Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hoping That Something Good Would Happens: Please, Please, Please :Let Me Get What I Want By The Smiths

With the bad things that have been happening lately, I really feel bummed out.  I cross my fingers and work as hard as I can but alas, things just don't turn out like I hope for.  The fact that it's been happening more frequently really puts me down. The worst part about it is that it's been going on for a long, long time now.  For once, I wish something good would happen. For once, I wish my luck would change and that something good would happen and that's why I chose the song " Please, Please, Please :Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths for this post.

What are the things that I would want to happen?  That my family be safe from all harm and misfortunes.  That the things that I've been working on the side would finally bear fruit.  That the family bonds remain strong and that everybody is happy.  I know this won't happen by simply wishing for it.  That's why I keep on trying despite all the uphill battles and stumbling blocks that life throws at me.

Man, things just keep getting tougher.  We haven't recovered from some past problems and already life throws more crap on us.  Just once, I wish things would go our way.  We've accepted these bad things again and again that I've forgotten what good times were like.  Well, I still won't give up and I do hope that something good will eventually happen for all of us one of these days.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Grocery Store Grind: Lost In The Supermarket By The Clash

Whenever it's the end of the month, our hard-earned salaries often goes to paying the bills as well as other needs in the house.  One of those needs of course, is food and other stuff that you use up month after month. When you're cupboard is bare, it's time to head to the supermarket to get those necessities now that they're gone.  Sometimes grocery shopping can be just as exhausting as any workout.  This is why I am using the song "Lost In The Supermarket" by The Clash for this post.

If you want to make sure you have the supermarket all to yourself, the best time to go there is around 10:00 am because that when it just opens.  Make sure you list everything down and that you have the right amount of money with you (better to bring more than less just in case).  When start getting your items, immediately cross out out the ones that are in your cart or basket to save time.  When you have everything, go immediately to the check-out counter and pay up and make sure you have your discount card or any card that would lessen the amount of money that you would pay.  If you do all that, you can get home in no time flat.

Sadly, there are times when that doesn't happen.  A lot of times, I go there when the traffic and the supermarket is packed to the brim.  Even if there's a list, some items are often not listed.  Then there's the long lines as well was the cashiers who sometimes has to double which items have discounts.  The worse in the scenario is when you forget some of the items, you have to go back out there and buy especially when they're needed for dinner etc.  Now which of these two do you happens more frequently is up to you to decide.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

For All Those Who Work Hard Every Day: Working Man By Rush

Next week will be May 1 again.  Not only will it be my fourth brother's birthday but it celebrates Labor Day, a non-working holiday where employees get a break from the daily grind to relax and spend time with friends and family.  Speaking of work, a lot of us no matter where we're employed work hard day in and day out to provide a better future for our love ones.  It gets tough out there but we do what we can because for our dreams and the people who depend on us.  A good song for those who work hard everyday is Rush's "Working Man".

No matter what profession we are in, we all work hard.  Some do so for the money while others do because they love what they do.  They get up really early to make it to work on time and once they arrive, they start the job at once.  No matter how difficult the job, they don't complain and keep at it until it's done.  When the day is over, they have a brew or two to wind down before calling it a day.

Not every job is equal with some paying more or offering extra benefits which some of the lucky ones are able to land.  Others just work hard and try to do some things on the side just to earn a little to make ends meet.  Still we all work as hard as we can not only for income but because work defines who we are and though it may not be our dream job, it still gives us some dignity.  When May 1 comes along, let's wind down a bit for we deserve it after a hard time working.  After that, it's back to the daily grind as we continue our pursuit of prosperity and security.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Better Change Before It's Too Late: Evil Ways By Carlos Santana

A lot of times, I blog about urging people to change their ways when they do people wrong.  There are times  when you look out for yourself so much, you start treating people as if they were expendable.  You take that "take the money and run" attitude and just care about what you can get from that person yet leave them in the dust when they need your help.  My advice for them is to change while you can before it's too late because those bad things are gonna catch up with you eventually.  This warning was inspired by the song "Evil Ways" by Carlos Santana.

I've seen it happen to a lot of people before.  They take what they can get but give nothing in return.  They let their own greed and ego get the better of them and the worse part of it is when they don't know nothing to nobody.  Then without warning, it all falls apart.  They find themselves stranded and alone with no one to help because they treated people like crap so now they have no one to turn to.

