Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That's All I Want To Do: Back On My Feet Again By The Foundations

The last five days have left me drained  mentally, emotionally and physically.  Apart from that, I still have to deal with this situation where I have no control on.  I swear there too many unpleasant things that are happening around here lately.  All I want is to get back on my feet and have peace of mind.  Listening to the song "Back On My Feet Again" by The Foundations always reminds me of that wish.

I wish I was like the character in that song where he had someone help him to get back on track.  The sad reality is that you have to do that on your own.  That's what I've been trying to do all these years and I still can't get it right.  Just when I think I spot something that might help, it turns into dust and I back to square one.  Now that I'm getting older, things just keep getting tougher.

Though it's gets harder, I still am determined to keep going till I find it. To be able to stand on my own and have some peace is all that I want right now.  I've been through too much tumultuous and disappointing years and though I have accepted the end results, that doesn't mean that I'm quitting.  I still believe that I will achieve that even though my good days have passed.  That's all I want to do right which is why I'm trying to do all that I can to get it.

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