Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy Beatles Cover :Darling By The Beatles

I remember one time, my brothers and I went to Club Dredd on a Saturday night and the place was packed. Onstage was a bad with really drunk lead singer who long frizzy hair and was doing crazy moves as he sang. He really had the crowd going as he belted out the song with raw emotion. When we were watching him, we were both applauding and laughing at his crazy antics as he sang his song. That song was "Darling" by the Beatles.

There are several Beatles tunes that I like and some of them I have entered in my blog, but this one I had a new appreciation for thanks to that guy. Whenever it got played on 24K, I can't help bursting out in laughter at the way he gyrating on stage and all the girls screamed back then. you can also say that this song is a cry for desperation when someone wants to break it off. As I have blogged before, if it won't work don't force it. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone listening to this song after a breakup is in run down bar guzzling down a case of beer to drown his or her sorrows.

It always makes me feel good whenever I hear my favorite 24K songs on the weekend as it takes the years off me and I feel like a kid again. I just hope that the management would allow tunes that were played during the 70's and even the 60's to be played on this program again. All of them are gems to me because they remind of the good times and good people I spent those times with. As for those who listen to this song on the verge of a break-up, lots of luck with getting it together.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Forrest Gump Syndrome: Let Her Cry By Hootie And The Blowfish

One of my favorite movies during the 1990's was Forrest Gump which won Best Pictures at the Oscars. It was one of the best "feel good" movies that I've seen and also one of the most inspiring because for all those things to happen to a one person is nothing short of a miracle. The only thing that I didn't like was the way Jenny kept treating him by always leaving him even when he was always good to her. Although they finally married, she died due to a virus which we all know today as A.I.D.S. I have to hand it to Forrest for his undying devotion and love for someone keeps running away and always gets intoxicated which is something that I don't think I can handle. When I see that movie and the awkward relationship that they have, I remember the song, "Let Her Cry" by Hootie And The Blowfish.

This song goes out to all those who love someone with either a "habit" or problem. You must really love a person this problematic if you willing to go through this kind of relationship where you have to put up with a very volatile partner cause if they're not making a scene, they're probably passed out and made a heck of a mess. Sometimes though it will get to you when things go too one-sided and you call on all your inner strength to keep on going. It's hard but if it they're worth it, you would go through and endure everything in this one-sided affair.

You can say this is another reason why I don't go into relationships, let alone get married. These days, things get too one-sided and only one person does all the effort. Relationships for me are a team thing and although we should support our partners, they should be aware when we are the ones hurting. We have feelings too and we need some time to sort things out just the way they do when they get intoxicated and what not. Despite, we all need some time out for ourselves and when see people we care about get into a dark and sorrowful mood, let's give them time to get it together when they cry, let them cry.

Let Her Cry - Hootie And The Blowfish

When It Really Hurts: Heartbreaker By Grand Funk Railroad

There were a lot of times when I think about the what could'ves in my life that never came to be. Especially when it comes to the times when I got dumped alot. Whenever that happens, at best I feel like a deflated balloon and at worse, like I was punched with recoiless rifle at pointblank range. Inshort, my heart just fell to peaces on the floor. That's the idea with I get when I hear the song "Heartbreaker" by Gran Funk Railroad.

For anyone who saw their world come apart, this is the song that they should listen. No other song express the agony and grief one fells during a heartbreak. I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there was listening to this song in a smelly bar with case of beer of a couple of large bottles of whiskey at high volume adding to the need to drink to the death. If the dumpee is a health buff, I'm not surprise if he's either bench-pressing twice his body weight or punched a hole through the punching bag out of rage. Either way, when it really hurts, you need to let it out.

Sometimes you try to put on a brave face and try to gracious about your loss. Eventually though, it will come to a point where your pent-up grief and boils over and you don't even care if you go crazy but you don't want to pretend anymore and want to just get it out of your system. As crazy as it is, it's still part of the healing process. Once it out of your system, then you can really get yourself together and go on with your life. Sure heartaches are bad, but it's still part of life and what is important is that we learn from it in the end.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Need Time To Heal: Take It Easy On Me By The Little River Band

A couple of days ago, I blogged about letting a partner go when the relationship was going nowhere and how it was best for both parties involved. Still once it ends, it isn't that easy to get over the hurt. This is true when you see or bump into your ex and all of a sudden emotions start to flood your very being and you feel like some venom incapacitated you. It hurts even more when they awkardly say goodbye and hurry off, leaving you standing there holding back the grief. Whenever I think of those situations, I remember the song "Take It Easy On Me" by the Little River Band.

