Monday, March 30, 2009

Time To Face The Real World: Next In Line By Afterimage

This weekend, a lot of schools and colleges have held their commencement exercises thereby, either moving one batch to the next level or in case of college, the next step which to make their mark in the real world. When we were younger, we all had our dreams and visions of how we want our lives to be after completing our education. The problems is that there is a big difference between what we dream about and reality and if you want your dreams to come true, you better ready to face a ton of obstacles. Some will achieve their dreams; some will settle for what they get and others tragically end their lives. Life is hard and for the latest generation who will face the real world, the song "Next In Line" by Afterimage is for you.

I remember when this song came out, I was already in line for graduation and a few years before, I knew what I wanted to be. I was naive and for that I soon realize that dreams don't easily come true like fruit from a tree. You have a lot of obstacles barring your way and only your determination will help you achieve your goal. Like I said earlier, some make it and some don't. A lot of times things don't turn out the way you want them and you got to build with what's left and move on.

The next generation is going find that out the hard way. The economic crisis isn't going to make things easier on them. Right there are people in my generation who have lost jobs and find hard to compete with the fresh batch of graduates coming in. I just hope get better because whether you're a new grad or a experienced worker, life is getting harder for everyone right now and opportunities are becoming scarce. Good to those who are next in line because they're going to need it. My generation already fell off the line and are still struggling to this day.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girl Buddies: Me And My Bobby McGee By Janis Joplin

Sometimes when you'e with a girl, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are romantically involved. A lot of times, it's cool to have a girl for a buddy cause they can fill in when you need someone to talk to and your bros and buds aren't there. Sometimes the advice they give you is just as good as the ones that your male friends impart to you when your confused. It's during times like these that I appreciate the fact that women can be capable as men when they make you feel good in a "barkada" way. One song that reminds me of that is Janis Joplin's song "Me And Bobby McGee".

Although it's more of a romance song, I feel that this is a song I can listen to when I think about all my female friends were at one time or another were good to me when times were tough. A remember a lot of them could match me drink for drink whenever there we'd gather around. Some gave me paper when I ran out and we had a test while others were just plain good to talk to when you need some converstion for your soul. Just like a lot of my male friends, they made me feel good at times when I was down and I appreciate it.

A lot of times, I think about where they are and if they're all ok. The trouble with me is that I loose a lot of contacts and have difficulty finding them again. I hope I see them again together with a lot of other people who I miss, especially now when the pressure is hard and there's no one to talk to. Still, like a lot of good memories, the times I spent with them is still alive inside me. For now, it will do.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We'll See Them: When Will I See You Again By Three Degrees

When I first heard that 99.5 Rt's 24K program returned to the airwaves, it was the best news that I heard in a long time. My only critique with the program's revival is that it limited its playlist to 80's and 90's songs and though I'm glad they retain most of the hit songs of my generation, I miss the time when they played songs from the 70's and even the 80's. Not just the standard hits, but also those rare ones that seldom get played. One 70's song that I admit relaxes me is by the trio Three Degrees called "When Will I See You Again".

Everytime, I hear this song, it reminds of the Sunday afternoons where we all huddled in an airconditioned room and did all kinds of funs stuff. More so, this song also reminds me of a lot of people who I want to see again. There were a lot of cool people who I met in my life and then disappeared into thin air and I never saw them again. There were also a lot of girls who I wish I got to know better before the chapter ended. As I have always said, whenever 24K belts out the tunes, I can't help but ask where are they now?

One of the things that I regretted was that I just slip away with time and I don't where they are or what they are doing. I had a lot of good times with these people whether I knew them for a long or short time. Each left such an impression on me that they remain in my mind and heart to this day. I do so hope that they are doing well for I am grateful for the times that we spent in the past. If God is willing, I'd like to see them all again and spend some time with them like the way things were back then.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Chance To Change The Past: If I Could Turn Back Time By Cher

Once again I'm going to blog about a topic using a video that my brothers might criticize me for but I can't think a more appropriate song for this. Everytime I listen to 24K Weekend, it never fails that I get sentimental about memories of the past. A lot of those memories were of things that were never meant to be or things that could have been which could have changed me for the better,but sadl crumbled to dust. Memories like those really start to get when I start reaching out for a cigar and some booze to dull the pain. A lot of times I wonder if I was given the chance to turn back time and go back change things, would make my life better? That's what I think of when I hear the song "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher.

For some reason, this song brings up a lot of memories of things that I wanted to come true. For some reason, they didn't come about because the things that I did or didn't do. If I was given such a chance, I'd dive in and give it all that I've got because if there was such an opportunity, this would be it. Whether the end results would be different, it'll depend on how much I gave my all for that one shot at redemption. I wouldn't know of anyone would refuse such an opportunity if it came their way.

