Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Song And Even Scarier Video: Until It Sleeps By Metallica

Today is Halloween and I guess it's time for kids to wear their best costumes as they go from house to house for trick or treat. For others it's time to break out the scary videos or tell eerie stories that make you think twice about stepping out the door in the middle of the night. Sometimes when the wind's breeze seems to blow a little stronger during this ocassion, it can freak you out and as scary images start to fill your mind, you try hard to fight the feeling of your skin crawling which signifies how scared you start to feel about all this horror night ect. Whenever Halloween is being celebrated, I always remember Metallica's song "Until It Sleeps" as well as the video which really creeps me out.

According to some members of youtube, the song is about about one of the band member's mother getting cancer and the way the song is played is like there's this dark force taking over on someone in a very scary way really describes the disease. The emotions of suffering, grief and anger are well express and Metallica is the best when it comes to singing these kinds of feelings. The video is even scarier with it's images of the devil, Adam and Eve as well as all those freaky monsters, culminating with the Christ's crufixition is really gripping. It's like paintings of Goya coming to life.

Well, right now I better get ready as the kids might come knocking on the door and I might as well help out with giving them some candy. I guess this is one of those ocassions which belongs to the kids so might as well give them their due. I just hope that they their yayas and mamas with them to ensure that nothing bad happens. Remember to stay with your group and be careful tonight. There's no sense in getting hurt for some bits of candy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To The Wandering Spirits: Cathedral By Crosby, Stills And Nash

At the last day of October and on the first two days of November draws near, it's that time of the year of back-to-back observance: Halloween on the 31st of October followed by All Saint's Day on Nov. 1st and All Soul's Day on Nov. 2nd. You go from getting candy from your neighbors to visiting relatives who have passed away which makes for a busy three days. For me, when this time of the year comes about, I guess you can say that the spirits are roaming around from place to place. For the fortunate ones, they need not do this because they are already at peace while others still have unanswered questions as well as unfinish business which is why they still stay in this plane of existence. It's kind of creepy, but this is what I think especially when I listen to the song "Cathedral" by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

From the first note, you can tell that this song has an eerie element to it. I think it's about a spirit who goes from place to place seeking something. Based on some of the lyrics, I think that as he is searching for something, he doesn't realize that he is dead until he sees his own tombstone. In the end, he realizes that he can't stay on this plane too long and eventually comes to accept his situation. Despite the haunting nature of this song, it is one of my favorite CSN songs.

I guess when I get home tomorrow, I'll be helping with the candy and then the following day, I have to wake up early to visit our dearly departed relatives and pay my respects to them. As I brace myself for this yearly ritual,I always think about those whom I loved who are no longer here and remember the times that we had, especially the fun and crazy times which makes us miss them even more. They spent some time with us then. I guess now we should atleast spend some time with them on these days in return for the good times we share and to assure them that we still hold them dear in our minds and our hearts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Song: Election Day By Arcadia

November marks a historic event in U.S. history as Americans vote for their candidates for the next President. Though Barack Obama enjoys a strong lead in the polls, John McCain has not thrown the towel and is determined to continue the fight to the end. This is the most watch Presidential Campaign in U.S. history because it's results could affect not only the fate of the U.S., but also the world as well. The campaign period drawing to a close and elections just around the corner, it's going to be a nail-biter for sure. Right now I've got Arcadia's "Election Day" playing in my head from following these developments.

For me, the song speaks of what people, particularly the decadent want to see have come out wants the winning candidates gets proclaimed. Othertimes, I thinks it's about what a winning candidate wants to have after he wins. One thing for sure, for those who threw their support behind their candidates, they're the ones who have a lot at stake as they really dug deep to ensure their boy's victory. The video though sure has a lot of disturbing images about wealth, decadence scheming and even demonic images. I guess they're metaphors for all the going-ons behind the scenes of the campaign.

As I have blogged before, I support John McCain which is why my brother's call me a "Neo Con". If Obama wins though, well I guess congratulations are in order. To both candidates, I wish them well in this tight race for the White House. Just remember do it for your country and people firs and foremost. When it's over, shake hands and walk away with heads held high.

On The Run/What Happens When You Let Rage Control You: Look Away By Big Country

I remember on the movie "Sleepers", Robert De Niro told one of the characters who pulled a prank gone wrong that if you ran away from this, you'll be running forever. Others say "you can run but you can't hide", which for me is very true because even if you elude your pursuers, you'll never have a moments peace. Sometimes when you think you're safe, you're pursuers are just around the corner and you find yourself on the run again. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when you've done a great wrong, running away won't help you much and even if you do get away, you won't have any peace of mind. I guess this is what I think of when I hear Big Country's song "Look Away".

Like I said in my previous entry on the Damn Yankees, crime don't pay but in this song's case, I'll make an exception. In this instance, the guy accidentally killed someone and now finds himself on the run. He tried running as far as he can but eventually the law caught up with him and the sentence was swift. Did he get a fair trial or not was never explained though I guess it was implied that he didn't. As much as he didn't mean, he did kill a man and that alone warrants some kind of sentencing and in those days, you kill someone then you deserve to killed too.

I guess this is the reason I try to keep my nose clean. I don't think I take that kind of pressure, running day in and day out without ever knowing if I'll find peace in the end. I also try to be careful not to let my emotions get the better of me because there could dire consequences for a wrong action one commits. Life is hard enough as it is. One mistake can cost your life to fall apart and everytime I hear this song, I keep that lesson in mind.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reminds Me Of A Wild Dream Where I'm All Over The Place: Call Me By Go West

There are times when I'm really tired after a long hard day, I instantly fall asleep once I close my eyes. During these times, I get dreams where I find myself in different situations. One minute I'm here and then the next minute I'm there. In each situation I never get to see the ending and I find myself awake and getting ready for the day's chores. When I hear the song and see the video "Call Me" by Go West, I get reminded of these experiences.

