegrown beat of this song really stirs something in me. I get the imagination that some patriot is calling to everyone that it's time to rise up. I guess that's the reason why I get fired up whenever I hear this song play. Remembering great things in the past and valuing the sacrifices made sure on Independence Day gets better with this song.

With this day upon us, I wonder if anything's change over the years since we've become independent. With the conclusion of the 2010 elections, the administration has changed but the politics remains to be seen. Will the new leaders make the change or go down the same road like all the rest? I guess only time will tell. I just hope that new change comes so that we can really appreciate our independence.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Atleast We Can Still Wish: Wishful Thinking By China Crisis

One of my favorite routines at the end of the day to find a nice shady spot where there's cool breeze and watch the sun turn from yellow to orange as the day comes to an end. As I watch it set, I think about things that have come and gone as well the what if's and what could'ves. I guess when you're tired by the days end, your mind let's its defenses down and that's when your thoughts start playing around in your head. That's what happens when so many things that you wanted to come true did not materialize. I get like that every time I hear the song "Wishful Thinking" by China Crisis.

This is one of those songs that get me sentimental when I hear it. The setting of the video is perfect for this song given the mood that it sets. I was more partial to open fields and mountains rather than sandy beaches. Being a reflective person, I like quiet places with cool climates because it all brings out the memories of the past which are bittersweet to me. It really gets to me when I think about what could'ves and what if's, especially now when things are getting harder for all of us.

A lot of times, I find myself staring far away at the end of the day, think of the things that didn't come about. I wonder if they had, would I'd be happy now. I guess I'll never know. Well, there are more important things to care of and I better attend to them. Still, it wouldn't hurt to be wishful every now and then.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Another Road Trip Again: But Anyways By Blues Traveler

It's already evident that summer is over. Even though it's hot outside, the dark clouds start to form in the afternoon. By the time the sun starts to set, the rain starts to pour. Still, tomorrow I'll be going on a seminar with my office mates which will be also give us time off. After all the work that we all put in, it's an education and a break as well. Thinking about hitting the road again reminds me of the song "But Anyways" by Blues Traveler.

This wasn't exactly the summer that I had hoped for. With my father's passing, I almost thought that things were going to fall apart. It was hard for all of us and we're still coping with it. On top of that, there was the hectic election campaign and which wore us out at the office. My co-workers were really bone-tired from all the preparation, campaigning and monitoring that took up most of the summer. Now that it's over, a break is long overdue.

Right now, I'm packing my things and getting ready for tomorrow's trip. I hope nothing bad happens. We already have a lot on our minds but we just don't show it. I might miss a day of blogging but I'll be back soon. Till then, keep reading and thank you for your support as I head on down the road again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's A Hard Climb But Worth It: Jacob's Ladder By Huey Lewis And The News

It's natural for everyone to have their own dream or ambition in life. When we have our own hopes and dreams, we want to see them come true. However, having a dream and making it come true can be two different things. It's a big slap of reality when you realize that it's not going to be easy, but if you're determined and know what to do, it will be so. When it comes to the long hard process of getting it done, it reminds me of the song "Jacob's Ladder" by Huey Lewis And The News.

This is one of those inspirational songs that great during my time. Nobody said that making it was easy. Still, if you take a moment to think about what to do and how to go about it, it will come into play. Just keep your head on your shoulders and try to do some research of what is it you're getting into. Start by with the things that you can easily do and work your way from there and before you know it, you have achieved your goals.

These days, people tend to be very impatient. I guess it's a bad influence brought by all these reality contest with the promises of instant fame and fortune. No matter how many advances me make in technology and communication, it never happens in a snap.
It is still a long labor of dedication and love and once one achieves it, it doesn't fade away easily. As for me, I'm still working on it and though it's a hard climb, it's worth it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It Was Hi-Tech Back Then: Pac Man Fever By Buckner And Garcia

No matter how many generations have passed, one a kid hears an electronic ping, he starts running to the arcade. Whether it's the old-fashion best sellers or the newest game that's in style, you can bet that so long as kids have money (or their parent's), you can bet that they'll be there for a long time. There's nothing that catches a kid's attention than an arcade. I remember one game that really sparked a revolution in video games which was so famous that a song was written about it. The song was "Pac Man Fever" by Buckner and Garcia.