I really don't know if chances like this really exists because all I know is that we're left with whatever life gives us at the moment. No matter what that is we've got to build with it while we still can. Things aren't so bad if we never get that chance because there are still other choices out there if we look hard enough. In the end, the past is the past and we should move on while we still can. Still, it'd be pretty cool to turn back time and get the chance to change things even if it's just a thought.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aerobic Tights And A Girl Who Looked Great Wearing Them: I'm So Excited By The Pointer Sisters

One thing that I can't forget about the 80's was when the aerobics craze hit the scene. What made it unforgetable was the spandex tights that girls put on when they did their workout. I remember when the girls did a dance number involving aerobics, all us guys froze in our seats with our jaws and tongues dropping to the floor. Man, those were the days!! Whenever I remember that trend, it reminds me of the song "I'm So Excited" By The Pointer Sisters.

Although this song was primarily heard on dance gigs, I remember one particular time when there was one of those school events were there were several intermission numbers going on. One particular number that got us excited was when a bunch a girls clad in spandex suits did an aerobics number on stage and in the middle jumped probably the most desired girl of that schoolyear. She turn a guy into an owl by making his head turn a full 360 just to get a glimpse of her. To see her in that tight outfit could paralyze a guy faster than a stun gun. Simply put, to see her perform in that outfit was like a 30 course feast for the eyes.

To this day, that dance number is still firmly burn in my mind. I'm not surprised if a lot of male batchmates who witnessed it, feel the same way. It was one of the most graceful and sexy live performances that I ever saw in teen years. I really don't what happened to her right now, but I'll never forget her because of that. Aerobics really gave us guys something to look forward to back and I thank the people who made it popular because it performances like that really got us excited.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When It Still Hurts: Linger By The Cranberries

I remember during one of those bad episodes in my life when someone promised me something so good that I thought it would come true. I wanted it so bad that I did everything for these people, even to the point of being humiliated infront of others because I thought it held the keys to my salvation. Imagine my devastation when it turned out to be another empty promise that crumbled like dust in the wind. That failed promise left me very bitter and I was angry the whole year round at lot of people who I felt used me and ditched me. When I think of that painful period in my life, I think of the song "Linger" by The Cranberries.

I never felt so jaded in my life after being betrayed like and the things I went through for a broken promise. After that, I was so angry, I didn't want to to talk to nobody at all. I wore a thick beard and I acted like a robot, keeping my hurt feelings inside me. When the holidays came, all I did was sit in room and watch tv and let it all pass by. It was a long time before I started talking to people again and if ever noticed, let alone knew why I was angry, I'll never know becaus all I know is that promise meant a lot to me and it was all a lie.

Right now things are atleast stable as I try to piece things back in place, especially now that there are a lot of things that need to be attended to. As much as I know that you should never hold a grudge and that you let it go, there are times when I remember that period, it still cuts like a knife. It's something that I don't want to go through again because it really drove me to the brink. The thing I can tell others about what I went through during that time is not to give people false hope and disappoint them in the end. It leaves a deep scar where the pain will always linger.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're All Special/Appreciate Yourself: Brass In Pocket

Tough times are really upon us these days and it shows. Whether it's the television, the radio or the newspapers, you hear companies closing and workers getting laid off. To top it all off, whatever vacancies that are there don't fit the qualifications that job applicants studied for in college. Yet despite all these bad developments, we must never forget that there's light at the end of the tunnel and no matter what, we all got something inside that society can benefit from. That's the lesson that I learned when I hear the song "Brass In Pocket" by The Pretenders.

I know those are big words from a guy who spent some time in phantom zone, before getting it together. One I did learn is to take stock of the things that I can do and see how that can turn things around (apart from some help from friends and relatives). Another is to always remember that you have gifts and abilities that could help others and that you should use them to the fullest. Most important of all, appreciate what you are doing and yourself because by doing so, it gives meaning to who you are and what you do. Even if all you got is "brass" pockets, remember that you earned it through honest, hard work which is better than i-ll gotten dough.

I know few "brass" change is not enough to live on these days, especially when there are people who depend on you a lot, but don't loose hope and keep on working. I have to admit that I'm trying to find ways to improve things around here which is difficult to do. Hopefully, if I try hard and do the right moves, I might just do that. Till then, I'll do what I can with these "brass" in my pocket to help out. I admit there are times when hardships get me down, but I'll get over it because I'm special and so everyone else which is why we're still here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Of Remembering Good Times And Neon Lights: Remember The Nights By The Motels

Everytime come home from work, I feel like there's nothing else I want to do but hit the hay and go to la-la land. Apart from that, the only thing that's on my mind is what I have to do the next day or will I make the deadline for my reports. It makes me pine for the times when I was younger and every weekend was blast as we either fenced swords, got drunk, go to a friends house and so on. There was always something great to do and you had great people to it with. I still remember those good times make me want to listen to the song, "Remember The Nights" by The Motels.