This is a very upbeat song during my time and everytime I hear it, I feel like something coming up for the night. It's one of those songs where you get excited for some reason. As for the video, just like my dreams, the band was everywhere and in really wierd situations which aren't connected with each other. You can say it was a typical 80's video where they just threw scenes just for the sake of making a video. Still, for some reason, I like the video cause it reminds me of the good old days where you expect something to happen from Friday to Saturday nights.

You know I still get dreams where I couldn't make sense of what's happening. All I know is that I get thrusted from one situation to another until I wake up. The only thing they have in common is that they don't have a conclusion. Sometimes I wonder what happens if a conclusion to the story of all these wierd dreams. Oh well, atleast I got a good night sleep in the process.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bootleg MTV/Progressive Rock: Moving On By Triumph

I remember my first taste of music videos from MTV when my brother's classmate came from the States and brought with him a collection of rock videos on a beta tape 26 years ago. The first time we watched it, we oohed and ahhed at all the great bands whose videos were on that tape. Most of the bands were already moving towards tight pants, spandex and synthesized music. One particular band that our attention was three-piece band who played it really old school rock. Nothing fancy; just alot of mean guitar play as well good great vocals. That band was Triumph and the song was "Moving On".

I liked this band the first time I saw them. With just the basics, they really rocked the stage. Apart from the heavy music, I really like the positive message of the song about always moving or being active. It makes you feel like you shouldn't be passive but keep doing something productive to make something good not only for yourself but also for others. I like the part about keep on moving until we're gone because for me it means that while you're alive, keep yourself busy and if things don't work out, then there's always tomorrow. Now that's music that drives you.

I really miss this band and I wish that there'd be more songs like this. Like I blogged yesterday, I've given up on today's music. I tried but I just can't relate to it anymore. I don't if today's so-called rock stars singing, crying, or choking on a bone. Not to mention the fact that they keep singing about crying over spilled milk as well as blaming everybody except themselves. If that makes me an old geezer, so be it; atleast my music had a lot more quality than the ones being aired today both in substance and in message.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crime Don't Pay: High Enough By The Damn Yankees

Lately I haven't been interested in watching anything in television or the movies. This is because most of the head characters are a bunch of jerks or the storyline promotes bad behavior such causing a so much trouble, getting innocent people hurt and worse, letting them get away with it in the end while the extras or other characters are left to deal with their mayhem. I've seen so much of that crap that I don't even rent DVDs anymore. Call me naive but I longed for the days when jerks really got their butts whipped and were made to realize the severity of their actions. I guess that's why I loved the song "High Enough" by The Damn Yankees and it's video.

The video features a couple who go on a robbing spree and are loving every minute of it. The police eventually catches up with them as the girl gets arrested and the guy is gunned downed by the cops. At the end the girl is sentenced to the death for her crimes and I'll tell you, if other people made this video, they'd probably let them go so they keep stealing cash from hard-working folks(that sucks)!!! For the song, the high vocals and cool guitar riff really got me hooked the first time I heard it cause it really kicks butt. I don't even listen to today's band because I don't know if they're singing, being strangled or some cases yawning.

You know even during my younger years, I never agreed with doing bad to people, especially taking what they've worked so hard for. It even irks me to see some people get away with it because when they are able to do so, they'll do it again and again. Nowadays when I see a show on t.v. or the movies, they even praise badbehavior and term it as a "robinhood" effect. That's the reason why a I like this song's video because for once it should that those do this things eventually get punished. As for the song, the guiters and high vocals still get to me because you hear that kind of quality anymore.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cool Bliss Song: Sultans Of Swing By Dire Straits

With all this reflecting on good times, I often find myself thinking about "Chris The Bliss", who was a good friend of my brothers. He would often hangout at our house and we also hung out at his and it between there were a lot of crazy and funny times we shared with him. There was never a dull moment with him and everytime he was with us, you can bet that we'd be on the floor gasping from too much laughter. One of the best things that he left us was collection of songs that my brothers recorded at his house which he called "Bliss Sounds". Among the songs recorded on that cassette tape was the first song I heard from the band Dire Straits called "Sultans of Swing".

RT's 24K program often played this song which I think is the best of the band. It also reminded me of the good old days when after Karate practice, we would go to the original location of Club Dredd which was first called Red Rocks. We'd get excited as we got nearer to the place and when we got there, we'd enjoy good music and often talked to alot of my collegemates who also came for the beer and good bands. Going back to Chris, the Bliss Man was always had something up his sleeve to make for an exciting evening. Whether it was simply hanging out at home or cruising to a bar or even going to a party, you can expect the evening to be riot with him around.

When he left for the States during the last years of my highschool years, although the parties, gimicks and madcap espades continued, without him, something was missing. To me and I'm for the five of us, Chris, Pok, Ots and their two sisters werer like an extended family to us. To me, they were like an extra set of brothers and with the way we were, you can never have too many brothers not with the escapades we often found ourselves in. Man, I really miss him and his siblings cause we had a not only alot of fun times, but good times as well. I hope one day we see each other again and even if he's changed, that's fine with me cause we shared a lot of great times and with that, there's a bond that will never change.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Feel Good Song: You're The First, My Last, My Everything By Barry White

I remember during the glory days of 24K when they played almost any kind of music so long as it was hit. They went far as the 70's and even the 60's. There was a time when they had a segment devoted to soul and even disco songs. One of the tunes which caught my ear came from the Great Barry White. The song of course, was "You're The First, My Last, My Everything".