I remember when this game burst out in the early 80's. Everybody played it so much that the Government issued a decree banning video games and arcades because it was a bad influence on kids. Still the popularity of the game was too much for people to ignore and anyone who owned an arcade machine of this was already the talk of the town. Even smaller versions of this game was mobbed by kids when it was brought to class. It even inspired a cartoon based on the game which goes to show just how popular it was back then.

These days the games are years a head of Pac Man. Many of the characters are more life-like thanks to new graphic technology. Not only can they be played online, but can be played with others via the internet as well. Still, many of these games still owe their popularity to that simple game Pac Man. It was hi-tech back then and look at what it had spawned now.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still Don't Want To Go Home Even Though It's Late: Still They Ride By Journey

One thing I miss about the high-paying job that I use to have was going home late after work. After a long day of work, I usually would walk around the busy thoroughfares; have a bite to eat; a brew and head on home. I was younger back then and life was pretty good during those times hence the reason why I lingered before shipping out. I guess it's because inside me, I'm still searching for something. When I hear the song " Still They Ride" by Journey, it pretty much sums up my feelings about lingering for just a little while longer even though it's late.

When your daily routine is constantly full of pressure, you really need to unwind after it's over. This is especially true when all chaos breaks loose. As a result, I need to get my bearings straight before I go home, especially since things were a bit whacky back then. A little time to just to let the bad vibes out. Savoring a drink and watch people go about their business while you breathe out the day's bad air. When I feel a little better, I head on home as my stress is finally relieved.

Those days are now just distant memories. With the terrible development that has plunged into an uncertain state, we all have to take the bull by the horns. This time around we can't just let go, hence, the pressure is now with me every minute of every hour of everyday. Still I won't let this beat me down. I'll make it out of this mess one way or another and hopefully I'll to sail on down through the night once again.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hoping That They Reconsider: Rikki Don't Loose That Number By Steely Dan

Whether you are attracted to a person or you want to help them out, there are times people are given a phone number to call when they feel stressed. A lot of times, the one who gives really hopes that the person he or she gives it to will pick and call. Whether the person who gives it to is is sincere or not, the main goal is that the person picks up the phone and calls. It's up to the other person to make the next move when that happens. Situations like these remind me of the song "Rikki Don't Loose That Number" by Steely Dan.

Usually there are people there who are attracted to others and use their moment of weakness by giving them their phone number in the hopes that they will call them. On the other hand is usually those wellness groups who want to attract more members target those who those who are down and out. Either way, I really hope that their intentions are sincere. A lot of bad things can happen when opportunist give their phone numbers and take advantage of someone. That's the reason why I'm a little wary of accepting phone numbers from strangers.

I'm very careful when it comes to these kinds of situations. If it is about opportunity, I would do a thorough background check before I call. I'd rather err on the side of caution. If these people are legit and if they're intentions are genuine, I'll consider giving them a call. It's still an opportunity if it's on the up and up.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

When Music Gets Commercialized: All Over The World By Electric Light Orchestra

You can tell that heavy band has lost its edge when the music doesn't have that signature sound that you're so use to when listening to them. It's doesn't have that usual usual substance that makes you want to get up and rock to it. It gets worse when what was once an underground heavy rocking band suddenly gets commercialized when people who don't listen to this band suddenly listens to them. It tells you that they are starting to loose their edge. One such band that fell into this trap was the Electric Light Orchestra with the song "All Over The World".

This song was included in the soundtrack of the movie "Xanadu". Unfortunately, the movie bombed which didn't helped the song much. Though it was a hit, the band didn't sound the way that it use to be. The fact that people were dancing to it made me want to listen to it less. I was so disappointed that it took me a while to appreciate this band again. That happened when this song finally seized playing on the airwaves.

