Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Love: I Won't Forget You by Poison

I remember when I was a freshman in college, I was befriended by one of my female classmates. She had a cheerful personality and always talked to me whenever we met. Soon enough, my feelings for this person started to grow due to the way she made me feel good whenever we talked. Sadly, when she noticed that I was attracted to her, she began to distance herself from me and when I tried to greet her, she began to avoid me. I felt hurt, but rather than push the issue with her, I decided to respect her feelings. What hurts most was years later when I met her again at graduation, she dropped the bomb by telling me that after this she was getting married.

Nevertheless, she still holds a special place in my heart just like the song "I Won't Forget You" by Poison. This songs clearly describes how I feel about her to this day. Just like the song's lyrics, I think of the times we shared and mostly what I felt during those times which warms me during the cold chills of the night air. Some people will probably say forget about her, But I can't because even for a brief time she made me feel good about myself and for that I am grateful. Even though I was dumped, I can't say a bad thing about her, though sometimes I think she teases me when she suddenly greet or have chat with me every now and then.

As I look back, it is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all and this definitely applies to this song and to that girl. I don't know where she is now or what she is doing, but I often think about her and I wish her well. In a way, she taught how to respect a woman and realize they're human too. I'll never forget how she cheered me up with every conversation that we had during those times. She'll always have a special place in my heart and like poison's song " I Won't Forget, You, Baby"!

Surviving A Wild Night: Catch My Fall By Billy Idol

When, I hear the name Billy Idol, the first thing that comes to mind was bleach-blonde hair, leathers and lips that can rival that of Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler. To my classmates, he was a god and the songs "White Wedding", "Rebel Yell" and "Eyes Without A Face" would blare out of those large boom boxes that teen-agers carry on their shoulders(thank goodness for mp players and i-pods). Even Filipino metal bands like the Frictions played their songs whenever they preformed on stage. Though I was one of the few who didn't listen to him, there was one song as well as the video that grew on me and that's "Catch My Fall".

My interpretation of the song is about a guy who's just too much too soon and the video shows just that. It's starts off with Billy coming out of the closet all tied-up, then waking up slowly in his bed at the same time, probably from partying, drinking, etc. The weird part of the video is when he and his band are all in camouflaged make-up and he's a speargun like he's one of those Mad Max villians. The video ends with him eating something from a can with a knife sing the signature. I don't why, but when I first heard the song and saw the video, I liked it and have occassionally requested on 24k.

I guess the reason why I can speak freely about this song is because I'm at that age where I really can listen to what I want without peer pressure. The title of the song already caught my attention because sometimes we all wish for someone to catch us when we fall and from what he was singing, nobody caught him as he fell. When see the video, I remember the times when I wake up after a wild night of drinking. I often wonder what dumb stunts I made the night before. Still, it's one of my favorites and it's one of the songs that 24k DJs have difficulty finding, let alone play on air. The critique I have about this song is that for a guy who takes a shower, he doesn't bathe very well because he leaves his leather glove on and that could give him a rash.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Say It To The World: Message To My Girl By Split Enz

Love for your girl can be the hardest or the easiest emotion to express.  It makes it even harder because they love us so much and have done so many good things for us that we often can't find the right words to say.  For some reason, the more we love them, the more difficult it is for us to show them that we care.  Nevertheless, we must always show that we love them because they love us and are willing to stand by us through thick and thin.  For me, the best song that expresses that care is "Message To My Girl" by Split Ends.

The song begins with the singer having difficulty saying the sentence women want to hear from their men: I love you. He's afraid that if he does, say it, it might come out wrong or worse might spoil the mood that they already enjoy. Yet when he is with her, he feels that everthing is all right and there's nothing more that he can ask for. Eventually he musters the strength to stay the words, also proclaim not only to her, but also to everyone to hear. For him, she is everything and everthing is in her.
Whether I'm with a girl or not, this is another good song that gives me a sense of relaxation when the day is over.  Apart from the great lyrics, I like the music of this song. I also like the last two lines of the song where there's nothing sweeter than the touch of her hand and that he can spend the rest of his life playing in the sand. It goes well with romance or summer and if I was to look at the sunset with my ideal girl, this song makes everything complete. There really is nothing else we could ask for when so much love is given to us.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Unforgettable phone no.:867-53-09 by Tommy Tutone

A lot of the songs that Rt played during 1982, reflected a lot a about young men's obsession with the opposite sex. When you're able to get girl, it was one way of saying you're the man. One such song was Tommy Tutone's 8675309. Apart from the catchy tune, it reflected what every red-blood teen-aged boy had running in his veins: mainly to get the girl of his dreams. This song was one of my favorites as well as one of the most over-played songs during that time. Even friends of my brothers would play this song with their bands during school occassions.

