Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Don't Want To Miss Out Again: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me By Elton John And George Micheals

Once I again if anyone reads this entry, they'll probably wondering why I chose to post this in my blog. I couldn't think of a more appropriate song to describe that feeling where you're desperate to salvage an opportunity that is in danger of being destroyed. When something like this develops, it's obvious that a lot is at stake and the consequences is dire to say the least. Many times this has happened in my life where I did what I could and yet despite all my efforts, it all just falls to pieces and with it my heart. That's the reason why I chose the song "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John and later performed in a duet with George Micheal for this entry.

Whether it was trying to get a dream job, find better opportunities and so on, lately it seems like these endeavors either go down the tubes or crumble to dust. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how that hurts. It gets worse when you put everything you got into that situation. When it all goes tumbling down, I feel all sorts of agony from having my heart pierced by an infinite number of arrows to to falling into a bottomless pit. When the stores slams into your face, you pound hard hoping for another chance but when the judgement is laid out, you might as well ride a dead horset and what's worse is when it happens during your darkest hour of need which is really a good example of adding insult to injury.

Through the years, I've had alot of these experiences and everytime that happens, it really takes the life out of you. Many times I asked myself what I could've done to prevent it. When it happens again and again, it's like an immortal in Highlander getting shot and stabbed repeatedly and though you live through it, it still traumatic. Be that as it may, I still soldier on in the hopes that something good will happen for a change. I hope make it good this time around cause it hurts when the sun goes down a person.

Revolutionary Song: Sunday Bloody Sunday By U2

You know there are some song that for some reason bring out the revolutionary in a person. The mere sound of snare drums makes one feel that it's time to get and get ready because something big is about to happen. Whatever that it maybe, you know something's going down and it's going to be a big change. I always had these thoughts during my highschool days when Marcos was still in power. One song that really gets me in guerilla-war-mood is "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2.

According to what I read in Youtube, the song is dedicated to the victims were shot by British soldiers in Dery, Ireland on January 30, 1972 during a peace rally. 14 were killed and many others were wounded during that incident. Although the band stressed that it is not a revolutionary song, whenever I hear it, I feel like suiting up a battle. It's hard not to think of it as a song inciting a revolution because of the raw emotion of the song and the sense that it's urging listeners to rise up and do something. During my time, there was a lot of that going on during Ninoy's assasination which I will blog on February next year.

With everything that's been happening since the 9/11 incident to the Mumbai Crisis, it makes you wonder when will it all end. You also wonder in this age where people denounce violence, more violence occurs. I hope that one day all of this will be resolved without anymore loss of life. Too many people have been lost to violence already. We don't need, let alone want more loss of life to happen.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Drinking As A Cure All: Red Red Wine By UB40

I have to admit when I was younger, whenever somebody bought a case of beer or opened a bottle of whiskey, I'd be the first in line with glass full of ice in my hand. As I have written in my past entries, there never a weekend that didn't involve drinking. Wheher it's to celebrate, chase away the blues or just to do pass the time. You can say that booze was the great cureall for any situation. Whenever I hear the song "Red, Red Wine" by UB40, it brings back the days when we literally swam in booze.

I guess when you're young, you're still able to take a lot of abuse. No matter what the reason, we always had few drinks when the weekend has started. If you are happy, drink and if you are sad drink and boy did we drink back then. We had a lot of time and a few bucks went a long way. When we had some, we drank some and we savored every drop, especially when we were with friends and the atmosphere was cool. That pretty much was what we did most of the time back then.

Well I'm older now and there are a lot of things in my mind that I have to address. I have to admit I'm the heavy drinker that I was back then. These days I need to be focus to keep things in check. Though I have to admit, once in a while, it feels good to have drink and savor it, not gulp it in large gallons to reflect and relax to chase the blues away. Especially if I'm listening to 24K.

One-Hit-Wonder Song About The King: Black Velvet By Alannah Miles

It's funny how a lot of the good songs that 24K belts out comes from one-hit-wonders. The hard part about it is that the song is so good that it's hard to top it with the next project. That's too bad because these people have a lot of talent and they could have turned more good songs. One such talent was Alannah Miles who came out in the late 80's. She will always be remembered for her tribute to Elvis Presley. That song, of course, is "Black Velvet".

I have to admit, this is one of those cool songs that you have to have a drink while listening to. Better yet, a good old fashoon saloon is the proper setting to enjoy this song. It's the type of song that you'd want to enjoy after a hard day at work. As expected, there are a lot of things that refer to Elvis like the names of his song, Graceland and so on, so forth. For some reason, this song takes a lot of weight of my shoulders when I hear it.

She remains active by touring and has also made other hit singles. Despite that, she will always be remembered for "Black Velvet" which will always be her trademark single. I've read somewhere on the internet that she's re-releasing this song. I hope that she can come up with another hit song like she did with this one. Well she's still out there and I hope she keeps active because she's as talented as she is beautiful. More power to her and may she keep on singing.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

If I Could I Would: Into The Night By Benny Mardones

Sometimes it gets so frustrating when you try you're best to contribute inorder to make ends meet only to fall short. When it isn't enough, not do you feel frustrated bu also helpless as you do everything you could think off only for it to fail. At times like this you wish you could make the impossible possible not just for you but for those around you. It gets so hard you'd wish for a miracle or some magic to make things better for yourself and everyone else. Sometimes I wish I could do just that whenever I hear Benny Mardones' song "Into The Night".