A lot of times, I play this song when things don't turn out well for me, especially during relationships. It really hurts when you the fish escapes you're line, no matter how hard you pull. It's even worse when you go to places that remind you of your ex which used to be fun but now becomes hollow after that person has left you. Although, you know you made the right the decision, when the brake-up or the rejection is still recent, everything else is a blurr and even if you have other things to attend to, the pain is so intense that the world just stops and you find shelter where you can let it all out. First comes the numbness followed by the sorrow as the memories of what was flow out of your body through your tears as you surrender to the hurt.

Time heals all wounds and eventually we get over it because we should. In time, we just chalk it up as one of life's lessons about relationships. If there's anything I've learned from experiences like these is that we need time to heal and we shouldn't lie to ourselves that it's nothing. Just take a moment and let it all out before doing anything else. We will rise above it later on and continue with our lives. In the meantime, just take it easy on the individual because this is really hard to accept.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EDSA's Animal Farm: Talking About A Revolution By Tracy Chapman

Right now we celebrate the EDSA Revolution where 23 years ago, People flocked to EDSA and through peaceful means ousted Dictator Ferdinand Marcos from power. Remember I was in third year high shcool when that happened. When people gathered in EDSA, me and my family went went and we took part in a three day historic event that changed my country. Unfortunately, it failed to take advantage of the golden opportunity we had to make real changes in this country and as a consequence, things are worse off now than before. When I think of the time when it started, I remember Tracy Chapman's song "Talking About A Revolution".

We were hailed by the world because we were able to achieve our goal without the use of violence and when that happened, all we needed to do was make real change come about. Unfortunately, we underestimated the old status quo and some of our so-called heroes started to show their true color and once again plunged this country into new lows which have gotten deeper today due to the world financial crisis. The worst part is opportunist think that anotherEDSA is the answer to the problem. If that's what they think, the method of a peaceful revolt will now be manipulated by so-called power seekers and the worse part is they're using the people and the concept of people power for their own personal gain which tragic.

Nowadays whenever EDSA rolls by, it saddens me that we did not make full use of the opportunity that we had achieved 23 years. If we keep on using people power a tool for change the way we have, we will never have a legimate government and the people will be manipulated once again to change one dictator with another. People need to open their eyes if they want real change to happen. If not then, we've proven that George Orwell's book Animal Farm is true and it's happening now as once lauded movement have been corrupted by the powerhungry who are using the masses for their own gain.

Before You Say I Do: Love Rears Its Ugly Head By Living Color

I remember when I was younger, I read an article in Reader's Digest regarding how men feel or think about love. While some praised love as great feeling that makes one complete, others scorn it because a lot of times, they have felt vulnarable and weak. For these guys, love wasn't so kind to them since many of them have are still reeling from the hurt caused by love. Sad to say, there are times when love can be just as cruel as sorrow or rage. That's the idea I get when I hear the song "Love Rears It's Ugly Head' by Living Color.

This song goes out to those who were victims of love. As I have blogged yesterday, you know you're on the losing end of love when things are out of your control and everything becomes so distant. The next thing you know you're in a cage of your own making and the final touch is when you say the words "I Do". I can relate to that part about waking up all sweaty from those two words. If that was real, you've just locked yourself up and thrown away the key.

Maybe I'm saying this because at the moment, I'm not ready for a relationship and I haven't found the right one yet. These days, the right one may not even be the one no matter how right that person seems to be. Right now, I like being in control even if my life is a mess at the moment. So long as I have my friends and family's love with me, that will be enough. Until then, love of that kind will have to wait because one mistake and it'll rear it's ugly head and it will be ugly.


Monday, February 23, 2009

That Kind Of Love I Don't Need: Tainted Love By Soft Cell

Just because love is in the air, that doesn't mean it's always good. Love also has a bad side to it as well. You can tell when thing aren't so good when you always find yourself on the bad end of the relationship. Whenever something happens, you look like the fool in front of everybody while your so-called partner simply scurries off the background. When that happens, it's time to put your foot down and end this nonsense. That's what I feel when I hear the song "Tainted Love" by softcell.

These days when you look at relationships, very seldom do you see both sides benefitting from the union. For me, love becomes tainted when you feel that your mate either fools around behind your back or makes a martyr out of you just to get what they want. For me, trust and mutualism are very important if I'm going into a relationship because it's not fair for one person to always carry the burden or to just give in. What one person does for you, do the same for them and always be honest with them because they love you. When someone betrays me, they'll be lucky if I just walk away from it, because I'm a very open person and willing to accept criticisms for my mistakes but that doesn't mean they have the right to treat me that way and if they do, then their cowards who are not worth my time.