Whether it's in the movies or real life, it happens.a  They don't even know it but they're digging their own grave.  These people need to stop and think hard about what they've been doing to themselves and more importantly to others.  They better stop while there's still time.  If not they'll just be digging their own grave.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Lot Of Troubles: Troubles, Troubles, Troubles By B.B. King

If it's not one thing, it's another these.  You resolve one problem only to have another that's worse pop up from nowhere.  Pretty soon, they start piling up like junk mail clogging your mail box.  When it gets too much to handle, sometimes you really feel helpless and that's when you feel like all you can do is rant about it.  When you want to express how your problems make you blue, B.B. King's song "Troubles, Troubles, Troubles" fits the bill.

These days, something always happens that really sinks your spirits.  You hiaven't even recovered from the last fracas when something else pops up and hits you hard.  You don't see it coming because there's a calm before the storm.  When it hits you, it can really rock your whole world.  Once it leaves the scene, you can only lament at what it had destroyed cause you a lot and you're still dazed at what happened.

You know it hurts when you feel helpless at all the problems piling up on you or when something happens and it all falls apart.  Sometimes you need a little space to sort things out.  Once you do, then it's time to start  over.  When it hits you really can feel helpless but that will only be permanent if you let it be.  Just keep on trying and the world will turn.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Made Me Want To Take Up Multiple Martial Arts: Fight To Survive By Stan Bush

I was inspired to learn martial arts when I was young because I wanted to learn how to defend myself as well as try something different.  As a result, I was always a fan of martial arts film even if most of them fell under the B-movie category.  One of my favorite martial arts films was "Blood Sport" that starred Jan Claude Van Damme based on the story of Frank Dux who was said to be the first American to win in the mythical "kumite".  I remember reading about him in an article in "BlackBelt" Magazine back in 1981.  Going back to the movie, I remember the soundtrack which was sung by Stan Bush called "Fight To Survive".

One of the reasons why this is one of my favorite films because if you look at past martial arts films, it was either one or two dimensional meaning it featured primary one style or it pitted one martial art against another.  In Blood Sport, what attracted me to it was the fact that it featured different martial arts where fighters fought other fighters with different disciplines.  the scene where the different fights were featured while this song was played was my favorite.  If I recall, there was an article about Dux in Wikipedia but sadly it challenged his claim about his experiences as well as disputed the existence of the kumite which Dux insists is real.  Still it was a good movie and the fight scenes were awesome.

I have to admit after watching the film, I wanted to take up other arts and self-defense systems.  Though I still love Karate, I also wanted to see what other systems are like.  I have earned a 1st Degree Black Belt in Combat Aikido and have studied Arnis. There are other arts that I want to try such as Sorinji Kempo, Hapkido, Kendo and other fighting systems.  Right now I am occupied with my work and other obligations.  When I have the time, I want to continue studying other arts as well as refresh my Karate and Aikido skills and watching this film keeps me inspired to do just that.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's The Most Precious Thing Inside You/Don't Lose It Over Material Temptation: All That You Have Is Your Soul By Tracey Chapman

A lot of times we easily give in to material temptations and earthly pleasures.  I'm no angel and I too had my moments when I let my urges get the better of me only to regret it later on.  These days, life is so hard that we sometimes do things that would lead us to damnation.  When it's getting that point, we have to realize that if we do cross that line, we lose the most important thing that we have and that's your SOUL.  The song "All That You Have Is Your Soul" by Tracy Chapman reminds me not to cross that line.

You know you got it bad when you cling too much to certain things just to get pleasure or satisfaction.  It's as if you treasure that more than anything or anyone else.  It's when you're willing to do anything and I meany anything to keep even if it means losing that which really matters in life is a sign that you're losing your soul.  Whether you're up in the clouds or down in the dumps, when you screw people over just to get what you want is when you're on the edge.  That's when you have to realize that you have to stop before it's too late.

Your is the most precious thing that you have because it is who you are.  It also connects you with everything and everyone.  If you lose that everything else gets lost along with it.  Don't lose yourself  over things that don't matter.  Remember there are people there who care about you and there are just some things that can't be replace and your soul is one of them.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Scene Always Cracks Me Up: You Baby By Neil Diamond

I remember back in 1980, Neil Diamond starred in a remake of the movie "The Jazz Singer" where Neil Diamond starred in the title role.  Though it received negative reviews from critics, it did get nominated for several awards especially the sound track of the film.  There was one song from the movie that I won't forget because it always cracks me up with laughter every time I see it.  It was one of those scenes that always stuck with me to this day.  The song being played in that segment was "You Baby".

If  I remember right, this song was played during the early part of the film where he was approached by his African-American friends who needed his help.  They needed him to sing with them in a club where these guys had a gig but it only allowed African-Americans in the club.  They solved this problem by giving him a make-up job and an Afro-wig so that the audience won't notice.  They played at the club and soon the audiences were dancing to the song.  Everything was going all right until Neil's character raised his hand exposing his white skin and as a result, a riot broke lose and his father had to bail him out of jail.

