Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cutthroat Competition /A Dog-Eat-Dog World: Peace Of Mind By Boston

Times are really tough these days and just when you think doesn't worst than this, it does. High prices, unemployment or underemployment, brain-drain, lack of opportunities and corruption just keeps getting worse everyday. Due to the growing hardships that continue to mount, people try to do what they can just to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Some even resort to ruthless methods just to survive the growing crisis. I'm no angel, but there are just some things that I just wouldn't do just to gain a few bucks. When I think of the daily blues and trying to find ways to cope with them, I think of Boston's song "Peace Of Mind".

The song talks about trying to get ahead in a dog-eat-dog world. We all want to be successful, but what is it that we really want to achieve, what are we prepared to do just to achieve our ambitions and what price are we going to pay. For the singer. it's not about fortune because in the end, it won't matter because when you're gone, you won't be able to take it would you. It's understandable that in these hard times, you do what you can to get a head, but always remember what's important for you what setting goals for your life.

Right now, even though there are a lot of things that I regret, that doesn't mean that I'll sell out on certain principles in my life. All I want is to generate enough income to meet the needs of my family. Getting rich is not my main ambition in life because there's more to living than just money and people should not be just judged by thickness of their wallets. Even though I know that generations younger than me have made more money than me, like the song, I don't care if I get left behind because I'm alive and I'm going to stick to my principles and my dreams. I know that I should do more because I must take care of my parents, but just like what Alfie said: "If you don't have peace of mind, you got nothing".

Mind Blowing And Mind Tripping Song From Morning To Evening: More Than I Feeling By Boston

If there's one good result in getting into vices, it's getting exposed to a lot of good music and back then, there was a lot of good music which really takes your mind to the next level. Listen to power diven rock songs with the good booze, good stuff (you what I mean)and good people was the best way to spend the day. Mind-blowing music and the good stuff were a very potent combination that really rock you off your socks. This was true when the music and raw, direct and powerful and one of the band who were masters of this was Boston. Their song "More Than Feeling" always remains one of my favorite "mind trip" songs to this day.

Although they came out in the 70's, I first started listening to them in 1982, which was the time of my alcohol baptism (and other stuff) and when I listened to it under the influence, it blew me away. I remember the car radio was on full blast and we had already gulped a huge amount of alcohol as we set forth to another binge drinking(and other stuff) spree. Since then, whenever we gathered and this song was played, we were all totally plastered. Some felt their faces turn numb, others rushed to the toilet, some were white as a sheet of bond paper, but in the end, everybody just passed out which meant that the evening was a success.

It has remained one of my most favorite songs because when you listen to it in a "certain state", you really feel you're soul leave your body. There were a lot of other good songs that Boston played, but this was there best. Last Christmas I was talking to my brother while this song played he broke the news that it's lead singer, Brad Delp was found dead at his home. I really felt sad about that because this song and this band was a really big influence on me, my brothers and my friends. R.I.P. Brad and thanks for the good song because we will miss you always.

Friday, May 30, 2008

When Everybody Thinks You're Wierd: Reelin In The Years By Steely Dan

When people I interact with desribe what I am during a group encounter, the answer is always the same: You're Weird! I guess it's due to some of the crazy antics that I do when the mood gets into me. At other times, people say you think too much, whenever I'm stay motionless for long periods of time when during my break. I guess it's because of the whacky environment in which I grew up in and the crazy situations that me and my brothers often find ourselves in. Either way, sometimes I'm eccentric and other times I get nostalgic. Any whenever I get comments like that, the song "Reelin In The Years" by Steely Dan starts playing in my head.

This band played some of my favorite songs and when me and my brothers would listen to this particular song during those "moments" when times were really good. I guess I can relate to the wierd part when people often misunderstand what I say on certain issues. I guess that's why I prefer to write than to talk because sometimes I wind up blurting the wrong things and end up making a spectacle of myself. The nostalgic part of this song is something that I can really relate to because I tend to hold on to things and moments that have special meaning to me in my life. Especially now that friends and gimicks are now a rare commodity, you'd be lucky to hold on to anything that lasts, especially if that thing have a personal value to you.

Right now, I guess being nostalgic and weird are the two things that describe me best. it's either I'm misunderstood or I dwell too much on the past. This song helps remind me of that and more importantly it was one of the songs that were played during all the escapades we did as kids which is what I long for alot lately. I hope one day I not only reel in the years, but that they come alive again because those were truly good times and that I wish would lasts.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

That Special Summer: Summer Of 69 By Bryan Adams

I know I've been writing a lot about the good times of the past in many of my recent entries. I guess it's because things have been emotionally strenous for me and my family for quiet a while. I know it's an immature thing to feel, but I can't help but feel like turning time back to better days when things were so much better.
I saw my friends everyday and me and my brothers would get drunk every weekend. The hassles that I go through everyday have made those memorable times even more even more intense when I look back. We had so much hopes and plans back then, but sadly, things today are different from what we envisoned. That's why I never get tired of listening to Bryan Adams' song "Summer Of 69".

This song really got to me the first time I heard and it still has the same effect on me today. I think of the good times and the people I've spent time with. When your young, you think things will always be the same and the good times are here for good. As the years go by, you find the things you like doing and the people you like doing them with disappear one by one. Then your days get filled with deadlines and commitments and your lucky to even down a bottle of beer with the soaring prices we have now.