A lot of good things come to my mind when I hear this song. Among them were cheap candy bars, good beer, neon lights that was very in during the day and of course, my brothers' laughter. Whether we were at home or cruising the brightly lit neon streets looking for something to do and life was never boring. Everything was simple and we thought those days would never end. Man, those days were a blast!!

These days everything we do is now stamped witht the word RESPONSIBILITY. Everything else takes a backseat as you what you can to make it through the day. A lot of times, you wonder what the future has instore for you, especially now that times are tough and every penny counts. I guess it's now our turn to do the daily toil and do the best that we can to make ends meet. Despite the hectic days that dominate my life, I still have the memories of those great times that were bathed in neon lights. I'll always remember the nights, thanks to 24K songs like these that keep them alive in my mind and in my heart.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Best Song For Praising A Woman: Woman By John Lennon

As I've blogged many times before, a lot of great men owe their everything that they are to the women who stand by their side. A lot of times they have become the source of inspiration to their men to push themselves beyond their limit and overcome all obstacles. They also keep them from going bad or making bad decisions that could have dire conseques. A good woman can make a good man an even better man. No song clearly praises women more than John Lennon's "Woman".

Although he said that the song describes how he feels about Yoko Ono, it is a song for all women. Up until his death, she was his inspiration and played an important role in his life. I guess a lot of men who love their women feel the same way. If only she didn't break up the Beatles, that praise would have been perfect. but seriously, women really do a lot for their men and good men recognize that. If your life was improved by your woman, you really owe them a lot.

Being single, I have yet to meet a woman who can inspire me, but I'm in no hurry at moment. I know it's monotonous, but I have other priorities at the moment. Still to have someone like in your life is really something that you should never take for granted. They do what they do because they love us and we in turn should love them for that. When we say the words and do the deed, we really show our gratitude towards them and that's speaks volumes of how we really feel.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red-Light Girl: Roxanne By The Police

These a lot of women are now sharing equal footing with men in various fields. Women are becoming more confident and independent than there were years ago. Still, there are some women who are not so fortunate. Some of them end in deplorable situations which can cost them their lives. A lot of them even wind-up working in the "red-light" professions which is really bad because they have no choice. Whenever I read, hear or see women who wind up on this path, I remember the song "Roxanne" by The Police.

This was one of my favorite 80's band during highschool and once again I thank "Chris The Bliss" because his copy of this band's album enabled us to record it. It makes me think of the girls on "the street" who go through such lengths to get through the day. The worst part about it is that they are constantly in danger from abuse, disease and even death from their clients or their shady employers. The hard about it is once they're in, it's difficult, though possible to get out. It kinda makes me feel sad that some women and even some girls are thrusted to such a cruel fate and I hope someday things change regarding this.

Whether it's the original song or play live, this is one of the few songs that sounds good no matter how it's played. I use to remember we would sing a long to it when we gathered around good night of partying and drinking. It's only recently that I realize how sad this song is especially when it's play live where it's done in acoustic version. Maybe one day no woman need not wallk the streets for money and find better choices in life out there. Going down that road is really a bad way to live for anybody for that matter and I hope no else goes down that way.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Can Never Figure Them Out: She's A Mystery By Roy Orbison

For a loner like me, understanding women has always been very difficult. They would want one thing from you and then suddenly change their minds and want something else. Usually this happens when you were able to obtain the form with great difficulty and now it's back to the drawing boards with trying to get the latter. A lot of times you don't know what they're thinking or what they want from you but you love them nevertheless. When it comes to the way they confound us, it reminds me of Roy Orbison's song "She's A Mystery".

As I've blogged before, a lot of times, they act or do things that we can't figure out. A change in the routine, a sudden sulk or even an upbeat mood can take us by surprise. When things like that occur, it means they're tryig to tell us something and we better be able to know what it is. If we don't, it's going to be one long day. Whether you solve the riddle or not, in the end we just sigh with all these sudden changes that they put us through.