I only saw the video of this song only once and it was from one of those boot-legged betamax tapes that our friends would smuggle with them from abroad. This gives an idea of how rare it was to watch good MTV at the time. The video just like the song tells the tale of guy who is obsessed with a girl, but can't bring himself to talk to her, instead he resorts to peeping in her bedroom window. He has her phone number, but dosen't have the courage to call her. The video ends with him being arrested by the cops for being a peeping tom which either funny or pathetic. depending on your point of view.

The funny part about this song is that the phone number really took on a life of it's own. Many who listened to the song actually started dialing this number to see if it was real. 20 years later before the demise of Rt., 24k Djs, recount when some people who requested this song are still dialing the number to see if someone will answer. When I heard about this, it really took me by surprise that it still had kind of hold on it's listeners even today. It's just goes to show just how big an impact this song was then.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Best Barkada Song: Waiting On A Friend By The Rolling Stones

When I was in the sixth grade, it was my baptism to alcohol and other things kids were not suppose to indulge in. After my first swig of beer, I was hooked and every weekend my brothers and I would always have case of beer or some long-neck bottles of rum and coke ready as some of our friends would just drop in and hang out and even pass out at our old house along the service road. It was practically a weekend ritual and if we didn't party at home, we'd probably hang out at a friend's place till the dawn broke. Apart from the good booze and good friends all around, there was also good music that we played at full blast ranging from folk to metal to 60's and 70's rock. One song that stands when I party with my friends and brothers is the song of the Rolling Stone's Waiting On A Friend From the album Tattoo You.

For me, it was the ultimate barkada song because it was about hanging out with the ones who you trust the most: your best friends and your brothers. Just like Don Henley's Sunset Grill, this song is best enjoyed with friends and brothers when the sun sets and the alcohol kicks with this song playing in the background. Even better is when everyone starts laughing, gulping down huge amounts of booze and making fun of those who have puked or passed out during the height of the party. It was a cool song were one felt warm company of those who he can rely on and all of you sing along as the plays out. When this song is being played, you feel that your in good hands and every is all cool cause your with good people having a good time. Who can ask for anything more?

Sadly, today things are different now then they were then. You think about what to finish at work as well make that everything okay with home and family. Friends and brothers are bogged with their own responsibilities making gatherings like those I've mentioned very rare indeed. Nevertheless when the opportunity presents itself and we gather, I feel the old days back again and I'm a teenager again. In the end it's all about being with the best of best people and I cannot ask for anything more. Because the best things that I the most is spending with friends and family and waiting on a friend is well the wait, especially when we raise our glasses and party starts rolling.

That Sense Of Paranoia: Overkill by Men At Work

I remember when I was a kid, one advice that one of my senseis' advised me was enjoy your youth and live life to the fullest while you can. Once you grow old, you can never get it back. By the time you reach your 30's, that's when opportunities become scarce and responsibilities start to set in. When you hit the BIG 40, that's it, you should have the basics of your life in order and establish yourself in society. Well right now, I'm 40 and have very little to show in terms of being stable and to top things off, every day and every night, I worry about how things will play out just like that song Overkill from the band Men-At-Work from their album Cargo.

The songs starts off with the singer having problems sleeping due certain worries that just keep bothering him. No matter how he tries, he's so stressed out and tries roaming the town with the bright lights of the city giving some kind of comfort the darkness of the night. Finally in exasperation, he cries out in the camera, goes down to the cellar and drinks a beer and watches as the dawn break from the window of his home. A feeling of frustration still gnawing at his gut with nothing resolved and now he has to go back to the grind of everyday life. Anyone who's experienced this feeling day and night would certainly appeal to this song's message.