Man, when I keep seeing that scene I really laugh out loud.  I guess it's because he already had the crowd fooled and they were already moving to the beat.  I guess music does that when you get swept away by it.  It's too bad that someone had to expose him and spoil all the fun.  Well, it was good song though as well as a hilarious scene.  It still cracks me up and gets me laughing to this day.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Timeless Classics And Songs That Will Always Be My Favorites: This Song Will Lasts Forever By Lou Rawls

A lot of the songs that I add to my blog post serves many purposes.  Some are used to remember certain events or describe my moods or people I have met in my life.  There are times when I describe the song itself  and why I like listening to it.  One thing that I want to happen to all of these songs is that they would last forever and when someone would read my posts, I hope they also appreciate the song that accompanies for a song will only so long as someone likes it and listens to it.  My wish for all that all these songs to be immortalized can bests be described by Lou Rawls' song "This Song Will Lasts Forever".

A lot of the songs that I used on my blog post were from a time when music was so good that all you needed was to tune your radio properly and magic filled the air.  Back then there was music to fit every mood yet once it played everybody stopped what they were doing just to listen.  A lot of these songs played a big part when I was growing up and to see these great tunes goes just fade really breaks my heart.  That's why I incorporate them in my blog not only do they help set the mood of my posts but they're good to listen to and good music is  a rare thing these days.  I can't listen to anything else cause they just don't reach my soul the way these songs do.

Some of these songs I paid a king's ransom to get again for I can't find them on the web.  Others that I was able to download nearly wrecked my computer cause of the virus that I caught while doing so.  Nevertheless it was worth it.  Turning them on and listening makes the good old times come to life or sometimes puts my mind at ease.  Whether they were great classics, one-hit wonders or songs that caught my fancy, they are ll my favorites and hopefully by incorporating them in my posts, I may be able to contribute to their longevity so that people will keep listening to them and I hope they listen to them forever.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Forget About It And Move On: Ibaon Mo Sa Limot By Mutiny

I remember back in 1988, three friends of mine formed a rock band and were jamming at my house over the weekends.  Initially calling themselves "Anno Domini", they later changed it to "Mutiny" by the early 1990's, they came out with a self-titled album composed of original songs that they wrote.  Though they didn't continue as a band, I still believe they were talented artists and wished they got more expose for their music. Their songs were heavy with very deep lyrics that always aimed for the soul.  One song from them that I am using for this post is called "Ibaon Mo Sa Limot".

I chose this song because right now I want to forget all the things that have been causing me a lot of stress lately.  Every time I hope that things will get better they get worse and not a day goes by when bad news pays me a visit.  Sometimes it gets too much that I want to take all my problems and bury them in some deep hole.  If that were possible, I'd do it.

Sadly, that's just wishful thinking and even if I try to forget about it, problems whack me on the head and they get bigger and bigger as if to remind me that they will never go away.  So I do the next best thing and that's move on and solve these things along the way.  We all have our crosses to bear and I'm trying to bear mine as bests as I can.  Well I still believe in Bergson's Shipwreck Theory" meaning that one day this will be resolved.  Until then I do my bests to move on.  If I could forget about it I would but life doesn't want me to forget and I guess it'll be there till  it gets resolved.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Summer Bummer: Sunny Afternoon By The Kinks

Usually when it's summer, people are excited as they go out and put their vacation plans in motion.  These guys are lucky as they have cool place to spend the summer and some cash to spend it with.  Unfortunately there are some of us who have to grapple with a lot of problems this summer.  It's putting a mental, emotional and financial strain that has us struggling to keep our heads above water.  The only luxury we have left is some free time to laze in the afternoon sun.  That kind of summer reminds me of the song "Sunny Afternoon" by The Kinks.

What's supposed to be the best time to relax and enjoy is now turning into the most tense and stress-filled time of the year. It's bad enough that's blazing hot both day and night and now we have to deal with all this summer bummers.  When we hope that things would get better, they get worse.  Right now an afternoon nap or a boring day is the only luxury we can get.  I heard of turning up the heat but this is too much.

Well it's night time again and thing's have quieted down a bit.  Well that's a momentary break from the stressful developments that life throws in our way.  As I get myself ready for bed, I do so hope that this bad juju will pass away.  This summer is turning out to be a real bummer.  I just hope next year won't be that way.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Why It's So Hard To Get Up In The Morning: Morning Blues By Famous Last Words

Whenever I feel comfortable in my sleep, that's when I know it's time to get up and if I don't get up, I'll probably be late.  Though I'm an early bird, I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth waking up early or waking up at all for that matter.  Whenever I hear something bad going down, it makes it harder to get any sleep at night.  When I finally do feel good, it's time to wake up and I wonder what heart attack the day will bring as I  grapple with the bad news that I learned the previous day.  I know this isn't the right way to start the day. Feeling blue in the morning reminds me of the song "Morning Blues" by Famous Last Words.

