Friday, April 30, 2010

People Probably Are Making The Most Of The Summer By Now: Let's Go Crazy By Prince And The Revolution

It just occurred to me that this is the last week of April. For many students, this means the first half of summer is over. When that happens, many of them are now thinking of how to make the most of their remaining days before the season ends. I wouldn't be surprised if their thinking of something crazy to do to ensure that the summer ends with a blast. When I think about that, I suddenly remembered the song "Let's Go Crazy by Prince And The Revolution.

They say the less time you have, the more you're prone to do something rash. This is especially true for high school and college seniors with the former now moving to a new level of education and the latter on their way to the real world. In the back of their heads, they're probably thinking that this is their last great gig so they really want to make the most of it. One way or another you can bet that they'll try to do something out of the ordinary to make a last ditch impression. It's their of making their mark before moving on.

We all felt that way at one time or another. There's always a part of us that wants to make ourselves known before we go. I know I've said this countless of times but be very careful. The problem with going crazy is that you might do something dangerous. Remember having fun is not about going to the hospital or worse the morgue so think twice before doing some rash.

Let's go crazy�Prince & The Revolution
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Overplayed Then Suddenly Stops: Songbird By Kenny G.

Sometimes it's incredible when a song gets played on the airwaves, it becomes an instant hit. You hear it everywhere you go and people just can't get enough of it. It doesn't matter what genre the music is so long as it catches people's ear, they're listen to it till their ears bleed. you get that feeling that it will never stop playing. One such song was Kenny G's "Songbird".

I have to admit he helped make jazz popular again during my college days. Whether it was on the radio, on MTV, a television show or even a beer commercial, there was a big possibility that this song was always there. Even stations that don't usually play jazz included this in their playlist. Apart from listening to it, people also carried this in their cassette during dates. You thought it would never end.

One day it did, when the 90's rolled over, everything that was classy and elegant got replaced with drudgy clothing and angry music from the underground. Still, for some true blue jazz fans, this song still lives on. Another thing that Kenny had an impact on was that jazz artist started shorting their names to the first letter of their surname. Well one thing is for sure, when it's hot, it's hot and when it's not, it's not. Things change eventually and when they do, it just fades away.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wish They Played This On Reel Tracks/Spaced Out But Doing Fine: Just Dropped In By Kenny Rogers And The First Edition

One of the new programs that are part of 24K Weekend is "Reel Tracks" hosted by Valentine. The show features songs taken from movies and television shows. I frequently request a lot of my favorite movie and television songs during this segment of 24K. A lot of times, I request for songs that are from the 70's or classic movies which are hard to find but still cool to listen to, giving the Dj's a difficult time in the process. One song that I wish they'd play is "Just Dropped" by Kenny Rogers And The First Edition.

This was played in a scene from the movie "The Big Lebowski" where the Dude was spaced out after having a spike dream. He then has a dream where he' with Maude Lebowski and playing bowling at the same time. When I see this scene, it reminds of all those wild parties that we have in the summer where we try to keep it together despite the fact that we can barely talk, let alone get up and walk. Those parties happened everyday and sometimes I wonder how we were able to survive such a liftestyle. I guess you'll try anything when your young.

I hope one day, they play this on Reel Tracks. I got hooked the first time I heard it and when I'm relaxing, I still listen to it. It's good song from a good movie. For those who didn't understand, you have to be in a certain "state of mind" to get it. When you do, then you'll get it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back When Summer Was Stress Free: Mornin By Al Jarreau

I remember when I finally got my grades and knew that I was in the clear, I felt like huge stone was lifted from my shoulders and everything seemed to finally be at eased because now I can finally enjoy the summer. Having proven that I didn't flunk a subject and that I'm certain to move up a level, I felt that I can now do what I want to do since I earned. After all that stressful studying, it sure feels good to finally relax and enjoy the summer. Remembering that stress-free feeling I get as I savored my vacation reminds of Al Jarreau' song "Mornin".

The good part about being in the clear was waking up late without worrying about rushing to school since school is out. Even when the heat is sweltering, it didn't affect me much because I was on vacation. Partying out and coming home to the break of dawn on a daily basis to simply chilling out in a cool place with friends, I felt that I could do anything. It really pays off to work your butt during school because after that, it's sky's the limit in the summer. Being able to do anything and go anywhere was the coolest thing to be.

