Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bisping Got Robbed: Song Number Two By Blur

Last Sunday I was watching the UFC on Fox. Though the main card featured Rashad Evans against Phil Davis, the fight that I was most interested in was between Chael Sonnen and Micheal Bisping. This was because you have two very tough guys with contrasting styles but have the same brass attitude about to lock horns in the octagon. Sadly, the fight left a very bad taste in my mouth. For this entry, I think "Song Number Two" by Blur would be appropriate.
This was Bisping's entrance song and when the fight began Sonnen did his usual tackle technique but Bisping attacked him from the sides and also managed to to bring the fight to him. Even though Sonnen was able to take him down, Bisping got back up and started swinging at him. I was shocked when I heard that the judges ruled Sonnen the winner. Many believed that Bisping won the first two rounds and Sonnen dominated in third. I was never more disgusted at a such a decision since the Machida-Rua and Garcia-Phahn fight.

Some reasoned that the takedowns were the reason behind but even though I'm not a wrestler, those take downs were disappointing since Chael was so famous for them. If takes downs score big points then escaping from them also be given equal credit. They just wanted a rematch between Silva and Sonnen. They hung Bisping out to dry and I felt like watching pro-wrestling match. Decisions like this will hurt the UFC and I hope they do something about this.

Monday, January 30, 2012

We Don't Really Know Where We're Headed: Destination Unknown By Missing Persons

A lot of people think they got it figured out on what they plan to do in life. A lot of them think its a breeze and it'll all fall into place in no time. When reality strikes, you suddenly find your well-laid plan starts to fall apart. Now you find yourself way off course with no idea where you are or where you're headed. Missing Person's song "Destination Unknown" reminds me of the ways where life just throws a wrench in the your plans and you find yourself spinning off course.

Even for those who reached their goals in life, it wasn't easy. Thing's always don't go as smoothly, let alone, according to plan. There are things that happen or don't that could really mess up your plans. It could things you did or didn't do or maybe they came out of the blue. Either way, that's where you're gonna find if you know where you're headed or not.

There'll come to a point where you don't even remember what the plan was. At that point, you have to get your wits together and figure things. That's going to determine whether find your way or go somewhere else. Plan or no plan, we think we know where we're going but in reality we don't. In the end, we'll just know when we get there.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Man That's Darn Good Cake: Pound Cake By Van Halen

Last week, my aunt and uncle came home from abroad for a little vacation. We greeted them and we talked about some good times and asked how they were doing. My mother's birthday was coming up and my uncle promised that he'd cook up some of his best recipes. Best of all he'd baked his signature dessert that was Sansrival which we all loved. When I remember that dessert, Van Halen's song "Pound Cake" starts playing in my head.

The first time we tasted that cake, we devoured it to the last bite. 40 years, later it still doesn't compare to anything bought in the stores. My brother would even drink the syrup from the tray till nothing was left. When they went abroad, I haven't come across a cake that matches his recipe. When he said he'd baked a batch, our mouths started to water and we couldn't wait.

True enough when the cake came in, nothing was left. That's because it was as delicious now just as it was in the past. It was perfect to the last drop and every time I took bite it was perfectly the same. I'm glad my brother and sister watched how it was made which means they do it. That is one darn fine cake.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Giving It Your All To Win: Winning It All By The Outfield

I remember a few a years ago, my brother who was a basketball fan borrowed a VHS that featured several NBA players at their greatest moments with an accompanying song that best their skill and character. One player that caught my eye was Larry Bird because of his determination to win. It impressed me that he was willing to do anything no matter how difficult or little time was left pull a win. I also liked the song that was being played. That song was "Winning It All" by The Outfield.

Though I was not a basketball fan, I was always impressed with Larry Bird, much to my brothers' annoyance because they were fans of the L.A. Lakers. Anyway, apart from being a cool song, I find inspirational because it reminds that winning is not easy. If you really want something, you have be able to give it all you've got. You push yourself to the limit and let nothing stop till it's in your hands.

Like I said, life isn't easy. That's why I like this song cause it reminds me of what it takes if you really want to go the extra mile. Lately, that's what I've been doing with something that I've been working on for quite some time. I've had some bumps and misses that caused me to stumble again and again. But like this song says, I'm determined to win it all.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watching The Cars Go By: Counting Blue Cars By Dishwalla

Back when I was young, there wasn't much distractions as there is today. Sure we had our arcades and past times but compared to today's games, they're very crude. With me, there wasn't much for me to do to past the time when I was young. I lot of times, I stared at the open road to see the cars go by. Remembering that habit reminds me of the song "Counting Blue Cars" by Dishwalla.