According to some comments I read in Youtube, the song is about his wish to help a 16 year old girl while others put a more darker theme to it. One thing I can relate with the song is that if I had the means to make ends meet, I would do just that. That way, people here don't have to work more than they should. Right now, there are too many things that need to be addressed around here and since I'm the one who's available, I have to step up. I hate to say it though, right now, I'm not not doing very well and I'm barely able to keep my head above water. Still, I won't give up and I'm try to find a way to really help out around here.

Though I still wish to do a lot of things for myself, that doesn't mean that I'll only serve my own purpose. I never shirked from a task before and I won't do it now. As much as I want to do a lot of things, I don't to leave the people in a state of uncertainty. I guess it's one of those times when you wish you were Superman or some other powerful hero who will save the day and make the problems vanish with a wave of your hand. Although I'm not one, I know one day, I'll be able to resolve things here. Hopefully, when that happens, everything will be all right. Until then, I'll doing what I can for this place and chillout to the melody of this song.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Too Many Things In My Head: Voices By Cheap Trick

The hard part about getting old is that there are too many things to deal with at once. Just when you thought that one issue has been resolved another hits you out of nowhere. Sometimes when I'm lucky to find some time in between the chaos, I try to get all my thoughts in order because sometimes I tend to think to much and it overwhelms me. Most of the times these thoughts are like voices and each want to be heard. For a guy who always has a lot on his mind, situations like this remind of these remind of the song "Voices" by Cheap Trick.

Whenever I need to sort all my thoughts, this song is a real comfort to me. It helps me clear things up after a hard day's work. When the thoughts no longer become chaotic and start to make sense I can then relax. As always the best time I get it together is when the day's about to end and the cool breeze provides an added relaxant to the mental barrage of today's activity. The ideas start to make sense and you can address them one by one. Too bad once the day starts, it becomes so hectic. If only there was some more breathing space, these thoughts wouldn't be so hard on my head.

As I end today's entry, I hope people don't get the wrong idea about regarding what I have just blogged today. I'm just like everyone else trying to deal with the things that come at me one after another. I just to my best to cope with the everyday demands that keep coming at me. That way the thoughts don't give me a headache, especially when it's serious. Just go with the flow and let the waves soothe the voices in my head.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sing-Along/Early Drinking Days: Ventura Highway By America

With the holiday season just around the corner, that old sentimental feeling starting to a get stronger than ever. Yearning for the good old days really gets to me at this point. What really gets to me are the days when we broke out the old black brief case that contain cassette tapes of our favorite bands and when drinking started, we'd play a tape and sing along as the liquor sunk in. This was especially true during Christmas Eve when we'd get thoroughly plastered before we go to midnight mass. One of the cool songs that we'd sing along to whenever we had a drinking session was "Ventura Highway" by the band America.

Listening to this song brings back memories where our guts atleast were invincible. Whenever we played this song and a few others that were aired on 24K, you can say that everyone was into it and you want to pass it on. Whether it was at home or with a friend's house or out of town, simple pleasures this shared with brothers and friends made everything all right. What made it really great was when people started making funny facial expressions while they sang and the others would laugh out loud at the sight which was sign that the night was a success. The thing I like most about it was it also a time to wash away old grudges and other bad vibes that one carried during the day which strengthen old bonds among friends and brothers.

When the sun sets and I head home from work, I always think about those wild and crazy times. Though the home entertainment technology is obsolete compared to today's accessories, it suited us just fine. Whether it was banged up cassette player or the car radio, so long as there was good drinks and good people around you, that was all that mattered. More than the drinks, it was the good vibes that spread all around us that I miss the most. I do so hope that we still have those vibes and bonds because it's carried us then and I hope it still carries us now.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Taking A Stroll After Work: You Belong To The City By Glenn Frey

Makati and Manila were among the places that I used to work in and one of the things that I miss about working there is that when the day's work is over and you don't feel like going home yet, it was a good place to stroll and see the sights. A lot of times when I didn't feel like heading home, I'd either just sit somewhere and watch people move about or just have a couple of bottles to unwide as I reflect on the day's developments. When I do have a brew, I don't go into a drinking spree as I usually do when the gang gathered around, but rather drank slowly to enjoy the taste. When I've had my fill and finally relax, then I call it a day and go home. Thinking of those opportunities were I had a little time to myself reminds of Glen Frey's song "Belong In The City".

The great thing about those two cities was that there always somewhere to go and sometimes it was easy to go to being that the distance wasn't far and all you had to was walk. The walking does alot of good as it lets you loosen up a little. When you see a place to hang out or do something you want, it was there for you to enjoy. It was a good kind of therapy, especially when the day didn't end very well. I didn't have that much responsibility then and my joys were simple and doing that helped get the emotional weight of my chest.