When I saw the video, the part that I liked best was when he was lying in a hammock pouring his heart out to a shrink as he voiced out his wish to go back to those times. I'd go back too if I had the means to do it and I'd do it without a second thought. Alas, the reality is that those are gone forever and we have to make do with the present. Atleast those times will be alive in a special place inside me as I make my daily grind to the harsh reality of the present.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Unsatisfied Endings And Finding Closure: Goodbye By Night Ranger

If I can name one side effect that listening to 24k Friday program has on me is that it's made me grow more and more sentimental. I guess it's because I think a lot about the things that could have been and what I've missed out in my youth. When there were so many things that didn't work out and it's too late to change it, moving on can be very slow and very hard. It's like arriving late at the probably the most important party in your life and seeing everybody filing out and heading home. I had the same feeling as my graduation day grew near. I remember after the exercise, I wanted to say goodbye to a lot of people, sadly everyone had their own plans and were in a hurry to celebrate. When I look back today and I realize that there were a lot of things that I missed out and I knew that I can never go back like that Song "Goodbye" by Night Ranger.

This song came out during my graduating year in high school where the good times of youth were coming to a end. The song talks about about closing a chapter within one's life and that gets more and more difficult as one grows older. Whenever this song gets played, the memories of my high school days flood my mind and I find myself sitting down and not caring about anything else. A lot times I think a the good times and the good people I spent them with and I look around, I wonder where have they gone? I hear the laughter, smell the cigarettes and taste the beer, then it vanishes and I'm left with the memory of those times.

When I look at how old some of nephews and nieces are, I begin to feel the weight of my age as I realize that my time has past. It's not an easy thing to accept especially when I still have a lot of things to sort out. When I think about that party scenario, it reminds me of The movie "Fandango" where the film ends with Kevin Costner watches the scenery as the night comes and I see that unsatisfied look on his face. Well I guess what's done is done and it's time to move on. Who knows, maybe someday, I will be able to find some closure and when that happens then I know I'm ready to say goodbye for real.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Making Sense In The World: Logical Song By Supertramp

In my last two entries, I reflected a lot about the things that I failed to do and how I cope with sudden flashes of emotions brought about by meeting old friends and dwelling on the past as well as the present and future. These last few years I feel like I've been up and down an emotional rollercoaster with more downs than ups. When I find the time to be by myself, I often try to rationalize all the things that have been happening to me lately. I know it's immature, but sometimes I wish I was 30 yrs. younger because back then, life was so simple. It's during these times that I think about the "Logical Song" by Supertramp.

The song chronicles the cycles of learning that we go through from childhood until we are adults. When we were children, all we did was play and laugh without a care in the world. Then at a certain age, formal education starts as we grow older, time for luxury becomes more and remote. Usually education ends when set foot in the real world as we try our best make place in society. Each of us have our own view of the world depending on our education and experiences. Yet despite all our preparedness, we sometimes find ourselves with more questions than answers.

Even when we do achieve all the prerequesites to make it in this world, there are times when we still feel that something is missing. For me, this holds true because I remember before I graduated from College, I felt that I had more questions than answers. Sometimes I feel that I missed out on others than my friends enjoyed at the time were one of the reasons why I feel this way. This feeling is so evident that people often remark that I'm always in deep thought. I admit have a lot of questions and very little time to answer them. I just hope I can sort this out in due time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Reflecting On One's Self: Still Crazy By Paul Simon

In my last entry, I reflected on the many actions and decisions that have changed my life over the years. Though I'm not one to regret what I have and have not done, I'll admit not a day goes by when sometimes I find myself I had done things differently. That feeling gets heightened during times when I bumped into some of my old classmates from high school, some of them successful, some getting by and others who are on a slump. Whenever we accidentally see each other either time freezes or I realize just how many years has past. We chat for a few precious minutes and with great difficulty, we part ways which leaves me in deep thought about what were I am and where I'm going just like Paul Simon's " Still Crazy".

Bumping into people that you haven't seen in a long time, really takes the years off you and you just want to drop everything to share a beer and talk of the good times that not only you and your friend shared, but also reminisce about your batch mates. Sometimes the meeting gets really intense if that person was important to you during the days of your youth. Even if it was brief, you wish that you could have chatted just a little longer but commitments can’t wait and it’s time to go. As you end the day, the meeting leaves you evaluating about yourself as well as feeling sentimental wondering where do you go from here. The longer you think, the deeper the question gets as wonder what life has in store for you next.

I guess this is the reason why I’m not one to go to reunions because when I see them all again, I’ll probably be overwhelmed by emotion. When I think about how far I’ve come in life, I know I still have not lived up to my potential and sometimes that keeps me awake at nights. I guess that’s the reason why up to this day I often wake up early only gaze at the sky as the night ends and the day begins. Just like the song, I’m not that much for socializing, though I admit I can be a fool for some songs that I listen, especially during 24k. I still have a lot to do and I know I got to start moving and I hope that I won’t be convicted by a jury of my peers as I try to put my life into order.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Song For The Restless And Incomplete: Against The Wind

When you reach the point in life where you're supposed to be stable,secure and satistied only to find that you're not, it really stinks. The worst part about it is when there are so many unanswered questions and bad decisions that plaque your thoughts day in and day out, it starts to take it's toll on you physically and emotionally. No matter how many drinks you chug down or how many walks you take, the longing and regrets just won't go away. The fact that all these things bear down upon a person results in an adamant refusal to just accept things, yet solves nothing. When I'm in this mindset(which is becoming more frequent}"Against The Wind" by Bob Seger helps me calm down a bit.

The song describes a free-spirited individual who was rebellious and always went against the norms of people around him. From the days of his youth to the cross-roads of his life, he still remains the same old rebel as before. Though the person is set in his ways, he does admit that there things that he has lost out on that would have made him complete and decisions that he regret making. Alas, for better or for worse, what's lost is lost and he's still running against the wind.