Trust is important to me and I want BOTH of us to be happy and for to happen we have to learn both be considerate and honest with each other. Although I'm not in a relationship, I do believe that if only one person is happy, that's not fair. Lately, I've learned that it is important to speak your mind which is vital to identify the problems that are arising from an unfair relationship. It's not worth staying in a relationship where you always get hurt and if they don't change, hit the road jerks!! That kind of love I don't need and never will.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not At The Moment: Somebody To Love By Jefferson Airplane

I remember when I was riding with my brother a few years back and we were talking about marriage since he was going to take the big plunge the following year. I remember how we use to talk about it and how he said it was part of the plan that he had for the future. The funny part about was when we were watching the movie The Cable Guy and Jim Carey's character started singing that Jefferson Airplane song "Sombody To Love" and we broke out laughing. It just occured to me lately, that a lot of people keep asking that question and when they do, I think about this song.

Once in a while I get bugged by the question if I have any plans of getting hitched. Sometimes I can understand their curiousity cause I'm getting older and white hairs are starting to sprout on my head and my beard. Old school people keep insisting that you're not complete if you don't do the M word, but right now, that's not on my list of priorities. It takes a lot of responsibity and even if you don't have a plan, you should atleast have some kind of security to see you through cause the first few years are going to be rough. More importantly, how well you love sombody is reflected by how you're going to go through the bad times because there's going to be more bad times than good and it's only when things fall apart where you see who stays and who runs.

I really don't have plans for that now and all I want is some peace and quiet. If you don't have that, you better not think of getting married because any emotional baggage that you have will increase a thousand fold. There are also a lot of things that I have to straighten out which I should have done a long time ago. Maybe when things get a little organized and I finally straighten things around me will I start to think about and while you're alive, anything is possible. So the next time somebody ask me if I have somebody to love, the answer is not at the moment.

Something More Meaningful: Higher Love By Steve Winwood

Finding love isn't always enough for some people. They need to know if this love is strong or is it just for the moment cause if it is the latter, then it's not worth it. When people are searching for love, they want something with meaning not blind love that just rushes in only to regret it latter on. It really has to touch you in some way if it is truly special. I got that idea from the song "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood.

I remember when this song came from during the late '80s which was one of my favorites in college. Apart from a good song to listen to with your buddies, it makes you if there more to life out there. I sometime think that I get cast into a rigid environment that everything feels so stiff. I also don't go for shallow dates with people I don't know, let alone whose company I'm not comfortable with. When I hear this song, I get the feeling there's this really cool atmosphere around me where everything and everyone is all right and when I feel that then I know I've found that higher love.

Right now I've got alot of things to deal which makes people think I don't care about higher love. On the contrary, I do and I try to put a little of it in my everyday routine. I guess when you spread the love around, you can tell that the quality becomes higher. At present, I'm content witht the love that I get from friends and family because I know that kind of love is always the real deal. Hopefully, I find that kind of love of the highest state where everything is enveloped by it. There is higher love and one day it will conquer all.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Letting Go : I Won't Stand In Your Way By The Stray Cats

Let's face it: not everybody wins at love. If there are winners, then there are also losers. You can try to fight for that heart all with all your might, but if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. As much as it hurts, you have to face the sad fact that she or he isn't for you. When you do accept it, let them go and walk away. I got that concept from the song "I Won't Stand In Your Way" by The Stray Cats.

You can already tell the signs that it's not going to work out when things are being forced which should never be the case between two people. There should also be no secrets between them and when you feel that they're hiding something, it's a sign that cracks are starting to appear and are getting bigger. The worst part is when the other becomes cold to you and has that longing look on their faces which should make it clear that they're not happy and you'll be unhappy pretty soon as well. When the signs appear, it's best to call it quits because it's not working out. Better nip it at the bud before things get really nasty and nobody wants that.

In some ways, parting ways is also a strong jesture of love because in doing so, you're giving that other person a chance to be happy and you also get a chance as well. I remember when Wolverine voluntarily left Mariko and when they asked him why he did it, he said because she asked him to and he believes that strengthens love no matte how much it hurts. It takes a big heart to make such a sacrifice for the ones they care about and that's a very good example. They that love is free and it was meant to be, it'll come back to you even if you let it go and I believe that. In the end, give them a chance to be happy with other people and maybe you'll find what's meant for you so let them go and wish them well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing To Worry About: It's Only Love By Bryan Adams With Tina Turner

Just as I blogged yesterday, love happens when some starts to make you feel a certain way. Trouble is you find yourself doing things that you don't usually do. Alot of times, you begin to feel and even act like a fool, especially if the person that you like is there. Well love can do that to a person. This reminds of Bryan Adam's song "It's Only Love" with Tina Turner.