Even though I don't show it, I feel like this every day. That stressful feeling of trying to get through the day, hoping to make ends meet coupled with that dreaded touch of uncertainty of what future holds will really keep a person awake all night. Despite this sense of futility, I know deep inside that I cannot give up. I know I wasted a lot of time and opportunities which brought me to the situation that I'm in, but be that as it may there's always hope that this sense of stress will be lifted off my chest. When that day comes and I know it will, I'll bask in the warm rays of the sun knowing that the worst is past and everything is all right with the world.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Gimick Song:Everybody's Working For The Week End by Loverboy

I envy kids during summer because for them it's that time of the year where they get to do what they want for two and a half months. Youngsters play and watch video games while teen-agers party out until day-break. For them, the only thing that they are thinking about is what to do next? When the heat's up, so are the kid's adrenaline as they can't sit still and spend each day as if it was their last and summer is like one long week-end where everybody cuts loose, seeking new adventures that they can brag out when the school year rolls in. This is the reason why the song "Everybody's Working For The Weekend" by Loverboy is still my favorite gimick song.

The start of the song alone sets your adrenaline pumping just like an excited teen all raring to go for a night of partying. The song talks about the hopes and excitement that young people feel as the week end draws near, but of course in summer, everyday's a week-end and the fun never ends. Of course, the condition is that for every gig that these people go to is that everything must work out as planned. Some guys hope to grab the girl, some want to make rep for themselves, others hope that their circle of friends are complete while some simply want to have fun. The video of this song featured the band playing, but you can also see that they were really into it, especially the drummer with his eyes bulging out and smashing his sticks on the cymbals.

Even now, this song helps stirs the old barkada/gimick spirit in me when I hear it being played. It takes me back to the days where me, my brothers and my friends would just roam in our car and with a case of beer and look for something to do or just hang around the school yard and crack jokes as the sun starts to set. I guess I now leave it up to this generation of teen slackers to pick where we left off as they find their own way of week-end gimicks and fun. Just remember kids: Have fun, but be careful out there.

Outlasting Tough Times: Second Wind by Billy Joel

Whenever I think of Henry Bergson, the first thing that comes to my mind is his "Shipwreck Theory", where he states that when bad situations occur, no matter how sever, it will not last and solutions will eventually come into play that will make things better. To this day, I still think highly of Bergson's philiosophy because it embodies the old saying "Tough Times Don't Last, But Tough People Do" and this is what one has to be in order to survive today's hardships. Right now life is tough and just to get through the day, one has to has to be just to make it in this cut-throat world. With that into mind, I always think about Billy Joel's song "Second Wind".

The song's original theme though dealt with suicide and the video shows Joel trying to convince a broken-hearted teenager to not to jump off the bridge because of the problems he's been having. Joel then proceeds to take the distraught youth through different situations of what-could-have-beens, showing him the possibilities if he did not take his life as well as the pain it would cause to those close to him if he did. In the end, the teen realizes, he has a lot to live for and abandons his intentions, opting instead to live his life.
Although the song centered of suicide, it also dealt upon being able to cope with pressure, especially when you feel that you're entire world falls apart. When that happens, you feel that you've stripped, beaten and humiliated by the entire world. It's during these times when you find out who you are and what you're made of. I especially like what Billy's approach to the lyrics about saying that there'll be times when you look like the stumbling fool; you're mistakes are the only things that you can truly call your own; surviving those long lonely days when it seems he did not have a friend and the one I like best when he said all he needed was a little faith so he can catch his breath and face the world again. So when times are hard and I'm all alone, I think about this song and I get and go back to the fray, because I know the bad times would and when I get my second wind, I'll not only make through this wretched situation, but I'll face the world with renewed strength and wide grin because I didn't let the bad times get to me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spilled Milk song: That's All by Genesis

Many times when people see me, they often say that I think too much and that it's obvious by looking at my face. I guess one of the reasons for this is because I often dwell on the past; mainly on hopes and dreams that fell apart. Whenever the thought enters my mind, I ask myself what went wrong and what I could have done to prevent it. I rack my brains on the would'ves, could'ves, should'ves that would probably ensure the success of my plans. In the end it, what's done is done just like the song "That's All" by Genesis.