You can say that there's a little of bit of that kind of person in all of us. When we become unsatisfied or unhappy, it really stirs the rebel inside of us. Even at times when we achieve some form of stability, we often search for the things that we missed out or the things that we always wanted to have that would give us a sense of peace. The sad part about it is that we become so obsessed of being in control that we throw away other things that would have helped fill that incomplete part of us. As a result, many of us find ourselves alone and unfulfilled. I know that we should accept things for what they are and build on that sometimes there comes a point where it becomes unacceptable and when that point comes, then it's that time where we find ourselves running against the wind.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Remembering Is What It's All About: Reminiscing By The Little River Band

You know not a day goes by when I don't miss the 24k program of 99.5rt. I know this sounds offending but the new station's classic program can be summed up in one word: IT STINKS!!! Let's face it, the great part about RT's 24k Djs is that they were ready to play any song that was aired during the past. Not just the obvious hits that have withstood the test of time, but also the songs and bands that made great music but suddenly vanished. These Djs pulled out all the cds, vynls and even cassette types from their library for those who jammed the phone lines just to get their songs aired on the radio because it'all about the memories like "Reminiscing" from The Little River Band".

It's all about sharing those moments that made life great and wanting to remember them again. Although it describes a date about two trying hold on to the good times that they had which it is also something that not only I, but alot of listeners try to do every fridays. For just one moment, you sit down and listen to that song that takes the years off your shoulder and time freezes as you savor every tune and every lyric of the song as plays on air. In that short period, you're in bliss pretty much like when David played harp or lyre for King Saul to ease his stress. When it's over, you scramble for the telephone to request another good song or txt it through your cellphone to keep that bliss feeling from vanishing.

Alas, the program the ressurected the best times of my youth is no more. The new station that took over is only playing only 90's songs and nothing else. That sucks big time because they took away the one thing that made Fridays very enjoyable. They don't even play any of the hits which have become rare in that decade and air songs that are still being played today. The biggest question in my mind is what happened to all those vintage records and songs that were once part of the 24k program. If they simply discarded them, it would break my heart because what was lost in my opinion was more valuable than gold or precious gems because I grew up listening to all those tunes and they represent all the good things that happened in the past.

City Life Tales: Baker Street By Gerry Rafferty

Unlike my brothers, I was always a walking man, meaning that I never drove to work, only commuted to and back. Whether it was day or night, rain or shine, how far I travelled depended on my transport fare and and how my feet would hold up in going to the places I need to go. It's not always that bad to commuted cause sometimes you get the chance to a pretty young lass sit next to you in a crowded jeep. When you walk, you not only get an up close view of the places and people on the street, you also sense that these places and people have their own story to tell. Keeping that in mind I often play the song "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty in my head as I begin the daily pilgrimage.

The songs reminds of the different people we see on the street as we set about to do what we need to during the day. It describes the different people in the mythical street who each have their hopes and dreams as well as their weakeness. Some get fulfilled, some don't, either way, life goes on as everybody tries to make it through the day. As the day ends and some dreams don't get fulfilled, well, there's always tomorrow. You just have to pull yourself up to face it.

As I have written in my entry about the song "In The City" by the Eagles, the City can be hard on people sometimes and at other times, it can show it's more gentle side, especially when you take time out and look at it after a hard day's work. When I look at different people as I make my way home, sometimes their facial expression gets my notice as each face tells tale about that person and what happened to him or her during the day. It's not just me as I see through the corner of my eye, other commuters are doing the same thing: Trying to see what's the story behind this person as they wait for their stop. Alas,sometimes when we're so close to knowing, it's time for us to get off the ride. Well, tomorrow's another day and I'm sure I'll be able to see another group of people and I'm sure that they have their own story to tell about the City.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jump Start Romance: Why Don't We Make Believe We're In Love Again By Toto

Although I still prefer to be single, I have to admit that it's sad to see relationships hit a bump. The reason for this is because these "bumps" can lead to bigger problems which eventually result in break-ups. While some are lucky to mend their problems, others are not so fortunate and soon part ways. Those who don't want it to end, call upon all their strength to resolve the problem before it gets worse. When I listen to Toto's sonmg "Why Don't We Make Believe We're In Love Again", the thoughts of reviving the thrill amply describe this situation.

This song doesn't just try to put back the thrill; it also gives you a jolt due to the strong saxophone intro as well as the cool piano play. It's trying to get that feeling that you both have lost when things start going wrong. They try all they can because they know that they had a good thing going and they don't want it to end. While some win and some lose, it's a matter of how much you want it to last that's the issue. If you really want it, you better be ready to fight for it.

This is one of my favorite Toto songs and I was hooked the first time I heard it. Reminds of the best years of my life and still packs a punch. I dedicate this to those who want a second chance or making an effort to revive the feeling they once had. It’s an awesome song and a great favorite that I’ll never tire of. A good cure when the thrill is gone.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

stalker/admirer:Photograph By Def Leppard

Whenever I listen to 24k, I find it strange that I really enjoy all the tunes that they play. Back when I was young, I went against the flow, meaning that I listened to the opposite of what everybody was listening. I was more into rock songs from country bands like 38 Special as well as Heavy Metal Bands like AC DC, Judas Priest and the Scorpions. For the first part of my high school life, Rt played a lot of these bands which kept me glued whenever I found time to relax. One band that really caught my attention was a British Band from England with a heavy sound. Tne band was Def Leppard and the song was "Photograph".

Like a lot of the rock bands of the time, they always wore a combination of spandex and leather, but they had a lot of substance to their music. The first time I listened to the song, it really blew me away. It was heavy and it was mean. The song for me is cross between admirer who wants to see the person in real life or it can be a stalker who may more dark intentions than just meeting the person in mind. Somewhere in the middle, the difference between the two can really get blurred and if you don't believe me, look at all the celebrity news regarding stalkers. I only saw the video once in my high school life and I was only able to see again when checked Youtube.