Well its a different story now with all the deadlines and commitments that I have on my hands. Unlike school, you have to schedule when you take a vacation and you'll be lucky if you get to have two weeks worth. Still, so long as you spend it wisely, it could be just as fun as summer after school. It's just a matter of quality time being well spent. Just remember that the whole point is to just enjoy yourself.

Al Jarreau - Mornin'
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling Alone In An Unfair World: My Fair Share By Seals And Croft

With all the hardships that we've been getting lately, it's no surprise if many of feel that life's unfair. This is especially true when you try as hard as you can and look far and wide only to come up empty-handed. When results like that keep happening, you wind up feeling alone. Most of us don't even ask for much, just something we can call our own is enough. When things get hard and you start feeling all alone, the song "My Fair Share" by Seals And Crofts comes to mind.

This song was on the soundtrack of the movie "One On One". Though it's more of a romance theme, it played during the scene's where Robbie Benson's character found that he was on the verge of being cut from the team which left him bewildered and frustrated. At that point in the movie, I bet he sure felt alone and confused. I could relate to that because there were times when I had my fair share of experiences where in I was in bad situation and there was no one there to turn to. At times like that, it sure feels like life is unfair.

Still, in the end, the good guy proved his worth and proved his oppressors wrong. It's a reminder to all of us that although life is unfair, that doesn't mean we can't make things happen. It's not going to be easy and you to really push yourself to the limit find that which you seek to make yourself whole. We all aren't asking for much; just that what is due to us. Just getting our fair share is good enough for us.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No To Toxic Waste At Our Oceans And Seas: Barrel Of Pain By Crosby, Stills And Nash

You know I've never been a neat freak. If you ever stop by my workplace, there are papers and scattered all over my desk. Still that doesn't mean that I don't care about the environment. With the current high levels of pollutions, we need to pay attention to what happening to our environment. The song "Barrel Of Pain" by Crosby, Stills And Nash reminds me not to take that for granted.

Right now a lot of rivers in the cities that were clear and clean have now turned murky and filled with all sorts of debris. Imagine if they start dumping toxic material there. People will probably be bent out of shape or grow an extra limb if they dived in. Worst, if one gets poisoned from such a material, not only would he die, his death would be slow and painful. Not a good thing for anybody in my book.

It's a good thing that people are now more aware about the damage being done to our environment as well as its effects on whatever resources we have left. Until we find a way to deal with toxic and nuclear waste, it will be a long time before we utilize it as a source of energy. What we need to do first is protect and conserve what we have now. Things are already bad enough as it is and it's a good thing people are now contributing the rehabilitation of polluted waters and lands. It will benefit not just us but future generations as well.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Thoughts On The Current Airline Crisis: Jet Airliner By The Steve Miller Band

Recently a volcanic eruption in Iceland literally grounded air travel to a halt. Air travelers from around the world suddenly found their flights canceled due to the large cloud of volcanic ash that spewed out of the volcano and quickly spread to the skies of Europe. Unwilling to risk traveling through the large amounts of ash, many airlines were grounded. Because of this, travelers are trying to find ways to get to their destination via alternate routes and means. When I think about the impact that the volcanic eruption has caused travelers all over the world, the song "Jet Airliner" by The Steve Miller Band.

The whole situation reminds me of the movie "Trains, Planes And Automobiles", only it isn't funny to those who were stranded by the eruption. Many were on their way to important business trips, weddings or important occasions are left wondering how to get back. Some have opted to go back to their hotels while the more unfortunate souls have to camp out on the airports while they wait for new developments. Not only are they're plans ruined, they have to find other ways to get to where they are going even if it takes longer and will be more expensive. It's a sure thing that they're love ones are really worried by now.

The recent development was that some flights have now resumed while others remain closed. What's worse is that there's news that another eruption might occur and that means more ash clouds spreading up in the air. I hope it doesn't happen because people are having a tough time as it is. To all those who found a ride back, good luck and be safe. A lot of worried folks are waiting for you at home.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Song That I Wish RT Would Play On 24K: Don't Run Wild By The Del Fuegos

Recently, 99.5 rt's 24K Weekend Program implemented a new rule and that's to have a playlist every week. They said that this is to ensure that no songs are played more than once or too often. I don't feel comfortable with that because 24K is the only time that people my age and my generation get to hear the music that we grew up with. As I've said before, RT played a lot of great and songs in its day and many have yet to be found. Another song that I hope 24K would play is "Don't Run Wild" by The Del Fuegos.