Right now, I have not the time or the bread to do that and there just too many responsibilities to handle to go on a night on the city. I have no regrets because I guess it's part of growing old and it's a sign that people count on you and I don't want to let them down. Still, I hope I get a chance to do it again once in a while. The cool night air, good smoke and a cool glass of beer can do you some good. Just don't abuse it cause it destroys the mood and the purpose since this kind of tripping out was meant for reflection not partying out.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Club Dredd/Red Rock Days: We're An American Band By Grand Funk Rail Road

When I was in high school most of the gimicks I went to were the parties of my brother's friends. Most of the time, I tagged along with them whenever something was going down and although I always had a good time, I wished there was a place that I can go and hangout with my own group. That wish came true when I was in college and classmate of mine told of a place where rock bands performed and the beer was cheap called Red Rock which later renamed Club Dredd. I had a lot of fun there because whenever we went there, you can be sure that there either good bands playing or you'd meet your friends or both. When I think of the thrill of going there with my brothers or my friends to have beer and listen to good bands play, I think of the song "We're An American Band" by Grand Funk Rail Road.

The thrill of it was the fact that you were going to a place where you can be with your own people and listen the music that you like to hear. Others would usually go to Faces or Mars, but being a rocker, I just want to hear music that I like and get drunk while I enjoy the songs. It the underground hangout of the time and for those who wanted to be different, this was the place to be. Like the song, going to a place where you feel like you belong and rock the night away. Like the song, being there really pumps up my adrenalin and relaxes me at the same time as feel good on a weekend.

When I remember the times I spent there, it helped make me feel like there's a place for me to rock. I still remember a lot of the patrons where some look like your average joe while others either were long-haired, bearded, tattooed, clad in leather or all of the above. One thing we had in common was we all rocked when the bands belted out their tunes and brought the house down. A lot of things went down and it was all good and the satisfaction was guaranteed. So whenever I hear this song, it takes me back to days when that bar helped me party down and gave me and my batchmates a place to go to on a weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's A Secret: Our Lips Are Sealed By The Gogos

Once again, I might get it from certain people with today's entry. I wouldn't blame because i'm not really a fan of the Gogo's. I couldn't think of an appropriate song for what I'm going to blog about. Since they were popular during my time and they also are part of 24K's roster, I decided to go use this song for today's entry. The song is called "Our Lips Are Sealed".

Although the song is about keeping a secret about a relationship where rumors are already floating out, you'll have to pardon me if I place this song in a more sober topic. Right now many things have going around us and in the process, alot of harsh words have been spoken which left alot of things unresolved. Though everybody goes on like nothing's happening, something's not right and sometimes I feel like I'm in a middle of a bad charade. Though someone knows what happened, no one wants to say a word. It's still going on and it's starting to get frustrating.ove

I don't know when this situation will be resolved, though I wish it will get resolved soon. I've kept my fingers crossed for so long, I think they're broken. If I try to speak out, I'll be branded as a self-righteous lout. I just hope someone makes the first move soon. Until then, I guess everyone's lips are sealed.

Chillout/Home Sweet Home: Build By The House Martins

I have to admit, alot of the songs that are being played on 24K are pretty good for chilling out. After a hard week at the office and looking out at things at home, 24K songs are a good remedy to relieve the stress that you get from the daily grind. Add a cool bear or glass of whisky and a cigar and I'm set for the weekend. I guess the fact that these songs take me back to the good old days literally lifts the weight off my shoulders. One such song that does that is "Build" by the band The House Martins.

Sure, they look like nerds and geeks, but for some reason I feel relaxed whenever I hear this song. I don't know if it's about building a dream house or a protest against all the rapid commercialism going on with the construction of one building after another. The meaning is lost to me because the tune relaxes me so much that all I want is to just sit back and enjoy it. Apart from chilling out in my room with a drink and smoke, I listening to this song in the late afternoon, either on a slow drive or just sitting in a garden and watching the sun as it turns orange and the breeze grows cooler.

Despite the occassional uproar, it also reminds me there's no place like home. Even when it gets a little crazy time to time, ,things aren't always so bad. I just wish one day we good really revive the good old times that we use to do back then. Lots of booze and smokes as well as sharing them with a close circle of friends. Now that would really be chilling out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Immortal Dance Song: September By Earth, Wind And Fire

A good song never grows old and always stands the test of time. The proof of this is that it is still being listened to by younger generations way after it's time. Very few bands and songs are able to accomplish this feat. One such band that has suycceeded in this area is Earth, Wind And Fire. Even now, today's youths still listen and groove to their songs at dance clubs everywhere. One such song of theirs which is still popular to this day is the song "September".

As I've have blogged before, whenever one of their songs gets played, everyone starts doing their thing. I do believe this was also played at my brother's third year party which is probably the longest party that we ever hosted. Everybody started moving like crazy when this song was played. Once this song gets played it's hard to take it out of your head. A good example of this was in the Cartoon American Dad where Stan Smith was playing this song and then suddenly asked himself how it inside his head and why he was doing it.

I still hear this song being played in parties where people want to dance. You can say this one of those few songs that are truly immortal. I sometimes shake my head in wonder that still retains its appeal among the youth. Though I'm not particularly a fan of this kind of music, it still brings back a lot of memories and that warms my heart. As I close this entry, I wouldn't be surprised if someone right now is listening and dancing to this song.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Always On The Move/To Do It All: FreeBird By Lynyrd Skynrd

At present, I'm starting to feel the weight of responsibility as I wake up and go to sleep everyday. Whether it's at home or at work, you sometimes get the feeling that you're tied up in an endless routine like an oarsman on a ship where you can't do anything else and the sings you want to do remain in your head. Sometimes I wonder if things were different and I was able to all that I want to do and be all that I can be, would I be contented after accomplishing that, I wish I knew. Sometimes it gets painful when you think you've missed up the chance to do just that and that you will never be free to do anything for yourself. Thinking of freedom to do what I want makes me want to listen to "Free Bird" by Lynrd Skynyrd.

