Watched the film "National Lampoon's Animal House" again last night to cheer me up. Sure enough it did the trick as I was once again laughing out loud at every funny scene in the film.  There was one scene where it reminded me that you have to be careful about what bar you're going into.  Instead of having a good time, it might turn out to be one bad trip.  The song that was being played at that scene was when they entered a bar to the tune of "Shamalamadingdong" by the fictitious band Otis Day And The Nights.

The scene was when they picked up a couple of girls and they were looking for a place to chill out with their dates. They then saw a bar where Otis' band was playing and decided to spend the night there.  Unfortunately, they entered a bar that catered only to a certain ethnic group and since they were different, they were harassed none-stop by the other patrons. Only they took their dates and crowded in on them did they take the hint and ran out of the bar, leaving their dates behind who had to work home.

Just like all the other scenes, this was hilarious as ever.  However, it also teaches people to be careful about what establishment they're stepping into.  Sadly there are some places that caters only to a certain group and anyone else who tries to get in will only get harassed till they leave and they'll be lucky if it just gets to that.  So take and don't go in if you know you're not welcome. It'll save you at lot of grief in the end.