This was a real cool band that came out around 1985-86 which was the height of my high school summer vacation. They were a very cool band who played rockabilly type tunes which I never tired of hearing back then. I remember when a singer who sang about her sister mentioned them in her lyrics. I guess that means that they made an impact on the music scene. Man, I miss their songs.

You know before RT implemented this playlist scheme, I wish it would find all those rare hits that it used to play on the air back in the day. As I have said countless times, RT played hits that other radio stations did not which separates it from the rest. I wish RT would find these songs because they are worthy of being part of 24K. Good tunes are hard to find and this is one of the best. I hope they find this one as well.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reminds Me Of Sun Burn/Not Very Keen On This Tune: Rock Lobster By The B-52s

I wouldn't be surprised if I were to ask some people if they prefer the beach or the mountains, they would choose the former. Well, this is a tropical country and for a lot of folks, they prefer soaking it up by seashore or the poolside than going to a cold area where you have to put thick clothing to protect yourself against the cold. Still, the hassle with the beach are the sand, over-exposure to the sun and being body-conscious. In the last part, I wouldn't be surprised if people will first hit the gym before hitting the beach. Anyway, when it comes to beach peeves and annoying tunes, the B52s' song "Rock Lobster" comes to mind.

As I have said before, I'm not a beach person. I never did like the idea of getting exposed to the sun's rays only feel like sombody set me on fire. You have to wait at least three days before your skin starts to cool and the pain goes away. After that, you start peeling off like a snake shedding its dead skin. Well, that's not my thing which is sad to say why I am not a beach person.

Another thing about this song is that it was not one of my favorite tunes when I was growing up. Every time thing song played, people started gyrating like they were shot with a tazzer gun. I know that you don't have to understand a song to enjoy and if it sounds good, then it is good. Sorry, but this one not only do I don't understand but it really isn't my thing. Well, different strokes for different folks.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now You Can Party All Night: All Night Long By Lionel Ritchie

One great thing about summer vacation for students is the fact that they no longer have to worry about turning in early at night. With school now over, they can go to sleep and wake up at any time they want to (much to their parents woes). The best part is any day and night can be the time for a party. As I've a lot of times before, it's party time till you drop. Having that party mood reminds me of the song "All Night Long' by Lionel Ritchie.

Man, those were the good old days. With no exam or homework to worry about, the summer was all about going to a friend's house or having friends come over for a party. Sometimes you go to favorite watering hole and watch your favorite live bands belt out their classic hits till your money all spent. It didn't matter that it was now morning so long as the night's gig was a success. You'd probably wake up at 1:00 pm nursing a bad headache after what happened but it was worth it.

These days, I don't think I could keep up with that kind of fast-pace partying. I'd be content to catch a few more hours of sleep and wake up later than I usually do. Still, it does one good to go out and meet with one's inner circle on weekend when all obligations are completed. For those who are partying tonight have fun and take care. Make the most out of the summer cause time is short and there are a lot of things to do out there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Basketball Everywhere: They're Playing Basketball By Kurtis Blow

long with the summer, there's also the season of basketball tournament where every subdivision in the city will probably be launching tournaments which might ugly during the heat of the game. A lot of people will probably think that I'm weird but personally, I hate basketball. Though I never cared much for the sport, when someone would suggest a game, you can bet they'll be playing until sundown. Whenever I hear the song, "They're Playing Basketball" by Kurtis Blow, it reminds me of how crazy people are to the sport as well as the reasons why I don't like it.

To be fair, it's easy why people like this sport because for one, you can play it anywhere so long as you have hoop and a ball and you're set. Secondly, everybody gets a chance not only to play but to score as well. Not only is it a good exercise for losing weight but it also builds stamina and trains every part of the body. I guess the reason why people love the sport is because of the great moves that players do on the court. Even if I'm not a basketball fan, moves made by Bird, Magic, Dr. J, Thomas, Jordan and other legends can make you stop what you're doing watch them do their stuff.

For me, the reason why I got turned off on basketball is because of the way my brothers treated me when they played. They literally turned insane during a game and I got the short end of the stick. It got to the point where I asked myself why am I doing this and quit. Apart from that, I could never watch anything on the tube during basketball season cause I always got out-voted which is something that really pissed me off to this day. Well, to each his own and if they like it and benefit from it, then by all means, play it.