Man, I remember the days when my friends use to sing this song during they're band days. It was the best cover they ever did in my opinion and when they played this at Club Dredd, it really rocked! Personally when I hear this song, it makes me think alot of the choices I've made, particularly to do what you want or take care of the ones you are with. Though I chose the later, I didn't really regret it because I care about them alot. It's just that there are still some things I wish I could do and if I had the time and dough to to do them, I would.

Be that as it may, I have no regrets about my choice because these people were there for me and now I want to be there for them. Sometimes, I wish I could just have some time for myself just like everyone else. It not only recharges your batteries, but also lets you find some answers to your questions. I hope that if I do find time for myself, I'll be able to balance that and the demands at home and at work. Until then, I'll just keep on going and doing what needs to be done. Maybe one day, this bird will be free again and this it would be without any strings, let alone chains.

Gather Round And Let The Good Times Roll: Sama Sama By Alamid

As the month of November enters its last two weeks, people everywhere are gearing up as Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Whenever the holidays come near, we think of a gathering of family where everyone is present and there a lot of good food and drink accompanied by laughter and cheers from family as we give thanks for all the good things that have been given us. More than the presents, the food and the booze, the most important thing is that everyone is there and that all are happy. Sometimes when some hasn't arrived, I get a little apprehensive that they won't make it, but when they do, it's to gather round and celebrate. One of the best songs that I can think of when the gang's all here is Alamid's "Sama Sama'.

It's not just Christmas, in the old days, no matter how frequent the gathering, no matter how hung over you were, it all disappears when the everyone's present and beer bottles opened as we gulp it down in one swallow. With good music competing with the load voices and laughter of the gang, you'd wish that it would never end. It gets crazier when sone people pass out while others start to heave or walk in circles. Despite that, the party still goes on as those who are left laugh at those who've had their fill. The most important part of all is the fact that the atmosphere of being with the group or family was as strong as ever.

Well, things have been tedious lately and as the holidays draw near, my apprehension has grown more tense than ever. My biggest worries is that after all that has happened lately is the bond still strong? A lot of bad have happened and it has greatly affected the bond that until recently has been very strong among us. I just hope that alls well, ends well with everyone accounted for and happy. It's one of the few times we get together and laugh together and I hope this holiday, it will happen again.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Find Out What's Really Going On: Look Out Any Window By Bruce Hornsby And The Range

Man, life sure is getting harder and harder these days. When I get my pay, the first thing I do is make sure that everything is accounted for before I do any spending. To say that my budget's stretched out is an understatement and I know I'm not alone. Sometimes I wonder if our leaders really know how hard people are struggling and if they even care. While people barely get by everyday, some fat cat gets rich over our agonies and I begin to wonder if they know who carries the burden for their extravagant lifestyles. Right now, I wish they'd look around to see the reality of the situation just like the song "Look Out Any Window" by Bruce Hornsby And The Range.

This song is even more relevant now than it was when it first became a hit way back when. It also should serve as a reminder for our elected leaders to know what's really going out there. Whether it's a farmer struggling with his harvest or a fisherman trying hard to get a good catch, people out there are having a hard time coping with the economic problems today. People need to come up with solutions that addresses the reality of the situation rather than draw up ideas that sounds good on paper but fizzle out in practice. Right now the reality is hard is getting harder and there's no relief in sight.

For my part, I hope what I'm working on would bear fruit before the year ends. As much as I want to see a magic solution to deal with the situation come forth, I need to move and do what I can resolve things. I just hope that something good comes out from all of this because I put my heart and soul into it. I just hope that those in charge do something about what's happening as quickly as possible. Because we should also look out for those who give grand promises only to serve a bowl of hot air.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's Happening And What You Want To Do: Right Now By Van Halen

Even though I find myself busy at work or at home, I sometimes wonder what what's happening outside my zone of existence. Sometimes I find time to reflect on the things that I wish I was doing and the things that could have been instead of finding myself in the situation that I'm in. So many things going on around me and so many things I want to do, I wonder if I'll be able to set reconcile them cause right now I feel there's something missing. These days, I'm always in deep with so many things and they're all happening at the same moment. A good song for this overload of development happening all at once would be Van Halen's "Right Now".

Whenever, I hear this song, it reminds me of what most people want and that is to get all the things done so I can finally have time to do what I want. It also tells me that alot can go on in a single moment at different places as you go on your own routine. Some of them good and some of them bad, but they're happening as we speak, work and even sleep. It also tells me that I should do what was assigned to me as fast so I can more things done. Despite all this, I also hope one day, I can find time to things I want to do because it's been so long since I've done anything I want for myself.