A lot of times you feel awkward and clumsy when you see that person approaching because you want to do be your best to impress her or him. Instead you wind up acting like the comedy relief which is really embarassing. A lot of times, things don't make sense to you anymore as what was once routine needs to be relearned again. In the end, one thing and one thing only matters to you and the rest pales in comparison. This only ends when you've finally won that person's heart.

Well when you look at it, that's how powerful love is when it gets a hold of you. Somewhere in the middle of it all, you still need to keep your head on your shoulders and in good working order. There comes a time when you have to get a hold of yourself and make sense out of what's happening to yourself and the things and people around. When reason and emotion agree with each other, I believe that's when you're on the right path and everything will be okay. Just don't worry cause it's only love my friend and we've all felt it a lot of times before.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Love Takes Root: Got A Hold On Me By Christine Mcvie

Everytime the weekend rolls in, all I can think about is the list of songs that I would request on 24K and save on load so I can text for my favorite songs. In this month of hearts, 24K sure has a lot of love songs and as I have blogged before, I'll filling a lot of my entries with loves songs played on 24K. I have already entered some songs of Fleetwood Mac which is one of all-time favorite bands. When Christine Mcvie came out with a solo album when it I was in highschool, one single became one of my all-time favorite 24K songs. The song's title is "Got A Hold On Me" and it clearly describes how love takes root and why we don't want to let it go.

It starts when someone always gives you support and never lets you down. For some reason, that someone always makes you feel good whenever you are together. It really is love when they stand by you in the worst times as well as the best. When you finally realize it's love, you won't let it go and will fight to have it with you. It really gets a hold of your heart when it's love.

Apart from a love song, this tune really makes me feel good whenever I hear it on the radio. Like all 24K songs, this really stops me in my tracks. I only saw the video of this song only once in my entire life and that was way back in first year highschool and thanks to online video streams, I can see from begining to end. A true gem of a song which I will neve tire for the rest of my life. Long live 24K forever!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Very Direct Love Song For Those Who Are Really Hooked: Keep On Loving You By Reo Speedwagon

Man, it's sure is difficult to blog about love songs, but so long as it's still February, I'll keep on blogging about them. One about the music during my time was alot concerned the L word (Love) which is why many of them are still popular to this day. I guess the reason for this is because they really aim for the heart. Once the song starts, the rest is history. One such song that really embodied this was by Reo Speedwagon called "Keep On Loving You".

For those loved one person and one person only, this is probably their song. Once you fall hard for that person, nothing else matters and this song describes that feeling very well. I have to admit the first time I was struck, there was nothing else I could think about. I'm not surprised if other people feel the same way cause the first time it hits you, it hits you hard. You're lying on the floor and wondering why you're there.

For those hopelessly hooked, their world revolves around one person who intentionally or unintentionally stole their hearts. Now if only they can get their heads out of the clouds and figure out what their next move is, maybe they can win them in the end. The hard part about it is if they are able to set things in motion or spend most of the time sighing on what could have been. Only time and the person's determination will tell if things go happily ever after or not. If it does, then they will keep loving them forever.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Power Ballad: Open Arms By Journey

Even though Valentine's Day ended last Saturday, love is still in the air as February enters its second half. I'm not surprised if there were a lot of things that happened this weekend involving people's hearts. Some were joined while others parted ways and some reunited. One thing's for sure, once you've been struck by Cupid's arrow, it's withdrawal syndrome is worth than any drug. If the feeling is really that strong, there's nothing or no one else who'll fill except that person who caotured your heart. When I hear Journey's song "Open Arms", it reminds of that longing for that significant other.

This song first came out around 27 years ago and it still packs a punch to the heart. I'm not surprised if a single guy heard this song, he'd feeling pretty lonely if he's in a bar gulping down his third drink for the night. This is one of those few songs that never fails to melt your hard exterior no matter how old it is. When that feeling of longing gets to you, you really have to find a way to satisfy it. Boy, I thought I'd never get through this paragraph because wriring about this song is tough on the system.