Personally, I think basketball is more dangerous than boxing or mma and if you don't believe me, take a look at the way they play around here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Now You Can Really Celebrate Summer: Holiday By Madonna

When I was still in school, I never celebrated summer until my report was in my hand. It was a standard ritual for me, because I firmly believed that only when the coast was a 100% clear, then you finally let loose and go crazy for the summer. That's the reason why the periods after the final exam to the distribution of report cards were so important for me. Once I got my card and the coast was clear, then I really party out and celebrate the summer. That timing when it's really okay to get summer crazy reminds me of the song "Holiday" by Madonna.

I'm not much of a fan of this artist but she dominated the 80's and this song fits the mood of this entry. Anyway, as I look back at the days when I was a student, making sure I didn't flunk was a big deal for me. The thought that my tuition was so expensive and the fact that I didn't want to spend summer going to school moved me to do good on my studies. That's why I spent most of my time praying during Holy Week because I did all that I could and I couldn't let it all go down in vain. That's the reason why I go down on my knees and cry out in joy when it all paid off and I could really enjoy the summer knowing I'm in the clear.

Even now, I put off any kind of celebration until the final results are in. It's a practice that I have kept to this day because I want to be really sure that everything is in order before I launch any kind of festivities. So kids, if you want to have a good summer, make sure you pass all your subjects. Nobody wants to spend their vacation in school, having to pay extra for remedial or summer classes. Just pass your studies first and when you do, it'll really be a holiday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Now's The Time Go Wild: Born To Be Wild By Steppenwolf

As I have said before, make sure that everything's in order before you start partying out this summer. It's a hassle when you go on a gimmick only to have a bad development ruin your vacation. However, once everything is in the clear, rev up the engine and ride like the wind. After all that hard work, you deserve to let it all hang out and let your inner beast run free from its cage. To finally release all that pent-up pressure in full force reminds me of the song "Born To Be Wild" Steppenwolf.

After studying or even working your butt off, you deserve a break. Aside from all the hard work, we all have to be confined in very rigid environments where behavior and manners are strictly observed. Now that you're free go ahead scream in joy as you throttle down the road at full speed. Turn that radio on full blast and let the music fuel your excitement. Once you reach your destination, let the party begin and don't let it stop.

As I've said many times summer only comes once a year. When it does, people revel in it to the fullest because it's the best time to go where you want to go and to do what you want to do. After working so hard, we all need some wild time for ourselves. Once again, just be careful out there because bad things can happen if you go out of control. Take care and have fun this summer.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pack Up And Get Away: Two Tickets To Paradise By Eddie Money

After all that happened this past couple of weeks, it sure left all of us stressed out. On top of that there's so much that needs to be done. It's another one of those cruel situations where the world doesn't stop for anybody. Still, doesn't mean that we have to slave till we drop and if the opportunity to get of town to relax comes along, go ahead and take it. With that thought in mind, I feel like listening to Eddie Money's song "Two Tickets To Paradise".

After what we've all been through, we deserve a little time out. Usually, I am content to just slump in my sofa-bed and take a few snoozes just to rejuvenate myself. This time, however, I think that is not enough. I think a little time out of town will do us some good to help put our minds and hearts at ease after that dark time. A little change is just what we all need at the moment.

I guess it's been a while since we went out of town. I know that there are bills to pay as well as responsibilities that need to be attended to but we really need to take some time off. That way, we can go about our daily tasks with renewed energy. If it will do you good, don't hesitate. Just back your bag and enjoy the ride.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Do What You Can: Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right By Bob Marley

After what happened in the family last month, I have to admit I feel a little apprehensive about the current state of things. I guess we were all caught unprepared for what happened. Still, I don't want to stand idly by and watch everything fall apart. Bad things happen but that doesn't mean that things won't better because if we right through this storm, we will rise again. Keeping that in mind, reminds me of the song "Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right" by Bob Marley.

I chose this song because it fits the summer season and more importantly to remind myself that things will get better. Everyone goes through this and it's a sad fact of life. No matter how prepared you are, it still can knock you down to your knees. Still, once our tears are dried, we gather strength to rise again and carry on. I guess that's how life goes.