Like I said in my previous posts, the only time I feel relief is at the office and that's the last place a stressed and troubled person should feel at ease.  Those six to eight hours when your mind drifts at night are the only hours that I feel some comfort.  Except when it's a workout day, I try to sneak in a an hour or two of sleep before forcing myself to get up.  Even when I stay focused at work, something comes up and tension starts.  It's only when I finally lie down and close my eyes that I am finally able to give a sigh of relief.

This cloud of bad luck has sure been hovering over us a little too longer than it should. The fact that I find it hard to get up or don't want to get up is proof of that.  Man how I wish things would get better cause waking up and going to sleep feeling worried and tense is not doing me any good.  You should greet the morning with a big smile on your face and be excited to face the day.  In my case it's the opposite and that's because you feel down in the evening and that's why it's so hard to get up in the morning.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feels Like You're Going Nowhere: Nowhere Road By Fastball

Ever get that feeling that you're going nowhere at all?  That's what I am feeling right now every time I look at what I am working on and sadly nothing comes up.  To add to that, problems keep coming and you still have you're hands full.  Even when you try to drive it off, you still come back to the same dismal place.  That feeling that nothing is moving and you're going nowhere reminds of Fastball's song "Nowhere Road".

I guess the problems are getting to me again.  It can really get on your nerves when you've been trying to figure it out and you still don't get it.  Makes you feel like going around in circles or bouncing off the wall again and again.  Even when you try to ride of somewhere to ease your mind, you still can't shake it off and when you come back, it's still there.  Feels like you just can't get away from it.

Well, that's life I guess.  Some things you have to figure out for yourself cause no one will.  That's why I'm still at it because I still believe that something will come out eventually if I keep at it.  It's not going to be easy especially if you don't what you're doing or don't know where you're going.  Still, you have to keep at it or you'll really go nowhere.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hard Living With It: Do You Believe In Shame By Duran Duran

I've been ranting more and more in my blog about how hard life is.  It's getting so hard that a lot of us are thinking of throwing dignity out the window and doing something ruthless just to get by.  The problem with that is you're going to do it, you'd regret it later.  That's because when you realize what you've done, you'll be filled with shame.  That's the reason why I'm using the song "Do You Believe In Shame" by Duran Duran.

It's been since I heard this song and the last time I heard this was when I was  a sophomore in high school.  Going back to my thoughts, hard times can often tempt us to do things that we shouldn't.  There are times when we get away with it but even if we did, there's always that nagging thought that wouldn't give us any peace.  Well that nagging thought is probably shame knocking on your door trying to tell you undo what you've done before it's too late.  For some who've gotten away with it too much, they've become so smug to even feel it.  Sadly, they'll be feeling it when it eventually catches up with them.

Paybacks are big B but you will pay up when the time comes.  What's worse with living in shame is probably living in shame after it caught up with you and it all comes undone. We've all been there and the experience is humbling.  Still if you learn from it, that means there is a chance of salvation.  That said it's best not to do something you'd regret later on, especially if it would fill you with shame and regret and I don't anybody can live with that.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Experiences That I Rather Not Go Through Again: We're Not Going Back By The House Martins

If there was ever a recurring theme on my blog posts, it would probably those miserable experiences that I've had during the so-called "bad cycles".  This is because the experience was so bad that not a day goes by without remembering it.  It was bad enough I went through it once, but to go through it twice sure hurt.  That's why I keep writing about it from time to time to remind myself about it so don't wind up in that dark place again.  Not wanting to experience it again reminds me of the song "We're Not Going Back" by The House Martins.

How can I not forget those bad times and what I went through?  Everything just fell apart and I was broke and at the mercy of public scrutiny.  You're head was always low and you're so embarrassed by your situation that you'd wish you could disappear. The worst part is when you're asked everyday when you're going to do something despite the fact that you keep trying yet nothing's happening.  Even through I made through the rain, I still get nightmares about that experience and it's something I would not want to go through a third time.

These days, I just do my best to clean up my mess and stay out of trouble.  I also keep on the lookout for signs that things might go bad again.  One thing's for sure, I don't want anyone I care about or any member of my family to go through that experience.  It's not something that I would wish on anyone.  Once you experience it, you really don't want to go back.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meaning Will Depend On The Listener: Riddle By Nik Kershaw

One of the reasons why I chose a certain song to go with my post is because that particular song either helps set the mood for the message of the post or in some cases helps me recall a certain person or a certain moment in my life.  Other times it describes certain feelings or my state of mind.  That said, there are times when the meaning of a song can be subjective.  In the end it depends on the listener what the song's meaning is. One complex song that can stir debate as to its meaning is Nik Kershaw's "The Riddle".

