Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Again! : Come Again By The Damn Yankees

I know I sound like a broken record, but there are times in my life when the same thing happens over and over again like a sick carousel. These days I try my best to make sure that it won't happen again but nobody's perfect and before you know it, there you go again. Everytime that happens, it really blows my top cause it makes me feel like a fool. Worst of all, I feel as if I didn't learn anything from past experiences. When lightning strike twice, I remember the song "Come Again" by The Damn Yankees.

When you keep finding yourself in the same bad situation as you did in the past you start to wonder if you really learned anything from your experiences. When you repeat the same mistakes,you tagged as a "repeat offender" or "the usual suspect". When you're given that title you can bet that once it happens again, you're going to get the blame. In short your reputation is shot to pieces. That is something I really dread the most.

These days, I try to be very careful with the way I do things. I have to really think things through before I start to act. You can say, I'm too hesitant, but it's better to err on the side of caution. In the end, I'm trying to be more careful because I want to avoid making the same mistakes again and again. I really don't want to yell "not again" over a repeat of the same mistake again.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watch Your Back On Meanstreets: Take A Walk On The Wildside By Lou Reed

One of the troubles about commuting to and from work is that you never fail to see a lot of weird things on the streets. Either you see ragged clothed or nearly naked street dwellers dragging whatever they salvaged from the streets or a bunch of punks looking for a free ride or trouble. I once remember on my way home, I saw a group of people and cops drag a would-be thief to the police stations, reminding me to be very careful at night. Images like that remind of the song "Take A Walk On The Wildside" by Lou Reed.

When I look back at the times when I'd go home, really late, I now realize how reckless one can be, especially when it's very late or when your on the wrong side of the street. When you find yourself in a combination of those two situations, you're gambling with your life. I remember one time when I was tired and waited for the jeep to fill up when a guy suddenly jumped in and got pummeled by an even bigger guy right in front of us. Luckily, the attacker left as quickly as he punched the otehr guy out. I tell you, you really need to be careful when going home late at night.

These days, people have to take precautions when you travel by yourself. Some people opt to carry weapons while others learn self-defense. Either way, the best thing to do is avoid danger areas and late hours, because that's the time when troubles jump out of nowhere. As much as you arm yourself, the best thing to do is just stay out of trouble. Remember, whatever it is that you would lose is not worth losing your life over. So keep yourself safe on the streets and get home safely.

Lou Reed - Take A Walk on the Wild Side

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When You’re Wrong: Lessons of Love By Level 42

Sometimes the hardest thing that a person can do is admit that he or she was wrong. Nobody’s perfect and there times when we do something wrong. A lot of times, people don’t want to admit that they are wrong out of pride or fear of getting ostracized. Yet for those with a conscience or are determined to do the right thing, they will act quickly on it. This is a lesson that I learned from Level 42’s song “Lessons In Love”.

I’m not really into this band and I was surprised when my brother had a tape of this band in his bag. Though I’m not a fan, what really caught my ear in this song was the first line about him being admitting he was wrong. These days, very few people are willing to do that. The sooner one admits a mistake the quicker a problem gets solved. If more people do that, then our blood pressures would be maintained at normal levels.

It is always important that mistakes are corrected because mistakes don’t affect one person, but can cause a chain reaction which breaks down the whole system. The worst part is when bonds between people are broken and that is something that can’t be fixed instantly, especially when those bonds were built over a long period of time. When mistakes are corrected, the healing process can act faster. Nobody likes to make mistakes but it happens and what’s important is that it gets corrected to avoid a catastrophe. If we had more people like that, then this world would be a better place.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Karate Still Rules!!!!: Moment Of Truth By Survivor

Yesterday afternoon was a big day for Karate. Undefeated Shotokan Karate Master Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida defeated "Sugar" Rashad Evans by KO in the second round to win the UFC Light Heavyweight Belt. I was as happy as clam because his victory has restored the honor of Karate as a martial art and proved that it can win in MMA. His victory wasn't only for Karate, but for other traditional martialarts as well. Thinking about the prestige that he had won for the descipline reminds me of Survivor's song "Moment Of Truth".

This song was a soundtrack for the first Karate Kid movie about a teen who studies traditional Karate to fend off bullies. I have to admit, when I was studying Karate and the movie came out, recruitment went up during that time. Anyway, going back to Machida, I couldn't sleep for a week thinking what would happened because both he and Rashad were both tactical fighters and I agreed with Joe Rogan that it was a toss up with the victory going to first fighter exploit the others mistake. Applying the point-sparring principles, Machida patiently looked for an opening and when he found it, he beat Rashad severely and knocked him out in the 2nd Round. I was overjoyed and relieved at the same time as his hand was raised in victory and the belt secured around his waist.