It's incredible how many things can go on at once. When I watch CNN, Fox News or other cable tv programs, you realize how much is happening around us. Right now, I just hope things will get better as I focus on things that need to be done. If there's one thing I hate it's prolonging the agony of unfinished work, which is why I want to finish things as soon as possible. Maybe after that, I can concentrate on my magic moment and finally find time to do the things I've always wanted.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Speed Things Up And Get Things Done: Ride Like The Wind By Christopher Cross

Man, the last thing I need when I'm trying (vainly) to recharge my batteries during the weekend is a call telling me that there's something that needs to be done ASAP. It's bad enough that when you've just finished one assignment, they slap another that needs to be done ASAP again. Though it's grueling, I have to admit apart of me likes the challenge of completing the task. Once it's given, I race against the clock to finish the job as fast as possible, though I also make sure it's accurate and embodies what my superiors expect from the piece. When it comes to racing against the clock and making sure that it meets my superiors' expections, I'd like to listen to Christopher Cross' song "Ride Like The Wind".

This is one of those non-heavy rock songs that not only make you feel good, but also gets you psyched up whenever the assignments begin to pile up. It keeps me focus on the task at hand and I'm the type who wants to finish what I started. Whenever I work out or spar in martial arts, this gets me going better than a bottle of energy drink. Whenever I hear Micheal McDonald's back vocals on this song, it really gives a hard edge. It's a song that I can relate with at work, exercise or just chilling out and very few songs can do all that.

I guess the good part about getting a lot of work is that people trust your capabilities which is why they rely on you for so much to do even if there's too little time to do it. You can also say that when you're doing something good, it means your alive. It's better than staring at a blank wall and letting your talents go to waste. Well, when Monday dawns, I start to brace myself for the task at hand and do my best to accomplish it on time. Just focus on the work and ride like the
wind so the job gets done.

There's Always Tomorrow: Brand New Day By Sting

I just came home from work and I'm dead tired from beating all the deadlines on my work. Trying to get things done within the day can really sap the strength from your body. It get worse when one small slip-up ruins your day and to top it off, the nagging never stops. The only comfort you have left as the night approaches is the hope that tomorrow will better. When hope that the next day won't be as bad as yesterday, it reminds me of the song "Brand New Day" by Sting.

This is one of my favorite songs cause it gives me comfort when the day has been cruel to me as well reminds me that things will get better tomorrow. When I think of what a brand new day means to me, it's a chance to start fresh and leave all the bad things behind. New days are new opportunities which we should never take for granted and we should seize the day as Robin Williams said in Dead Poets Society. Although I like the song, I wonder why Sting chose to portray a false Messiah in his video? I don't know if he's against consumerism or worn't against false prophets cause his falling to the water takes the hope out the song.

If asked if I had a bad day, I've had so many that a good day for me is a day with no tensions. As I've said before, I'll say it again: there too much of the bad times and too little of the good and that includes the days I wake up and go to sleep to and get nothing but STRESS. Be that as it may, I always remind myself that there's always another day. I guess that's the reason why I wake up early because I can see the night give way to the day which I never tire of seeing on week day. Hopefully, these down days end soon and after that good times will be all around us. When that happens, then it really is a brand new day.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Can't Be Unlucky All The Time: Even The Losers By Time Petty And The Heart Breakers

Getting into a losing streak is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. You feel like no matter how hard you try, you always fall short of your goal and that hurts alot especially when a lot is at stake. The more you lose, the more a piece of your heart gets sliced off. Losing too much makes you constantly question yourself what went wrong or why did it happened which takes a toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Despite a bad streak, people get lucky sometimes and whenever I think about that, I'd like to listen to "Even The Losers" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers.

Whenever I hear this song, it gives me glimmer of hope during those bad cycles when the things you try hard to achieve turn to dust in your hand. It makes me feel that there's light even in the darkess night. I've had a lot of bad cycles where I felt that my suffering was endless and what I thought was lifeline suddenly snapped, causing me to fall in the abyss. Yet despite all the pain, the sun eventually shined and the storms started to dissapate. Other times, I was able to land a lucky shot and hit big which always reminds that things aren't always so bad.

Alot of times, I've seen periods where nothing went right and I thought I'd go crazy from all the losses I've accumulated. It's a good thing, I still remember that these things will pass and if I try hard and focus properly, I'll be able to make it. As for the things that I've lost, though sometimes it still hurts when I remember it, the times when I did win makes up for it. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose which makes up alot about life. Still, it's nice to know that you can get lucky sometimes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Call Of The Night: Night Owl By Little River Band

I know I've been blogging a lot about the good old days when there was always something in store during the weekends. When your young, anything that you want to happen on weekend can come true, especially when you're the restless type. Whether it's going to friends house for a little get-together or going to big bash wereeveryone you know is going, there was always something going down somewhere. The constant stress and worry that goes in my head day-to-day is probably telling me to take some quality r-n-r. My head didn't hurt that much and a case of beer wasn't even starters when the good times were going down back then. When I remember those times when feeling restless made us look for something to do or just make our own gimick, I'd like to listen to the song "NightOwl" by The Little River Band.

There was never a dull moment when we were young and when we felt restless, we simply broke all the "good stuff" and listened to the songs that I have blogged about. Sometimes we would jump into my brother's car and go out in search of an adventure and the way were back then, something was bound to come up to make the evening memorable. The best times was when we were in the company of our closest friends when some came down. Everytime we did something with these people, all the bad breaks or worries disappeared as we joked, laughed, dranked and rocked through the night. What made it special was the fact that not only did we had a good time, but we spent with really cool people who we have accepted as part of our family.

