Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Like Those Fun Songs Back In The 70's: MMBop By Hanson

One thing that struck me back in the 90's that apart from the proliferation of grunge rock and gangsta rap, there was a growing revival of everything 70's. All of a sudden, kids started wearing bell-bottom jeans as well 70 style shirts and the music also started to o show traits of what music was 30 years ago. It was funny that despite the fact that there were so many technological advances, everything was no retro. Still, it was probably that nostalgic feeling of remembering simple times as well as simple pleasures. One such song that embodies that feeling was "MMBop" by Hanson.

This reminds me of those light-hearted, fun songs was back in the 70's that teen bands would play. You can say it was a light alternative to grunge at the time. It doesn't matter what the song says and there's no need to analyze it. What matters is if you like it, then just go with it. It's all about having fun.

Sometimes I can't believe how time flies. I remember a few months ago, I saw these guys on television and I was surprised to see how they have grown. If I remember right, one of them got married and the others are now studying. I'm glad to see that they're doing good, but I'll always remember them for this song. I hope that they still stick together because coming from a brood of five brothers, there's nothing like blood and when you're all brothers, you got a ready made crew right then and there.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be Ready For Trouble Makers: Be Cruel To Your School By Twisted Sister Featuring Alice Cooper

At present both private and public schools are making their last minute preparations for the opening of the school year. They are probably making sure that the rooms and facilities are ready and neat for the students to use for their studies. One thing that they better be ready for are the problem kids who probably have something up their sleeves (as well as their bags) to make life a living hell for the school. If you loosen your guard chances are everything that you fixed in the school will probably be broken once this guys let their antics loose on the first day. When I remember the wild antics that some kids play on the first day, the song "Be Cruel To Your School" by Twisted Sister featuring Alice Cooper comes to mind.

After spending more than two months of wild abandon, you can bet classes are the last thing on their minds. Even before the bell starts ringing, they already got something plan to wreck the first day and make their mark on the school. Watch out if a toilet explodes; graffiti starts to appear on newly painted walls or a slimy animal is let loose in a classroom. When that happens, they won and the faculty suffers. That isn't exactly the right way to start the school year.

For the veteran faculty, brief the new comers on who the trouble makers are. See to it that all property are secured and that there people monitoring the halls. If the first day ends well, it doesn't mean the coast is clear. Also as I have mentioned in my previous entry, be sure teachers assert themselves in class so that students quickly know who's in charge. Remember kids will always try to push their luck and we have to be ready for it. Here's hopping for a smooth opening and a good school year.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

For Those Who Are Obsessed: Do You Sleep By Lisa Loeb

Ever had those times when there was something that you want to accomplish so bad that it's starting to take over your life? Whether it is a goal that you want to achieve or unfinished matters where you seek closure, you feel that you can't do anything else until it's done. Eventually it you get obsessed with that you become oblivious to everyone else. The only way you get back to normal is by finishing the course that you have charted for yourself. Whenever I get into that mode, the song "Do You Sleep" by Lisa Loeb comes to mind.

For the past three years, I've been working on something that I hope would give my life some stability. I have to admit it hasn't been easy since it takes time for me to learn things so as much as I wanted this to come to fruition, I took my time in learning it. However, my father's passing has added greater sense of urgency to making this thing work. If it doesn't, then I future will really look bleak not only for me but for those around me. That is definitely not an option for me and as a result, I think of nothing else as my thoughts are occupied by it both day and night.

On a positive note, I was able to accomplish one part of the puzzle due to my stubborn resolve. Still there's a lot more to do if I'm going to make this a success. Due to the things that are at stake, I it occupies my thoughts to the point of obsession. I don't want this to go down in flames as I have devoted my heart and soul into it. When and not if I finally accomplish what I have began, only then can I finally loosen up and I hope that day comes soon.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Those Who Give Teachers A Headache/Disappointing Juan Dela Cruz Song: Titser's Enemy No. 1 By Juan Dela Cruz

With school opening within one week's time, you can bet that students are probably going to be restless on the first day. For teachers, the first day is going to be make or break time for them. As for the "usual suspects", don't be surprised if they start to pull something out of nowhere which will probably bring the school down. When that happens, you can bet that it's going to be a long year. When I remember those students who make trouble in school, the song "Titser's Enemy No. 1" by Juan Dela Cruz Band comes to mind.