I have listened to it a lot and it's a good song. When you look at the lyrics, Nik sure threw in a lot of words that had some Biblical weight, prompting people to wonder what the song meant. From what I read from Wikepedia, Nick said something about some rambling that he just added to the song.  Still those lyrics were deep enough to make people.  Sometimes it's surprising why they chose those lyrics in the first place.

I never claim to be music expert and I just chose songs that I believe reflect what my post is about.  Everyone has their on take on a song as some like it and some don't.  As for this song, I leave it up to the listenenr to decide. What it means will depend on them.  No matter what the meaning, this song is still pretty good to me.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bests Describes The Bad Times Of My Life: Wasted Years By Iron Maiden

Whenever I talk about the "bad cycles", those were the low points of my life where bad things just kept on coming to the point where you found your situation hopeless.  Even when you've finally made through the storm, it really leaves a scar on you.  You can't help but look back and wonder what it is that you could've done to prevent and it really hits as to how much time was wasted.  When I think about those bad times and the years that went down the tubes, it reminds me of the song "Wasted Years" by Iron Maiden.

Those bad times happened to me a lot from elementary to the time I started to struggle in the real world.  The first bad period of my life happened from July of 1993 to May of 1995.  I had arguments; applications turned and a bad loss of self-esteem.  The second time was from 2000 to to 2004 and though I was able to work a little bit in between those, the experience was twice as awful.  A lot of bad choices as well as mistakes that could have led to my salvation really left me in the mire for a longer period than  I had anticipated.

Though things are a bit better now, I still feel haunted by those years because as much as I don't want to dwell on spilled milk, a part of me keeps thinking of what could've have been.  If I hadn't fallen down back then, maybe life wouldn't be so hard now. That's why when I see others stumble, I know how they feel and try to help them as bests as I can.  Right now I just want to move on and try not to make the same mistakes that landed me in the pits.  That really sums up those bad times in my life and do hope I or anyone else in my family would never experience that again.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why Summer Is Best Time Of The Year: The Sun Is Shinning By Bob Marley

Despite how down I'm feeling lately, the meaning of summer is not lost in me. It's the best time of the year where when we all let loose and spend time when people we like.  After all the hard work that we all put in day in day out, we deserve to take a break.  After all, the suns is shining and we should be happy for the sun to shine so brightly always it reminds us of good it is to be alive.  Whenever the suns shines bright this summer, I listen to Bob Marley's song "The Sun Is Shining".

Ah the summer days.  Hanging out with friends and bros from sunrise to sunset.  It's a time to be free from all the stress that ties us down where we breath the air and soak up the rays and make a splash with our love ones.  It's the time when laughter fills the air and everybody lives it up while the temperatures high. Whether it's day or night, there's always something to do and the next would be another fine day cause the sun will up and shinning bright.  That's what summer is all about.

Though my summer this year will be tedious and stressful one, that thought helps lighten the stress.  When I see the excited looks on kids faces because their off to the pool or to some place to waste the day, I kinda feel happy for them since it reminds me of my summer escapades.  As for the sun, as hot as it is, it still reminds me of the good times that I had which is why I don't mind the heat.  The sun is shining and for those who can, come out and play.  It's the best time of the year to do so.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Still Got Them Blues: Still Got The Blues By Gary Moore

Back when I was reading Marvel Comics, one of my favorite heroes was Beta Ray Bill.  He was an alien who bested Thor to win the right to wield his hammer.  Still, he felt guilty about taking the weapon because it was Thor's birthright.  I mentioned this because when something good happens, I want everyone to feel good and happy as well.  I know it sounds mushy but when someone feels down, I feel down as well because the joy of my family is my joy and their sorrow is my sorrow.  This is why  I chose the song "Still Got The Blues" by Gary Moore.

It saddens me that someone in my family has a problem. This goes for every member from my mother, my brothers to my nephews and nieces as well as my sisters-in-laws.  You know I don't mind having a hard time in life.  I can bear it so long as everyone else is happy and safe.  When any of them get in trouble, it worries me to know end and I do what I can to help.

Family as I've always said is everything to me.  All I want is for them to be happy and safe.  If there was any prayer that I want answered, it would be that.  If they still are having tough, then I still have the blues for them.  They're a part of me and that will never change.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rest, Relaxation And Reaching Out: Hands Across The Sea By Modern English

Although I'm not a beach person, I do enjoy a good boat ride.  There's nothing like riding a boat through the crashing waves with the sun shining brightly and the wind rushing across your face.  I remember having such a ride four years ago and it sure was a relaxing as well as exciting experience.  Apart from that I had a fun time with my office mates as we rested, relaxed and reached out to that place where we spent a few days together.  Remembering that feeling of rest, relaxation and reaching out reminds of Modern English's song "Hands Across The Sea".