Even now, when I listen to this, it never fails to give me a rush of adrenaline. It reminds me of the good old days when we were always drunk on the weekend and we didn't have a care in the world. You closed your eyes and you banged your head to the beat of the song. It didn't matter if your brothers and buddies were laughing their heads off at you because you were having a good time. I enjoyed this music it now.

then, I still enjoy

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sailing With The Spirits: Southern Cross By Crosby, Stills and Nash

Well summer's almost over and the fact that malls and you can tell by school bargains posted by malls and the fact that it's starting to rain means school is just around the corner. It's goodbye to swimming pools and beaches as the temperature gets cooler. As I have said, I'm not a beach person, though I sometimes fantasize about sailing on a boat all by myself and relax as I enjoy cool breeze and the blue water. I would call such endeavor a soul search or maybe a spiritual retreat as I steer my boat to different places and experience new things. Just like that song "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills, And Nash.

Just listening to the song takes you on a spiritual journey as feel that you're with the traveler on his boat as he goes from place to place. Apart from going from place to place, the song is also about soul searching as the character in the song reflects about himself and his relationships with other people. Sometimes amidst the adventure, you stop and think about alot of things which is a luxury often denied to you in the dog-eat-dog world that we live in. Going on journeys like provide that rare opportunity when you can listen to yourself and find out what's missing. When you come to terms with it, then you know it's time to sail back home.

Well, I'm still toiling at my office and the summer's about to end. Unlike the character in the song, I have yet to attempt that endeavor. I hope that one day I find the time and the courage to do just that. I know I'm getting older and because of that time is gold. For those who were able to do that, I tip my hat to you and I hope you guys found what you're looking for.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Conspiracy: Silent Running By Mike And The Mechanics

With all the political, social and economic upheavals that our country is currently suffering, many of our countrymen are once again demanding another change in political leadership. This takes me back to third year high school when things came to point where people finaly took to the streets and demanded that the Marcos Administration step down from power. In 2001, political corruption during the Erap Administration led society to once again take to the streets and removed Estrada from power. Today, we are repeating the same cycle as high prices, unemployment and shaddy government deals have plunged our society to new lows and the call of revolution is being trumpeted to every corner of this country. Every time I see people take to the streets and read about our country's problems, I hear the song Silent Running by Mike And The Mechanics playing as I watch the scene.

This song came out at a time when people were fed with the Marcos Administration which culminated with the birth of People Power. Listening to the song tells about distrust of the State and call upon the people to prepare themselves for the "fighting" that will soon be at hand. The singer urges them to arm themselves and to take of their children when the day comes. The video of this song has a different interpretation because it dealt more about being infiltrated by aliens and a father trying to tell his son about this. Either way, this song was like a wake-up for everyone to stand up and make a change in society to make a better future.

Sadly, today's situaiton is more complex because you don't who to trust because of our political leader's past and present actions as well as the people they ally themselves with. These days, you don't who's telling the truth. Even if it is the truth, it gets tainted and is no longer useful to anyone when it is needed the most. Also today's hero might become tomorrow's villains and the worst thing about it is that we the people put them in power, thus repeating the cycle once more. I'm no political expert, but there is one thing that I have learned and that's to be careful about who you trust and which side you chose because with today's situation both sides will seek to exploit the sufferings of our countrymen. Also never put passion before principles, cause to quote Mr. Miyagi "Even if win, you lose"!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Josey Wales Song: Carry On My Wayward Son By Kansas

One of my Clint Eastwood films favorite films was "The Outlaw Josey Whales" where he played a former confederate guerilla who seeks revenge for the death of his family at the hands of pro-union militias known as "Red Legs". His desire for vengeance grows deeper when he discovers that of his comrades betrays his group to the enemy, causing their demise. The film is more than just action; it is about loss, tragedy, vengeance and reconciliation. When I watch this film, it reminds me of the song “Carry On My Wayward Son” By Kansas which really describes this film very well.

Like the movie, the song also tackles the same story line: How tragedy can change a person and the need for retribution. Whenever we are wronged by others, it’s something that we won’t ignore, especially when they hurt those we care for most. In the song and the film both have the same ending where in the end, justice is served and finally there is closure for the lead character in the film as well as the song. This song is really good for letting off steam as well. Whenever I’m annoyed or can’t get any energy in a workout, this song sure brings out the adrenaline.

Ironically though, the band who played this song call themselves Kansas which in the film is the state where Josey’s enemies come from while he hails from Missouri. I first heard this song in a televised concert called “Canada Jam” where a lot of cool bands performed. I remembered when the band performed “Dust In The Wind” he wore nothing but basketball shorts and sneekers and when they sang this song, that same singer was kicking and screaming in the piano. When I search YouTube for this song, the band was really doing a heavy number with tune. It was a cool video, though my only critique was that they most wild guy in the group who had long hair and a wild beard only had a tambourine as an instrument; still this is really one of favorite all time songs.

Slapshop Sound Track:Right Back To Where We Started From By Maxine Nightingale

Back when I was young, me and my brothers always did things that were deemed unappropriate for kids to do in other families. Living on that isolated stretch in Km. 16 made us a breed apart from other kids. We played rough and our favorite shows were always those that contained violent fights. If it was cute, it was out in our family. Anything from gladitorial fights to boxing to martial arts movies was our idea of a good movie. One such movie that will probably my favorite and that of my brothers is "Slap Shot" which started Paul Newman and my favorite, The Hanson Brothers (Not Um Bop kids)as well as the theme song by Maxine Nigthingale called "Right Back To Where We Started From".