This song was a far cry from the great psychedelic rock songs that the band use to belt out in the 70's which is why I was disappointed when I heard it. Anyway, when I was a teacher I had my fair share of headaches from student trouble makers back then. I had fish sauce all over my pants and there were times when many of them literally pushed me to the boiling point. To top it off, there was the mass cheating that went on, during quizzes. I had to learn quickly to deal with the situation or loose control of the class and the trust of my peers and superiors which was like going through the eye of the needle.

It's been a while since I taught after that. For those who are about to venture forth on the first day, make sure to ask around who the trouble makers are and find out what sections they were enrolled in. Assert yourself on the first day and lay down the rules of what you expect from your students during class. Most importantly, defang those troublemakers to show the class who's boss because once you take out the top dog, the rest of the pack will obey. Remember keep your eyes sharp and your guard up to ensure not only a smooth first day but a manageable school year as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher's Ethics or Do's & Don'ts: Don't Stand So Close To Me By The Police

Well, this week is the last week of summer and right now parents are scrambling to make sure that their kids are enrolled and that their books and uniforms are now in order. As for teachers and school administrators, they are refreshing their teaching skills and are currently updating their teaching materials to make sure they are prepared for the opening of classes. One thing that teachers both old and new should remember is that there should always be a certain degree or separation in class. The reason why I'm mentioning this is because there are times when teacher-student relations can get too close and when that happens, there's bound to be trouble. When it comes to teacher's ethics of strictly keeping it professional, the song "Don't Stand So Close To Me" by The Police comes to mind.

Some say that this song is about a teacher having feelings for a student while others believe it's the other way around. The reason why I used this song is because I taught high school history for four school years and I have to admit, I had fun doing so. Be that as it may, I always kept my relationships with my students strictly professional. There are certain lines that teachers and students shouldn't cross because the consequences can be catastrophic. A lot of times, it's the teacher who gets because he or she is suppose to be the responsible adult who guide and protect the student and you failed that responsibility. When that happens, the teacher is not ejected from the school but will be stigmatized for life because of getting "too close" to the student and will most like not be able to teach again.

When teaching, always concentrate on the students welfare. Although you should also be compassionate to your students, never lose sight of that teacher-student line. The best way to build teacher's respect is to able to come with presentations that are not only inform but encourage student participation as well. Remember you're there to teach and even if some students look stunning, their still half your age. Your suppose to keep them out of trouble not get into trouble with them. Remember their welfare is in your hands as a teacher and if you forget that, then you've just dug a hole for yourself and buried yourself alive.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For All Those Who Are Off To War And Want To Come Home: Rythm Of My Heart By Rod Stewart

When it comes to being separated from family, nothing can compare to those soldiers who are going to off to war. Many of them are heading off to what will be a very dangerous period of their lives. Some might come back maimed or scarred while others might not even come back at all. Yet they go on to face danger and we must be strong and carry on as we pray for their safety. Rod Stewart said it best in the song "Rythm Of My Heart".

From the get-go, it's obvious this song is dedicated to people who are off to war. Popular or unpopular, these brave men and women answer the call that many of us nowadays take for granted and even scoff at. Nevertheless, they are the best and the bravest that we have to offer and they do what they do because no one else would. Many of them go through ordeals that would make scare the pants off ordinary people. All that they want is to go back safe and sound to their loved ones.

The bonds that they forged in battle is non-existent here in the real world. They go through all that for country and love ones. Whether you are for or against a conflict, they're the ones who are fighting it.It is only fitting that when they come back, we give them a fitting welcome. It the least that we can do for them because they deserve it.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Takes A Big Person To Admit His Mistakes: My Mistake By Phantom Lee Rocker And Slick

I remember watching a scene from an evening drama series where a student admitted that he lied about his accusations to his teacher. Rather than yell or beat the boy, his father told him that real man is not about how fancy his car was or stylish his clothes look. It wasn't how big his house is or the type of places that he frequents but being able to face up to the truth and being honest. That scene made a big impression on me because I realize just how important it was for a person to stand up for what is true. Learning this reminded me of the song "My Mistake" by Phantom Lee Rocker and Slick.