I have to admit I was a little uptight at first.  I haven't gone out of town  people other than my family for a long time.  Still, after a few spirits, we all loosened up and pretty soon everybody was feeling good.  We saw the sights and some of us mingled with the locals.  Going home, the waves were a little rough but for some reason, I still felt relax as I touched the water with my hands as the boat kept going till we made it back home.

It was a cool summer.  I hadn't had that much fun with other people in a long time.  .These days we're all stressed out from work and we're feeling the heat of election period.  Still we'll what we can and work hard doing it.  Hopefully after that, we could do it again.

Reminds Me Of My First Quentin Tarantino Film: Little Green Bag By George Baker

Just watched Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" again last night.  Loved the way Tarantino elevated the Spaghetti Western Genre to an Oscar worthy film.  That was probably Tarantino's best work since "Pulp Fiction".  He did other films with various genres after that and all had critical acclaim.  I remember watching his first film that launched him to stardom called "Reservoir Dogs".  The song that played when they walked out of the diner was George Baker's "Little Green Bag".

For a former video store clerk with a limited budget, Tarantino came up with a masterpiece.  Instead of showing a linear or traditional form of story-telling.  He re-arranged the segments to make it like there were several small stories in the film.   I also love the fact that the dialogue was something us guys can relate to and conversation was no different when friends would gather and talk about anything under the sun.  Then there's the interrogation scene with Mr. Blonde culminating to the Mexican stand-off resulting in the deaths of three characters,  I still watch from time to time.

I remember a television program where Tarantino explains why he doesn't churn movie after movie and that's because he wants to make sure that he creates something really good that people would never forget.  I remember when he was here in the Philippines and before he accepted an award from the President, he commuted by riding a jeepney rather than riding some fancy car.  He's a really down to earth guy who really makes great films.  Despite the violence and the vulgar words, there's method to the madness and I love how that all comes together in the end.  More power to you Quentin and hope you keep churning up more classics.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Riding The Waves: Wipe Out By Sufaris

When I last spoke to one of my niece on what she is planning to on the weekend, she said she's heading to the beach.  I guess it's not surprising since people want to bask in the summer sun.  Right now people are  making a splash and getting a tan as they relax on the beaches all over the country.  For others, it's a chance to catch the waves with their boards and right now it's the best time to do it.  When it comes to riding the waves, the song "Wipe Out" by Sufaris comes to mind.

As I have said before, I was never a beach person let alone one of those surfer dudes who make the beach their home and ride the waves all day.  Still, I can appreciate the thrill that drives them to do so.  Seeing a wave form and rushing to meet it.  As it rises and they get on that board and ride the wave all the way back to the shore is some rush.  There ain't nothing like it and they do it while the going is good.

I guess summer is the perfect time to do that.  The only thing I'm riding on is the jeep or bus I use to commute to work. Deadlines and commitments are the waves that keep crashing down on me.  Well for those having a ball while making a splash enjoy it as best as you can.  Summer is the right time for that.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

They Come Out Eventually: Secrets By Missing Persons

You know things are perfect when you have nothing to hide from each other.  When you can openly express what you feel and both of you are honest with each other.  Once you start doing things behind other people's back, then things start to change.  You think you can hide for a long time but eventually it will come out and it could wreck everything that you built.  The season about having no secrets with each other is bests summed up in the song "No Secrets" by Missing Persons.

The hard thing about having secrets means that there is no trusts or in some cases there's something you don't want others to know.  Those secrets are like cracks on a house.  They get bigger and bigger when someone gets wind of it.  Eventually it wrecks everything and affects  everyone connected with it in one way or another.   What's worse is the fact that a person kept that secret is a lack of trust and that really offends the person that you're with.

Sometimes it's best to come clean with it.  At least they know and telling them is a sign that you value their counsel.  Better nip it at the bud while you still can.  When you do, don't do it again.  Keep on the straight and narrow cause it's not worth keeping secrets that could tear things apart.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Don't Take For Granted The Things People Do For You: Just For You By The Church

Ever had those times when something happens and the situation becomes desperate?  Whenever those times happen, you're whole world turns upside down and though you still reeling from what happened, you know you've got to do something before it falls to waste.  Still, it doesn't help when those who you're trying to help want relief now and as I result you're forced to do something you don't want to.  Those people who you're helping need to realize what  you went through as well as what you had to do was for them cause there was nothing else left.  To go to that extremes reminds of the song "Just For You" by The Church.