It's impossible not to get caught up with this great song. It's one of the best songs that came out of the 70's and one of my favorite "feel good" songs. Whenever I hear it, I just one to stop what I'm doing and listen to it which is the effect of any of my 24K songs. Another great song that I can listen to again and again, especially after a hard day's work. It really brings a smile on my face.

This song enjoyed new life thanks to the series "Ally McBeal" which was the signature song of Peter McNichol's character. I especially liked the part where on his birthday, Barry White came on stage and sang this song. When I heard about his death, it really got me down because we've lost another great singer. RIP Barry and thanks for the great music.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Song About Good Times Gone Bad: Allentown By Billy Joel

Yesterday I was watching CNN's financial which featured how the economic crisis was affecting business and job security in America. It featured one car manufacturing employee who lost her job which was one of the effects of the financial meltdown. The worst part about it was that she was just a few years short of retiring. Yesterday, a father came to my office to ask for the Livelihood Office's telephone number because he wanted to see if there was a way for them to him find the job for his son. It really reminds me just how tough times are and how very little opportunities are out there. Man when I think about all these tough times, it reminds of Billy Joel's song "Allentown".

If I remember right, this song tells about a once booming coal town where there was work for everyone and life was good. As time past, however, the good times started to fade and more and more layoffs began. When there was no more coal or steel ore to mine, the town when just went down. With the way the economic crisis is hitting everyone lately, that might be a reality. I just hope that something can be done because a lot of hard-working people are hit hard by this development.

One lesson that has been embeded in my brain from all this financial mayhem is to be thankful for what you have and don't take it for granted. I've made two terrible career decisions before which really scarred me emotionally that I'm trying to get things together. I know I'm being a bit too cautious but I don't want to find myself down in the dumps. Be that as it may, I hope things get better not only for me and my family, but everyone else as well. Life is hard enough as it is and we don't need it to be any harder.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drunk On Full Moon: Dancing In The Moonlight By Thin Lizzy

I don't know if it's the stress or the boredom, but I'm begining to miss those weekend drinking binges when we were teenagers. During those times, we'd shell out some dough for a case of beer or or couple of bottles of rum and coke. We'd break out some of the tables and chairs in the basketball court after the dinner and let the festivities begin. Like I wrote on my past entries, for what would suppose to be two nights could turn into an eternity of non-stop drinking. The best part was when air was filled with the laughter of me, my brothers and some guest or even our drivers and houseboys who joined in. Whenever I hear Thin Lizzy's "Dancing In The Moonlight" those days just come alive again in my head.

Man, I never realized how much fun the five of us had during those wild and crazy times. People passing stuff around and bottles getting opened and ice was being cracked and even though there were people huddled together, it stopped things from going crazy. Whenever guest came, things got a little rowdy, but never out of control. Pretty soon people where getting very stewed as they started like the title song suggest dancing in the moonlight. The fact that some good tunes, many of which are now 24K classics were played during those occassions made it all the more memorable.

It's been a while since we've done crazy stunts like that. Family and work demands are now the top priority. To add to that, economic constraints also made such gimicks a thing of the past. I guess this is what they mean when the party's over. I hope that's not the case cause it was more than just drinks and crazy stunts, but also the bond that the five of us shared whenever we had this kind of gimicks and that's something I hope is still intact because more than the booze, I value the bond we have now more than ever. Hopefully a day will come when we'd gather again with a lot of booze and laughter as we danced in the moonlight.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rock N' Roll Story: Shooting Star By Bad Company

In every generation, there's always a band or an artist that would burst out of new and hit big in the music scene. You their images and here their songs all over the place and everything they touch turns to gold. Then all of a sudden, they vanish into thin air and you suddenly wonder what happened to them. Some of them went out to other career opportunities; some simply retired and are reaping the fruits of their labor, but there are some who crash and burn and become victims of their own succcess. Whether they couldn't handle their success or simply got frustrated and gave up, it's sad to hear when a talented artist or group bites the dust. One such song that tells this tale is Bad Conpany's "Shooting Star".

It tells the typical rock n'roll cycle of rise and fall. A young talented musician hits the big city, promising to make it big with his music. He and his band scores a hit and they become rich and famous. Pretty soon, the money and fame suddenly becomes too much too handle and things start spinning out of control. Then add some sex, drugs and alcohol the result is a tragedy where the musician dies way before his time. No matter how many times it happens, it's a real sad thing because these people had so much talent and still had a lot to give.

It would take too long to lists down the number of artist who went down this way. One they had in common is that they made us feel good with their music. Sometimes I wish that there was someone there who was looking out for them to make sure they didn't crash and burn the way they did. Atleast their music lives on, especially among their loyal fans. That's why I'm a loyal fan of 24K because whether the artists are one-hit-wonders or established legends, their music is preversed in that program for all to enjoy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

High Blood Pressure/Tense All The Time: Paranoid By Black Sabbath

I knew that one day I was going to be responsible for a lot of things around here which is fine because it's part of life and there's no going around it. The only problem is that I didn't prepare myself properly for this and because of that, there are times when I feel overwhelmed by the things that come my way. I know that life is hard but being told about it and suddenly dealing with it's realities is really too different things. One bad effect of handling all these things at once is that it takes it's toll on a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whenever the pressure builds up, I begin hearing Black Sabath's "Paranoid" playing in my head.