The worst part if it's an offense that you did without knowing making it even more difficult to figure out. In the end, we'll always have to be on our guard whenever they spring these mysteries to us. Yet despite all that, their antics never diminish how we feel about them. Sometimes, even makes us want them even more. In the end, all's well, ends well. How they do it will always remain a mystery to all of us I guess.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Treat Your Woman Right: Woman In Chains By Tears For Fears

In my last entry, we love the women we're with because they inspire us in both they're good and bad traits. For our part, we have to be ready to stand by them if we really are serious. Be it a boyfriend-girlfriend or marriage, once your in a relationship things can get pretty deep. In hard times like today, relationships of any kind are going to be put to the test. In times like that will test how well you really care about your woman. I got that lesson from the song "Woman In Chains" by Tears For Fears.

I have to admit, I get inspired to go to the gym when I see this video. Seriously though whe we are committed to our partner, we have to be ready to take good care of them. What makes it difficult is when hard times hit and instead of caring for them, we wind up making them our emotional punching bag and that is not the way to treat them. Sure things are hard but remember they're for us and we should be there for them. They've stood by their in bad times which is why we should treat them right.

Like I have often blogged, I'm not ready for a relationship because right now there are so many things that need fixing around here including myself. I don't know when I'll ever be ready, but one thing I do know is that when I do take the plunge I want to make sure that I am financially, mentally and emotionally ready to take care of her. I don't want to lash out or blame her whenever things go bad. It's during the bad times that you should stand by each other more than ever. If you can't treat her right, then set her free. It's the best way to show you care by giving her a chance to be happy since you failed to do so.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love Both Their Good And Bad Qualities: She's Always A Woman To Me By Billy Joel

Any guy will tell you that women are pretty complex sometimes. A lot of times, they can change from character to the next. They also have a way of confusing you and keeping secrets from you, deepening the mysteries that they hide within themselves. You know you're in deep when you still want to be with them despite they're complicated character. That's because we grown to love them for who they are accept their eccentricities. That's what I think when I hear the song " She's Always A Woman To Me" by Billy Joel.

They say that if you really love that woman, you have to accept everything about her including her flaws as well as her virtues. A lot of times, her mood will change from kind to cruel and many times she will leave you wondering why she does what she does. Yet even when we get annoyed by their antics, we can't help but still love because that's part of their charm. Whether they bring out the good or the bad out of us, we can't deny the inspiration they give us. In the end, we just shake our heads and smile.

It may take time but eventually we get use to their antics and their moods as we get to know them better. A lot of times, they tease us, we just let it pass. It's strange, how despite the moodswings and nagging, we don't to part with them. I guess it's because they make us better men, which makes it all worth it. Good times and bad to us, they will always be women and we love all the more for it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Girl You Admire From Afar: Rubie Baby By Donald Fagen

Ever had one of those experiences where a girl walks in and all the guys have their sights on her. She's physically perfect and high class to boot. As much as she captured your heart, you know you're in for a competition since she's now the object of every guy in your place. Despite the uphill challenge, you'd still go for it cause you can't let her slip away. Whenever I hear the song "Rubie Baby" by Donald Fagen, I remember these situations.

Back in my highschool days, you'd hear a lot of stories regarding this kind of situations. You want her so much but don't know how to win her. Those who have the guts, keep on until they win or see her go to someone else. Those who are daunted wind up admiring her from afar and are left with fantasies about what could have been. Either way, somebody got to win and somebody's got to lose.

Whether we admit it or not, we all had our experiences in this kind of situation. Atleast we know that woman has substance or she wouldn't have fallen for an ordinary smoe. For those who were able to win her, I have to tip my hat to them for they really went the extra mile. For those who didn't better luck next time. There are other fish in the sea.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Thunderbolt Song: You Are The Woman By Firefall

I remember in the book and movie version of The Godfather where Michael Corleone was strolling along the fields with his bodyguards when he saw a young peasant girl and he was instantly captivated by her. His feelings for the girl were genuine and after a brief courtship they were quickly married. His bodyguards called his reaction towards the girl "The Thunderbolt" where woman has captured a man's heart in an instant. It's incredible what happens when one fall instantly at first glance. Whenever I remember that scene, it reminds of Firefall's "You Are The Woman".

Whenever someone like that would come you're way, it makes you glad you're a man. Although not everyone goes through that kind of whirlwind courtship. Although many of us are strickened at first glance, it takes a little more time and a little more effort. If we really want it that badly, then we'll go through all lengths just to win her. If we do win, then it was worth it. If not, then it wasn't a genuine "thunderbolt". Well, better luck next time then.

I admit I had several of this heartstruck episodes myself. Sadly, I'm not as lucky as Micheal Corleone and a lot got away. Well right now, there are a lot of things that I have to attend to and I don't know if I'll ever see another like that again. Still when whenever the sight of a beautiful woman is enough to brighten any real man's day. Even for a brief moment, they still a little bit of me when I see them and that moment is good enough for now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Love Rock And Roll: I Love Rock And Roll By Joan Jett

I must really be mellowing because since listening to 24K, I've learn to appreciate songs that I never listened to during my youth. Back then, I was a black and white type of guy who believe everything had its place and you don't mix two opposites together. When I was younger, all I'd listen to was rock music of different kinds. Folk, blues, a little jazz, but definitely rock was the sound of the times. One song that pretty much summed my musical preference back then was Joan Jett's song "I Love Rock And Roll".