The film which chronicles the struggle of a minor league hockey team known as the Charlestown Chiefs to find a new owner for them to keep playing and they will do anything to achieve that goal. There were a lot of great fights and hilarious scenes in the movie. Ironically, the themesong of such a violent, yet funny film was a disco track which dealt about starting over. It was the type of song you would hear at a disco, not at a hockey brawl. Nevertheless, it was a catchy tune that would make you get up and dance as well as made you feel good.

It's 30 years and it's still one of my favorite movies. The fight scenes were both bloody and hilarious where there's never a dull moment. The best fight scenes always involved the Hanson Brothers who looked like nerds, wore long hair, thick glasses and kick the crap out of the opposing team. It's one of and will always be one of my favorite films of all time. Just don't make me dance like some of the players in one of the disco scenes in the movie (One of the funniest scenes).

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Rare Find: Gold By John Stewart

As a guy who likes listening to golden oldies, I am very hard to please. I go for songs that are really hard to find which is why I became an 24k addict. It strikes me as odd that such great tunes can disappear and never be played again. It's sad because these were really good songs and the fact that the generation who listened to them forgot all about them is like throwing a perfect diamond to the ocean. I really like digging up these old songs because as I have stated in many of my entries , the songs not only sound cool, they also say something about myself as well as the good times I have shared with my buddies and my brothers, where it was a laugh, a beer, something stronger or all of the above, these songs are like important parts that make up who I am. One rare song that I was able to dig up was a song that was played by John Stewart back in ’79 called “Gold”.

I remember every time this song played, we would sing along with it. When Sold Gold premiered, this was one of the songs that were played live. The first time I saw John Stewart, I thought he looked like Clint Eastwood. My brothers and I would often laugh and think about it now still amuses me. It was the time of song you can sing along in your car or when you drinking with friends. What makes this song even more cool was the fact that Stevie Nicks sang back vocals for John.

I had forgotten who sang this song because it was no longer being played on air. As I grew up, fact that I can’t remember the singer’s name kept gnawing at my thoughts. Then one day I read in the newspapers a release stating that John Stewart has died of a brain aneurysm. As I read the write-up, something caught my eye and that was the fact he wrote the hit song gold which I liked so much when I was young. That really saddened me because for many years, I tried to remember who sang it and now that I know, he’s gone. Rest In Peace John and thanks for the song.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whacked out relationship: Spooky By Atlanta Rythm Section

I'm at the cross roads of my life and I'm not getting any younger. Because of that, I get a lot of annoying questions and one of them is why aren't you married? To set the record straight, I am not gay nor am I a swinger or whateve-the-helll you call it. Right now, I'm feeling the consequences of a lot of bad decisions that got me where I am now which is nowhere. At the situation that I'm, getting into a relationship is like firing the killing salvo on a battered ship. With all the complications and compromises that goes on in today's relationship will drive me to the looney bin or the graveyard which is why one of my favorite songs of 24k is "Spooky" by the Atlanta Rythm Section (ARS).

Although Rt. plays this regularly on their 24k, program, I credit my friend Chris "The Bliss" for introducing this song to me when I was a freshman in High school. The song talks about the mood swings that would drive a relationship to insanity. His girl would say yes and then say no and this indicisiveness starts to annoy him and puts a strain on their relationship. I'll tell you that kind of relationship I don't need. I'm not as patient as I use to be and the attitudes such as that really pisses me off.

I know getting into a relationship takes a lot of guts because you commit yourself to that person and that person should do the same. Nobody deserves to be jerked around like that. If that happens, then don't be surprised if you guys wind up parting ways. As for me, I need to sort things out in my life, before I get int a relationship and I hope it won't be like that. In closing, this song justifies what Charlie said in Wait Till Your Father Gets Home and that is "LOVE spells backwards is EVOL, E-V-O-L!!!"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hanging In There When Things Fell Apart: Broken Wings By Mister Mister

For those who visited and read my blog entries, you will notice that a lot of the songs that I have posted deals about coping with hard times. Among the songs that echo that sentimentt are Billy Joel's Second Wind, Firefall's Just Remember I Love You, Genesis' That's all and a whole lot more songs deal with lost, depression and grief. I have to admit that even though I stand my ground during tough times, when the first blow hits you, it's floor kissing time and you call on all your strength to get up on your feet to stay in the fight. What worse is that than the pain is fighting back the tears caused by the hurt as you lay squirming on the floor. Despite that,you fight against the pain and stand yourself up and when I think about that, I request for "Broken Wings" by Mister Mister.

Though it's not one of my top ten 24k songs, it has a special meaning for me during a very bad experience in my life. Just when things were starting to look good, all of a sudden, bad luck hits me like a speeding pick-up truck and everything falls apart. Unlike other unlucky breaks, it came at a time where I wanted to accomplish a lot of things and in a blink of an eye, I found myself in a very miserable situation when it should have been the best time of my life. I was so depressed that everything and everyone was a blur to me. I was literally a zombie who just went by the routine and did things mechanically.

By coincidence, this song came out at that time and listening to it remind me that also it sad loss, you got to pick yourself up and rebuild again. Slowly and painfully, I tried to do just that. Though that year didn't end as I had hoped for, atleast I was able to salvage what was left before anymore damage was done. This song carried me through those times when I felt like giving and I pulled through. I am forever greatful to this band for making this song which made feel better during that painful period in my life.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ode to 30's romance films: Don't Answer Me By Alan Parsons Project

I'm not much of a romantic, but I will admit when I see romance films, it's good to know that the two protagonists wind up together in the end. The best part of it is when the good guy rescues the damsel-in-distress from the ugly goon. A lot of this is best seen the films of the 30's and 40's where tough guys like Clark Gable, James Cagney and my favorite, Humphrey Bogart were the lead actors who would sweep their female leads off their feet with their rugged charm. I can say for a fact that today's actors can't hold a candle to these icons cause they really know how to get the girl. One song that reminds me of that concept is "Don't Answer Me" by The Alan Parsons Project.