What should iconic bands learn from this lesson? Man, don't sell yourself out! Great bands have really built a reputation by the sound and substance of their music as well as the image that they project. It is something that should withstand the test of time. As much as they want to reach a wider audience or a younger generation, they should forget the hardcore group of fans who really appreciate them for their substance and will listen to them no matter who much has change with time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

All Of Us Has Our Darkside: Devil Inside By INXS

One thing I learned about human nature is that we are not perfect. We all have virtues as well as our flaws and when a situation presents itself, sometimes our dark sides emerge. We try our best to suppress it whenever we interact with others because we want to show the good part of ourselves. Still, once something ticks us off, that's when the horns start to grow out of our heads and we express our darker nature. When it comes to the exposure of our darksides, the song "Devil Inside" by INXS comes to mind.

A lot of times, we do our best to be good in our interactions with others. There are times, however, when we are put in situations where it brings out the bad in us. It could be desire for something or someone, desperation or just plain anger of something that someone did. Whatever it is, red flags go up and before you know it, you start changing inside out and become something people never expected you to be. In that mode, all hell will break loose and anyone caught in between will be a victim. As much as you don't want it to come out, it will if one is pushed to the limit.

What does this tell us? Simply that there will come a time when our aggressive nature kicks in when given the right situation. A lot of times, it's a response to a very hostile action which prompts a reaction. As much as we don't want it to happen, it will. Let's just hope that nothing happens which can trigger our bad side.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

There Are More Important Things To Use The Phone For: Mr. Telephone Man By New Edition

Though I am a die-hard fan of 24K Weekend, I have to admit there are some songs that I don't enjoy listening to. Apart from being shallow, it isn't really my type of music. Still, it is part of the classics (if you can call it that) and eventually, it should be part of this blog. Back then, the only way you can communicate with people was through the old fashioned telephone. Unfortunately, since it was the only medium of communication which allowed you to talk directly to the people, it wasn't surprising that everybody competed for certain period of time to talk on the phone. When I think about how to properly use the phone and trivial complaints that kids have when they demand to use it, I remember the song "Mr. Telephone Man" by New Edition.

I use to remember how my friends would always be hooked on the phone the moment they arrive from school. They'd stay online for as long as they can until parents would demand they put the phone down because they're expecting an important phone call. Sometimes, they'd go to a friend's house or even stay on a public phone so long as they got enough change for it. The hard part about staying on the phone all day long is that they encroach on other people's time which may be more important and worse run up a large phone bill which they are not going to pay for. That's why why even back then, when I hear teenagers complain, I find that they are making a mountain out of a mole hill because there are more important things to use the phone for.

These days, teens can communicate through different ways other than the phone. With cheap cellphones now available, kids can now communicate with their friends. Some can now communicate via the internet either through chatting or directly with the use of a camera. Still, there are times when kids still use the old fashion phone from dusk till dawn. I guess kids still don't realize that there are more important things to use the phone for.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another One Of Those Songs That Makes My Memories Race Through My Mind: Driver 8 By REM

It never fails whenever I travel from one place to another, I can't help but let the memories flash through my head as I head for my destination. I don't know if the images remind me of the past or if it's just a way to past the time. It gets more intense when the trip is long and the vehicle I'm riding goes faster. One thing's for sure, it's a way to trip out while traveling. One song that reminds me when I'm into this kind of traveling mode is REM's "Driver 8".

I got hooked on this song when I first heard back in high school. These guys would later paved the way for alternative music in the 90's. Anyway, when we start winding down the road, that's when the side shows inside my mind starts. When I see how much things have changed, I can't help but remember how things were before. I guess it's the sentimental guy in me.

Even today, this music still evokes that feeling inside me whenever I go on a trip or just cruise down the highway. It gets stronger when I'm alone. I guess it's because there's nobody to distract me. It goes up there with my favorite 24K songs. A good companion when I hit the road and start to travel.