I was never one to express myself well and a lot of people sometimes see as sullen, this song always stops me in my tracks just like a lot of 24K songs. I hate to admit it, but this song gets to me whenever the day has ended and I still have a few hours left before I turn in. I think about a lot of things that never came to be with people who left a void in me when we parted ways. If things turned out differently, I would probably played this song as a way closing the deal with the credits running. If I were ask if things were different or I'd get a second chance to be with that someone, sure I would and I would welcome her with open arms just like the song.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Enjoy The Company You're With: Love The One You're With By Crosby, Stills And Nash

Ever had those times when you were once part of a group that was elite and prestigious, only to be to cast out among the outcasts. That feeling can be very devestating. Yet when life gives you lemons, make lemonade because sometimes good things come out of the ruins no matter how bad things are. If you can't be with the so called "in-crowd", that doesn't mean theren't other cool people there besides them. Sometimes you never know how cool other people can be unless you give yourself the chance to hang with them. That's the lesson I learned from the song "Love The One You're With" by Crosby, Stills And Nash.

I really like this song because apart from a really "feel good" song, it teaches you reach out to others and appreciate them. It reminds me if one group of people don't appreciate you, there are others who will and all you need to do is be cool with them. If you got dumped by your crush, there's always some else or some better if you just look around you. It just goes to show just how big your world can be if you let it. Everytime I hear this song, I feel that there are new horizons out there where you can make a bridge for yourself to cross to which is a really cool idea.

This is definitely one song where you can really feel the love when you listen to it. It gets better when you open your mind and heart and share it with others. I always like listening to this song when I with my people and they are with me. Just remember don't close any doors or burn any bridges and the world will turn. And the song says if you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What About It: What About Love By Heart

A lot of times, people ask me why is it that I thought about getting married. As I have blogged before, right now it's not a priority for me even if I am getting older. Right now I've got a lot of things that I want to achieve as well as a lot of issues that I need to resolve. Love like that will only do me more harm than good. That's what I think whenever I hear the song "What About Love" by Heart.

I know we should never take love for granted when it comes our way. It never left my mind that a lot of people would die or even kill for that kind of love where two are joined as one. The question is if you are ready to take such a step to the next level or just the good times cause if it is the latter, you're in for a lot of trouble. Right now, there are still a lot of things that I want to pursue while I still can and the last thing that I want right now is to be tied down. When you want that kind of love, it's the type that demands all of you and quite frankly, I'm not up for that kind of commitment.

Despite my reasons, I still believe that love is important to anyone of us. It just depends on what kind of love do we want. For me, so long as I have my friends and family, that's all the love that I need. Love that supports you through thick and thin is good enough for me. So long as I have that, I can get by. Even if I miss my chance, it doesn't matter; then again only time can tell what love has in store for us in the future.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Far Are You Gonna Go And What Are You Prepared To Give

People who say that love is easy are lying. Falling in love is one thing while winning and staying in love is another. I got that from a comic strip I read about a father lecturing his son about the responsibilities regarding falling in love and getting married. It's a big responsibility which doesn't seem so because some people are prepared to for the long run which is one of the reasons why they stay together for the long run. It's only when you're willing to make changes and sacrifices does love come easy. That's what I think when I hear the song "Love Don't Come Easy" by White Lion.

Falling in love always starts out as fairytale but when reality sets in, the thrill starts to disappear. Even at the start it isn't easy because you got to prove that you're worth it and that's gonna be difficult because there's going to be a lot of competition out there. When you finally won that person's heart, that's just the begining. The real test is if you are prepared to do to make it last for the long run. When you're willing to stick it out during the bad times as well as the good, it's a sign that you really love that person. When the storm has passed, then love comes easy.

Nothing comes easy in this world and the sooner you know it, the better you can prepare for it. Like everything else, I've learned that you have to go all out if you really want it. You even have to do better if you want to keep what you've gained. A lot of people who learned that are now reaping the fruits of their labor and nobody should bug them about it. I just hope that I able to do just that while I still can because it's not always easy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spread The Love: Sowing The Seeds Of Love By Tears For Fears

One thing I can about this month of hearts is that people are not so stoic or cruel than they usually are. People are more approachable and easy-going which is one sign that love is in the air. The best part about is when that feeling gets past from one person to another. When that happens we really spread love all over the place which is pretty cool in my book. I guess that's the reason why Christmas and Valentine's Day are the two most favorite days that people celebrate. When it comes to passing love from one person to another, Tears For Fears' song "Sowing The Seeds Of Love" really describes how it spreads.

I was never a fan of this band, but I have to admit I kinda like this song when first came out. One of the things that struck me about this video was the fact that it signaled the changing of the times from the 80's to 90's and though the band still sounded the same, change of the times was more evident in the song and in the video. For some reason, this song makes me feel good since it talks about planting love and how it spreads everywhere which is always a good thing. With a lot of hard times where people are struggling, we really need to spread the love around.