Some would criticized that he learned other arts such Brazilian Jujitsu, Sumo Wrestling and Boxing, but primarily, the approach that he used was purely Karate. Thanks to him, traditional martial arts will once again be given new life. In truth, I wish he didn't fight Evans because I also liked Rashad cause he was a smart fighter who always beat the odds no matter how big they were. Karate took a beating when the UFC and other arts came in and I remember one magazine saying that traditional martial artitst would loose to to wrestlers, kickboxers and Jujitsu practitioners. I guess they better change that article because Machida proved them wrong and I am happy for it.

Cool Movie Soundtrack From A Cool Movie: StreetLife By Randy Crawford

One of my favortie movies when I was growing up was Sharkey's Machine which starred Burt Reynolds as a cop who was after crime boss who had drug-addicted brother who acted as an assassin. Back then if a guy had a 38.Special or a .45 Automatic, that was just about as high-tech as it gets. It was a cool movie where cops were honest and the bad guys got caught. I also liked the music of the movie. One particular song that I like was a song by Randy Crawford called "Street Life".

It was one of those movies where the cops(save Burt) looked like the average joe who walked the streets and did their best to get crooks locked up. When they get the big case, it was like David vs Goliath where the cops embodied David and crooks were Goliath. In the end, the good guys win and the bad guys get killed off in gun fights. There were a lot of nasty action scenes here and the scenes I like best was when Burt fought two assassins and when Bernie Casey and Henry Silva shot each other at close range. Even by today's standards, it was still a good movie.

These days, the today's lead characters pale compared to the tough guys of the past. Too much attitude to the point that it becomes a turnoff for the viewer. Also they can be so annoying that you would root for the bad guy instead.
Ego over teamwork is also another turnoff as they spend more time arguing than working together. That's the reason why I seldom watch movies anymore. Too much special effects for punk characters who aren't worth the popcorn.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Embodiment Of The Eighties: Miami Vice OST By Jan Hammer

Yesterday, I blogged about how fun life was in the 80s where a lot neat things happened during my life. A few weeks ago, I registered my blog at in the hopes of increasing traffic on my site. Another why I registered is to find other sites with similar themes to mine. One site that caught my eye was a site called Stuck In The 8os and as I went over the sight, I felt like a teenager again as I scanned the articles where the movies, music, fashion and style came from my generation. I remember one show that totally embodied the 80's was Miami Vice and its soundtrack by Jan Hammer was a hit among my peers.

Back then, all my friends wanted to either Sonny Crockett or Rico Tubbs (personally, I preferred Castillo because the man of mystery in the cast who often stole the spotlight). Whenever this soundtrack played, we gathered to watch the show without fail because it had everything from celebrity guess,fast lifestyles, cool fashion( I remember most of my batch wearing ther crockett look at my prom)and the MTV music. The music itself embodied eighties' tech with it's use of keyboards and computers and that time it was state of the art. Forget the fact that real cops in Miami didn't look anything like Don Johnson or Phillip Micheal Thomas because all that matters was that this was a cool series. It totally embodied the 80s and would-be imitators never came close to it.

Recently, a film based on the show was made starring Collin Farell and Jaime Foxx, but in my opinion, it didn't came close to the original. At best all it had was the attitude. Sometimes, I can't believe that the show and its soundtrack are now ancient history. Still, it was one of my favorite tv shows. These days, I don't watch tv anymore because none of todays shows appeal to me. Even if they are grittier and more vivid, they don't any morales anymore and you find rooting for the bad guys because lead characters have bad attitudes. They can't measure up to the coolness of this series and its soundtrack and they never will.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What's Important Is That It Sounds Good: Once Bitten Twice Shy By Great White

You know alot of people often criticized the 80's as being too shallow. Big hair, spandex, parachute pants, topsiders, pennyloafers as well as thinking of nothing but parties and gimicks without a care in the world. Others say that we were too materialistic and this came when technology was making big leaps with the walkman, PCs, cellphones were all the fad. Well, what I can say about that is what do you expect? After all the political, cultural and social upheavals brought about by the 60s and 70s, all people wanted was a good time. One I like listening to when there was a good thing going was Great White's song "Once Bitten, Twice Shy".

I know compared to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, this song rather mild. Still, it was one of my favorites because it sounded and more importantly, I felt good listening to it. A lot of For some reason, it helps take the stress away better than any medication. Takes me back to people I met college where long hair, leathers, tattered jeans, demonic jewelry and cowboy boots ruled and music from band like these ruled. You can bet everyone had a ball when this song started playing at parties and when I was with those guys, I felt like I was with "my people" and I wish a I could party all night long.