I remember my mom would give us enough money just for recess since she saw to it that lunch was packed for us. With that said, I was on tight budget so I spent most of my free time just watching the road. The truth was I wasn't really watching but spent my time in deep thought about a lot of things. The only time I'd stop was when the bell rang and I went back to class.

I guess that's the reason why I think a lot. Even I often fall in deep thought and some often that I look like a guy who has a lot on his mind. That's definitely true now that's there's so much to attend to. Hopefully, I get to put those thoughts to rest one day. It sure is tough having all that mental weight on my head and no cars to watch just to past the time,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Patience Runs Out: How Soon Is Now By The Smiths

When I was young, I was a very patient individual. I was to waiting for the things that would come to me and I didn't mind the long wait. It could take hours, days, weeks, months and even years but I never complain cause I knew it would come. These days, I'm not as patient as I use to be and it starts to irritate me when things that I ask for don't come on time. When it comes to wanting things at this moment, the song "How Soon Is Now" by The Smiths.

We live in an age where technology from computers, cellphones and the internet bring people together. With such advances in communication, it makes it easier for us to convey what we want compared to what we had in the past. This makes us want to demand results asap! We demand instant gratification that patience is fast disappearing as a character trait. We just can't wait anymore and if it was possible to wish it on the spot, people would do it just to get what they want.

Though I'm not as patient as I was when I was young, I try my best to be. With the limited resources that I have, I have no choice. I guess one reason why I too get impatient is because of the situation that I find myself due to a lot mistakes. That's why though I need the results fast, nothing will happen unless I do this right. Sadly, I have to be patient because the now will take time to happen.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Waste Time: Precious Time By Pat Benatar

When you're young, you have all the time in the world. A lot of it was spent on frivolous things or activities just to amuse yourself. But when you get older, it becomes a different story. You better use it right or before you know it, you're time is up. Learning to value the time that you have in your life reminds of Pat Benatar's song "Precious Time".

This song applies to anybody regardless of age. You can who used his or her time well and those you did not. Those who knew what they wanted in life or had some direction or the guts to move forward are the ones who lived life to the fullest. Those who spent their lives wallowing in regret are the ones who either made the wrong choices or just spent their time doing things that they eventually regret. I guess what they is right about the of time is more important than the quantity.

So why am I writing about this? Simply because I fall somewhere in between. There are some things that I have done that I have cherished and some that have hurt me. Right now, I'm trying to understand some things that I need to learn in order to make come to fruition. When it comes to time, I hope I make the most of it so it won't be for nothing.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Using What You Got Inside You Suzi Found A Weapon By Randy Vanwarmer

They that's it's not what you have but how you use it that matters. If you want to get by these hard times, you better remember it. Some who are fortunate have found what it is while others are still trying to find that thing inside them that would help them get by or keep them from attaining their goals. One's thing's for sure, if you got it, use it to the fullest. Randy Vanwarmer's song "Suzi Found A Weapon" reminds me of that lesson.

Times are getting harder and it's in situations like this you got to be ready to pull what you can from your bag of tricks to survive. That's the reason why some people are able to get by through the years. In some cases, they even have to think outside box which is sign of their strength to get by. Whether it is from within or without, you what you have to do.

For me, right now I am using all that I have as face each new day. Lately, I'm beginning to realize that I have to do more. Whether it's inside me or something outside the box, I hope I find and master it. I don't know who Suzi is or what kind of weapon she found, but she's lucky to find it. I hope to do the same one day that's a promise.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Keeping It In Check: Lock And Key By Rush

Once again, something happened that almost ran my temper up. Usually, I am a very accommodating dude. As much as possible, I try to keep things steady and if possible avoid anything that can cause a ruckus. However, just like everyone, I have my breaking point and that point gets crossed, I might do something that everyone will really regret. "Lock And Key" by Rush bests sums up how I try to keep it under control.

I don't want to brag but though I don't show it, I do have my family's temper. That means that when we get mad, the nice guy persona gets thrown out the window. You can I have a long fuse but once that fuse is lit, it's going to make a slow but sure trek towards something very explosive. When that fuse reaches the powder, don't say I didn't warn you. I really go blind with rage when that happens.