At a time when I lot of tunes were about cheezy ballads and teeny bop songs, this was a welcome relief. It's like there's only diet food when your gut is hungering for meat and this song was the meat. I also like the video of the song because it showed that underground attitude of rock fans who lived in their own world like some secret society where everyone was your bro or your sis. That was the same feeling that I got when I hanged out at Club Dredd where the one thing everyone had in common was they like rock music. When it comes to liking rock, this song says it all.

These days, I've mellowed down a bit and as I have blogged before, I've grown to appreciate some songs that I never listened to back then. Still, apart of me still misses those rebel/outlaw days when me and those like me went against the flow. Shunning the usual activities for a few brews and smokes in a small circle of friends who were at odds with the establishment listen to rocking tunes with substance. What was more important is I was not afraid to be honest about what I am and what my preference were and I was darn proud of it. To this day, even if I have accepted somethings, I'm still a rocker at heart because simply put: I love rock and roll.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Song About Women Who Stick By Their Men: 9 To 5 (Morning Train) By Sheena Easton

As I've blogged before, even though I enjoy being single, I have to admit there are times when getting into a relationship is also good for the soul. This is true, especially when your partner gives you her full support. When she stands by you through thick and thin, you really can face whatever the day brings you. Someone like that is rare to find, but when you do find them, don't let them go. That's the idea I get when I hear the song " 9 To 5 (Morning Train)" by Sheena Easton.

It really feels good to wake under the care of some like that and it gets better when you come and they rush to you with open arms. People like that really get you moving when you begin the daily grind where you earn your keep for that special someone. Once you're reunited when the day is over, she weaves her magic which banishes all the stress and makes great close for the day. Anyone who had such a partner that gave that support is lucky indeed.

Right now, I still have a lot of things to take care of and relationships like that is not on my list of priorities. Still the thought of a special "someone" appeals to me whenever I take the time to reflect on it. I really don't know what the future brings but anything can happen if you just be level-headed and work towards your goal. Maybe it'll happen and maybe it won't, but right now I'm doing okay. If it does happen, I hope I get it right.

Friday, March 13, 2009

They Make It So Easy/Ladies Who Rock: Nothing At All By Heart

I've said once and I will always stand by it when I say that 24K songs really make me feel good. Even when the day has become a total disaster, a good 24K tune takes all the bad vibes away in an instant. I guess that's the reason why I drop everything I do when a rare and cool song from the past gets played on air during 24K' run. It takes the strain the years away from my weary body and gets me energized again. One song that does the trick is from Heart called "Nothing At All".

The Wilson sisters are sill one of my favorite rock artists and they got more talent than the bimbos that get all the fame today. Like a lot of 24K songs, I got hooked the first time, I heard this on the radio. Whether I listen to the cassette or hear it on the airwaves, everything starts to brighten up and the energy of the song really gets me all pump, especially when I lift weights. This is one of those that I can listen to the whole day and not get tired of it. It's so full of good energy and it never losses it's effect on me.

A song such as this is worth its weight in 24K gold. These ladies will always rock in my book cause they were and are still full of energy. They're the real deal and what they contributed for women in the rock scene is great indeed. This song still has that hold on me up to now which why it will always be my one of my favorites. Long Live Heart and 24K!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

To A Girl Who Use To Pop In And Out Of My Life: Out Of The Blue By Debbie Gibson

In my life, I've met a lot of girls (and women)who left a deep impression on me. Like a lot of people, they taught me lot about what makes life worth living. Once in a while memories of them who come into my head which was always a pleasant surprise, especially after a weary day which has left me bone-tired. One girl in particular always brightened my day whenever she'd appear out of nowhere. When I remember her, I remember the song "Out Of The Blue" by Debbie Gibson.

I have to admit this is one of my "closet song" which no doubt will make my brothers wonder why I posted this. When I remember her, she was like a sprite who was full of energy and when she smiled, it brightened my day. She was very cool in a way because she was never snobbish and hung with anyone who was all right. She would just say "Hi" to me which always caught me by surprise because she would always catch me at times when I was busy. She'd always come out of nowhere, yet always passing on good vibes to those she met.