Don't get me wrong. I really liked the music of the 90's because it was deep and had a lot of deep emotion rather than theatrics. However, it wasn't fun. There was just too much angst as if everyone wanted to explode rather than enjoy the song. I guess that kid in tne Charlie And Chocolate Factory about enjoying candy and not think about. It's the same with rock songs like these: all that is that it sounds good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Advice To Those Making Their First Step To The World: The Day I Tried To Live By Sound Garden

As the summer slowly draws to a close, no doubt a lot of fresh college graduates are now starting to make their foray into the real world. A lot of them have high hopes or are dead set on what they want to do and what they want to be. That comes crashing down when they realize in the real world, things don't turn out the way that they had hoped, let alone planned. While some will be lucky to achieve their goals, others will be lucky to find some kind of work and their those who will sea their dreams crumble to dust. That first foray to reality is always so crucial. That's one hard lesson that I and others like me learned and the song "The Day I Tried To Live" by Soundgarden is bitter reminder of that lesson.

Dreaming of becoming somebody is one thing but making it real is a different and difficult. The first hard lesson is that people (including your love ones) will talk you out of your dreams and some will even make fun of them. Another is that competition is fierce. Your age, your academic record, your skills and abilities and even your character can make or break your dreams. This is where your resolve is put to the test. I made alot of mistakes concerning all of the above and as a result, I try to make do with what I have left because I'm at that point where time is now passing me by. I made a lot of mistakes and the next doesn't repeat them.

Preparing for the future should always be taken seriously. The new batch should what they need to do to make their dreams and ambitions come true. As I've said earlier, I made a lot of mistakes that left wallowing in the mud like all the other pigs. I just hope what I'm working on now will do the trick. May this time around, I might make it and I hope you grads do as well.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heart Pounding Stress: Free Wheel Burning By Judas Priest

I remember when the good old days when I would like to get an adrenaline rush, I'd simply tune in to the radio or play a tape and simply let the the energy flow with the music. These days, it isn't adrenaline that's flowing around me, but stress. The type of stress that tightens your chest and ruins your day. Your outlook isn't positive anymore and there are times when you wish it was the day's end not the beginng. It gets to the point where getting through the day without any hassle is the best thing you can hope for and you breathe a heavy sigh of relief when that happens. When I think of how the stress starts to get to me, it reminds of Judas Priest's song "Free Wheel Burning".

This is one of my favorite metal/leather bands back in the past. Like other metal bands that I listened to, this was direct, mean and in-your-face music that always got me energized. Today, there are times when I think I need to take a vacation from the stress that I get everytime bad things happen. Like the kid in the video of this song, who starts feeling the pessure, I feel the same way these days when things just happen all at once and you're got nothing to face it with. It really just saps your energy till you just slump somewhere when it finally overwhelms you.

These days I try to do my best to manage my stress. Things like organizing my activities; doing things ahead of time; making sure that there's something in place in case something happens. I only wish people were more predictable because dealing with the unexpected is really hard to factor in the equation. Thankfully, I still get by. I just hope what I'm working on bears fruit cause it will take a lot of the stres away.

That's Just The Way I Like It: That's The Way I Wanna Rock'N' Roll By ACDC

Through out the years, rock music has take on various new forms: Heavy Metal, alternative, classic rock, folk, grunge, rap metal and so on. For me,growing in a pop dominated culture was difficult since I was listening to such great rock legends as Led Zeppelin, Boston, Black Sabbath, and other fantastic artists. I really going against the flow that time and was evident when it came to music. Back then, when I was in my teens, I spent most of my savings on rock cassettes just to get chance to hear good music that me and my brothers banged our heads on. One band that really made my high school time more tolerable was ACDC with their song "That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll".

What I like about this band is when they start playing, it blows the whole room away. Once the music begins, turn the volume and adrenaline starts to rush up your system. Even when you're haven't had taken anything yet, the music is enough to get you pumped up. The best thing that I like about this song and this band is that there no theatrics or freaky costumes need for their music alones makes a statement. Nothing but brute, hard music that energizes you all the way.

These days, I'm more mellow and I've come to accept a lot music that I didn't appreciate back then. Most of them are here on this blog and a lot of them really take me back to the good old days of my youth. Yet, I still retain my love for the hard stuff, not only for their heavy beat, but also because I had a lot of good memories listening to them as well. I may be old school, but I like to rock. Listening to this song and this band is how I want my rock and roll.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Settle For Second Place: Be My Number Two By Joe Jackson

It's been I long time since I really land a solid first place, let alone a real win. These days I can barely make to the passing grade. The fact that I'm getting older, makes every shot counts as opportunities start disappear one by one. In the end, you have to make do with what's left and make the most of it. When I listen to the song "Be My Number Two" by Joe Jackson, I really get melancholic thinking that I have very little to work on.

Everytime I look at the changes unfolding in the world, I really feel like time past me by. A lot of opportunities lost due to wrong decisions or inaction come alive and I get a stab of pain in the chest when that happens. So right now I'm in a situation where I take whatever's there and make the most of it. It may not be what I had hoped for, atleast there's still something there. It's difficult but so far so good.