A lot of times I keep my anger in check cause I'm afraid of things I might do if I don't. A lot of people think I'm too nice but that's because I just don't want to cause any trouble. I hate it when trouble happens because it affects everyone and ruins everything. Still, that doesn't mean I don't have my limits. That's why as much as possible, I keep my temper in check but if push, I punch back.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Upbeat Tune Despite Finding That One Was Being Deceived: Smoke From A Distant Fire By The Sandford Townsend BandT

A while back, I used the song "Summer Out Of Season" by Reo Speedwagon to illustrate how some songs could be so upbeat despite the fact that they sing about sad topics such as break-ups and even cheating on spouses. Even if the lyrics are about the anguish people feel about the bad things that are being done to them, you still can't help but groove to the music. Apart from that, the music was just so good that you can listen to it over and over. If you didn't listen to the lyrics, you'd thought that it was a happy tune cause you were already grooving to it. Another song that's so upbeat despite the sad revelation is "Smoke From A Distant Fire" by The Sandford Townsed Band.

Like all my favorite 24K songs, this always gets my spirits up whenever I hear it. The first time, I heard it, I liked it so much that I didn't listen closely to the lyrics. That's why I so surprised at what the song was about. Still, it didn't diminish how much I like this song. It's still gets a hold me when it plays on 24K Weekend. That's how good this song is and it will always be one of my favorites.

That's what so great about music back then, They always give a silver lining to bad situations or experience. I guess it their of laughing at life when things go bad. Today's music doesn't that same quality. It's more about whining than grooving and that's why I stick to my 24K classics cause they teach to make the best of a bad situation or experience.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feel The Need To Take Break From It All: Fly Away By Lenny Kravitz

Man, am I glad the week is over. We had a blast at my mother's birthday party last weekend. Still, it was a busy week and boy am I bushed from all the work. Times like this, I wish there was a little space where I can just have a little time for some R & R. It doesn't have to be fancy since all I want is some down time to get stress out of my system. Right now the song "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz is playing in my head, signifying my desire to take a break.

Well, we are human and that means there's a point when you say "uncle" from the hectic pace that day demands. For me, I was really drained from preparing for that party to things I've been doing the whole week. I'm know I'm not alone cause everyone else felt the burn. Despite feeling beat, we all had obligations to meet. I'm just glad I ended it right cause it was one hectic week.

Man, now I understand why my parents were cranky after a hard day's work. After coming home, they to the house chores as well and were already feeling the burn. Man, the best I can do right is just wish the burn. That down time is getting is shorter and shorter everyday. Hopefully, one day I can fly away somewhere so I can really just get myself regenerated cause I really feel the burn.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Feel About The Movie Social Network And Facebook: Baby You're A Rich Man By The Beatles

A few weeks ago I watched the movie "The Social Network"that tells the story of the founder of Face Book Mark Zuckerberg. From how he developed it into one of the biggest social service network and the conflicts he had with the people involved with its creation. I guessed I watched because I was curious about how the site was developed and I want to know Zuckerberg was. I had to admit I found it really complex I felt I needed to watch it again. I have to admit I did like the song at the end because it fits Mark's situation and that song was the Beatles' "Baby You're A Rich Man".

If the portrayal of Mark in the film was true, it was ironic that a guy who developed a website that brought so many people together, he was so distant from those around him. It would later lead to a lack a of communication that would cause all those law suits. But then again, Holly Wood did have a knack to exaggerate things One thing's for sure Face Book is the largest social service network and Mark Zuckerberg is a very wealthy man for creating it.

As for Face Book, I don't use it because I'm too private a person. It took me a lot of courage just to create this blog and keep on blogging. Some people say I'm missing out on a lot by not being a part of it. Well, different strokes for different folks I say. Besides I'd like to meet people the old fashion way.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Find This Annoying: Macarenas By Los Del Mar

As much as I am a sucker for the old songs, I must admit there are some songs that I don't like. That's an understatement because actually I find them annoying. For some reason, these songs became hits but for me, I wanna turn off the radio when it starts playing on the air waves. Quite frankly, it gives me a headache when I hear it. One such song is "Macarenas" by Los Del Mar.