I remember the good old days when this song was played in my family's old garage where my friends' band jammed this song and alot of other metal and blues classic as we dranked and laughed the whole afternoon and even during the evenings. Nowadays, whenever a bad situation arises, this song just goes off inside my head like a bad alarm clock at full volume. It's like being stuck with an electric cattle prod up your butt while you're a sleep and if that's not a rude awakening, I don't know what is. These days if it isn't one bad news, it's another and emotionally, that's like having stress cut at you like a butcher slicing a pieces of beef from slaughtered cow. The worst part about it is just when you finally resolve one issue, another suddenly comes out of nowhere and clobbers you senseless, but then again life is full of surprises and lot of them aren't funny.

They say reality bites and alot of times, that bite can be very painful. You can run, but you cannot hide from it and just when you think you're safe, here it comes and you find yourself on the floor with looking very stupid. So right now I'm doing what I can to face up to this because in the end that's what you have to do. Although I get clonked alot, I'll be damned if I let this beat me. As for those problems that didn't get resolved, well I guess just do better next time. Life maybe hard and sometimes, crazy but I've went through so much just to curl up and wither, so I soldier on and hopefully things would ease and the goods will be here again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

One Hit Wonder Song About Who Really Loves You: Sweetheart By Frankie & The Knockouts

The thing I like about period between the late 70's and early eighties, there were a lot of really cool songs that came out that satisfied everyone's musical taste even if if at times people have different preferences. RT was one of the few radio stations that was able to accomplish this. Whether they were one-hit wonders or enduring legends, RT had a knack of playing songs that would catch anyone's ear. And it was 24K that preversed these great tunes which no other radio station has in their golden hits programs. One of my favorite one-hit wonder songs was from Frankie & The Knockouts called "Sweetheart".

Though it's a romantic song, the reason why I like this song is because of the part where they mention of taking the good with the bad and being in there before. As I've mentioned in the past, I've had my share of taking the good and the bad as well as going through tough times in the past. I sure would wish that there was someone there who'd tell me that things were going to be all right. I couldn't make the connection between the video and the song because I can't understand what boxing has to do with a love song. Still, it's one good song.

In every generation, there will always be some bands who only came up with just one hit song or album. What's important is that these songs or albums gave us some sense of satisfaction or calm. That's the reason why I always listen to RT because they make sure that these one hit wonders will always be remembered and more importantly, so will their music. My suggestion for the present and future generations is that preserve the good music that you hear in the radio. You will never know when you'll hear them again.

A Pretty LadyOf Salvation: Angel By Aerosmith

I was surprised to see Aerosmith back in track when I was in college. Thanks to a remake of his song "Walk This Way" with RUN DMC, he has been able to shake the habit and has been producing a lot of hit songs and albums as well as making a lot of tours which was cool because he had a lot of talent and it would be a shame for it to go to waste. I liked a lot of songs from their 1988 album "Permanent Vacation" which was one of my favorite albums at the time. I still listen to many of the songs in this album to this day. If I were to choose,my best song from this album would probably be "Angel".

I liked this song because it was heavy and at the same time haunting. I guess that's we feel when we have a longing for someone. This feels close to home when I said that loneliness took him for a ride. Hell, we've all been taken for a lonely ride at one time or another. You feel incomplete and helpless and the worst part about it is the only cure for it is to condition yourself to move on.

It would be great though if by some luck, that person comes back to us because everything would be alright again. In my case, I just move on, though sometimes a part of me would have liked a fairytale ending. Even if I never had such an ending, who knows maybe it will be possible in the future. Though I'm not much of a romantic and prefer to stay single, it's one of my cool picks back in college. And in closing, the demonic jewelry still went well with the 30's trench coat and suit.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

That Feeling Of Bliss: All I Want By Toad The Wet Sprocket

Man, all I can say that today was one of those days were you are not only tired, but also pissed off set off by a string of bad developments in a chain reaction. It's times like this that I want to just disappear and find a place to chill and let all the bad energy out. I'll have to admit, once I find that place and feel at ease, I want to just to stay there and forever be in that state of bliss. I guess it takes away all the frustrations of the day and makes you so good that you couldn't ask for anything more. That's the feeling I get when I hear Toad The Wet Sprocket's "All I Want'.

This is one of my favorite 90's song from one of my favorite 90's band. Everytime I hear this song no matter how faint, I want to just drop whatever I'm doing and just enjoy the song. It's the type of song that washes away all the bad taste of the day when things really bear down on you. When you feel that sense of bliss, nothing else matters because you're already in heaven. When you're in that state, you really wouldn't wish for anything else.

Despite that, reality always comes calling and we have no choice but to answer the call. When that happens, it's back to the grind as we face the day's challenges head on. But, no matter how hard it gets, when the day is over and we hear tunes like this, everything is all right again. I guess this is the reason I never get tired of this song whenever I hear it. It's Prozac for the soul.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reason Why I Never Want To Get Married Song: Cinderella By FireFall

Many times I've mentioned in my blog, that I've got a lot of things to fix in my life both financial, mentally and emotionally. Many times I've also mentioned in my entries why I haven't married yet. Due to what I've said to in the first sentence I need to address all these things and if I don't and get married, my life which is at a very fragile situation might shatter at the weight of married life. Apart from not being able to provide for the needs of a family, I don't like the idea of people nagging me and with the way things are, I've got a short fuse and crack-up nerves just dealing with such the present situation. In the end, either I leave my family or my family leaves me or worse. Firefall's song "Cinderella" sums up pretty much my feelings about why I wouldn't get into a relationship, let alone get married.