I know I put a lot of positive attitude entries in this blog and I still stand by them. Despite that, I'm not perfect and there are times when the melancholy feeling gets the better of me, especially when I try to change things and they still stay the same. I guess I can't be choosy since this is it for now. I'll still keep trying to find something better. Till then second hand is will do for now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

When You're Not Who You Used To Be: Creep By Stone Temple Pilots

Whenever I read the verse "Rejoice Young Man In Thy Youth" I remember the times when things were simple and the good times never seemed to end. Physically, I was at the top of my game. Extensive training in weights and martialarts made me feel invinsible and I didn't have care in the world. Then the bad times came and things turned a vicious 360 degrees. All of a sudden, problems started pouring in and as it piled up, the strain started to get to me physicall, mentally and emotionally. When I think how much I've lost from the stress caused by the constant barrage of headaches, I think of the song "Creep" by Stone Temple Pilots.

When you're parents tell you that you have it easy, you better believe it. Whether you are going on your own or taking on the responsibility for the family, brace yourself for some really heavy weight on your shoulders. When the zero hour struck everything came crashing down. I didn't expect it and when it came, it totally overwhelmed me. Reality really knocked me down and I now learned that what I was earning and what was needed for the situation was not enough. To make things worse, the "dark days" came and I was really left defenseless against the elements.

These days I've adjusted a bit though I'm still have a lot to do. Right now I hope that what I'm working on produces results. After consulting with a very knowledgeable and success person in this field, I hope to achieve the same thing. Right now I'm trying to get myself back on my feet again. Armed with her advise, I'm trying to apply it to what I'm doing. It's difficult but I am determined to be the person I used to be.
Stone Temple Pilots- Creep

Saturday, May 16, 2009

On The Run And Against The Odds: Midnight Rider By The Allman Brothers

Lately, I'm begining to think that I'm too gracious a loser. When things fall apart, I keep saying that it wasn't meant to be anyway and walk way. The problem is that it's been happening to often and I'm getting sick of it. After seeing a lot of things crumble, I am determine to make something work this time around no matter how how many obstacles are in my way or even if the odds are against me. Standing by this new vow that I have made reminds me of the song, "Midnight Rider" by The Allman Brothers.

Though this song is about a fugitive on the run, I relate with that desperate feeling of trying to keep going even when everything is against you. I have seen a lof of losses in my life which hurt me deeply which is why I am putting my foot down and stand my ground. All the recent bad crap that's been flying my way is really pissing me off as if someone or something is trying to make me lose it. This time around, I won't stand for it because I've seen too many good things go down the drain. Well not this time because there's so much at stake and I am really serious about this thing that I am working on.

Right now, the tough times are getting harder and if I don't do something quick about this, it's the Nebudchanezzar Syndrome again and I don't want another round of that again. Once I get this laptop checked, I hope what I do bears fruit. I better remember that where there's a will, there's a way. I may not be no midnight rider but I am still going to keep working on this even if I don't have no silver dollar, I won't let that stop me. I am tired of letting things fall apart and I am going to keep working till it bears fruit.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Patience In An Today's World Of Instant Gratification: I Don't Want To Wait Anymore By The Tubes

Throughout my life, I have always believed that patience is a virtue. If you just give something a little time, then things will go you're way. These days, you're not going to get that luxury, especially now that everything's so fasted paced that it's now a game of survival of the fittest(or should I say the fastest. With the advent of cellphones, the wireless internet and the other new technological advancements, the one who can complete the ordered task the fastest is the top dog and that means the slowpoke is out. When I look at the instant gratification demand all around me and the dwindling level of patience among people, I remember the song "I DDon't Want To Wait Anymore" by the Tubes.

Sure technology makes doing things faster but it also causes the higher-ups to demand more from us, knowing the new devices can do the job a heck of a lot faster. That puts a lot of pressure on those doing the task and soon he or she's gets weighed down by pressure. As more and more is demanded of the person, it gets to the point where that person will buckle under the pressure. With all the pressure bearing down on us, we often wonder whatever happened to the days when things were done one step at a time. When they say, they want it now, you better deliver or get tossed out.

Sure life is a struggle, but let us not be too hasty in getting something done. Let's take some time to really see if it's all worth it. Let's give people some breathing space cause people have their limits. As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in day". So let's cut them some slack and wait a little while cause patience is still a virtue we should never discard.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wasting Away On Self-Loathing: Fall Down By Toad The Wet Sprocket

As I have written before, my life has been a series of ups and downs where the down parts really hit rock bottom. I remember the first time I wound up in that state where things were really getting bleak. I was broke and I couldn't land a job and as a result, I was often ostracized for that. So began a very hard period in my life were I learned the bitter lesson of what it was like to loose a job as well as the self-respect that went along with it. The song "Fall Down" by Toad The Wet Sprocket reminds me of that feeling of wasting away as well as the growing self-loathing I had for myself during those bad times.