I remember bumping into her again a few years back. Though she's older and married, she still hasn't lost that energy and that smile that cheered me and a lot of people way back then. I that was the last time I saw and haven't seen her since. I do know that with her energy, she's in a good place and with good people. She'll always be special to me because the way she cheered me up from out of the blue.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Heroes Are A Dime A Dozen: We Don't Need Another Hero By Tina Turner

Whether it's on print or television, everytime I see the news broadcast about all the corruption and mayhem going around, you wonder if there's anyone out there who'll save the day. When I remember all those people who started the Edsa Revolution way back when, I thought they were heroes. Instead things went from bad to worse and the so-called heroes are now squabbling with each other. Instead of one dictator, we get a lot of power-hungry politicians waiting in the wings for their chance to grab power. When I think of heroes who turned into disappointments, I remember the song, "We Don't Need Another Hero" by Tina Turner.

They start out as crusaders against an evil regime. We cheer when they triumph, making us believe that victory and justice does exist. But then when they ascend to power, they become that which they have fought against and what's worse is that they opened a Pandora's Box where other ills of society fly out and wreak havoc on the land. Pretty soon another takes up the struggle only to fall to the same vicious web. I guess power really does corrupt.

I know I should never give up hope and that will be salvation in the end. The questions is when will it come and who will usher it. Everytime a hero comes along, he or she either gets killed or becomes a villain. I guess Jorge Orwell's Animal Farm had some truth after all. In a vicious cycle like this, heroes are a dime a dozen they're the types we definitely don't need.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Working At Night/Extra Income: Night Shift By Quaterflash

I remember when call center jobs started appearing on the want-ads on newspapers. Sure the pay was good and so were the benefits. I decided to try it out because at that time, it was something new and opportunities were scarce. Unfortunately, when I finally got into one, something very happened which distracted me and caused me to get cut from the program. Man, did I feel miserable for a long, long time. Whenever I read or watch anything about the call-center agency or any shift-work for that matter, I remember the song "Night Shift" by Quaterflash.

This was a very rare song that was played by RT when I was a kid and is real hard find. When I think back about what had happened back then, I guess it was for the best. I prefer to write than talk and I'm more of a morning person. I know the pay is high and the benefits are good, but I'll be too tired to enjoy it and things I want to do would probably conflict with the activities I would spend my pay with. Well some things aren't meant to be and this is one of them.

Be that as it may, atleast the call center industry has provided a lot of work for people in this country. A lot of people continue to apply or work in this industry. I have to bow my head to people who do this kind of work because it takes a toll on your body and mind and that's no understatement. A people who work here and in other shifting schedules jobs have sacrificed a lot just to make more income for themselves and their loved ones. More power to all of you who work on the night shift.

Monday, March 9, 2009

So Carefree: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun By Cyndi Lauper

Here I go again, putting an entry that would probably make my brothers and friends wonder why I considered it, let alone posted it. Well it was played in RT back in the day and it's part of my generation. A remember a lot of girls (who are now women) would sing along to this song. I can't say a blame because it asserts their independence in a very fun way. The song is from Cyndi Lauper called "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

This is definitely a song for girls who want a good time. It describes the care-free behavior that a lot of girls have when they were teens. Even today, a lot of girls have still exhibit that strong yet fun character which keeps them going in everything that they do. That's why when I see girls or women with strong character yet can be so cheerful, I can't help but admire them. They are the types who will make it in everything they do and they'll do so with a smile in their faces.

I know for other people, girls with attitude can be a turn-off, but when things are bleak and opportunities are rare, you really have to be strong. You can't just let the bad times get you down. I have to admit when I see this video, I remember the time when no matter how hard things were, people always knew how to handle it and they handle it well. Well for those girls who wanna have fun, just remember to keep because and remember what's important. If you do that, then you'll always have fun.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Song Dedicated To All Women: Wonder By Natalie Merchant

I recently learned that March is National Women's Day so expect that a lot of my
entries will focus female singers or songs about them. We men owe a lot to women for a number of reasons. They give us company, inspiration, comfort and we wouldn't be born without them. Even great heroes find strength and inspiration and strength from women. I guess we men owe them alot. One song that celebrates women everywhere is "Wonder" by Natalie Merchant.

The first time I heard the song and saw the video, I was hooked. When I hear the song, I really feel good for some reason. It gives you the feeling that you and everyone else in the world, man or woman is special. When you see the video, there are different kinds of women there and all of them are happy and you get the feeling that they are happy with who they are. When you feel good about yourself, you can do anything. Nobody should tell you otherwise.