I really want to do my part in all of this both financially and emotionally. Right now, I'm hoping that what I'm working on will help ease the current situation that we are in. I know it's been a long time coming so I have to get ready to stand and deliver. I have to admit I'm still a little worried as to how things will play out. At least I have this song to keep me at ease as I figure things out with the hope that everything will be all right.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Festive Mood That Summer Brings: Good Life By Inner City

When the heat is on, it's hard for employees to stay focus on work. Rather than concentrate on the day's agenda, many of them are mulling on what places to visit in order to cool down. Whether they savor the cool air of Baguio or the beaches of Boracay and Puerto Galera, going out of town to beat the heat is is on top of their list. It's the season to enjoy which is why they can't help it. Wanting to just relax and enjoy the summer reminds me of the song "Good Life" by Inner City.

I'm not really a fan of this song but it fits the mood for this season of summer. Just relaxing at the beach sand with a cold brew and watching the girls go by or enjoying the ways sure is on top of every guys mind. Or going to nice cold mountain retreat with a cold brew with your best buds and savor the cool air is not bad either. Either way, you can't loose (did I mention the brew on both options?). What's important is that you enjoy yourself as best as you can while the summer's still here.

As for me, I still have a lot to do and given the current situation, my priorities lie elsewhere. Still for those of you who are packed and ready to go, have fun. Just remember to be careful out there because bad things can happen if you're not alert. Summer only comes once a year. Enjoy it as best as you can.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lazying Around The Summer: Life In A Northern Town By Dream Academy

By this time, summer fever is at an all time high. Whether it's out of town to get some sun or just going out on a good old gimmick with your best buddies, you can't stay still cause summertime is gold. Still, there are some people who are content to climb up to a hammock and just swing the day away. For them, simply relaxing is good enough. Get that kind of relaxation reminds me of the song "Life In A Northern Town" by Dream Academy.

I guess I'm at that point in life where I don't need to do anything fancy just to relax during the summer. I guess it's the small town boy in me where I remember studying in a simple school where there wasn't much to do but the people were cool. Just being able to relax and take some of that stress out of your system is indeed a big thing and it cost much just to turn your fan on and see the sun change from yellow to orange as you drink an ice cold brew. Add your favorite 24K song and your set. For me, that's enough.

Sure, I still enjoy a night with the buds and there times when I miss it. Be that as it may, I've accepted the fact that life goes on and as you get older, your pleasure become more simple. What's important for me, is that I get rested and the stress is gone from my system. Another day has ended and your still there to enjoy. Let's not take that for granted.

Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Fisherman's Hardship: Downeaster Alexa By Billy Joel

I've been an avid fan of many programs on the Discovery Channel. Among my favorites are Deadlest Catch and Lobster Men which revealed the hardships that these fishermen endure just make sure they fill their quota. Even when the rewards are great, the risks are often greater as they brave the seas even in dangerous weather in pursuit of more bounty. It's a hard life but it's what they know and it's a livelihood passed on from generation to generation. When I see the what these fisherman go through and what's at stake with every catch, it reminds me of Billy Joel's song "Downeaster Alexa".

Like crab and lobster fishermen of these two programs, the song depicts the life of fishermen in a small town. Financial problems and lack of fish is forcing many of them to abandon the fishing trade. While some opted for different career paths, others stay and continue with the livelihood that their families have worked in for generations. Despite lack all obstacles, these men continue on because the security of their families are at stake. They have no choice for this is all they know and they try harder to make ends meet.

When I look at the current situation that I'm in, I know I too need to come out of my safety zone and push myself even harder just like these men are doing. A lot of people are depending on me and I don't want to loose their trust. Also, I want to ensure that what my late father had built will not go down in vain. Like the song, I got my back against the wall but there's a lot at stake and I can't back down. I just hope that I do the best that I can like these fishermen do who have always delivered against all odds.

The Downeaster "Alexa"

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Time To Make Way For The New Generation: Change Of The Guard By Steely Dan

When I was young, I thought things would never change and a part of me wanted things to remain the way they were at the time. Time, however, would overule me and latter on as I got older, things indeed started to change. As kids started to grow, the old guard would start to make way for the new blood to take over. It's just a cycle of life to make way for the new generation. When I think about that natural process, the song "Change Of The Guard" by Steely Dan.