When things fall apart, it's either sink or swim.  It gets harder when people around you are all riding on your shoulder.  You do the best that you can and even do so at your own expense.You'd be lucky if they get satisfied with that.  Sadly, there are some who are not.  It's a slap in the face when they tell you could have done better despite the fact that you're at the end of your rope.

For those people who were helped in this way, please bear in mind the sacrifices the person went through just to get it done.  People who go out on a limb are now a rare breed.  Treat them right as they gave it their all.  You wouldn't get any relief if they didn't. Don't take what they did for granted because you might never find someone like that again.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

When You're Kids Won't Get Up Or Stay Put: Sarap Ng Buhay By The Juan Dela Cruz Band

As I've said, now that school is over and summer is here, the only thing that is on the mind of every student is to have fun.  After all that brain-squeezing and book-cramming as well as waking up early in the morning, kids want to just sleep all day and party all night.  The problem with the summer is a lot of them would be awake in the afternoon and when you ask them to do something, they just vanish as they go off to another escapade while you're left with all the work.  Summer may be fun for students but for parents it's a long and hot two months.  When kids sleep all morning and disappear during the day, the song "Sarap Sa Buhay" by The Juan Dela Cruz Band comes to mind.

I have to admit when I was a student, one of the things that I wanted to do was just sleep the whole morning much to my parent's headache.  They had to really shake us awake for breakfast.  When we were kids, all we did was eat and play and when we became teenagers, all we cared about was what's the plan for the day.  There were the days when we had to do something in the house but once it was over, it was party time all over again.  It was summer and every kid just wanted to cut loose while he or she still can.

When I look at my nephews and nieces going off to the mall or swimming at a friend's house, it sure brings back memories of all the things we did during the summer.  These days I now realize what my parents went through we ran around the house or partied all night.  Oh well kids will be kids.  When it's their down time, there's no stopping them when they want to have a good time.

Starting Over: Picking Up The Pieces By Poco

It's been 13 years and I'm still cleaning up my mess.  It hasn't been easy but I still try because I've seen other people done it and if they can do it, so can I.  Even though there are times when something gets thrown in my way sets my spirits low, I do my best to get back up and stay the course.  I know I'm not alone and I can sympathize with other people who lost it all and are trying to regain what was lost.  A good song that picks my spirits up is "Picking Up The Pieces" by Poco.

Nobody wants to see what they have gained fall apart but there are times when it happens and lately I've been seeing it a lot.  Still, a true test of a person is not by what he has gained but how he gets up after getting knocked down.  That's why I wanna change things around because I wanna be that kind of person and also because there are people that I look after.  It doesn't come overnight but if you keep at it, it'll all come back one piece at a time.  Before you know it, things are back to the way they were.

It's easy starting over but it isn't impossible.  That's the reason why I keep going on and despite how long it has been, I know this will work out in the end.  For all those guys who are trying to do the same, all I can say is don't give up.  Just remember there are people there for you and they believe in you.  So keep on trying and you will get it back and I'll keep trying too cause that's what I also want to do.

Friday, April 5, 2013

For Those Who Are Down On Their Luck: Born Under A Bad Side By Albert King

Why is it that when I pray for things to get better, they just get worse?  I try hard to avoid trouble but trouble seems to have for me.  Even when it seems that things are looking up, something happens and before you know itm you're in a heap of trouble.  It makes you feel that you were born to lose which is not a good feeling at all, especially when you don't know why it's happening.  For those who feeling down on their luck, the song "Born Under A Bad Sign" by Albert King really tells it as it is.

I try to be a level-headed person when bad things happen.  As annoying as it feels, I do my best to accept what happened and work it out as best as I can.  However, when too much crap is starts raining on you, it pushes you to wonder why this is all happening. It gets worse when people you care about get in some kind of trouble as well.  You have a hard time with your problems yet you want to help them but can't and that really hurts,

As I've said earlier I try to be level-headed when bad things happen going so far as to assess what happened and where I went wrong even accept the verdict no matter how unfair.  Still, the feeling that it's not right has been growing and growing inside me and I fight the urge to give in to it.  That said  I am thankful for the things that I still have and the people who are still here.  I just hope that I turn my luck around because lately, it hasn't been good.  They say that we can change our fate and that's what I continue to strive for because although it's tempting I refuse to believe any of us were born on a bad sign.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Party Day In Day Out: Get Down Tonight By KC And The Sunshine Band

Yesterday morning I was jogging really early and as I was leaving the village I could hear music from some of the houses.  It appeared some teenagers were having a party and despite the fact that it was 3:10 am, they were still partying.  I forgot that it was summer and when summer rolls in, kids cut loose and get down.  Ah, it sure reminded me of the good old days when April and May were the best months in the year because school and we partied like there was no end.  Remembering when those fun times reminds me of the song "Get Down Tonight" by KC and the Sunshine Band.