I guess we are all special in a different way. True, we also have our flaws, but we should never let that stop us. When I see the happy faces of these women in the video, it reminds of that lessons. Also women have done a lot for us and we should really be greatful for them. They are always there for us and we should always be there for them. They truly are wonders of God's creation and the best gift to us men.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

To A Cool Girl I Use To Know: Jackie Blue By The Ozzark Mountain Daredevils

It's not surprising for guys who to talk about a "special someone" who walked into their lives and turned it up-side-down. Some won the girl while others didn't and she still looms largely in their memories. Even if they didn't win the girl, they wouldn't speak harshly of her and instead remember the good times that they shared. Some are even greatful that they have met such a person because for a brief time that person brightened their lives. Whenever I think of such a girl, I listen to the song "Jackie Blue" by The Ozzark Mountain Daredevils.

I still remember her from way back when and everytime I saw her, she always had a way of stopping my heart. She always smiles and is very friendly to a lot of people. The first time I had a long conversation with her, I felt really different when I came home. I felt all charged up, like white hot steel that just came out of the furnace and my smile was from ear to ear. Even though she went with someone else, I still think highly of her for making me feel that way for the first time in my life.

I know all of us guys have their own Jackie Blue out there and they always have place in our hearts. They would always be special because they showed us a different side of life that we never knew existed at the time. To say it in one sentence, they taught what it love feels like for the first time. I don't know where my Jackie is but I do know she's in a good place and that she's happy. I am forever greatful for her for teaching me that and I wish her all the happiness in the world.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cool Night Jamming and Moon Gazing: Black Water By The Doobie Brothers

Whether it's summer or the weekend, lately my thoughts seem to drift back to the early 80's when I had my first taste of liqour and then some. When the day was over, we'd play some of our favorite tunes, many of which were played on RT and chill out with the few brews and herbs. A lot of times, we did this when the night was clear and the moon was full. Even when the setting didn't wasn't exactly exotic, we didn't mind since the music and booze mixed with the circle made everything all right as we chilled out through the night. One of my favorite songs when we gathered and relaxed like this was "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers.

A case cold beer (or more) some good tunes and some spice and there you have it, instant party. Man, it was really that simple to have a good time then and it was better when friends dropped by and joined the fun. All the worries and frustrations were thrown out and weary faces ligthened as laughter and jokes filled the air. Some Some got a bit rowdy, others just grooved to the sound and gazed at the moon while others simply passed out. Even though there was no black water at the house, the mood made you think you were on a boat trip where you felt the most relax which made gimicks like these memorable.

It's been a while since we not only gathered like this, but also had a good time like this. Deadlines, job obligations and other commitments weigh heavy on our minds these days. Money for booze when to paying the bills and health needed to be taken care of because it was difficult to get sick. Despite all the problems and headaches, I hope one day we gather together the way we did back then and let the imaginary black water takes us for a ride. It wasn't just music and laughter that made times like those valuable to me, but the strengthening of our bond everytime we chilled together and I hope we do so again.

Black Water
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kumite Song: One Hit To The Body By The Rolling Stones

Man, with all the stressful developments that keep popping up at work and at home, I'm really missing martial arts training more and more. True I still get to workk out, but sometimes, I feel like I need something more. Back then martial arts and weights complemented each other because you got both power and technique complementing each other. Thee best part as I've blogged before is the "kunite" or sparring where you get hit somebody and really get all that stress out of your system. One such song which describes my eagerness when sparring time starts is "One Hit To The Body" by The Rolling Stones.

Like a lot of metal song, this one gives me an adrenaline rush whenever I hear it. Whenever that happens, I get all psyched up for the match. As fist and feet start to fly and shouts and thuds of punches and kicks fill the dojo air, I get lost in the feeling of the match and that happens I feel really hyped as I try to outscore my opponent. Man, the rush and the joy that I feel from a sparring match is the best way to expel all that negative vibes out of one's system. Even when the session is is over and your body's all bruised, you feel pretty good as you shower up and head home.

It's been a long time since I felt that adrenaline rush and with the way things are I wonder if I'll ever feel it again. Even if it hurts afterwards, it feels good to really test yourself against someone else and see apprehenssion change to aggression. When the first punch lands, the fear disappears and you charge for the kill and man that feels good. I hope one day I get to do that again when things get a little organized again. There's nothing like getting one hit to the body to knock the stage fright away and let the beast out of the cage.

Rolling Stones One Hit to the Body

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feel Good Stroll Song: The Valley Road By Bruce Hornsby And The Range

One of the reasons why I keep my ears glued to 24K Weekends is because not only does it take me back to the good old days, but it also takes a week load of stress off my shoulders. From morning to evening, listening to yesterday's music is the next best thing to a time machine. What makes it even more memorable is the fact that many of these songs aren't being played anymore and most of them were heard only on RT. Bottomline is that they all make me feel good and the fact that you only get to listen to it on a weekend makes them even more valuable. One song that makes me feel good after a hard week is from Bruce Hornsby And The Range called "The Valley Road".