As I have blogged before, enjoy your time while you still can. Do what you can do and be all that you can be because before you know it, it will be gone and the next generation will moving in. You know your time is coming to pass when all the clothes that you were wearing is no longer in style; all the movie stars and singers and groups that ruled the airwaves suddenly disappear from the airwaves or now take jobs rarely appear on films or get supporting roles, when all your favorite hangouts suddenly close down; your gadgets are all obsolete and when the new elite is 10 or 15 yrs. younger than you. The worst part is when the department that your working for suddenly shuts down because it's functions are no longer necessary. It's hard to accept but when it's over, it's over.

I'm not saying that it's the end of the line, but you have to face the writing on the wall. Still that doesn't mean that you're all washed up. I know there's more to it, but you need to stock of the things that you can still do and build from that. As for the new generation, it's up to them now. I just hope they do better than we did. It will only be a matter of time before the cycle repeats itself again and then the guard will change anew.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Long As I Got My 24K Songs To Keep Me Cool: Hot Summer Nights By Van Halen

Well summer is here and you know what: IT IS HOT!!! Man, the moment I step out of the house, I feel like I'm gonna melt. When I'm in the office, I am reluctant to go outside because the heat is so bad that you'd either burst into flames or disintegrate. Apart from the air conditioner, I downloaded some of my 24K music to keep me company. The "Summer Nights" by Van Halen best describes how 24K tunes protect me from the heat.

Whether it's boiling hot or freezing below zero, 24K songs always keep me in a good mood no matter what the weather is like. Even those humid nights when the air doesn't flow and electric fan is not enough to keep you cool, it's still the perfect remedy. I just snap on my mp3 player and everything is gonna be all right. Just relax and let the music help escape the heat. You can say it's a little add on to meditation.

I guess you can say that 24K tunes are not only for remembering but keeping you cool as well. Music sure has the power to soothe the savage beast. Especially, if that beast is irritated by the heat. You can't beat a 24K tune. It gets you through all the hot days.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Crazy About Sunglasses: Sunglasses At Night By Corey Hart

I was never one for wearing sunglasses. For practical purposes, people where them protect their eyes from the sun's glare which is at its height during the afternoons. Some wear them for a fashion statement and for some reason, no matter what type or brand of glasses one wears, they always keep coming back in style at one point or another. One thing's for sure, people love their sunglasses. When I think about how people go crazy over a pair of shades, the song "Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Hart comes to mind.

If my memory serves me right, wayfarers (preferably Ray-Bans) were the in-thing during my time. Even back then, when my classmates wore them, they always felt like they were something. In short, it made them look cool (even when they were broke). Others wore them to hide their eyes from curious elders when they were "under the influence". Sometimes, I thought I was the only one who didn't bought into the fad. Well I was just a simple kid who stayed in the shadows back then and fads weren't my cup of tea.

These days, the fashion trend seems to be going back to the 80's. Because of this, the wayfarers are back in style. My nephew was in the house looking for my late grandfather's shades because they were back in style again. Just goes to show much people values their shades no matter what era they were and these days department stores and mall sell cheaper versions so that people afford a pair. Just don't go wearing them at night or people might start to get suspicious.

corey hart sunglasses at night
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So Long As I Sounds Good, Then It's Good Enough For Me: Only Rock And Roll By The Rolling Stones

Apart from living the memories and hearing the rare songs of my generation, another reason why I listen to 24K is because they have knack for preserving good music. I'm no music expert but once a song catches my ear my ear, I'm hooked. I don't care what the other people say as long as it good, I'll listen to it. That's why I'm glad that 24K preserves them. Having that in mind, it makes me want to listen to the song "Only Rock And Roll" by The Rolling Stones.

It may be old or outdated, but it still rocks in my ear. If people ask me why, it's simply because I like it. If it makes me stop what I'm doing just to listen to it, then it's good. During my time, a lot of classic 24K songs had that effect on me. It was good then and it's still good now. That's why I'm always hooked on 24K.

These days, contempary music doesn't appeal to me that much. I've tried listening to it but no chord inside me gets struck. That goes to show how much I'm out of touch with today's music and trend. Oh well, I still have my 24K sounds to warm me through the night. To paraphrase this song, "It's only 24K but I like It"!

Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock & Roll
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Song To Listen To With That Special Someone On The Beach: I Adore Mi Amor By Color Me Bad

I'm not really a fan of this group and if my friends ever see this post, they would once again be scratching their heads. Still it's summer and it does has sun theme to it. Though Holy Week is over and many of us are back at work, there are still some who plan to have
basks in the sun while it's still hot. Many of them probably intend to do this with a special someone at their side. For those who are either dreaming or planning to do just that, the song " I Adore Mi Amor" by Color Me Badd comes to mind.

Man, I always feel awkward using bands like these on my post since I don't listen to this kind of stuff. Still, it fits the mood for those who want to loosen up and relax this summer. True this is more of a love song but the latin lyrics (as well as the video which is set on the beach which unfortunately I can't find) will do for the season. What better way to chill out on the beach with a cool drink in your hands and a special someone by your side. Heck, that would make my summer.

For those of you who have this on the works, I say congratulations and enjoy. For the rest of us, responsibility calls and we have to attend to that first. I guess we can only dream about such a setting while we toil through the hours. Still, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun. The heat is still on and summer is still young so plan well and enjoy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Song About Mexico: Mexico By James Taylor

Last summer, I used the song "Mexico" by Firefall to express that feeling one gets when basking in the sun. Well the summer is once again upon us. For the lucky guys out there, I bet they're already got their sunbloc, summer wear and other fun stuff packed for the beach. It's that time of the year when everybody wants some time to cut loose and chill out. This time around, I'm using song "Mexico" from James Taylor.

Like Firefall's song, I guess this is what Americans talk about when summer starts. Cool beers, warm beaches and of course, the women who are there. After long cold months in the office, this is a welcome vision. Now that summer has arrived everybody is packing their bags and one of the places they are heading to is Mexico. Whether it's to bask in the sun or splash around, that's probably on their list of places to escape to.

Well it doesn't necessarily have to be Mexico where one goes to in the summer. There are other places that people can visit. Not just sandy beaches, but cool mountain areas as well. The whole point is to get relaxed for a little while and keep those stress levels down. Wherever you intend to go, what's important is that you enjoy yourself. Happy Summer to all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another One Of Those Songs That Make Me Feel Good And Do Anything: Sing By Mickey Thomas

As I've said over and over again, one of the reasons why I'm addicted to 24K Weekends is because apart from bringing all the memories back to life, they make me feel good. It's the best remedy for the blues and I'd rather listen to a 24K song than take a pill. They're also good motivators when you feel sluggish and lazy. Far better than Prozac if you ask me. One such song that has that kind of effect on me is "Sing" by Mickey Thomas.

This was taken from the soundtrack of the movie "Sing" back in 1989. I don't know why but for some reason I feel good when I hear it as well as believe that I can do anything. When there are just too many obstacles and not enough opportunities, it can sure be a real downer. In times like these, you really need to find some thing boost your spirits. This song fits the bill perfectly.

Too bad, we don't hear songs like these anymore. There's no originality and everybody's just copying and modifiying yesterday's style and music to claim it as their own. I wouldn't be surprised if the 90's would be re-hashed in few years time. These just don't make me feel good the way songs like these do. It really makes me feel like I can do anything when I hear it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Planning For Summer 2010: Summer Madness By Cool And The Gang

Well the summer is once again scorching the city and now that the kids have finished their studies, it's going to be a riot. They're probably jumping up and down because once again, they're free. I guess parents are going to figure what to do with their children for the next two and a half months. Right now, they're probably itching for something to do by this time. The excitement that summer is once again here reminds me of the song "Summer Madness" By Cool and The Gang.

I wasn't really a fan of this group back in my day but with summer already here, I thought it would be an appropriate song to post. With all the excitement everybody is feeling, they need to chill out a bit. Sure they're excited on what they are going to do, but don't forget to sit back and relax. It may sound boring give yourselves time to sit down and plan out the summer to make sure that you spend it right. That way you get to enjoy the season to the fullest.

I know you're excited but don't get so reckless. Just make sure whatever you do is feasible and safe as well as fun. There's are lot of things to do out there and it's just a matter of planning it out. Still what's important is that you have fun out there. Enjoy the summer kids cause you all deserve it.

Rock And Christianity Can Mix/Trust In God

When I was young, people said that Heavy Metal was the Devil's Music. A lot of it had images of Satan and if you play the song backwards, you'd here messages from the devil and all that sort of stuff. When you listened to such music, people will think that you're in league with the devil and thus was an outcast. One band that proved that metal isn't really the devil's music is Stryper. A good example of their song that proves Christianity and Metal can mix is called "In God We Trust".