Today, I'm lucky if I get some snooze time during the weekends as I slump in my room and try to recover from a week's work. A lot of times, I help out when things need to get done here. Sometimes, I wish we good get together again and relive the old times. It wasn't just about doing exciting things and drinking huge gallons of alcohol, but a way of strenghtening the bonds between brothers and friends which made these ocassions special no matter how frequent. I hope one day we'd gather around again and in doing so, reaffirm those bonds again because that was the essence of what those restless gimicks were all about.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When People Fail You/The Longest Time I Was Angry: Shattered Dreams By Jonny Hates Jazz

You know as much as possible I try to chuck away any ill will I have towards another person because it would be wrong carry something that would eat you up and leave you hating the world around you. Despite that, there was a time when something inside of me snapped and I walking around with hate spilling out of my being. The worst part about it is that it happened at a time when I hit rock bottom. I was getting treated like a dog and every good opportunity evaporated like a mirage before I can touch it. After all that I've have done for others, all I got was a lot of pain and worst, a lot of lies. Everytime I hear the song "Shattered Dreams" by Johnny Hates Jazz, I feel a little tightening of my chest as the memories of that terrible period flash through my head.

I remember I was promised an opportunity to get into some kind of business and from the way that it sounds, I thought it was all systems go. In between waiting, I did also sorts of things for the people who promised this to the point of insults and shouts if I didn't speed things up. Alas, I found out that there was no opportunity and I was so crushed by that news that I felt my heart dropped to the floor and spirit left through my mouth. For the remainder of the year, I was so angry that I was oblivious to everything around me and I ended the year watching television in my room with my beard growing all over my face. I won't go into details about what happened but I'll tell you this: To say that it's cruel for people to promise you great things, then abuse you and break their word doesn't describe the whole bitter feelings that have taken root inside me at that time.

I didn't know if they noticed how angry I was, let alone knew why I felt that way. If they didn't then it scares me that they don't know how cruel they can be in feeding false hopes to others as well as abusing them in the process. Time heals all wounds and I eventually forgave these people, but sometimes I wonder if they ever realize what they did and if they did, were they ever sorry. Because of this experience, I became a firm believer in the Confucian Rule: "Donot Do Unto Others What You Wouldn't Want Others To Do Unto You!" I wouldn't want to do to another person what was done to me because it's the most cruel thing one person can do to another.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cruising And Keeping The Pressure Under Control: Keeping On Rocking Me Baby By The Steve Miller Band

Whenever I get to work, it's time to go to the grind as you meet your deadline and try to keep calm and compose while doing it. These days times just keep getting harder and you try to keep your head above water. I guess that's why I don't want to get into anymore trouble and concentrate on trying to what I can to contribute around here. A lot of times, I wish I could just cruise down the highway and just wish all the pressure away. Just feel the wind blow on my face and relax as my worries get carried away with it as I travel is one cool fantasy. Whenever I think about comping with everday pressure and wishing I was just cruising, Steve Miller Band's "Keep On Rocking Me Baby" makes these two opposites attract.

Right now, I'm doing the best that I can to contribute around here as times are still tough. At work, I try to make sure that everything that I put down is correct and is what my boss wants to read. When I'm on my break, I sometimes wish that I can cruise on a car down the highway and leave all my troubles behind. If I can afford it, I'd like to learn how to ride a motorcycle or a scooter which a really cool way to travel. Everytime I hear this song, it makes me want to do just that.

As of now, I'm keeping my focus on the things that need to be done around here. Hopefully one day, things will change for the better and everything that bearing down on me will ease up a bit. Until then, I'll just do what I can and keep my nose out of any trouble. Apart from hustle and bustle and cruising down the road, I don't want to be a victim of karma anymore. If there's one thing I agree with this song is that the things that I'll do will come back to me in good time and I hope none of it will be bad.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Really Been A Long Time: Foreplay/It's Been Such A Long Time By Boston

The last two years have been hell for me and for a lot of people in my family. For personal reasons, I won't speculate what they are, but what I will mention is that lately the things that have happened during that period really left me stressed outemotionally. The mere mention of it, really put me on an all-time low. With the way things are, no new is bad news. Man I often say there are good times and bad times, but there's been too much bad and too little good happening around here. Whenever I wonder when the good times will come around, I'd like to listen to Boston's "It's Been Such A Long Time".

Clearly, this song describes how I'm feeling right now about how there's too much of the bad going on and wondering when the good times will come around. Right now I'm taking my time and just moving just like the song says. On getting by, I just take what I find and be satisfied by it, again, just like the song. The thing I like best about this song aside from the cool guitar play and great vocals of the late Brad Delp, it's like a wake up call where you want change to happen after a long dreary peiod. I hope one day that something good really happens and this song keeps my positive vibes up when they're starting to slump.

Like I said in the second paragragh, there's been too much bad and too little good and lately that's really starting to get to me. Despite all the emotional chaos going on (though silently) around me, the best thing that I can do is take my time and do the best that I can to improve things on my part. I can't do this alone but I can't force it either cause it'll just make things worse. I do have to be very careful because emotionally, things are very fragile around here and the last thing that I want to here is somebody once again getting sombody else's nerves. I just hope that the sun comes out pretty soon cause it's really been such a long time since anything good happened around here.