None of us are perfect as we each have our own erratic behavior due to our own preferences as well as our fears and a lot of times, it leads us to do foolish things that cause trouble. When that happens, there are consequences that can really hurt other people and make things. If a you're man enough, then owe up to the mistake that you made while you can still fix it. Even if there's going to be hell to pay, it's better to be brave and take your medicine than have it eat at you for the rest of your life.

As much as I hate making mistakes, I hate hiding them even more because I don't think my conscience can take that and it doesn't help anybody. I'm not saying it's easy to step and admit it but if you don't, you'll be haunted by it day and night and when the truth comes out, it's curtains for you. Only a stubborn, prideful, @#@%$% could shrug that off like it was nothing. Just remember that when you admit your faults, but sincere about it. People will know and even if you admit it, that's not going to cut it and remember it takes a big man to admit it because he sincerely wants to right a wrong.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Describes My Mood When I Listen To My 24K Tunes: Sentimental Lady By Bob Welch

t never fails every time I listen to my 24K hits, I really want to stop whatever I'm doing and enjoy the songs. This is due to the fact that many of these songs are so rare, this is one of the few opportunities we all get to listen to it with others. Apart from that, whenever a song plays (especially my top 24K hits),. it really floods me with emotion as I listen to those great hits that define my past and my views. When it comes to being sentimental about it, Bob Welch's song "Sentimental Lady" really fits the bill.

I remember when my brother and his classmates sang this at "Broadcast Campus" many years back. This is the type of song that I would listen to when I take a walk by the seashore as the wind blows at my face. That combination of cool wind, good scenery and this song really hits me as the past comes alive in my mind. Yet despite being filled with emotion, for some reason I feel very calm. 24K weekend always does that to me.

I guess memories often evoke that kind of feeling when it gets too strong. I've always been a sentimental person. The fact that I'm growing older and the world that I use to know has come and go makes me even more sentimental. These 24K songs are now my link to the past which is why I treasure them like real gold. Still the present beckons and I have to attend to the day's chore. Nevertheless, those memories will always be apart of me and when 24K is on, I become sentimental again.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'll Always Rock To Dio: We Rock By Dio

Every time I remember my college days, I always associate it with Heavy Metal Music. It was in that period of my life that I was able to find a lot of friends who really rocked both in music as well as leather and clothes. As mentioned in my past entries, I constantly listened to really hard rock and metal music during this period. Apart from that, my hair and my beard were at their zenith as I spent a good time of my college years rocking. One singer that really rocked my ears was Ronnie James Dio and one of my favorite songs from this guy was the song "We Rock".

I have some of his songs in my blog entries and he was one of my favorite musicians. Whether with Black Sabbath or solo, this guy really knew how to belt out a mean tune. My brother and my friends use to sing some of his songs when they performed on stage. He and othe metal guys really pumped me up during college. His music and a lot of other great bands made life cooler during the last years of my academic period.

I was saddened when I heard the news about his sudden death caused by lingering illness. When I read that he kept on performing despite his condition, I said to myself that this guy really rocks. He willl surely be missed for he is one of the great gods of Heavy Metal which one of the best gifts that music give to a generation. Even if I have mellowed a bit, I still listen to his songs and I still get that pumped feeling that gets me throught the day. R.I.P. Ronnie and thanks for the music cause you rocked my world and you can bet that we'll keep on rocking.

Bar Stories: Piano Man By Billy Joel

Whenever you enter a bar, the first thing that strikes you are the different types of people who come in. They come from all walks of life and some come alone or in pairs or in groups. The drinks may vary from a simple beer to the most exotic drink in the house. No matter who they are or what they are drinking, one is sure: that they are all there to unwind and forget about life's pressures and their own personal frustration. The song "Piano Man" by Billy Joel really illustrates what people think and feel when they're at the bar.

When you listen to this song and picture the people in it, you can identify yourself with them because even during merry occassions, people still have that feeling of "silent desperation" inside of them which often drives them to the counter and order a drink. Whether you're the dead-end guy, the traveling salesman or the struggling waitress, you all have your own issues that often put a damper on your moods. Sometimes a drink isn't enough and people attempt to connect with others in the bar just to get it off their chest. One thing's for sure when the piano man plays, everybody stops what they're doing and listens as the song helps take their mind off their troubles.