You know one of the reasons why I'm more inclined to the right was because of a lot of injustices that I've seen in the last 20 years. People getting away with doing evil while innocent victims lay helpless and to add insult to injury, some liberal double-talker would lay blame on society rather than the perpetrator. During these cruel and unfair times, we need to hold fast and firm to our beliefs and to protect our own from the corrupting elements that threaten society. I know it's hard but I still believe that the Big Guy is up there and won't abandon us to the evil in our midst. We just have to stand our ground and even if we face incredible odds, what matters is that He is with us and we need not fear anything.

Heck, if rock and rap can mix, so can metal and Christianity. It's just a matter of doing it right. As we enter into this season of Lent, let us remember to always trust in the Lord. His word reaches us through different mediums. Even Heavy Metal is one of those mediums.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Play It Safe This Summer: The Violence Of Summer By Duran Duran

Well with school no in the back burner, fun is all that kids care about now that summer is here. Road trips, beaches, all-night parties are what they are focus on. Right now they feel like sky-the-limit when it comes to what they can do for the next to months. My only concern is that they might do something reckless and get into some kind of trouble. Being careful during your break reminds me of the song "Violence Of Summer" by Duran Duran.

I've been a kid before and I know what it's like to feel restless and just go wild now that school's over. Looking back, I guess we were lucky because a lot of times we kept it low key which means keeping it within manageable levels of fun. These days, kids tend to push the envelope and often times get into situations that can go out of control. These days, they'll try anything over the edge and as the results often aren't pretty. Whenever that happens, not only they but other people are also affected.

I don't want to be a kill-joy and I know how it feels to just want to break out and do something out of the ordinary. Just remember the whole point is to have fun as well as have something to brag about when the vacation's over. Nobody wants any hassles when they're suppose to be having a good time. If it's too risky, don't do it. It'll save you and a lot of people some grief. So have fun but be careful out there.

Friday, April 2, 2010

God Give Me Strength: Calling Out By Curtis Smith

This is going to be a very difficult period for me and my family. I swore to my father that would take care of things here and that I will also look after my mother. I have to admit this is going to an uphill battle but I will not give in. Although my brothers will also help, I am determined to do my part to preserve what he built. Right now I hope that the Good Lord really helps me this time around. The hope that he answers my prayers to be able to accomplish this reminds me of the song "Dear God" by Curtis Smith.

The first time I heard this song was during my "down periods" when things were really bad for me and I was desperate. When I look back that is nothing compared to what I'm up against right now. A lot of times, I did the best that I could but it just didn't work out. This time there is time that is not acceptable and I don't want to wind as the guy who got shut out and eaten up by the enemy. There's too much at stake and the one I don't want to do is fail my father and my family.

Starting next week I'm going to move to set things in motion and I pray that there would be no errors and all loose ends get tied up. I just hope that this time around the Big Guys really gives me a hand. I don't want to stand helplessly by and watch things fall apart so I got to move and do what I can to help. I know that we are being tested and I pray we make it through. Please God, help us cause we're doing all that we can.

curt smith "calling out"
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

That Feeling Of Dread When It's Time To Part: Jesus Christ Superstar's The Last Supper

Today is Maundy Thursday and for many of us Catholics and Christians it is a special day as we reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Usually we remember His last words to his followers and the last meal that they shared before he would undergo all the agony of torture and crucifixion. I wouldn't be surprised if it was hard for them to partake of that meal knowing that it would be the last time they would see each other again. If I was there, I wouldn't have any appetite, especially if I knew what was to follow. That feeling of dread one feels when the end is near reminds of the Last Supper from the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar.

I have to admit when I feel apprehensive about something, I won't feel okay until the storm has come to pass. With the recent passing of my father, this song and the movie scene is really starting to get to me. When I was rushing to the hospital, too many things were rushing to my head and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. Knowing what I was about to face made every step much harder because this is the last time I would be able to talk to him. I was hoping against hope that he would beat the odds but alas, it was not meant to be.

He is at rest and now we have to carry on. I feel that there are a lot of things that need to be done and must prepare for it. My only regret is that I made to many mistakes and was not able to clean up my act before he left. Goodbye Dad I miss you so much already. I will be strong just as I promised.