I don't know how this song became a hit. All I know is that it just burst into the air waves and the next thing I know, it was playing everywhere and everyone was dancing to it. There was no escaping this song at height. Whether it was the radio or television, you'd always hear it day in and day out. I wanted to ask people do you know why you're listening to this song because I know I do.

Though it has finally died down, there are a lot of other songs that's just as or even more annoying. That's the reason why I only listen to the radio on a 24K Week End. I have to admit there some songs that I don't that get played but well it was requested so if I don't like it, I respect their choice. Well to each his own then. I just this song so annoying

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cycles In Circles: Spinning Wheel By Blood, Sweat And Tears

I try not to be superstitious but sometimes I feel like certain situations that happened in the past always turn up again. What's makes it even more eerie is the fact that the results are same. This is especially true during the so-called cycle that I have often mentioned in some of my post. Every time that happens, I really get quite a shock when I realize it. When I think about the cycles that go round and round in my life, the song "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat And Tears comes to mind.

I understand that there times in one's life when everything cool and times when you're at an all-time low. With me, I've been noticing that these highs and lows seem to come in a pattern. Going up and up until it reaches its peak then it goes down and plummets with a crash. The worst part about it is that bad times seem to longer than the good times. It makes me feel like Faust but I never made any deals with the guy in the red suit.

Right now, there are still things that I'm working on. I hope that if this bears fruit, it would help break this awful cycle. I was taught that we can rise above what we've been dealt with. Despite past failures, I still believe that. One day, I know I'll break darn wheel that keeps spinning an even yarn of good and bad times with the bad outnumbering the good.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Money Problems: Money/s Too Tight To Mention By Simply Red

There is no doubt that when it comes to money, everybody's having problems. It gets worse when something comes and you're pockets are empty. When you fail to secure something because of lack of funds, you're left feeling like a failure. It really makes a person helpless to the point of being impotent. Simply Red's song "Money's Too Tight To Mention" really sums up that dilemma.

There's nothing that can really knock your self-esteem off by having no money at times when you need it the most. Things get so bad that you're force to throw away your pride and borrow some either friends or family. You're hopes then get dashed when you find out that they're either in the same situation as you or worse. It's like trying to get water from rock when you're practically choking on you're thirst. In the midst of your plight, you can also see that everyone else are choking too.

That's the reason why people are trying to think outside the box when it comes to money. They've got no choice. It's either you swim or you drown. Right now, that's what I'm trying to do. My brother's right when he said that when it comes to money, you have to move make some. Hopefully, this time around I'll be able to do that cause with the way thing's are it's too tight to mention.

Driver And Commuter Blues: Beep, Beep By Juan Dela Cruz

Where I come from, if you don't have car or motorcycle/scooter, then you commute to where you're going. These days, commuting is getting more and more difficult due to the rising price of gas and the growing traffic problem in my area. On top of that, there are some drivers and commuters who have bad habits that make traffic worse, leaving everyone in a bad mood. That's definitely not the way to start the day. When I think about all the hassles caused by both commuters and PUVs, the song "Beep, Beep" by Juan Dela Cruz comes to mind.

Thing I hate about PUV drivers is that they stop in the middle of road to pick up passengers even if there are none, causing a swell in traffic. This then leads to a lot of irritated drivers and commuters who trying to get to their destination. I know they just making a living but they should know when they're going too far. Some commuters can also be pain in the butt when they board the jeeps and take up too much space and then spread their legs like they want some. This makes the PUV stay longer cause it wants more passengers and passengers can't ride cause some selfish jerks want to sit comfortably.

Sometimes I wish these punks would realize that they're making thing miserable for everybody. The drivers' should when there's nobody coming aboard and move on. This is the reason why I dread to areas on my way to and from work cause that's where they stay the longest. As for commuters, they try to accommodate others and vice versa. I mean public transport and if you want to ride comfortably and go by sports car. In the end, it's a lose-lose situation for everybody and that's a bummer.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Great Song That Gets You Fired Up, Especially When You're On The Road

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. The songs from the last three decades of my life were best. Whether they be happy or sad, once these songs start playing, they keep you coming back for more. Once things for sure, these songs always get me all fired up. One such song is Blue Oyster Cult's "Burnin
For You".

