Saturday, June 22, 2013

All These Bad News Can Really Drive A Guy Nuts: Delirious By ZZ Top

These days it never fails that something will happen and turn my world upside down.  Whether I do something or not, crap just happens and it's been happening way too frequently.  Too much so that I'm just trying my best to keep up with all this craziness.  Still, getting too much crap isn't good and I am determined to fight through this insanity to make things happen.  Dealing with all these crazy surprises reminds me of the song "Delirious" by ZZ Top.

Every month,  I keep my fingers crossed hoping that something would come out from all this hard work only to come up with nada.  To add insult to injury, it happens when I need it most.  To top it off, some nasty situation comes out of the blue leaving rattled and almost delirious.  It really sucks the life out of me and I am sick of it.

They say, life doesn't give you something thatyou can't handle.  I just wish life would be a bit kinder cause I still have a lot to deal with and it's really killing me.  Well, it's either you beat it or it beats you.  I'm going so that means there's hope.  It drives me crazy something but doesn't stop me as I keep trying till I get it done.

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