Sneeking Out For A Night On The Town: Band On The Run

When you're young, it's natural to be always thinking of going out on a weekend. More exciting the event, the more you want to go. The problem is sometimes parents won't let you go and that puts an end to your plans. For those who refuse to be helmed in, they're do what they can to go to that event, even if it means sneaking out with no permission. The gig is just to great to pass up that some of us are willing to do anything to get there even it means facing the wrath of one's parents. In situations like that, it reminds me of the song "Band On The Run" by Paul McCartney And Wings.

This song reminds of some of the people in my life who dared to do what they wanted no matter what the cost. You can't help but admire them back then because they had the guts to do what others were afraid to do. Even if you're not going with them, you root for them to succeed. Sometimes, you find yourself helping them out because, when you do, you feel that somehow apart of you is with them and even if your not there, you feel that you already are there. The song alone best describes the thrill of going and breaking the rules.

I was never good at escapades like this. I guess I was too much of rule follower than a breaker. Still, not all mavericks like these are grow up to be bad people. Some of them even become a moving force in society. I guess it's because of their willingness and determination to attain something is the reason why they become great leaders, that is if they get a little tamed through the years. When they do, they can use their courage and daring for something good. It's better than being on the run all the time.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Need To Calm Down: I Wanna Be Sedated By The Ramones

One of my favorite American Civil War Generals was Ulysses S. Grant because the Man can keep calm when all everything gets thrown into chaos and he'd be able to come up with a solution to the problem. It was this quality that helped him bring victory to the Union and defeat the Confederacy. How he does it, I wish I knew. This is because everyday I finding myself facing one problem after another and there's no escaping it because there are problems both at work and at home which stress me alot. Times like this, I wish I can take something to calm me down just like the song "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones.

When you're working nonstop and have to make sure that what you come up with is complete and accurate. In between that is the stress building itself up and you try to cope with it even when the pressure's starting to build up. You try hard to not to panick even if you get henpecked to get the job done. I wish I could be like the band in this song's video where they sit at at a table and quietly eat as all chaos erupts around them. Despite all the commotion, they're still as cool as cucumber.

In the end, it depends on how you carry the situation. When I can't smoke a cigar or drink a beer, I just sit back and take a deep breath, then throw myself back to the grind. As much as it is cool to get sedated to get the pressure off every hassles, in the end you need to go back and face music. The bad part about it is depending drugs gets you too addicted and you wind up in rehab. Well that's life; just calm down and get through it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Harbringer Song: Red Rain

Not a day goes by that I dread a coming of the bad times. As I've said before, just because I've been through the rain, that doesn't mean I want to get wet again. Bad part about getting caught in the rain is when you feel chilled to the bone and all the complications that go with getting wet set in. That period where you're huddled up with head feeling like it's in a pressure cooker still freaks me out. Whenever I think about getting caught in the rain and reeling from illness caused by I think of Peter Gabriel's "Red Rain".

Actually the rain is a metaphor for the bad times of my life which as I've mentioned in my past entries that comes cycles just like the weather. When the bad times come, it's like large drops of crimson rain from a cursed cloud. Even as you done rain gear and an umbrella, your sure to get soaked one way or another. Bad part of it is that there's no escape from it and shelter is no where to be found when you need it most. In the end, you just have to weather this storm of troubles and pray that the sun breaks out soon.

I've had a lot of storms where the red rain poured down on me. Many times I thought I would drown or convulsed from the fever of problems that came one after another. It was so hard to but for some reason, I came through. Be that as it may I try to be very watchful of any incoming storms and hopefully when it does come, I'll be ready. There's no escaping from problems that fall like rain so I guess I'll just meet head on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For The Good Times We Shared: Salamat By The Dawn

Thank you in tagalog is called "salamat". When people come through for you or when something good happens, we always say that word to express our gratitude for the good things that come our way. When I think of all the good people I've met and spent sometimes shared good times with I always say that word. Times we shared and things they've done for me are worth more than any treasure. When I hear the Dawn's song "Salamat", it reminds me of those good people and the good things they did for me.

I have to admit it's a very upbeat song where one can remember the good times that were shared with special people and be grateful for it. This feeling gets even stronger when old friends meet each other again after so long and renew old bonds. The feeling of seeing good friends after a long time is very hard to describe. One I do know is when that happens, savor every moment of it. When times like this occurs, you'd wish that time would stand still and let the moment last longer.

Alot of times I think about these special people that I've met over the years and wonder how they are doing now. I really hope that they're doing well because it would hurt me if something bad were to happen to them. It may sound childish but I hope one day I would be with all these special people and have a really good time and relive the old days when things simple and we had not a care in the world. That would probably be the best thing anyone can wish for. To all those people who became apart of my life: Salamat!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cool 90's Activist Song: Run Baby Run

I'm not sure if this was played on 24K,, but it's one of my favorite songs of Sheryl Crow. She burst into the music scene in the early 90's with a string of hit songs and albums and I have to admit they were pretty cool tunes. Although I liked most of her hit singles, there was one song that I really liked and I felt it should had been given more air time. I liked because it sure hits straight through the heart. The song was called "Run Baby Run" which is my all time favorite Sheryl Crow song.