I feel really sorry for the character in this song. I guess this is what happens when you try to get some comfort only to wind up with an even bigger headache. Whoever this Cinderella chick is went overboard with this guy and now it's shotgun time. I can already picture this guy tearing hear off his hair like Homer Simpson when she drops the bomb. He was looking for a one night stand and is now stuck with a longterm commitment.

One thing in common I have with this guy is that both of us are trying our best to keep our heads above water and it's making us crazy, only I wouldn't seek out that kind of comfort only to be more uncomfortable later on. When you're an adult, you really can't turn your back on things because whether you like it or not, you have to face up to your responsibilities. Even if it's acceptable to leave them, it's still a stigma because you weren't man enough to face up to those responsibilites. So there you have it, the reason why I still don't want to get married. Although I'm not turning my back on it yet, it's just not part of the plan right now and I intend to stick to the plan.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living In An Unsafe Neighborhood: Suburbia By The Pet Shop Boys

Once again I might here it from my brothers once I posted this because this is one of those songs that they never expected me to put in my blog. Anyway, I got the idea for this blog from watching those hood films as well as checking out some of the places that people live where security is at the bottom of the list. As much as it all that some people can afford, I bet they wish they were living in some place where you don't have to look over your shoulder or install multiple locks and alarm systems to safeguard your house. In extreme cases, they have not one, but two or even three fire arms as well as those big jawed dogs that would tear your off limb if you went near them. These are the concepts that come into mind when I hear the song "Suburbia" by The Pet Shop Boys.

No offense meant, I recall I time when I was walking around a really mean neighborhood where everybody gave strangers a mean look and that includes policemen because I was from that place. When they gave me that look, I thought they should worry more about their neighbors than me because there's no telling what they're capable of once they get the urge. One example that came to mind was when I was driving home along the road where there a lot of informal settlers were living and they were crowded around a guy lying on a pavement and by the looks of it he either beaten unconcious or dead. Another time I went to the meat shop and the guy on a bike behind was surround by cops and led away to a van. I guess it's another reminder of how times can be so unsafe and careful.

Another effect of living in such a place is that you have to make sure that your house and what you value is secure from those who would want to break in. I guess when you're thrown into that kind of environment, you do what you can to get by and keep yourself safe. I guess you have impose your own curfew and go straight in and lock the door. I guess I should count myself lucky that I don't live in such a place. I don't think I would have the nerve.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Accepting The Verdict: Let Me Down Easy By Rodger Daltrey

I remember a freshman in college who made friends with a senior who was about to graduate and judging from their rapport, they got along very well. The following year, the senior who graduated with high honors became a professor who quickly earned a reputation for being a "terror" who failed students in large numbers and anyone who was lucky to pass, let alone, get high marks who thank his or her class. As the freshman became a junior, he enrolled in his friend's class and soon found out how nerve-racking his standards were. As he and the rest of the struggled with his routine, he did his best to hold on but to no avail and even before he entered his friend's office, he knew he didn't make the grade. Still, he calmly accepted his fate and even shook his friend's hand, signifying that there's no ill and that they're still friends. When I remember this development, I feel like listening to Rodger Daltrey's song "Let Me Down Easy".

Brian Adams sang as back up and there are some similarities in the guitar play, but when Daltrey sings, it becomes a different song altogether. For a song about breaking the bad news, it's pretty upbeat. It's energy offsets any negative vibes which makes a very cool song. When you see the video and the way Daltrey and Adams sing and move, it takes the sting out of doing the bad deed of the delivering the verdict. It's a very upbeat way of taking the bad things that life throws at you.

There are two things that learned from this memory and one thing that I learned from this song. On the former, the first is that just because you know the person, don't expect things to be easy on you because when you're in class or at work, it's either employer-employee or teacher student and you must act and behave accordingly. Second is that be honest with yourself if you know you didn't do well and accept it. The best thing to do try harder the next time you have the opportunity. On the song is that if you've lost, then go out in style with your head held high. If you loose today, maybe you'll win tomorrow.

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Roger Daltrey - Let Me Down Easy

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Good Adrenalin Rush /Fight Song: Born To Raise Hell By Motorhead

It's been a while since I was able to practice martial arts and I'll tell you I miss it like hell. The part I miss the most is sparing when your sensei calls you all together and divides you into two lines and gives the signal to begin. Techniques start flying as shouts and thuds of blows fill the air. Time stands still as you pound your opponent until your master yells "Stop" only to change partners and the cycle repeats itself. You go home all banged up, yet feeling good as you learn something spiritually and test yourself physically. As always, there's nothing like a good metal song to pump up the energy and one good song that I would listen to psyche up is "Born To Raise Hell" by Motorhead.

What I like about the song is that there's no theatrics about it. Like AC/DC, it's very direct and has no theatric element to it. It literally hammers it's point straight home. When you're in a match, that's exactly what you want: That feeling of being able to blast through your opponent and not having to restrained by anything. It's the part when fear no longer grips you as you get into the heat of the moment is when you know that your in a good fight. When it's over, win or lose, you feel really good about giving your all in the fight which for me at the time is the best way to end the week.