Everytime I remember that period, I always feel my chest muscles start to tighten up cause of the pain I endured back then. Because of a mistake I had hard time finding a job and my family never gave me any peace because I screwed up bad and have not able to find a new company to work in. I couldn't argue with them because despite their preachings, deep down they were concerned about me and I screwed up. I had to endure everything that was thrown at me as I tried to start over which was very difficult because most of the vacancies were for different positions which I was not qualified for. Eventually things turned for the better and I got a new job but the scars of that experience still haunt me to this day.

THough I have been through a lot lately, I just try to deal with the scars that remained from those experiences. Sometimes you find yourself going through it again in a longer and more difficult situation. What is important is that you weather the storm. Don't loose hope and always keep going no matter how much life throws at you. I hope no one my family ever goes through what I suffered during those bad times because I wouldn't any of them to feel what I felt. In the end, I'm just glad that I didn't fall to the abyss of despair.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Right Person At The Right Time: Just What I Needed By The Cars.

Ever had those times when you're trying to solve a problem but you don't know what to do? It's so frustrating cause you have the conviction to face up to the task but you're at a loss. Or how about when you're down and the you have no one to turn to. When people come out of the blue to help you out, you really say to yourself that it's a miracle because these came at just the time when you need them most. When I think of people like that, I remember the song "Just What I Needed" by The Cars.

Whether its solving a problem or just to have someone to talk regarding something important, they people couldn't have come at a better time. They're probably the best gift that God can give to a guy. The fact that these people went out of their way to help you out of a fix or chase the blues away, speaks volumes about them. People like that are a rare breed indeed. Those fortunate to meet such people should always cherish such moments whey they came to their aid.

It's nice to know that there are still such people around who are willing to pull you out of a jam or simply wipe the tears from your eyes. Just remember don't abuse the kindness that they give you. Whatever help they give you, give it back tenfold. Also, give wholeheartedly because these guys did it because they wanted to. Remember, when the odds were against you, they were just what you needed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Happens A Lot Of Times: Misunderstood By The Animals

I remember a seminar that I added with my co-workers 12 years ago where we were asked to critique ourselves and each other. When my turn came, I tried to be as honest as I can about my plus and minus traits. As I have finished, it one of my c0-workers gave his view about me and one of them was that I was WEIRD. I was a good sport and accepted his view about me, but it also made me realize that I should express myself clearly so that people won't get me misunderstood. Remembering that session, reminds me of the song "Misunderstood" by The Animals.

As much as I hate to admit it, this happens to me a lot. From high school to college (especially college), I was getting the feeling that people had a particular view of me (due to my ragged appearance as well as my long hair and beard)and as a result, I had difficulty connecting with a lot of "mainstream" people back then. It wasn't all bad, some of them though were able to get to know me well and as a result, I wasn't that alienated. However, experiences like that taught me to be careful about how I should act towards others. I had to learn how to make people accept me for who I am so as not to get the wrong idea about me because if not, this was going to happen a lot of times.

The important thing that I learned from this experience is to learn clearly how to express who you are as well as your ideas so as not to alienate others from you. Sometimes there are a lot of good things that you can contribute but it won't do much if people think you're weird. Learn to express yourself in such a way that they see you're intentions are good so that you earn their trust and friendship. I've been trying to do that more and more everyday. The one thing I don't want to happen anymore is to be misunderstood.

Monday, May 11, 2009

When Problems Start Piling Up: Why Me? By Irene Cara

I know there are times that I sound monotonous on my entries, but when days like these happen, it really takes its toll on you. These last couple of weeks have seen a lot of strange developments around here. Many of them are starting to stres me out. It's like getting hit with KO punch when you've just risen from the mat. It just keeps coming and it's getting more difficult to coup with. It reminds me of that song "Why Me" by Irene Cara.

These days it's just one thing after another around here. Just when you've straighten things out, something else just pops out of nowhere. You've barely recovered from solving one problem when a new ones bops you on the head. In the midst of it all, I try not to show the stress that it's giving me. The reason for this is because a lot of people are groaning enough as it is and I want to find a solution not join the groaning mob.

Sometimes, I just clench my teeth and think hard what to do to solve this. Sure it gets to me, but eventually I have to do something to solve it. No matter what happens, I'd rather work through the pain than lie on the floor all crumpled up. I just hope God meets me half way as I try to do what I can. I'd rather do that than whine and say "Why Me".