Remember coming home from school with a big smile on your face every time the last of exams were over? That's because you had freedom to sleep all day and party all night.  There was always a call from a friend asking what's happening or better yet, an invitation to gimmick.  It gets better when you get invited to a party and the gang's all there.  So long as the music was good and so was the company, the party continued even as the sun was now about to rise.

Seeing those kids party sure brought back memories.  These days, getting is what I got at the back of my mind.  Nowadays I need all the sleep I can get and partying is now just that, a distant memory.  Still remembering those times is enough to lighten the stress.  Party hard kids but party safe and enjoy the summer as best as you can.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wishful Thinking About Things Getting Better: Somewhere Over The Rainbow By Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Unlike students and those who filed for their vacation leave just to have some fun in the sun, I still trudge along the hot summer mornings as the cold fades and the heat sets in just to make to work.  It seems the vacation time that I had during the Holy Week did little to ease my worries and stress and lately the office is the only refuge that I have to get away from it all.  Right now I need to loosen up or this stress is going to get to me sooner or later. The only relief I get is through listening to some songs that help cheer me up.  One song that does that is Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

Rather than soak in the sun, I'm looking at it set while listening to this song.  A drink in my hand and chair facing the window and though there are now rainbows in sight, the setting sun is what I am looking at as it turns orange once again as it ends the day.  As it goes down, I listen to this song and hope that somewhere out there rainbow or not, things will get better and I will find the answer to all this mess that's been plaguing us lately.  Despite the black cloud that's been hovering above us, I do my best to find strength in weathering the storm that it brings along with it.  One day that cloud will be driven and the sun's rays will shine upon us again.

Despite feeling down by the unpleasant surprises that life springs up on me, I am hopeful that things will get better and I am working hard to achieve that end.  I have to admit I need to evaluate what I am doing and make the necessary adjustments.  The answers will come and I'll do my best to find it.  It's not just wishful thinking because deep inside I know that things will get better.  It's just a matter of hanging in there and keep being positive.  This song helps me do that and they IZ sings it cheers me up as well.  R.I.P. IZ and thanks for the great song that keeps me going.

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Idea Of Spending Time At The Beach: Can't Do A Thing To Stop Me By Chris Isaak

Well now that Holy Week is over, Summer is now in full swing.  Students who have finished their studies and employees who have filed their leave are now hitting the sand and surf as the summer sun shines brightly.  As I've said before, I'm not a sun person cause I prefer cooler climates and I hate sun burn.  Still, if I were get to spend time with someone worth it, that would be a different story.  Chris Isaak's song and video "Can't Do A Thing To Stop Me" embodies how I would like to spend the beach with someone.

This song was one of those rare gems during the early 90's. When  I saw it on MTV (when they were still churning out good videos and songs) I was hooked.  To have this playing in the background while you relaxing in some shady spot with the wind blowing can sure soothe those stress lines.  What would make it perfect is when I spend it with someone you really like and can enjoy the scenery with.  If that someone is my exact match then there is nothing more I can ask for.  Wouldn't that be great?

Well, reality is setting in and I have to get some things done while there's still time cause I don't want to go home late.  Sadly I don't have the resources or the time to make it happen.  Still that thought keeps me smiling when the pressure is on.  Who knows one day it might come true.  For now, it'll always be my ideal way of spending time at the beach.

Time To Party Again: Papa oom Mow Mow By The Rivingtons

Last week, people were already packing their bags and rushing out of the office.  The reason is because the school year is over and summer break has begun and they are heading to their favorite vacation spots most likely the beach or any place where you can soak up to keep cool.  Partying won't start however, until the Lenten Season has ended and so for now people just going to relax and reflect.  Once Easter rolls in, that's when the party fun starts.  When the summer fun truly begins, the song "Papa Oom Mow Mow" by The Rivingtons comes to mind.

Usually when I hear this song, thoughts of the beach come to mind.  People rushing to the water and splashing around with friends and family.  Either that or surfers are riding the waves and practicing their skills.  Sand castles are being built and inflatable rafts now litter the pools and beaches as people try best to keep their minds of the pressure and stress from work and school and just relax in the summer sun.  After studying and working so hard, people need some time off.

As for me, a cold brew and stoogie while gazing at the setting sun is good enough.  I just need to breathe a deep sigh before I take a puff and a sip.  Well for those who are now partying, party hard but party safe.  Make the most out of these two and a half months and save time to rest up after the ends. Be cool and take care.