The song as well as the video takes me back to that kind of genre. The song talks about wanting to express one feels for the other person but can't express it. When things get nasty, the hero steps up to the challenge to rescue his girl. He gets beat up and bruised by the villain but manages to knock him out in the end. When the dust clears he wins the girl and they go for a ride.

When comes to romance stories, this is a tried and test formula that never runs out of style. Even in contemporary films, there no happier ending that getting the girl. Still, I prefer the old films than the ones of today because back then, it was simpler and the protagonists weren't immature or awkward like the characters of today. Both male and female leads were full of virtue and weren't so foolish. Ah those were the days and sadly, we may never see their like again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chillout/Search Song: Piece Of Paradise by PM

Everytime I tune in to 99.5 rt's 24k program, I wish time would stand still and I'd be happily lost in a world filled with my favorite tunes from the past. On Fridays, most people would think of going out to party, a bar, etc., but for me all I need to do is tune in to 24k and all is well with the world. To sum it up, I'm at a state of bliss where I hear my favorite songs. It's like searching for that ideal place and when you find it, you'd want to stay there forever. All of us are looking for one such place long for such a place just like the song "Piece Of Paradise" by the band PM.
The song talks about that missing piece in our lives that if found, makes us complete. That creates a longing that makes us feel that there's void in us that needs to be filled. We search high and low for that one that thing where we feel we belong and when we can't find it, it gives us no peace until we do. We all have a longing inside of us that we wish to find and it can be anything depending on the person. One thing is sure though: to that person, it is so valuable that everything else pales in comparison.
Aside from this concept, this is also one of those good chill out songs which I like listening to. It ranks up there with “The Sunset Grill” as a good tune to listen to at the end of the day. A great tune from a great band from my generation which I never tire of listening. It’s like talking to a friend and about all your hopes and dreams without being embarrassed. Although you’re still searching, you get a moment of respite as the song lifts the stress off and relaxation sets in. Whether it’s searching or chilling, this song is one of my favorites and I’ll never tire of hearing it.

Chill Song: Piece Of Paradise by PM

Everytime I tune in to 99.5 rt's 24k program, I wish time would stand still and I'd be happily lost in a world filled with my favorite tunes from the past. On Fridays, most people would think of going out to party, a bar, etc., but for me all I need to do is tune in to 24k and all is well with the world. To sum it up, I'm at a state of bliss where I hear my favorite songs. It's like searching for that ideal place and when you find it, you'd want to stay there forever. All of us are looking for one such place long for such a place just like the song "Piece Of Paradise" by the band PM.

The song talks about that missing piece in our lives that if found, makes us complete. That creates a longing that makes feel that there's void in us that needs to be filled. We search high and low for that one that thing where we feel we belong and when we can't find it, it gives us no peace until we do. We all have a longing inside of us that we wish to find and when it really gets to us, it in

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Look But Don't Touch: She's A Beauty By The Tubes

I use to remember way back when in highschool, everywhere you turned, beautiful girls were all over the campus. Every time you turned your head, one would be walking right past you, making sure that the day would never be dull. Just like in my previous entry with Y & T's "Summertime Girls" except that it's not limited to summmer or the beach. Whether they pass you by or admre them from afar, they really are poetry in motion. The only problem is that for a lot of us, it just go as far as looking but the song "She's A Beauty" By The Tubes makes that concept a whole lot easier to accept.

The song reminds me a lot of the high school boys dilenma: Finding a pretty girl, yet they can't afford them. Back then, it took a lot of fortitude to approach one of these "beauties" and poor guys lost to out to richer dudes, especially those drove fancy cars. I'm not surprised if it holds true for today's generation. The song on the seedier note, can also those dance bars where all the all the pretty girls strut their stuff on stage. You can sit and a have drinkk as you watch them put on a show, but don't try to go up and harass them or risk getting kick out by the club bouncer.

Whether it's admiring a classmate or watching a "seedy" show, the reality is that a lot of guys are only lucky enough to reach first base. The only consolation to that thought is that some don't even make it to first base at all. Worse still, some often wind up with a cow for the rest of their lives (you know what I mean). Nevertheless, to have witness beauty really makes you thank God that you have the sense of sight. Just gaze and savor it for all times

Sunset with style : The sunset grill by Don Henley

Well summer is already hear. The fact that I’m starting to sweat buckets and feel really greasy when I get home from work is a sure sign of that. At this time of the year, people are already planning to go out of town, obviously majority of them are headed for white sandy beaches and rpool resort to cool down and party out with friends and family. Being an introverted person, I'm not fond of the beach since I'm so used to roaming around the urban jungle so much that I no longer have the taste for the sun, loud gay shouts of summer fun, etc. But if there was a way that would pursuade me to go, it would probably be Don Henley's THE SUNSET GRILL.

