Friday, October 8, 2010

One Of Those Senseless One-Hit Songs: Amadeus By Falco

I have to admit that there are some songs played on 24K that I don't like. Some of them can be a real pain in the ear. When I think about it, I wonder how they became hits in the first place. Still, for some reason there people out there who not only like them really dance to them. I guess what's noise pollution to some is music to others. One such song that I never liked was Falco's "Amadeus".

I used to remember my brother teasing me with song due to a time where he saw me with my hair unkempt (which is one the reasons why I didn't like this song). Anyway I know that Amadeus was like the rocker of classical music back then which is why I guess there were leather-clad bikers mixed in with those who sported elegant 1700-style clothing (plus the wigs and ruffles) in the video. Still, every time, I hear this song, I wanna turn off the radio. I can't understand what this song no matter how many times it got played.

After this song, I never heard another from this guy. There was song and video with him and Bridgette Nielsen, but it was seldom heard on the radio. After that he faded away like a lot of one-hit wonders of the time. For some, this song rocks but for me, it was senseless then and its senseless now. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I'm just glad that it was just a one-hit-wonder.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Of The Sexiest Films During My Time: What A Feeling By Irene Cara

I remember one of the sexiest films that shown during my time was "Flash Dance". It starred Jennifer Beals a steel worker who had ambitions of being a dancer. I remember a lot of my friends watched this film which was so popular during that time. There were a lot of great tracks that were included in its soundtrack as well. The song that stands out the most from this film was "What A Feeling" by Irene Cara.

Man, this song was so popular, it was played everywhere. Even school activities made use of this song during their presentation. For me the hottest scenes were the club dance where they pour water over the dancer as she sat on the chair as well her audition where she wore a very skimpy black top and shorts (if you could call it that). In the end, she got the part as well as the man. Still those two scenes were smoking.

I'm glad too see that the lead actress is still active. She's done of film and t.v. work to this day and she's still hot. Still, she will always be remembered for those scenes. She was every boy's fantasy at the time. Man, she burns the screen during that time and still does to this day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh Those Disco Days/Iconic Solo Dance: You Should Be Dancing By The Bee Gees

Man, I remember when the movie Saturday Night Fever burst into the screen. It put the Disco era in full swing. People were packing Discotheques just to be seen. I also remember how everybody wanted to be John Travolta back then. They especially wanted to dance the way he did. For me, the high point of this movie was went he did a solo dance to the song "You Should Be Dancing" by The Bee Gees.

I remember this was the scene where the dancers cleared the floor and John started to do his thing on the dance floor. Once he started, it was hard not to watch his routine. The man moved gracefully on the floor and did splits that would put a martial artist to shame. Because of that my two brothers often tried their best to be limber just so to imitate what he did. What a crazy time that was!

Well these days, when you go to a dance club, it's more about hip hop. People these days dance like they've been possessed by the devil. They don't have grace that people had back then. These days you'd see moves like that in a sausage bar. Still, you have to admit when John did it, everybody watched. To this day, people still ask him if he can still dance and dance he still could.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Is It All About: Alfie Theme Song

One of my favorite parts of the 1960s film "Alfie" was the last part where Micheal Caine's character delivers a monologue asking what's it all about. He concludes that even though you got everything materially, if you don't have peace of mind, you don't have anything. That scene really had a deep impression on me, especially when I'm struggling with a lot of things. And I'm not alone as a lot of people these are wondering what is it you need to find that peace of mind that gives meaning to one's life. When it comes to asking and answering that question, the movie's soundtrack of the same name comes to mind.

As I get older and still find myself struggling with a lot of old as well new issues, that question hangs heavily in my mind. I should be at that point, where I have it figured out or at least got a grip on my life, but sadly I haven't. The worst part about is I can feel that I've been past over by time and that I've got to make do with what I can find or get. Still, I can't get any satisfaction and as I see my friends reach that point of settling down, I find myself longing for the same. Even the wildest parties or escaping to some exotic island can't erase this thought which has now grown stronger as I grow older.

I wish find some kind of stability in my life, specially now that I feel that my time has passed me by. Still I find there are others who are better off than me still asking the same question. I guess it doesn't matter whether one is rich or poor, married or single these days as we find asking the same question. Well as I continue my daily struggle, one I hope to find the answer or at least feel it. So the question what's it all about is something I have to figure out myself in the end.