I remember this song whenever I hitched a ride to go to school. When there wasn't anything good on the radio, this cassette was on the player and that was the first song that I would play and for some reason, it made me feel good about starting the day. Nowadays when I walk to work or go home by foot, I always play this song in my head and for some reason I feel really good. That's great this songs are during the weekend. They really chase the blues away.

Nowadays this song is cool to play when things don't work as planned. Sure, it hurts when things don't turn out the way you want them to, but you just got to let it go and start anew. A lot of things had happen to me that didn't go too well, but when this song starts playing all of that just vanishes from my mind and I take a stroll. Each step becomes lighter as thing song chases the blues away. A smile starts to form and I just walk on. Just walk and feel good cause that's what really happens when I play this song.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Long My Friend: I'll Fly For You By Spandau Ballet

Last week I got some bad news that a friend and co-worker of mine died due to kidney failure. I was shocked and saddened about it because despite what I've been hearing, I thought he'd pull through. Unfortunately, he didn't which was downer for all of us. I hope that he's in a better place now because he pushed himself so hard to not only for himself but for his family. When I think about what happened to him I remember the song "I'll Fly For You" by Spandau Ballet.

Everybody was right when they say he was the one I got along with the most in the office. I guess because we were raised in the same kind of family and have been through a lot of ups and downs. It took me a lot of guts to go to his wake and I hate to admit it, but I was afraid to approach his casket and to see his wife so distraught was very emotional for me even if I didn't show it. I didn't show up at his funeral because I hate to admit it but I was afraid because ever since my grandfather died funerals really affect me bad and they still do.

Recently, I heard the whole office got invited to go to his house for a gathering. I've wrestling with that ever since I heard it because going to events like that always stirs up a hidden fear in me and also because of my obligations at home. I know I shouldn't use the latter as an excuse but the fear of it all really gets to me. I guess years of being a loner and having the responsibility of looking out for things here have grounded my routine to a point that it's all I do. Nevertheless, I really do miss him and without him, I have no one to talk to who can relate with my views. I hope he and the Big Guy don't take it against me if I don't go but believe me he was special to me and I will miss him for the good talks that we had.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cure-All/Salvation Song: Ace In The Hole By Paul Simon

Well things still haven't changed and if it has, the outlook is getting worse. Even though people go about like there's nothing to worry about, deep inside, their paranoid about what the future brings. At times like these, people try to find some kind of remedy that would help carry them through the tough times. Whatever it may be, so long as it's something that can save the day or soothe their worried souls, the important thing is that it saves the day. That's the idea that I get when I listen to Paul Simon's song "Ace In The Hole".

This song takes me back to the gym days when all we did was buy junk food, hung around and drank all day long. Back then, this song made me feel good everytime I watched it and now that I'm older I know the reason why. During these hard times, people got find something that will carry them through and lately that's what I've been trying to find. I know that I've made a lot of bad choices and wasted a lot of good opportunities and right now I'm looking for something that would carry me through the years while there's time to look for it. I'm not doing this for myself but for people around me and I hope I find that soon.

As consequence of my actions, I've been trying to find ways to finally stand on my own which is my ace-in-the-hole. Something that once I've found it, there's nothing else that I would ask for. This ace-in-the-hole is different from person to person it could be money, a person, religion, etc. The important thing is that it's something that can save the day. Right now I haven't found it, but once I do, I will share it. I know it's out there and all I have to do is look harder.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Up Against The Man: The Authority Song By John Mellencamp

When we look at the way things are now, it's quite obvious things are just bad. The worse part about is that everything is controlled by an elite few. Their control is so tight that it's the common folks who are the ones who get pushed in a corner that just gets tighter. At times like this it would be nice if there was a maverick who would come out and lead the charge against the Man. This is what I think of when I hear the "Authority Song" by John Mellencamp.

Whenever someone with guts comes in, we all rally behind him in hopes that he or she can beat the system and the people who control. We admire him because he has the guts to do what we could not and that's to fight the institution. The trouble is one person can't do alone and a lot of times when people are too afraid, that person is often left alone against the Man. When that happens, no matter how valiant a fighter that person is, he will fall and we've just sacrificed another good person to the jaws of a corrupt rule.

Does this means, things won't change? It depends on us because there will always be another who will take the fallen's place and his cause. What we need to do is to stand by that person and help him to make sure that there will be real change when victory is achieved. We should also do our part because if don't, the Man will always win. Even if there is someone to rally to, we should be more active and if
we do that then we will really beat the system and make a real change for the best.