This song talks about a good thing gone bad and there's nothing anyone can do about it anymore. The video of the song features Phil Collins and his band members in an alley tryinhg to warm themselves over a fire while coping with the down-and-out situation that they are in. Phil sings about wrong decisions, reasons for failing and in then concluding it's just a shame and that's all. In the lyrics, Phil is simply voicing out his frustration and would calm down and adjust to his predicament. In the end, he takes comfort in his band mates as they joke and share a meal while they warm themselves by fire in the cold night.

Many times when I find myself alone, I often feel the same way when plans that you so desperately want to succeed goes down the drain. Getting that numb feeling all over your body at the same time fighting to blame something or someone for causing that failure gets a hold on me because of the many hopes that never came to be. In the end, what's done is done and there's still another day. Even when things fall, apart doesn't mean there's no more hope. All you have to do is work harder and think smarter and that's all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When they want more than you can give: It Aint Enough For You By Corey Hart

It really hurts when we loose the ones, we love to someone else. It hurts even more when we tried our best to win their love and affection, yet end up getting rejected. When all that we can offer are our sincere feelings, coupled with a few romantic gestures just so we can their attention. To add insult to injury, it gets bad when we loose to that special someone to those with a lot of cash, a fancy car and a lot of expensive toys. You find yourself asking, then pleading why did you choose that person? The answer is simple but devastating: It's not enough, just like Corey Hart's song "It's Not Enough For You".

The video shows him as an average teen on the streets and to see his girl with another guy, hurts him alot because he can gives things to her that he can't. He sings about all the things that he could do for her which are all romantic poems and fantasies that one would usually recite to how deep his love is like catching the stars or race from one point to another and so on. Sadly, he ends up loosing the girl to some rich guy who can not only say romantic lines, but also provides her with material satisfaction. The hurt deepens when she avoids him and he sees her dating that rich dude in a posh restaurant. The end of the video sees him confronting the girl but has no clear conclusion, but given the theme of the song he probably lost her in the end.

One thing I can relate with this song is that a lot of it is real and I admit I have my fair share of kind of rejection. It's a tough thing to get over because you and that person were so close then, suddenly, you become a stranger to that person. As if the floor vanished from under your feet and your drops out of your chest like and explodes like a water balloon the floor. In the end, you just have to come to terms with it and move on. Like the song said, it's just aint enough for them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Down and Out Song: Ball and Chain by Social Distortion

One of the great things about 24k is not only do they feature rare hits that few people remember, but also songs that reflect different moods that a person might feel during the day. If there was a day where a person can go several different moods at once, it would probably be on a friday. There are songs that fit every mood that I'm in whenever I listen to this program. When the day goes sour for me and it falls on a Friday, I would request the DJ a song from social distortion titled Ball and Chain. It's one of my down and out songs.

The song chronicles the life of a hard-luck individual who according to him got his nose, car and his heart broken and wound up in cheap motel after a heavy drinking spree. No matter how hard he tries to get his life in order, things just don't go well, making him feel that no matter how hard he tries, he, according to his own words is born to loose and destined to fail. I admit many times like the character in this song, I've had my far share of bad experiences and when the video of this song was was posted on youtube, there was a tremendous response to this song where good number of people said that they too appreciated the song because of their own experience of hardships.

When I listen to this song, it's usually at the end of a hard and trying day. At times like this, I trudge my way back home and colapse on the bed and then I turn this song on the cd player and put on my earphones. As I listen, I try to reflect on what went wrong and let wash my blues and frustrations away. When the day is over, I look out the window and let the night cool whispering they'll be another day and another chance and I feel rexation setting in. In the end, tough times happen but tough people weather them out and when the worst is over, new hope begins.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Odd Man Out: Nowhere Man By The Beatles

I remember the first time I saw the Beatles' psychadelic cartoon, "Yellow Submarine" when I was in the 1st grade. It was a different cartoon and the images were unlike any that I would see in regular animation which kids during that time would watch. If you were to read between the lines, many of the lyrics in this soundtrack dealt a lot about drugs such as "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" which later was associated with LSD. One song in particular caught my attention and that song best describes me well because I spend most of my time by myself. That song is called "Nowhere Man".