These are another one of those songs that gives that pick-me-up feeling to get all fired up. The intro alone got me hooked when I heard it. It's really inspirational and always get me through the day. It gets better when I'm driving and there's no traffic. Smooth driving down the high way with this song blasting in your car stereo. Man, what more can you ask for?

This and a lot of other 24K greats really is music for the soul. That's because the music had soul no matter what the genre. When a song has such an effect on you, it truly is great. I guess I am old cause today's music doesn't touch my soul. It doesn't make my soul burn like this classic and still does to this day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk And Move On: Get Over It By The Eagles

It's depressing when one bad thing happens after another. It gets worse when it happens at times when so much is at stake. Well, when things don't go well, there's no use in crying over spilled so just move on. It's the only you can do if really want to succeed. With that thought in mind, I guess the song "Get Over It" by The Eagles is appropriate for this post.

A lot of times, things fell apart just when it came to things that meant a lot to me. You try your hardest which means literally putting your heart and soul in the works to ensure its success. Then out of the blue some bad mojo factors into the equation and everything goes up in smoke. Still, you have choice and that is either curl up from the pain and get up punch back. It's a humiliating feeling taking too many punches but you have to move on even if there are more stumbling blocks fall your way.

I have to admit I have spilled a lot of milk in my life but if I keep crying over it, it has already turned into mold and may have already taken a life of its and moved on. That's some that I should be doing. It's part of life's many trials to test if you're strong or not. Well as much I regret past failures, the best I can do is not blame anyone, get over it and move on.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tines When You're Glad The Day Is Over: Bring On The Night By The Police

Just got home and once again, we ended late. I should have known someone would find a way to make things harder. It was bad enough that I was already tired before it started and now what I thought was a short discussion dragged on till sundown with traffic already when it was over. It was the sour cream on a very rotten cake which is why I'm glad the day is over and the night has come. Being glad that the night has ended a lousy day reminds of the song "Bring On The Night" by the Police.

When the day's great, we wish it could go on forever. Unfortunately, those days are too far and too few. Most of the time, it can be plain torture. A lot of things hit both left and right and just when you thought things were winding down, something just comes up and gives you a tweak in the nose. The only time you know it was over is when you're at the door and you get inside and leave all that crap behind.

I guess the night isn't so bad. When the day was lousy, the night signals its end. Still that doesn't mean it's always gonna be like that. Maybe tomorrow would be a different day than the one you've had. Till then, I'll take comfort in the night.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reminiscing On A Cold Night: Under The Milky Way By The Church

Though New Wave dominated the 80's, I was not a never a fan of the genre. Still there were some songs, that caught my ear. This was because of that gothic, haunting, feeling I get when the song is played. Now that I'm getting older, some of those songs really get to me because they either make me remember the past or me stop and think about certain things in my life. One such song that makes do that is "Under The Milky Way" by The Church.

When I'm at home, the best time to listen to this song is when the lights are off and the air conditioner is at its coldest. When I'm out and walking, I would listen to this song where the city lights are at its brightest. When I'm driving alone after a long day and this song starts playing on the radio, thoughts in my head start coming to life. Whether at home or walking/driving outside, this song really grabs me on a cold night. I guess this is because that's when the past haunts me the most.

I've said once and I'll say it again; I'm a sucker for haunting songs. I guess its because there are a lot of things that I still need to resolve. It's at night that these things really get to me and this really intensifies the emotions that come with those thoughts and memories. Times like that I look to the sky and do my best to get these feelings under control. That's what happens when I find myself reminiscing under cold night.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life's All About Taking Chances: Take A Chance On Me By Abba

I was finally able to get a new laptop and now I can resume blogging again. I sure feels good to be able to blog again but right now that's just half the battle. Right now, I am trying to find a way to increase my earnings and just when I found something, my computer bro like. Be that as it may, life is all about taking chances which reminds me of the song "Take A Chance On Me" by ABBA.

I know this song is about taking a chance on someone but it also reminds me to try something new. It also reminds me to stay to true to my previous entries of taking a gamble. Right now times are hard and it's either I turn things around or live like this all the time. To be honest, part of me is hesitant yet the other part of me wants a change for the better. If I become redundant in my entries, it is because I want to constantly remind myself that I have to make a change.

May God guide my hand when I make my choice. I'm no angel but I do know nothing will happen unless I take a chance on something soon. I don't want to take counsel of my fears anymore. In the end, life is all about taking chances and I do hope I make the right one.

I hope God