Like a lot of RT songs, this really stops me in my tracks and I just want to listen to it till the song ends. A lot of emotions really get stirred inside me when I hear it like restlessness, lonliness, protest and a need to find out more about one's self. I could listen to this at bar with a glass of whisky in one hand and fine cigar on the other. As I do that, I let my mind drift as as images of old familiar friends and places flash through my mind. I guess I'm an easy prey for this song because there are a lot of things that I'm searching for to make my life complete.

Whether it's played on the radio or the tv; with instruments or acoustic; music video or live, this is one song that sounds good anytime, anywhere. This song makes me restless and at peace all at once. Very few songs have that effect on me and they are all played on 24K. I hope she keeps on making songs like these because these are the types of tunes that are worth listening to. Cool song and cool singer enough said.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Clear Cool Music: FM By Steely Dan

These days I am surprised by the constant developments in today's technology, particularly when it comes to music. From radios and turn tables to walkmans to discmans to mp3s to ipods, with these new musical devices, you really get clear music flowing through your headphones. Back then, so long as your radio was tune to an FM band, the chances of getting some static was was less than in am. The only problem was whether you had a strong antenna to ensure clear music. When I think about clear music to my ears, I like to listen to SteelyDan's FM.

It's one of the first songs that I listened to when the five of us had a drink during the weekends. It's one of the best songs to describe 24K. Just lay back; get your beer and other "stuff" ready and turn on the volume. With no static and all your favorite drinks and brothers in one place, the night was a sure hit. The best part of it all is when the music matches the mood of the festivities as we'd party till the ice melted and the food and beer floated in our stomachs as we called it a night. Everytime I listen to 24K, those days always come into my thoughts cause they were really cool times.

People ask me with all the new music gadgets, why do I still stick to a beat up radio and use up all my load for requests on that program? The answer is that it's different when you hear it on the radio because it's like going to movie or a concert where you see at the big screen and share the sensation with other people. More than that, it make me feel good that 24K keeps these alive and won't hear them anywhere else. It would make me feel sad if these songs vanished into thin air becase they were all great songs then and now. 24K keeps them alive and with no static if you adjust the knob just right.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Remembering Our Loved Ones: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday By Boyz II Men

Today is All Soul's Day which is the actual day for families to troop to the cemeteries to visit their departed relatives and maybe even chill out for the day. Despite the festive atmosphere, it's actually a sober ocassion where we remember our loved ones who have passed on and the good times we shared with them. I guess I should count myself fortunate that members of my family are still here because the death of my nanny and my Granfather, I never take that for granted. Ever since my nanny and my Grandfather passed away. I now know what the pain of losing a loved one feels like. Many times when I think about them, I wish I could've done more for them and maybe they'd still be here. Whenever I think of times and good people who have passed on, I remember Boz II Men's song "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday".

Everytime I remember when they both passed away, I feel paint in my chest because they were both special to me and I did the best that I could but a series of unfortunate events prevented me from doing more. The best memories I had of my Grandfather was when he took me to a hamburger and sundae joint when I didn't want to go to a movie and when he told other people to cut me some slack when I was being criticized left and right during one of my bad days. My nanny took care of all five of us brothers from the eldest to myself and she did so with all her heart. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them and the times we had.

Many times I wish I could turn back time and done things differently and maybe they'd still be here. I remember I had two seperate dreams about the two of them. Both dreams had me talking with them at a party and the smiles they had illuminated the room and a feeling of joy was all over the place. Someone told me that means that they're happy at where they are right now. I hope that's true because they deserve it. Right now I hope that nothing bad happens to any member of my family because they are a part of me and though death is a natural part of life, it hurts to say goodbye this way.

What Is Immortality: Who Wants To Live Forever By Queen

Last night my parents and I paid our respects to our departed relatives so that we'd be spared the heavy traffic brought about by the observance of All Saint's Day and All'Souls Day. As we headed home, I remember when someone told me about how one can achieve immortality: Write a novel, plant a tree or raise a family. Though the person's advice served as food for thought, nothing really lasts forever in this world. If something really was immortal, it would not be from this imperfect world. Ironically, those who want to be immortal end up croaking early. Whenever the question of immortality comes to play, it reminds of the song "Who Wants To Live Forever" by Queen.

This was taken from the soundtrack of the movie Highlander which I will probably blog about next year. Anyway, there's no question that when loved one or a good friend suddenly passes away, it deeply hurts us because we've shared so many good times with these people that they're a part of us. A lot of times, we would think that they'll always be there for us then tragedy would strike and they're gone forever. Though we aren't immortal, we try our best to leave something behind to ensure that people remember us which is ensures an equivalent of immortality. For the person who talked to me, he believes that the three ways mentioned in the first paragraph are the ways to gain this.

In my opinion, he forgot the fourth way to gain immortality: To do the best that you can for those around you. Your actions and relationships with others determines if people will remember you, let alone immortalize you. It's not just your actions, but also it's motives and sincerity that determines it. When you do this wholeheartedly, people will recognize this and remember it. That's why heroes are immortalized in legends because at the core of it, they did gladly for others with nothing in exchange, making them live on in the hearts and minds of others.