I try not to be too negative during this month although it's been difficult with all the things I've been dealing with. Things have been tough, making people very cold and difficult to deal with. Despite all that, I still believe love can move mountains. I guess I need to hang in there and have a little faith and more importantly love. Hopefully when the seeds bloom, it'll spread all over the place and when that happens, then I guess the love is alive and working its magic around us.

Feeling Like Fool: Strung Out By Steve Perry

Every had those moments where you were smitten by someone at first glance. You so want to be with that person but can't make yourself approach that person. When you finally find the nerve, you find out that person already belongs to someone else. The next thing you know, your heart starts to fall off your chest and everything suddenly becomes so barren and cold. Whenever I see situations like that, I remember the song "Strung Out" by Steve Perry.

I wouldn't be surprised if all of us had this kind of experience at one time or another. We look at that person as immaculate and so pure that we feel that we're not worthy to even stand in the same place as that person. Yet deep inside, we yearn to win that person's heart. When we see that person in the arms of another, you can't help but say "there's another that got away." The only thing you can do is walk away while your legs can still move. In the end, those few glances and stolen moments are all you can call your own.

I guess they won fair and square and better luck next time. It's useless to force the issue, especially when they really love each other. I was never one to play the thief, let alone the villain because I would never take what's not mine, especially if it is already in the arms of another. That's why I hated the movies that were shown during my time because a lot of jerks who do that are often portrayed as the good guy. Oh, well wish them all the joy in the world and by doing that, you show your love in a more honorable way.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cheaters' Song III: I Saw Red By Warrant

Ever since the millenium rolled by, there's been a slew of reality shows such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, Temptation Island, Fear Factor and so on. If I were to choose which reality show I'd watch, it would probably be S.W.A.T., COPS and Cheaters. Since it's still Valentine's fever, I'm going to blog again about Cheaters. The reason why I like this show because as I have previously blogged twice, it shows cheating on spouses for what it really is: lowdown and dirty. Even if the client is also to blame, that's no excuse for doing such a hurtful thing and a lot of times, movies often justify it and even glorify it. Another song that reminds me of that reality show is "I Saw Red" by Warrant.

It's obvious that this is the first thing a jilted spouse sees when he or she catches them in the act. Even the most reasonable and level-headed person can turn into a raving maniac when he's been doublcrossed, let alone, cheated on. I really sympathize with the clients whenever I see them outraged when they confront their spouses and demand to know why they did it. Try as they might to reason, let alone justify their acts, the bottom line is what they did was wrong and it sickens me when they say sorry when they get caught after doing for so long. I guess it's true when they say that you only regret it in the end.

I guess that's the reason why I applauded when Richard Gere finally voiced out his frustrations to his wife in the movie "Unfaithful" and when Joel Torre shot his wife and her paramour in "Init Sa Magdamag". I'm not trying to be some self-righteous lout, but it galls me when people do that because rather than find a solution they create more problems. The worst part is when they hurt people who's only fault is that they were too busy or too trusting. They deserve to get caught on national t.v. and they have the audacity to blame the show when it's only trying to help a person find out the truth. Bottom line is nobody deserves that and two wrongs never make a right. and people should remember that.

Spare A Little Love: Your Love By The Outfield

Whether we admit it or not, there are times when we need some shelter from the storm. Even when we try to toughen it out, it's only a matter of time before we break down. It's in times like that when a little sympathy or better yet a little love can take the hurt out of a person. Even if it is temporary relief, a moment of love is better than none. That's what I think when I hear the song "Your Love" by The Outfield.

A lot of times, I felt the fury of the storm and I felt alone and unarmed. In each time, I was left so shaken, I had difficulty standing and the embarrassment of the experience made me want to hide. I guess I feel fortunate that despite all that pain, there were people who lifted me up when I was left for dead. Sure it was only temporary but it was enough for me to heal and get myself back into the grind. Whenever that happens, it makes me realize how strong a force love can be even if given in small amounts.

Even though some people see the song in more intimate terms, it's still nice to know that there's some place or someone we can run to even for a moment. People like these make us feel that we are worth something when we've been given up on. I guess that's the reason why I like this song and this band the first time I heard them. It's always been and always be one of my 24K favorites. It's nice to know we're loved.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

When It Takes More Than Just Love : Goodbye I Love You By Firefall

When I was younger, there were a lot of cheesy love movies that were being shown where themes where always rich/poor or Romeo-Juliet type storylines and they end up together despite the fact that the guy is irresponsible or their parents are going to cover their expenses which makes me feel sorry for the parents in the film. They also always expose the oldsaying "Love Will Be Enough" to give them security in their lives. The truth is that it's not enough, unless they're both willing to work their butts off or they feed on their relatives for support and the audience doesn't mind because they're the ones who aren't being mooched at. Everytime I see movies like that, I'd like to clobber the people behind it because it's so unrealistic, promotes practices that couples should do and the truth is love is also about responsibility and if you can't show you're responsibible, then you might as well forget about it. If you can't rise up to the responsibilities despite your strong emotions don't go through with it just like the song "Goodbye I Love You" by Firefall.

