Saturday, June 8, 2013

Waiting For Things To Get Better: How Long By Y & T

I have a bad feeling that June and July are going to be very rocky months.  The fact that things didn't go well for us in May and right now we all have swords  hanging on our heads.  It was bad enough that the previous years have been bad but now they are starting to look worse.  I can't wait for this bad cloud to bug out so that things will be better.  Wondering when this bad funk will be over and when the good times will be back reminds me of the song "How Long" by Y & T.

And I thought my bad cycle years were bad enough.  These days, I wake and sleep with stress and worry everyday as something always happens and things just fall apart.  The problems just keep coming this time around and it's more than we can bear.  I'm beginning to feel I am playing a more level of this sick cycle that I find myself in.  The worst part is it's not just me but around me are also feeling the heat and that really breaks my heart.

The only thing keeping me from giving is remembering Bergson's "Shipwreck Theory" that one day this will be over.  Until then, I am just trying to find ways to help ease the situation though it seems I'm just bouncing off the wall.  Still, I know the answer is out there and I'll trying till I find it.  I just have to wait it out till things get better.  I know it will someday.

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