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drinking Days: Heavy Fuel By Dire Straits

I must be getting old because a long time ago, it took me more than a case of beer before I would hurl my guts out. In my youth, I took large amounts of the stuff during the summer and still come out all right. Even if I was was left with an aching head and a bad gut, I was still game for more. Those were the days when I partied hard like there was no tomorrow. Thinking abou those heavy days reminds me of the song, "Heavy Fuel" by Dire Straits.

As I have blogged, before during my younger days, we really partied hard. Whether it was at home, a friend's house or at a bar such as Club Dredd, we pulled no stops and partying and guzzling from evening to the early hours of the mornng. After the party and some of us had already hurled, we'd look for a place to fill up our now-empty stomachs before calling it a day. When it was summer vacation, we would do this as often as we can, even to the point of partying hard everyday. Sometimes I wonder how we survived all those those escapades back then.

As I've also blogged befoe, those days are becoming the distant past as other responsibilities fill up my time. My brothers are now more focused on work and family as we each do what we can to make ends meet rather thank guzzle up all that we had earned. Still, everytime, I remember those days, a smile never failes to form in my face because even if we're left all messed up, the fun times I've shared with my friends and my brothers makes every drop worth it all. The freedom and the good times really came in day after day, now they only come once in a blue moon. Still, the memories of those good times keeps me going during the dreary toil of the day and I hope that we got to do it all over again when time permits it.

A Song For All Mothers: Mama I Love You By The Spice Girls

For those who are wondering why I added this song to my blog, it's simply because I can't find an appropriate song for today's ocassion. Today is Mother's Day which means we the one of two important people who brought us to this world. A lot of us take our parents for granted and that is a big no-no. Mothers not only give birth to us but they all raise and protect us with all their hearts and they go through all that because they LOVE us. That's the reason why for this day I chose the song "Mama I Love You" by the Spice Girls.

Despite their faults, our mothers have always loved us for who we are and had always wanted the best for us. They are also our biggest supporters when everyone else are against us. They are the one's who wipe our tears and make all the hurt go away. Even at times, they seem to always be in our way, it's because they are simply because they are concerned about us. To say that we owe them alot is an understatement.

So let us do our best to honor our mothers on this special day. They have always given us what we have wanted so it's our turn to do the same for them. Whether we treat them to a meal or take them to a mall or simply give them the chance to what they want for this day, let's give it to them. It's the least that we can do for them after all that they have done for us. For everyone out there, take good care of your mothers for no one can take their place.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Importance Of Communicatinon: No Reply By Genesis

If there's anything that I learned about writing at my department is that you have to make sure that you express your ideas clearly and concisely. Effective communication is one way of making sure that ideas are delivered accurately and that all parties understand the terms and conditions. Whenever I gather information regarding a write-up or a caption, I make sure that I clearly express what it is that I need to complete an article and that I know how the department concerned knows how I do it. Whenever I think about how importance of effective communication in accomplishing a task, I think about the song "No Reply At All" by Genesis.

When I was younger I had a hard time expressing my ideas for fear of being ridiculed or that I got so nervous that I would up saying the wrong thing. I realize as I got older that you should speak your mind not only to express your thoughts, but also to contribute to the improvement of a situation. I realized this when things were going from bad to worse and nobody wanted to speak. Since then, I was ready to give a view on certain issues when the situation calls for it.

I know that there are severals ways to improve your communication skills such as organizing your thoughts, overcoming shyness and standing your ground when you know you are right. If you communicate effectively and deliver exactly what is asked of you, people will recognize that. When everyone is on the same page, things work smoothly which is important in a team. Communicate well and there will be a reply and a good one at that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome That Special Some Back: Josie By Steely Dan

A few days ago, I blogged about a good friend and genuine tough guy who I deeply respected and admired when I was a teenager. Now that I think about, there are a lot of cool dudes who I really missed way back then. The years have made me yearn for the days when we were all together and had a lot of great times together. What a celebration it would to have them all around here again. Making that wish reminds of the song "Josie" by Steely Dan.

I don't know if Josie is a guy or a girl, but I bet that person was really cool if people woul let the good times roll if that person was back in town. This was the type of person who everyone wanted to hang with. The fact that this person was the talk of the town just showed how great he or she was with everyone. If anyone Iknew who was special would return, I'd throw a party myself and savor every moment because it's been a long time since we've seen each other. People that special really deserves a grand welcome back party.

Some would say the years would probably change that person and he or she may not be as cool as he or she was back then. I don't care because during a period in my life, that person really gave me good time and I will never forget that. If we don't meet in this life, then I know we'll meet in the next. We all have a Josie who we wish to see again because they gave meaning to our lives. When Josie comes home, we'll definitely have party and it will one grand party at that.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Song Dedicated To The Everday Joe: Ordinary Average Guy By Joe Walsh

As much as we want to live the fast life, a lot of us wind up getting the rank-and-file jobs such as office staff, clerks, consrtuction workers,laborers and the like. However, with all the layoffs and budget cuts brought about by the global recession, a lot of us should be thankful that atleast we still have work. Some people think ordinary life is boring, but if you live right, it's actually pretty cool. It may not live life in the fast lane, but if you know how to spend your money right,you can still live like a king. A good song that best describes the life of an average joe would probably be the song "Ordinary, Average Guy" by Joe Walsh.