I may not be in a relationship, I do know that there are a lot of things both parties have to sacrifice and struggle for if they want it to work. If they can't' dp that, they might as well part ways. I've always believe that when you're willing to slug it out when things bad, then it's love. In most movies that I see, they stay together only when things are good and when it's bad, they throw in the towel only to comeback together when things have eased up. Well life isn't always fun and if you can't take the pressure, step aside and let someone else who can. In some cases, leaving someone so that that person can be with a more capable and responsible person transcends love rather than kills it because it shows you love the person so much that you want to see them happy even if it is with someone else.

In the end, you really have to be honest with yourself if you can handle it or not. Augustus MaCrae and Clara Allen of Lonesome Dove never hit it off because they were both stubborn fools. Reality has always received a bum rap because some claim that it spoils the fairytale setting but it will eventually come to play when fun time's over. However, if both are willing to focus on what lies ahead and support each other through thick and thin, then it goes from fairytale to the real deal. There's no shame letting go if you see that it won't work out, because it's better to break it off now than be miserable later on.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Waiting For An Answer: Endless Nights By Eddie Money

Whenever this month of hearts rolls along, I remember a riend of mine who had a big crush on a girl back in college. He had a hard time expressing his feelings to the girl and it was obvious the girl wasn't interested in him. All she did was through false promises and rehearsed explanations at the poor fellow. In the end, he gave up because he finally realized he was knocking on wood. To this day, I feel sorry for him but atleast he put an end to this futile pursuit. When I remember what he went through, it reminds me of the song "Endless Nights" by Eddie Money.

It hurts when the people you love leaves you hanging, especially when you want to be with them so bad. I guess a simple no is always better than a long-run-around where they raise your hopes up for nothing. When they do that, you feeling that you're on the outside looking in. My friend still talks bitterly over that experience to this day. I can tell you that feeling really stinks because you realize you're being played for a fool and nobody wants that.

Sometimes we still wait becuase we really love the person so much. In the end, we have to open our eyes and face the facts. You have to accept the fact that somethings were never meant to be. Just chalk it up as part of life's experience and move on. There are others out there who are more deserving if you look harder. That would put an end to those endless nights.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is It Real Or Not: How Do I Know When It’s Love By Van Halen

I have to admit I wrote a really wrote a mushy entry yesterday cause it’s during this month that I can get away with it. I don’t regret doing because that’s what I honestly felt about that chapter of my life and that person. Be that as it may, sometimes you take some time off and sort out what you feel about someone. When things get too deep, you have to ask yourself if this is really love or just a moment of infatuation. That’s the lesson that I learned when I hear the song “How Do I Know When It’s Love” by Van Halen.

What I like about this song is that it makes you think what your feelings are towards a person which in my opinions is the reason why brains also count in true love just as much as heart does. If love is the only thing that matters, we’d be ruled by our hormones and do reckless things in the process. Common sense comes into play and you wise when things aren’t working out. People who don’t think and jump into a situation are often the ones who wind heartbroken in the end. I’m not an expert but I do know that when a relationship goes through the good times and the bad times and still stays strong, then I know when it’s love.

There’s nothing wrong with assessing one’s feelings towards another because it’s saves people a lot of grief. You can say I’m being realistic, but it’s better than lying to yourself or forcing something that’s not meant to be. I definitely agree with one stanza of the song when it’s love, it’ll last forever. Even Forrest Gump knows what love is even if he isn’t a smart man. He may not be a smart man, but that makes him a better man and anyone else who knows what love is.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If It Was Worth It , Yeath Why Not: Say Yes By Klymaxx

With valentine’s fever spreading everywhere this month, it’s impossible for you not to hear about love plans and all that mushy stuff all day long. I have to admit whenever February rolls in, I can’t help but remember a special some that got away. She was one of those carefree types who comes out of nowhere and turns your world upside-down. Her cheerful personality always brightened up the place and made you forget about all the hassles that plaque your thoughts. Man, not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. Whenever I remember her, I feel like listening to the song “I’d Still Say Yes” by Klymaxx.