As I have blogged recently, financial and family issues have prevented me from resuming my martial arts training which really had me down. Too many things need to be done that I have my hands tied at the moment. Hopefully, if what I'm working on bears fruit, then I'll be able to go back to training. Even if it's been a long time, I still want to resume my work. When that day comes, I'll be fully geared and fully psyched and let loose with everything I've got.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Image Over Substance Isn't Cool: LowDown By Boz Scaggs

Ah, the things we do to impress people just to make us look and feel cool. Some people are willing to go beyond their means just to please themselves and others is something that I never understood, let alone accepted. This is because it you make look and feel cool at the moment, but sooner or later it's going catch up with you and when it does, it's hello skid row. When the truth comes out, you'll be lucky if you just look like a fool who tried to be someone that you never were. The worst part was the fact that you were living a very expensive lie. I'd rather have people like me for who I am rather than an image that I like people will like me for which I'm not both character and financial wise. Nobody sings this better than Boz Scaggs in his song, "LowDown".

For a song that tells it as it is, he does it with alot of class. There are people out there who want to live the high life. Whether it's hanging with the "in crowd" in high school or college, or wanting to get in with the in with the rich and famous, there are people out there who would want to get in to an exclusive and high class inner circle, because they think that it would boost their social status and image by being part of these elite groups. The sad part is they can't keep up due to the extravagant life style and worst is they either become a lackey of these people or wind up getting more isolated than before since they can't fit with the group. In the end they just can't keep up with the jones and wind up stranded in the middle of the road.

I'm no saint, but I would rather hang out with the good folks and these could be anybody so long as they accept you for who you are and not for the brand or your clothes or the thickness of your wallet. Even if the person is a complete opposite of me, if there is something that we can agree on or even laugh about, that person is cool in my eyes. I'd go with anybody so long as they're honest and yes to me being honest is the ultimate form of cool. That's where you'll know you've struck gold and it's better than any gold bar, coin, jewelry kind. I've got nothing against designer fashion, fancy hangouts or any of the sort, but one of the important things that I've learned in life is that substance isa better than image any old time and not only that it's cooler because it's the real deal.

Memory Flashes While Commuting: Time Passages By Al Stewart

One good thing about boarding a bus or the LRT when going home late is by that time, it's not difficult to get a seat and relax a bit, although you still have to be on your guard against strangers. Be that as it may, once you are able to sit down and relax, there are times when you get memory flashes as you head for home. In my case, the bus or LRT ride would take me an hour which is more than enough time to reminise of things from the past. It only stops when it's time to get off and you arrive at the front door. Whenever I get lucky enough to enjoy a such a ride, I wish the song "Time Passages" by Al Stewart would be playing as I make my journey.

It's the perfect song to reminise as you make you're journey home by commuting on a bus or the LRT during the last trip. Maybe it's the fatigue or the stress, but when it's not crowded on these modes of transportation, a lot of thoughts from the past can just race through your head from nowhere. Apart from that, you also get a chance to access what happened during the day. One thing for sure is that whatever stressed you out, it's best to leave it at work. Just try to relax if you have the opportunity as you make your way home.

You can also say that it's a commuting song in a sense that when I go home late, I always hope that I have enough change or I get to make it to the last trip. It's either that or take the jeep which can be very unnerving when going home late at night. That's one downside to going home late because by then, you really have to be careful and I mean careful. Oh well at least there's no traffic. Just remember, get home and safe and sound to face another day.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't Take Anyone For Granted: Who Will You Run To By Heart

I remember a guy I once knew who had a very good friend who was willing to do anything and I mean anything to help him. If he was broke, that person gave him some cash or if he needed referrals that person provide him some. Yet when that person would as him a small favor which was can be so easily accomplished, he always avoided doing so and even preferred to be with people who never helped him rather than go with that person. Then one day that person disappeared and eventually he realized what hed lost because no one went the extra mile for him and that person did so whole-heartedly without asking for anything in return. Whenever I remember that story, I remember the song "Who Will You Run To" by Heart.

The song talks about a person who's about ditch his or her partner for someone else with even thinking of what might what next. These people don't even know that what they're going for is just a temporary thrill and when they realize it, it's too late. They don't know how valuable these people are until they are no longer there and they find themselves alone. These days when I watch television and I see these kinds of characters get taken care of a warm or caring person only to ditch them for some sassy broad or stud who is unfortunately, the main character, you'd rather watch the news instead. I guess that's the reason why Cheaters is one of my favorite reality shows.

When people go the extra mile for you, don't treat them like dirt. People like these are a rare find. This is especially true now that things are so cutthroat. Anyone who does this to their spouce, best friend or families who supported them is full crap in my book. In the end, never take anybody for granted, especially when they help you because they want to. Just like in my entry of the Kink's "Catch Me When I'm Falling": Don't Do Any Favors, Don't Ask For Any.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Going Solo: Yankee Rose By David Lee Roth

Whenever I watch Adam Sandler's movie The Wedding Singer, I remember the scene where he tells his ex-fiancee to take off his Van Halen t-shirt before she jinx the band and they brake up. Actually, they did and from what I remember, it was one of the biggest news in the the entertainment industry at the time. I have to admit when I first heard the single "Jump", I was surprisedd because something was missing and that was the that heavy substance that I often hear from the past songs and the fact that kids dance to this song which is suppose to be a rock song was something I found very disturbing. I felt that if they came out with another album, they would probably go down the glam-rock route and fade away in spandex and hair spray. Well when Roth did part ways with the group, he went solo and launching song was called "Yankee Rose".

When I heard the song and saw the video, it had all of Diamond Dave written all over it. The heavy theatrics and loud outfits plus all that jump and kungfu moves on the stage. I have to admit, being part of that era, I liked those kinds of songs at the time and still do. For me, the problem was that he didn't try to make any kind of transition to the next era. From that observation, despite his success, it didn't take long before he dropped out of the limelight. He was able to come up with another album in the 90's, did loung acts in Las Vegas, wrote his memoirs, tried radio and thrashed any hopes of a reunion. It's a shame his band broke up which had some of the best musicians at the time including Billy Sheehan and Steve Vai.