This was one of my favorite songs during the early 90's. It clearly describes the live that ordinary people lead including their ideal home, hobbies and how life is like. I wouldn't mind living a simple life like this since there won't be too many hasles. However for it to work, you should be careful as to how you live and who you associate with. Cause if you live reckless and stay in crime-ridden area, then you'll be lucky to be alive for the day.

I hope that what I'm working on will soon reap good results. If it does, then I can live the life of an ordinary, average but independent guy. Do what I want within the capacity of my income and live life without a care. So long as I keep track of what I do and don't do anything stupid, I know that I can do that one day. It may not be the lifestyle of the rich and famous but it's good enough for me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nobody Wants To Be Miserable Or Alienated: Behind Blue Eyes By The Who

One of the reasons I started blogging was because a lot of times I never could express what I feel, especially when it comes to anger, disappointment, rejection and other heartaches. A lot of times when things go wrong, these things just boil deep inside me and eat me up. A lot of times, I have either made a mistake or said something wrong which caused me to be an object of humiliation, making it harder for me to express myself, resulting to further alienation. Whenever I feel alienated or rediculed, I listen to the song "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who.

I guess that's one of the reasons why I am what I am. A lot of times times I mutter to myself because back then anything that I would say would either be funny or wrong which is why for a long time I kept to myself. As a consequence, alot of things that I wanted to do or be went down the drain. That's why these days I try to be more honest about myself and stand my ground. Sometimes when I work so hard and something happens that destroys it all, I really sink to an all time low. Apart from failure of expession, I'm begining to feel like I'm a magnet for misery magnate and I'm sure nobody wants that.

If there's anything that I learned from all this is always express what you feel and stand by what you really want to be or do. That way, people would understand you better and know what it is that makes you tick as a person. I wish I learned that earlier so that I wouldn't be in this situation that I'm in. Noboy wants to be sad or alienated which is why I always lend an ear to others because I know what is like to keep it all in and to be laughed when you're serious. After what I've been through over the years, it's something I wouldn't want to happen to anybody else because nobody wants to be sad, bad man.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Haunting, Tripping Feeling: Emerald Eyes By Eric Johnson

Although I am currently making changes to generate more traffic on my blog, I still want to retain the essence of showing old and rare songs of different genres that I loved listening to when I grew up. I do this to keep these songs alive and share then with those who surf the net. A lot of these songs either help express pent-up felings, take me back in time, illustrate a certain situation or are just plain cool. One thing they all have in common is that they just make me want to lay back and trip out. One of my favorite trip-out songs was "Emerald Eyes" by Eric Johnson and was only played on 24K.

Man, everytime I listen to this song, I feel like tripping out. It's what I called an 80's version of pyschedelia. Everytime this song starts playing, I feel like I'm on a rocket ship about to take off. I feel like the guiter play is taking me on trip to where I can be at peace. It is also a haunting song for me because a lot of times, I think a lot about people that I've met in the past. As the songs progess, I see their images flash before my eyes and remember the good times that we had. I get a mixture of ups and downs in a good way from the feeling this song brings and it still works the same magic today.

As I grow older, I the emotional impact that this song has on me really grows stronger, especially now that there are times when I think about those guys I blog about and the times we've had really starts to get to me now. Only when I play this song and others like it do I feel at peace. When this song and other 24K classics get played on air, it does my heart good knowing that they're still out there. No offense to the present trend but these classics can't be beat. Especially, since they were played during the best years of my life.

Monday, May 4, 2009

For All Those Bad Boys Out There: Bad To The Bone By George Thorogood & The Destroyers

I remember when I was in highschool, most of the people there were the usual preppie, clean cut, uppercrust types. Even the so-called tough guys usually ran with this crowd which made them blend in easily. During my second year, I met a guy who broke that mould. He was very friendly, but you can tell that he was a real badass who kept his distance from the rest of the pack. When I remember that that guy, I listen to the song "Bad To The Bone" by George Thorogood And The Destroyers.

He didn't act tough, but you can tell that he's the type that you shouldn't mess with and he loved his vices. I admired that guy because despite his vices and his image, he never asserted himself towards others and yet people knew that he's not one to mess with. Most of all, I admired the fact that he didn't take crap from nobody and if you're asking for a fight, better put em up and may the best man win was his motto. Most of all he was cool to hang around with and he was the closest thing to my brothers that I could find in my batch.