The scene where they played this song was really cool when they meet a strange being and they don't what to make of him. As the song starts to play, the Fab Four start walking and singing while strange being who they call Nowhere Man hops and jumps in the scene. The weird part of that scene is when shrubs and flowers start growing behind the band as they walk forward and as the song ends and they walk backwards, the plants and flowers disappear to the ground. Both the scene and the song was what I liked best about that cartoon. When I heard this song for the first time, I thought they were talking about me because it literally describes a lot about my character as well as some of my experiences. I'm not saying that I was a recluse or that my life was dull; it's 'just that there were some things that I wish I was able to do or be with some someone I like.

Other times, I missed out on a lot of things and when I look back I wish I could do it over to fill some emotional voids inside me which leaves me with a deep longing. Every time I look back, I realize that there were so many things that I missed out on that could have made me complete. A lot of times I worry about the present and more about the future, wondering if my plans (many of which have gone up in smoke) will come true. I just take comfort in the fact that there are still things that I can do and now I must do all that I can to make them a reality.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Song For The Environment: Ship Of Fools by World Party

miApril is not only the month of summer in the Philippines, but it is also the time where we celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd as a reminder that we must take care of the planet as well as conserve our resources. With the threat of global warming, high oil prices, shortages on food supply, observance of earthday has become more important than ever. In my country, people are taking a beating from political, social, economic and environmental problems that have gone from bad to worse. Wealth is situated in the hands of the few who exploit it to the fullest resulting to depletion of resources and pollution of the environment. As pollution of the environment and depletion of our natural resources takes it's toll on society, I guess the band World Party knew what they were talking about in their song "Ship Of Fools".

Al Gore and Leonardo De Caprio would have been proud of this song which speaks of how greed for wealth and power have damaged our planet and depleted its resources. The video version is perfect clearly describes this song well as it shows images of materialism, pollution, big corporation taking land, natural catastrophies and its terrible effects on people and the planet. In the last part of the video, the band reminds vewiers that we have only one planet and that we should take good care of it. This was long before Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". It shows that even during this materialistic and care-free decade, we did care about our planet.

No one wants to go aboard a sinking ship and that's what the earth is if we do not take care of it. Even if we do find a new planet like this, how many of us will be able to live to see it, let alone live in it. For the mean time, this is our home and we must take care of it now more than ever. Let us do our part for the environment not only on Earth Day and everyday so we and future generations can continue living in it. If not, then this planet will really turn into a ship of fools.

The Vodka Incident Song: Heat Of The Moment By Asia

25 years ago, I had a heated argument with my brother over a deal that involved money. It was so bad that we almost came to blows over this particular issue. I was so pissed it ruined my entire day. Then one of my brothers who was also involved in that argument had an idea. Obviously, the best way to forget that awful incident was to get drunk, but he took it a step further by suggesting that instead of a case of beer, we should drink vodka and it was agreed. One thing I learned that night, vodka and the song "Heat Of The Moment" by Asia can be a very explosive combination.

Right after dinner, we broke out the vodka and started taking one shot after another. We were using a small dipper-like tool whose contents were quickly consumed in one gulp. The next thing I know is that this song was blaring in high-volume and to say that the alcohol took effect was an understatemen as everything started to spin around me. The loud guitar riffs and the drums of this song not only made me forget my sullen mood, but I also felt my body go numb and an explosion went off in my head. The next thing I knew, after jumping around, I went limp and my two brothers carried my to the toilet where I vomitted everything in my gut just few inches short of the toilet bowl before passing out.

From what I remember, that song dealt more with nostalgia and good times, but for me this song will always be associated with the vodka incident. The next day, they told me that I consumed have the bottle of that long-neck which explains how everything went out of control. Later in the day, my brother forgot about our argument and things were back to normal. Turns out, he had a wild night of his own and when he got back, he wanted to have a drink with us to patch things up, but judging by the strong scent of alcohol in the room, he knew that we had our fill and went to bed instead. Now who says alcohol doesn't solve anything?