So what did I learn from all of this, you would ask? Whether you're musicians, soldiers, policemen, teachers, cooks or even janitors, when you're in a group, all be in harmony with each other. There'll always be frictions because people aren't perfect, but make sure it doesn't get too intense that it'll affect the whole group. I guess we'll never why Roth and Van Halen parted ways. There are a lot of speculations, but only they know the truth.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

San Agustin Days: Always Something There To Remind Me By Naked Eyes

Although I haven't attended any reunion since 1989, lately thoughts about my old high school always pop up in my head. I guess it's because I've been working too hard and stressed out that I'm longing for the good old days. Although, I was a loner, I had to admit that I had some good times and met a lot of cool people way back then. Yet whether I'm at work or walking the streets or even at home listening to the radio or watching television, there's always something out there that takes me back to the days of my youth. When I hear Naked Eyes' version of "Always Something There To Remind Me", it's RT, highschool and nostalgia all rolled in one.

Everytime, I tune in to 24K, this is one of the songs that will definitely be played even if it isn't requested. You can say that's a testament to it's popularity. I have to admit this song takes me back to the more carefree days of school when I would see students coming in before the bell rang and many of them clustered in certain areas where they would talk during break times. I have to admit the best times that this song takes me back to was during the dance shows when aerobics outfits was in style. Now that I clearly remember (in a good way).

Lately, when I look at the trends that the kids today are following, it seems that they are once again reviving 80's fashion and music. All the pants are getting skin tight and the spiky-styled hair is once again in style. Even the music sounds more like 80's pop and rock. I'm afraid to admit that it still pales in comparison to the original times. So in closing for a person who is always nostalgic, I guess I don't have to worry cause no matter where I look or go, there'll always be something there to remind me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Day's End That Matters: Say A Prayer By Duran Duran

Apart from the battle scene at Agincourt, one of my favorite scenes in Kenneth Branagh's Henry The V is the night before the battle when one soldier mention's that it's not the day's begining but the day's end that worries him. Nowaday's it's what happens at the end that always hangs heavy on my head. Every night, I say a prayer of the things I hope tnough I think I should pray for strength and wisdom to do what has to be done for the day so that it would end peacefully. I guess that's one of the reasons why people sometimes get disappointed when they're prayers don't get answered at the end of the day because we want it so bad that if it hurts when things don't turn out as planned. When I hear Duran Duran's "Say A Prayer", my thoughts always turn to the day's end.

I'll have to admit this is a good song to listen to when you have a lot on your mind and there are things that you want to accomplish where there is a lot at stake. For some reason, it helps me loosen up whenever I feel tense due to the pressures that bore down on me. Apart from that, I always get in a "reflective mood" when this song is being played as I hope for a good ending to the day. The fact that the video was made on a white sandy beach where there were scenes of waves rolling also added more to the relaxing element of the song. I can already feel the cool breeze and smell the salt of the seas when I listen to this tune putting me at ease as the day draws to a close.

Some days end good while others end bad, well, that's life I guess. No matter how you try, some days don't always end well, infact some are terrible from dusk to dawn. Whether a day ends good or bad, at least I know the result at the end. Well for the good days, I say cool and for the bad, I say, there's always tomorrow. No matter what, I'll still say a prayer at the end of the day.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Best Song To Bust Heads: Shake A Leg By AC/DC

At first I didn't know to approach today's entry, but thanks to a certain development that left me angry as hell, I think I won't have any problems because a certain adrelin rush or a flare of temper is all I need to get it done. You know what I miss most about practicing martial arts is the fact that when it's time for sparring, it's the best time to really let loose with all the energy and strike hard and fast as the session begins. Once the instructors give the signal to begin by shouting, punches,kicks,sweeps and throws come into play as you do your best to beat your sparring partner. Sparring is the high point in training where you not only test your skills but also bring out all your energy to win the match. For me, best song to start the session is AC/DC's "Shake A Leg".

First time I heard this song, I knew it was a song for fighters. The start of the song makes me think of the preparations for the sparring session and as it goes into full swing, so does the sparring as shouts and thuds of strikes, sweeps and throws fill the dojo. All the while the adrelin pumping throughout your body as you spar with one person after another. Whether you win or loose, when the fight is over all that negative energy dissipates from your system and you really good. I'm not surprised that Mix Martial Arts fighters like Randy Couture and Rich Franklin use AC/DC songs to enter the octagon to get themselves pumped up.

Right now I've cooled off a bit after that annoying incident, but I also have to admit the fact that I couldn't blow off some steam through sparring and working out on martial arts techniques really has me feeling melancholic. Atleast back then, there was an outlet for getting negative vibes out of my system. Now all I have left is a room with faded orange colored walls which drive me crazy when I look at it. Man I hope something good turns up soon because this situation really sucks. I hope that when I get things in order and I do mean WHEN not IF, I will resume my martial arts training and get this negative energy out of my system.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Really Good Road Trip Song: Let It Roll By Bachman Turner Overdrive

Like I said in some of my previous entries, sometimes driving down the highway when there's no traffic is a good for the nerves because you get your thoughts together and you get to see some good sights along the way. Sometimes driving down the road with your brothers and your buddies in search of something to do is just as good if not better. Sharing jokes and laughter as you speed across the road without a care in the world is one coolest things I enjoyed with them when I was young. It really goes to show just how tight we are. One of the best songs to listen to when whether alone or cruising with a group along the road was Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Let It Roll".