I remember when we graduated, he just disappeared after the final exams. He never attended graduation practice and when the day came he packed up and left. I sometimes wonder what became of him since then. It's very rare that you meet a genuine tough guy who at the same time was cool to hang around with. No matter where he is, I know he's doing well. I hope he's okay because he was really something back then because he got respect wthout demanding it which is what a tough guy is all about.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

When Things Fall Apart: Landslide By Fleetwood Mac

One of the reasons why I started blogging was to help to express what I feel deep inside. A lot of times, those feelings aren't very good, especially when you work so hard and it all falls apart. The sad part about it is that it happened during times in my life when I worked so hard only to see it all come crashing down. Just when things couldn't get any better, all of a sudden you find yourself going down in flames which really hurts. When I think about all those tough times, I remember the song "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac.

As I have blogged at lot of times, when these things happen, it takes me by surprise. Everything starts out great, then all of a sudden it crumbles all around and you try desperately to keep things together. When things fall apart, it really leaves you emotionally scarred because it hurts to have a good thing go bad. This is true when you worked so hard to build it up. You're left wondering where did you go wrong for it to go down the tubes which is the only way to rationalize the pain of it all.

Alot of times, I was able to get over it though it wasn't easy doing so. These days I realize that I'm reall getting old and a lot of things really at stake. I just hope I make all the right moves this time around because it's so hard to take another heartache. Getting over disappointments aren't easy, but you have to do it if you want to regain what you have lost. I just hope I'm wise enough to spot the signs that something will fall apart so I can prevent it from happening this time around.

Relief From The Rain: California Dreaming

Yesterday I heard that we have to brace for more rains as a low pressure area is once again approaching the country. For those who are hoping for some fun in the sun, this sure is a downer. This darn change in the weather is sure putting a strain in my finances since I have to get new rain gear to protect myself against the sudden downpour. I bet I'm not the only one asking for some relief from this crazy development which has taken everybody by surprise(and a very wet one at that). Hoping for relief from this weird development makes me remember the song "California Dreaming" by The Mamas And Papas.

It sure is a drag going home in a middle of a downpour during a time where you expect things to be dry. Just when you're trying to protect yourself from sun burn, instead you find yourself trying to get protection from the flu due to the rain. Walking home with wet cloths and water bubbles coming out of your shoes isn't exactly cool. As much as I'm not a sun fan, I'm no rain man either.

Right now I'm trying to anticipate what kind of weather we're going to have this week. I guess I have to wait for an advisory from PAGASA for that. Till then I have to gear up for rain protection which is difficult for a commuter. I guess we have to break some bad habits for things to get back to normal. Oh well, expect the unexpected.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What Corporations Should Have Been Doing In The First Place: Taking Care Of Business By BTO

Boy I hate what this global economic meltdown is doing to hardworking people these days. It's bad enough that whatever money we have is barely able to make ends meet. What's worse is that we don't even know if we're gonna get the axe as part of the financial institutions move to cut back on costs. Sometimes I think big business is heartless when they do that just to earn a few bucks for themselves. When I listen to the song "Taking Care Of Business" by BTO, I wish they did a better job at it.

This was a fun song that me and my brothers would listen to when we were partying back then. Nowadays it reminds me that the business sector around the globe needs fixing because hard working people are the ones being victimized by the system that was suppose to take care of them. Nowadays job security and generatng income weigh heavily on people's minds as they struggle to maintain that which they have built. Alot of countries'economies were devastated by what happened,leaving people wondering what they will do especially after getting laid off after faithfully working hard for some big tim corporation. Good folks deserve better than that.

These days governments should concentrate on generating jobs as well as finding out how to solve this crisis. People shouldn't treated like this while corporate leaders ask for hand outs and still get to have big bonuses as well ride fancy jets. They should be the first to sacrifice rather than the poor workers who they take out after things get rough. I just hope that things get better soon because everybody's feeling the heat. The corporation should be raising economic growth not laying people off. Taking care of people is what they should be doing right now.

Friday, May 1, 2009

When We Reach Our Favorite Getaway: Just Like Paradise By David Lee Roth

Despite the sudden downpour of rain, a lot of work weary people are still determined to make the most of the summer. This especially true since it is now May which means that they have only one month left to enjoy the vacation months. Right now, they are going at it full pace because time is gold and they want to make the most of their break while they still can. So they make a run for it and go to their favorite vacation getaways here in the Philippines and party like crazy. When I hear the song "Just Like Paradise" by David Lee Roth, its the nex best thing when we reach our destination and enjoy life to the fullest.

You can't blame people for going crazy when they reach their favorite vacation spots. After being couped upa and stressed out at the office, people need to lighten up a bit even if it means looking a little foolish sometimes. We go to the best hotels in the country and live it up like kings. Soak it up and shed the stress away is what it's all about. When you're done, then you're ready to get back on the saddle fully energized.

So whether you are rock climbing