It is one of the rarest 24k rt songs in my collection, infact when I started to request this song to RT DJs, a lot of them didn't know about it. The song's lyrics narrates a favorite beach hangout where the working girls go buy and the sky is clear blue. The best part about this song is the part when he said that he'll have another beer and that all his friends were here. The song ended with the sound of trumpets and percussion instruments playing in the back ground. When I heard it the first time, it really got a hold on me because it brought back that fresh soothing and relaxing feeling that I had not felt for a long time as well made me want to buy a case of beer and share it with my buddies at the shore while the sun started to set.
How I would enjoy this song at the beach would probably be somewhere in the late afternoon with all my brothers and best buds near the sands or at one of those beach huts with the sun turning red and preparing to retire. The winds would start blow cool breezes and everybody's happy. I would probably be holding a cold beer on one hand and cigar (or something else) in the other. As the day slowly ends, my brothers, my buds and I would probably be laughing and drinking without a care in the world as this song is being played either on a cd or better yet live by Don Henley himself. That's how I would savor this song and if anyone asks if there was another way, I would answer no because good view, good music, good drinks and good friends are hard to come by.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Feel Good/Levis'Jeans song: Let Your Love Flow By The Bellamy Brothers

Man, I remember when I stopped listening to the radio two years ago because I just can't relate to the songs of today. Most are songs either justify why today's youths are a bunch of punks or they call they call their parents dumb because they don't understand even if they are the ones who sweat their asses off just so they can buy them bad clothing and all those expensive gadgets for their ungrateful and direspectful brats who hate their parents but still live under their roof. I don't hear songs that what would make you feel good or give you some sense of hope that things will be better. With all the petty complaint messages that spew out of ontemporary radio, I really long for the good old tunes that 24k used to play. One song that not only puts me in a good mood, but also lifts my spirits is the song "Let Your Love Flow" by the Bellamy Brothers back in the 70s.

The mere opening of this song already puts me in a good mood. I remember way back in gradeschool, whenever this song was played on the radio, I stopped whatever I was doing just to listen to it. When it was used in a commercial by Levis Jeans, I watch it from start to finish and mind you, I hated commercial breaks. This song tells us that there's a reason for everything and though we have so many questions, it should not bother us and we should just spread the love around. This song boosted my spirits back then, it still makes me feel good now.

Last Christmas when, my brother gave me an mp3 player, this song was also included and when it was played, all my worries faded away like darkness before the light. I guess the combination of beer and Agwa also contributed to the fact because I was oblivious to everybody on that Christmas party. I didn't care because it was Christmas; everybody was there and one of my favorite songs was playing. Today some people criticize the Bellamy Brothers because of their support for George W. Bush, for me, they'll always be in my good books because of this song that really lifts my spirits whenever and wherever it's played.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mean Streets: In The City by The Eagles from the movie The Warriors

When I first got into writing, the first two places that I worked for was in Manila and the other in Caloocan. Working in those places really takes it toll on commuting. As I wake up in the morning, you make a mad dash to the LRT and cramm your way in before the door closes and then you have to endure a a half hour trip to get to your destination. What's worse is in the evening when you go home late, all the creatures come out and play as you see snatchers getting chased; cops and victims dragging a suspect to a police station; people walking up to you and asking for change and other crazy stuff. Even now when I try walking around the streets when the sun goes down, things really get crazy. When I remember these experiences, the song "In The City" by The Eagles starts playing in my head.

The song is also the soundtrack for the movie "Warriors" which is one of my all-time best fight movies ever. The songs deals with surviving in the urban jungle and how it can get dangerous when one is not careful. The city can be a fun place to be and at other times can be dangerous with it's own set of predators such as drug pushers, gangs and muggers. When you walk on the streets, you really need to be on your guard, especially at night. This song really speaks of the cruel side of the City.

It also talks about survival just the movie whose story revolves around a gang framed for murder and must fight their way out just to make it home. The urban jungle is just the same as any other harsh spot with survival of the fittest as only rule that counts. In the streets, it's kill or be killed and from streets where I use to work, it's a fact of life. Making it through the day is always tough with all the hardships of work and the perils that night brings when everyone comes out not to plat, but to prey. Just remember: watch your back and don't let them get to you. It's hard here in the city, but harder men have always faced off it's challanges.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Go Find An Adventure: Roam by the B52s

As the summer heat starts to kick in, people are now making plans to go out of town for some rest, relaxation and maybe some adventure. For me, my idea of an adventure is simply lying on my sofabed and snoring the whole day. Unlike me, my brothers are always game for some thrills, mostly biking, riding scooters and of course the beach. Spending most of my time by myself, I've grown used to the coach potato habit and it'll take a lot to get me to go out of the house, let alone out of town. But back when my ears were glued to 24k, there was a particular song that jumpstart the urge to do something different and go see the world and the people in it. That song is Roam by the B52s.

One of these days, I guess I will take this song's invitation. There's a lot I need to do first and I've wasted a lot of time as it is trying to see to these things that must be done first. Berfore I embark on an adventure, my first priority is at the moment is to put things in order and tie up loose ends. Work first before fun is what I have in mind at the present. But once things have settled and all is in order, then is the time to take big plunge at the world. When the time is to roam, you can bet your life, I'll go to the ends of the earth and live life to the fullest.

It was an infectious song where the band members are placed in different parts of the world and they take part in the festivities being held in that particular area. All the while with beat of the song entices the listeners to go out and take an adventure. When watching the video and listening to the song, it really makes the listener twant to go with the band as they go from continent to continent in search of excitement and adventure. Add to that, there are the bright colors and humor that give you the feeling that you would want to pack and head to some great destination and enjoy. The thing a I like most about this is that tells you the world full of cool things and you should take that chance and explore it. I have to admit, it's really is a great invitation one can't turn down.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Girl Watching: Summertime Girls By Y & T

It's now May which is the second month of summer. A this time kids and adults alike are still rushing to the nearest pool resort or packing for the sandy beaches of Boracay and other vacation spots where they can cool down and have fun before the new school year rolls in. Now if you're red-blooded male, one of the main reasons why you head to the beach is to check out all the hot girls who wear sexy swim wear amd bask their bodies in the sun. With all the beautiful girls baring it on the beach, it's impossible for a guy to stay cool. This reminds me of the song " Summertime Girls" by Y & T.

The song speaks of how we guys feel when we see all the pretty girls in their bikinis strutting their stuff on the beach. I definitely agree with the lyrics when they describe the girls passing by as poetry in motion. The video perfectly fits this song as features the band admiring all the girls who are making their way into the beach. Each girl for them is as beautiful as the next girl. At the end of the video, they wind up with girls wearing leather swimsuits which is a perfect match for them.