It's a very aggressive song that makes you want to floor it when there's no traffic on the road and once it gets into your system, you just all the pressure and problems as if they just fell of the road. When you're with your crew, it gets better and when you're jacked up, don't be surprised as everybody starts singing along to the song as the car speeds down the highway. Don't be surprised to see a lot of loud mouths and twisted expressions on the faces of your buds as they strain their throats out to the tune and shake their heads up and down. When I think about, I'm glad cellphones with cameras were not yet invented because I would hate to see what we looked liked singing along with this song.

I bet it's songs like these are the reasons why they came up with show Motormouth because there's no way that you wouldn't lose yourself these kinds of songs cause whether you're cruising or not, it's a catchy song. As I write this, I realize that it's been a long time since we done something like this. Once again deadlines and assignments at work as well as other developments have kept us from gimicks like these. Still I hope that before the year ends we brothers and buds get together again and cruise on down the road like we did way back then cause right now, a little bonding can do us good.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Always Have To Apologize: All Apologies

Once in a while I always feel the sting of my mistakes and in my family, they don't make you forget it. Whether it's thiing that I did or didn't do, I do know that I'm going to hear about for a long time. That's the reason why I'm doing my best to stay clear of the radar by keeping myself out of trouble. You can't protest because in the end, you messed up. When I hear the song "All Apologies", it reminds me of those times and where the mistakes I made felt like someone branded the "scarlet letter" on my forehead for all to see.

To say to err is human though I think whoever said that never had to face the consequences of the error that he committed. Making mistakes is one of the things that I truly dread because I really felt the consequences of my error. Even now when I'm trying to get my act together, I can't help but think that someone would probably be talking of the times when I screwed up or why I wound up in this situation. As much as I would like to reason out, let alone present my case, in the end, I screwed up and my defense will be taken as excuses for my shortcomings.

As much as it almost ripped me apart, I didn't want to just lie down and give up, especially after working so hard and obeying all the rules. The person I wanted to be wouldn't curl up and faded away and after all that I've been through, I'll be damned if I'll let that happen. Nobody likes making mistakes, but I've learned that a person can still rise above it if that person is strong enough. I'm willing to take the sermons and the punches because it's the right thing to do, I hope I learn from it and do better. Maybe that way, I'll finally be able to bask in the sun with a wide smile on my face again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just A Small Town Boy: Small Town By John Mellencamp

When we were young, we all enrolled in Coleigio San Agustin which was located in Dasmarinas Village in Makati which a then new school were a lot of rich kids studied. Unlike my brother, my initial experience in that's school wasn't very good. I just couldn't fit in with these kids and the environment was very harsh that I dropped out. After that, I wound up in a very small school called Saint Cyr Academy which was the complete opposite of CSA. Yet, it was good enough for me and I finished my elementary period there before going back to CSA to study highschool. Whenever I think about the time I spent in that makes me want to listen to John Mellencamp's "Small Town".

The reason for this is because although that school was primitive compared to CSA, nevertheless,it was in that small "hick" school that I started to come out of my shell. The people there were simple yet warm and had none of that arrogant snobish air that CSA students had. Sure many of them were from the "bakya" crowd but I had a fun and made a lot of friends there than I did in CSA. We all knew each other and though there wasn't much to do, I enjoyed my stay there. I also remember my brothers' annoying remarks as they tried to make go back to CSA, which at the time was repulsive thought to me because no matter how sophisticated and up-to-date they were, I still prefer the company of the small town folks.

Eventually I went back to CSA for my highschool studies and by some good luck, I was able to make friends with a lot good people who weren't in fad thing. A lot of years have passed after highschool came college and then the the real world where I still have a lot of things to sort out. Despite that, these days, I remember those times in St. Cyr Academy by John Mellencamp - Small Towecause that place not only shaped me, but also help me come out of my shell. It was my "small town retreat" from the "Big City". More than that, lately I'm begining to appreciate my time there even more because for the first time, I was with my people and though simple as they were, they were still good people nevertheless. I guess nowadays, I consider myself a small town hick and proud of it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Be Afraid Of Change: Roll With The Changes By Reo Speedwagon

I have to admit I'm a very structured guy. Once I get something established, whether it be a routine or a structure, it's hard for me to make adjustments when someone throws a wrench in the machine. It really annoys me when that happens because these days it's so hard to finally put things in order only to have sudden developments turn your world upside down. Be that as it may, I remember what my brother told me when I ask him for advice and he said not to worry and roll with the waves which I keep in mind especially now that change is once again upon me. With that in mind, I feel like listening to Reo Speedwagon's song "Roll With The Changes".

The opening of the song always startles me when I hear it, but then I eventually ease myself up and enjoy the song. It's a really cool song that really gives great advice when things are happpening so fast. It reminds of what I read in the military book "Soul Of Battle" by Victor Davis Hanson regarding Patton's approach to mapping out a strategy after considering all the factors involved. At the end of reading that book, one of the best lessons I learned about the man is to make the plan fit the situation which shows how flexible he was. I guess that's the reason why the he was great strategist, though unfortunately, he's more remembered as war-monger and a bigmouth.

I know it's easier said than done because I'm very adamant and when I want something done, I want it done the way I envision it. With opportunities getting scarce and hard times getting harder, I realize I need to be a bit more flexible and must adapt to the situation inorder to make things work. I just hope that what I'm working on will bear fruit but if there are going to be a few bumps along the way, I'll keep this song and that book's lessons in mind. I know it's annoying but once things clear up, do something to fix the problem rather keep on ranting. Until I'll go with the changes till things change in my favor.