Monday, October 4, 2010

When You Don't Want To Hear It: I Don't Want To Hear What Love Can Do By Van Halen

here are times when you get so mad that reach that point of anger where you're oblivious to everything around you. That's when you're eyes are bulging; you're screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs and probably breaking everything you see in sight. The hard part about that stage is your now beyond really reason as you're anger has already gotten the best of you. That's when you might yourself and worse people around you. When you're so fully of rage and beyond, the song "I Don't Want To Hear What Love Can Do" By Van Halen" comes to mind.

I guess that's the reason why when things blow up, I try to pacify rather than add fuel to the fire. It's not always easy seeing people possessed by rage and any suggestion to calm down only enrages them even more. You only have to stand by and hope that they get it out of their system. When they target other people when they're angry, that's when I draw the line. Even if their anger is righteous, that doesn't give them the right to be disrespectful to other people.

Times like that, I wish these people would go jogging or punch the bag till they've calmed down. When they start spreading their anger around, it's like dropping a match in a gasoline station. Pretty soon everybody gets caught up in the madness and nothing gets solved. People who get mad beyond reason better be careful because there are those won't stand for it. It might costs them dearly in the end.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Affects All Of Us: I Cry Just A Little Bit By The Outfield

Every time I remember my father's passing, it still hurts me deep inside. I'd give anything to hear his morning rants about coffee or creamers just to know that he's there. Still, I know I am not the only affected by this as my brothers and my mother still mourn his death as well. It hurts even more when I see my mother cry, I feel like crying too. It takes a piece out of my heart when that happens. When I hear the Outfield's song "I Cry Just A Little Bit", it reflects what I feel when I see her grieve for my father.

As I have said before, you never know how much a person means to you until they are gone. Whenever she wakes up early in the morning, I know the loss hits her again. It gets worse during Sundays because that's the day they spend a lot of time together. The best I can do when that happens is let her cry and be by her side till she gets it out of her system. It's hard seeing her like this but join her and try to console because like her I too miss him very much.

Still, I'll be there for as long as it takes because she's my mother and she was there for me when I needed her. It's my turn to give comfort as she has comforted me when I was a boy. It's tough but I know he's up there playing all the 18 holes in God's big golf courses with my granddad as well as my nanny. For now, I'll do my best to keep her from crying cause when she cries, I cry too.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pressure Of Transition: New Kid In Town By The Eagles

There comes a time when even the best of us would succumb to the pressures of time. When you're not as fast or strong as you once were, it's time to hang it up and make way for the new generation. It won't be easy for the new guys either, especially if the old guard accomplished a lot during their time. So there's a lot of pressure on them as well. When it comes the pressures of transition, I remember the song "New Kid In Town" by The Eagles.

Whether it was good or bad, you do your best during your time. When it's over, it's time to hang it up. For the new guy, he better be careful with what he promises. The bigger the promises, the higher expection to follow through. After all the fanfare, you better put your nose to the grind.

Nobody said it would be easy and there would also be a lot obstacles thrown your way. Whatever happens, you do it as you call it. Just do the best that you can in everything that you do. That's the least that people would ask from you. So buckle up and ready cause your the new guy incharge.

The Only One Who Could Save You Is You (With A Little Help From The Big Guy): Who Will Save Your Soul By Jewel

When problems comes knocking on your door, it's like junk mail which just overwhelms you. Sometimes you gets so desperate that you wonder how you're going to get out of this mess. You'd even go so far as to wish that someone would bail you out. Even when you hope against hope, deep inside you know what the answer is. When it comes to seeking relief or salvation, Jewel's song "Who Will Save Your Soul" comes to mind.

It would be nice to just wish all the crap away so that life would be sweet but unfortunately it won't happen. Even if some help came by, its your battle and you have to face whether you like it or not. For me, I'm a firm believer in saying "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves". I do what I can as hard as I can these days. I just hope the Big Guy gives me a boost to carry me through these tough times.

In the end, you won't be saved unless you make an effort to do so. Salvation doesn't fall from the sky and you do what you can. As for me, all I ask is that things would be better and am trying hard to make it so. I know the Big Guy is up there somewhere and I hope he takes it easy on me. I'll do what I can but it would sure be great if he'd meet me half-way.