This is probably another song which would leave my brothers’ scratching their heads, wondering why I put here, but since February is a mushy month, why not. I cannot think of any other song that best describes how I feel about this person. The memories of her smile and cheerful dispositions never left my thoughts. Every moment I spent with her always cheered me up and many I wish those moments would never end. Even though I didn’t win her, she’ll always be special to me for giving those precious moments which I still remember to this day.

I often wonder what became of her and how she’s doing. I just hope that she’s happy and doing well because she deserves it. Even though we’re older, she’ll always be that same person who brightened my day. My only regret is that I was not able to say goodbye to her during those final days. Wherever she is, I wish her all the happiness in the world. Deep in my heart, if I get to meet her again and if there was a chance, I’d still yes to her again.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beyond The Romance: Higher Love By Steve Winwood

Well, everytime I open the T.V. or listen to the radio, there'll be a commercial or comment regarding Valentine's Day which is natural since it's now February. Right now both young and old are focusing on what they are planning to do on that day of hearts. I find it hard to comment about this topic, let alone this occassion since I've been living like a loner for the last 10 years. Yet, I feel there's different type of love out there that goes beyond chocolates and flowers and something that's strong enough to stand the test of time. I get reminded of that idea when I hear the song "Higher Lovea" by Steve Winwood.

This was one of my favorite song's in the late 80's and I like what song's message speaks off. I believe in a love that accepts both the good and bad in a person because if you want to change someone, you have to accept them for who they are first. I also believe in love that has commitment where the person is always there in good times and bad times. Whether it's friends, family or your partner, if this is the way they stand by you, then you know that real love that you got. Love like that just can't be found anywhere and it's rare find that you shouldn't take for granted.

That's the type of love that I want to have and one I'm willing to reciprocate. Something like worth more than any treasure in the world. It really makes you feel that your at home with your own people. That's the reason why I don't watch all that crap on T.V. because it's cheesy and superficial and most of all fake that gets people pissed in real life. Nothing beats higher love especially when it gets passed from one person to another which is what love is all about.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Love Song For The Beach/Cool Chill Song To Beat The Heat: Sea Of Love By The Honeydrippers

I’ll be honest to say that I’m not an expert in L-O-V-E, but there times in my life where I felt and recognize this feeling. Music can sure set the mood for this emotion, especially if the scenery is just right. Just like a lot of people, I have my own ideas on what an ideal scenario should be like but I’ll keep that to myself. One thing’s for sure, the right music at right time and place can light things up. One such song and music video that does that is The Honeydrippers’ cover of the song “Sea Of Love”.

I’ll have to admit the first time I heard the song and saw the video I was shocked that it was Led Zeppelin’s front man Robert Plant singing this song. I mean I remember him behind all those great rock songs in the 70’s and never expect him to sing a romantic ballad like this. Still, I have admit, if you want to hit it off with somebody, this song works wonders, especially in the beach. The video also fits the song which was set in some tranquil beach away from all the noise and crowds. The best part of the video was the silhouette of a man on horseback crossing the sea with a child riding behind his back as the sun sets.

As much as romance isn’t on my list of priorities right now, songs like this can be good to chill out when you feel tired at the end of the day. I also admit that this is another good song to ask a lady for a dance because when you do, time stands still. And as much as I’m not a beach person, if I were to go a beach, I would choose something similar to the video of this song. At first, I didn’t care much for this song because I thought it was too mushy, but as time passed I came to like this song because as I’ve said earlier, it helps me to relax. I guess I’m getting old and like others who get older, songs like these is like chicken soup for the soul.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovestruck: Do You Believe In Love By Huey Lewis And The News

It's February and it's that time of the year when love is in the air as guys check their dating budget for flowers, chocolates and all the other expenses for their crushes, partners and so forth. Also at this time, the lonely ones try their luck at hitting it off with a potential mate. You can also expect people to start rehearsing their lines to flatter their partners with their mushy lines just to hit it off. Since it's that time of the year again, expect a lot of love songs to blogged this month. First off is a single from Huey And The News called "Do You Believe In Love".

I used to remember how RT played this everyday and this is definitely one of those song that screams LOVE in it. It also describes how lovestruck a person can be once he or she is bitten. The question is if the other person feels the same way. If he or she does, then you've hit it off. If not, then better luck with the next person. That's what love is.

Romance aside, I do believe in love and I do think we need it now more than ever. With all the bad developments happening all around us, it is one thing that keeps us going. Whether it is from your spouse, family or friends, any kind of love helps get you through the day. In closing I remember what St. Paul once said that there are three things that will always last: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love. That is so true.