Let's face it, whether it's the beach, the pool resort or even your friend's house, no summer is complete without girls in swimsuits. The mere sight of girls in the summr really turns on the heat and everybody's in the mood. For you students out there, may you enjoy the rest of the summer, especially when you've found your girl. Just remember treat her right and she'll treat you right. Make the most of the last few weeks and live it up in style.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The break-up song: Stop Dragging My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty

Did ever you ever remember those times when a relationship starts to sour and you both feel that it's going nowhere? Both of you want to end it but no one wants to make the first move for fear of being the bad guy? It's like being caught between a rock and a hard place and you don't know what to do. That's one way of getting caught in a in an emotional quagmire and it's can be a real pain. When I think about these kinds of relationships, the song "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" comes to mind.

The song tells about two people who want to call it quits because the thrill is gone. It's getting to a point where both are getting fed up, yet neither wants to make the first move to end. It boils down to a "He said, She said" situation wherethe male and female voices in the song begin to complain about the other. Stevie Nicks is the female sentiment and Tom Petty represents the male. Both take turns in voicing their frustrations on the other and they come together when they express a common sentiment: I want out!

Well I'm no expert when it comes to situations like this, but one thing is sure: Don't hide what you truly feel cause it in the end it will build inside you can cause more pain both to you and those around you. Best to end it and move on is what I would choose. It could be clean or it could be messy, but it's for the best. Time heals all wounds and when it does, life moves foward again. Break ups are never easy, but if it was not meant to be, end it and spare each other the grief because there are better things out there.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Seeking Comfort: I'll Be Your Shelter by Taylor Dayne

I have to admit when I was in high school, I was never a fan of Taylor Dayne. She was one of those popsingers who sang dance tracks much like Paula Abdul. However, during my first year in college, she came out with a song and a music video that caught my attention. This song came out around 1990. It was during a time when I was experiencing a lot of low points as a college freshman. The song was shelter which best explains my attachment for this song during my low periods.

The video really got me sold to this which was set somehere in the desert during the depression where a group of work-weary down-and-out drifters gathered at a stage where Taylor was singing this song clad in a small black dress. As she sang, the drifters got out of their cars and some took off their hats as the rain poured down and their headlights switched on. Rain itself was a form of giving the audience relief as it washed away the weariness and frustration that they felt.

The first thing that caught my ear was the beat of the song and this that period in my life where I was searching high and low for good songs and a good station that play them. Some of the lyrics that I remember from this song was the line where she sang about providing the listener a love that's deep and warm and true and that she'll be there. When things don't go well, lines like that really hit you hard. Now that I'm older, I find longing for this song. It made me feel good back then, it still makes me feel good now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hope In Despair : Just Remember I Love You By FireFall

When you've hit rock bottom, you feel that all that's left is to do wait for the soil to come pouring down to seal the hole you've fallen into. At times when things fall apart, it's like you've been stripped, beaten and left for dead as everything that you built either go up in smoke or crumbles to the ground. You find yourself trapped within your pain with baffled rage and grief wrapping you in up their tight embrace. The worst part is that instead of getting sympathy, people around you add insult to injury by preaching to you about the things you shoud’ve and could’ve which does nothing to soothe your pain. Yet despite the pain and the loss, their is always hope and that's why the song "Just Remember I Love You" by FireFall is very special to me.

The song aims to sooth and comfort the listener during times of grief and loss by telling him to hold on and be strong. During times when things go crazy and everything falls apart, the song gives a message of hope that no matter what happens, things will be all right in the end. Even the tune of the song aims to console us when things break down. When I listen to this song it reminds me of "Foot Prints In The Sand" where the God told the person that he was with that He carried him during his times of pain, hence the reason why there was only one set of foot prints. No, matter how bad things get, we must never forget that we are not alone.

This song is very special for me because I have had my fair share of shattered dreams as well as broken promises that have left me filled with grief. At those times, I would probably be playing this song just to get over my loss. At present, I am trying to keep my head above water and it's very tough for me especially since I look after a lot of people and there are a lot of things that need to be sorted out. Sometimes I get paranoid that the bad times might strike at me again and I find myself in the gutter. When happens, I listen song and know that everything will be all right.

Ultimate Nostalgia Song: I Wanna Go Back By Eddie Money

One of the reasons why I am a loyal listener to 24k is obviously because I'm a very sentimental person once I hear one of my favorite songs get played on air. As I've said before, it's like riding a time machine and everything and everyone that gave meaning to your life suddenly comes back to life. Sadly, we know no matter how much we want to, the past is the past. Yet once that song is played a whole wave of memories comes flooding your senses even for just a short period which is closest thing one can get to going back. Nobody sings this better Eddie Money in his song I "Wanna Go Back".

The song talks about the singer's past and how things were in simpler back then. Life was so much better for him that he longed to go back and relive the glory days of his youth. The theme of the video is a perfect match for the song which shows Eddie returning to his old school in time for a class dance and seeing the familiar surroundings opens flood of emotions for him. Another scene of the video features Eddie chases after a girl who probably was an important person in his past during the height of the festivities. When I see the video and hear the song, I agree with many of the youtube viewers who said that they want to build a time machine and go back to the past.

To put it simply, this song describes me best when I tune in to 24k every Friday. When I get to hear my request, everything's all right with the world and I am put at ease as the song plays on. When a song starts playing, it reminds me of the moments in my youth and really gets to me, making me wish that I had the chance to go back and do things differently. When the song ends, I find myself with a longing to go back and try again. Sadly, I much as I want to, I can never go back and I just try remembering the sweet memories that the song brought me.