Friday, April 18, 2008

A song for the paranoid recluse: Who Can It Be Now By Men At Work

As I have mentioned in some of my past entries, I'm not much of a group person and I also don't like it when people bother to the point of annoyance. I tend to be more comfortable by myself than with other people due to the fact that I was raised in an isolated area for almost thirty years before moving to a subdivision. One of the results of living in that type of environment is that I have become a very reclusive person as well as paranoid because I had it when people keep bugging me. Whenever somebody disturbs my tranquility and violates my privacy, the song "Who Can It Be Now" by Men At Work comes to mind.

This songs revolves around a reclusive fellow who just wants to be alone in his home/apartment. I irks him isthat somebody keeps knocking on his door that he refuses to know who's there. His determination not to answer the door gets to a point that he gets paranoid as to who knocking on the door and even his sanity also gets affected. He imagination starts to get to him as to who is bothering him so late at night. In all that time the question remains: Who Can It Be Now?

I have to admit there are many times when I can relate to this song because when I'm at my own space at the end of the day, I just want to relax and not be bothered by anyone. When someone keeps calling me or keeps asking me about something non-stop, it really gets to my nerves and makes me angry. I really hate it when people can't take a hint that what they are doing stinks. Now if they'd ease up and be reasonable, it would be different. Let me rest and let me heal and then maybe I'll go see who can it be at the door.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finding Comfort Among Friends: Handle Me With Care By The Traveling Wilburys

A while back I was reading the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Entertainment section when I chanced upon an article that took me back in time. It was the release of the DVD copy of the short-lived band, The Traveling Wiburys Vol. I & II. Man, it's been so long since I heard of this group composed of rock music legends, Jorge Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lyn and Roy Orbison. Reading the article bought back a lot of good times I had with my friends and brothers on a weekend and we frequently played both sides of Vol I. I will be writing a lot about the songs performed by this band and the first song that I want to write about is the first cut of Volume I called "Handle Me With Care".

Man, the first time I listened to this song, it blew me away, especially when I saw the video which featured the band members entering a room and starting playing this song. The song tells of the many hardmaches of a certain person who still wants to find some to care about. Despite the many bad experiences in the person's life, he still thinks that he has some love to give and that he is tired of being lonely. Even though he's made a lot of mistakes, he still willing to clean up his mess and persevere. In the end, he is searching for a love that won't be too hard on him since he's been through a lot already.

Back then, whenever I had a bad day, I always played this song and after a while I start feeling better. It's one of those songs that describes in a subtle way, a person's determination to move forward with his life even when thing didn't go well. This song goes also perfectly with a beer and your buddies laughing at a weeknight. We would all sing along as the stereo played this song and the smiles would break out, banishing all the hardships and bad luck during the day. We really felt that we were handled with care.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pleasing The Girl: If He Knew What She Wants By The Bangles

Sometimes winning the girl is not enough. I have seen many of my friends who, after so much hard work of trying to win the girl they like , wind up loosing them in the end. One of the hardest lessons that they often tell me after that exprience is that winning is doesn't end there. Just because you get the girl to say "yes I'll be your girlfriend" doesn't mean that it's enough for her to be with you. At this point in time, you have to show that you're serious about her and one of the ways of doing so is to know more about her. If you don't, not only will you hurt her but wind up loosing her. When I remember what they told me, the song "If He Knew What She Wants" by The Bangles comes to mind.

Although I'm not a fan of this all-girl band, I do like this song which I would probably have a slow dance with a girl if it gets played in a party. Anyway the songs deals about expections that women want from their men. This is one of the many ways of maintaining a successful relationship with your partner because can you love her if you don't know anything about her. The reason why you want to know everything about her is because you love her and want to take better care of her. It deepens the love that you have because when you know everything about her, only can you know her needs as a person which is crucial to a strong relationship.

Another thing that this song reminds me of is the anime Suzuka where the male lead character named Yamato falls for a young female athlete Honoka but gets dumped. He then hooks up with one of his classmates Honoka who really likes him, but winds up loosing her because he doesn't know a thing about her and he still has feelings for Suzuka. He was still in love with Suzuka which hurt the other girl because she realized that he was taking her for granted. Although being smitten helps start a relationship, it's the willingness to know the person more that shows true love, especially when we accept others for all their virtues and flaws. That way you really what she wants and how to give it to her.