We all have our reasons for going out and spending sometime at our favorite watering holes. Whether it's to celebrate something good or simply chase the blues away, sometimes a bar stool and counter is better than a shrink's sofa. Just remember don't do it in excess and as much as it gives you relief, it won't solve what you're struggling with. Still, we all need a break when things get too hard, it's good to unwind once in a while. It gets better when piano man plays cause he makes us feel all right.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

That Favorite Watering Hole Where Everybody's There/Another Song That Should Be On 24K: Soul City By The Partland Brothers

One good thing I like about 24K was that many of the songs that were played were during those times when we headed to our favorite bar where everyone we knew were there and they were having a good time. The moment someone in the house mentions that there's a gathering that place, everybody suits up and jumps into the car. Even going there, you can feel the excitement knowing that tonight's going to be a blast. One song that embodies that feeling is "Soul City" by The Partland Brothers.

I thought that this song was played by Benjamin Orr but I was mistaken. This song is for all those guys who want to go to that place where their songs are being played while they are with their own people with the drinks cool and cheap. If you're excited about going there, once you arrive, it really party time. Since you're with people of like mind and spirit, there's no need to be shy or embarrassed because all your friends and buds are there listening to music that you also like and having a good time at it. If there was such place, I'd go there and won't leave till I have fill even if it means emptying my pockets.

With all that's been happening and the pressures that go along with it, I really dream of such a place. I'd go there and everybody yells "hi" as you share a drink and rock the night away. The drinks would never stop flowing and the music just keeps on rocking with all your brothers and sisters with you is the coolest feeling ever. If I could, I'd never want to leave such a place, Man, I wish RT would play this on 24K soon. It goes up there with Don Henley's "Sunset Grill" as a mighty fine gathering of bros song.

One Of Those Song For Those Who Have A Lot On Their Minds/Wish 24K Had It: Morning. Noon And Night Time By Jane Olivor

As much as I am a die hard fan of 24K, I wish they would continue to add more songs to their roster that comes from the past. I believe that 24K should gather all of them because they are worth their weight in 24K gold. Even if some of them were played in other stations. As I have said these songs sound so good that they really make you stop what you're doing and just listen to the song till the last tune. Another rarity that does is Jane's Olivor's "Morning. Noon And Night Time".

This was played around the 70's in another radio station. This is one of those songs that gives you those "Tommy Boy" moments when you hear and you hope that nothing or nobody interrupts it. For me this is a song for people who have a lot on their minds from the moment they open their eyes in the morning. Whatever it is that they're thinking of, occupies much of their thoughts from sunrise to sunset. When the thought overpowers you, you just want to sit somewhere where you see the sun turn orange and starts to set for the day's end.

As I have said earlier, even though this song was a staple of another station in the past, I hope RT execs would consider adding it to the roster of 24K. Songs that make you want to sit down and reflect before or after the day's chores deserves a place on 24K. If music soothes the savage then this song fits the bill. If we have more songs like this, we wouldn't headache pills. It helps put my mind at ease which is what I need since people tell me that I got a lot on my mind.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another One Of Those Songs To Enjoy The Summer Wind: Breezin By George Benson

Well summer is almost over, but there’s still time to enjoy it if you make your plans right. For me, it doesn’t matter whether I’m at home or out of town, but what does matter is that I feel relaxed. That’s the best way to tell if one is enjoying the summer breeze. Just laying there and getting a natural high with your 24K hits while feeling the wind blow while your in the shade is cool enough for me. One song that best fits this occasion is “Breezin” by George Benson.

I came across this song during our jazz days which great after getting off on disco. I have to admit one thing I like about jazz is the fact that you can relax to it as well as get an air of class around you. Going back to summer, this is one of those songs that’s a real good stress buster. Just order your favorite drink and relax as this song plays. Add the warm summer sun and your set.

Though we didn’t listen much to jazz later on, I still feel relax whenever I listen to some of my favorite jazz tunes. I also get the urge to drink something exotic as well as feel the need to wear something classy. I guess it brings out the class in me once a jazz song as cool as this one plays. That’s just goes to show how good this song is. When it makes you feel good, you know it’s good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Be Careful When Traveling: Down At The Border By The Little River Band

Ever since the terror attacks of 9/11, I've always been very wary of traveling. Apart from planes, crashing, buses colliding and ships sinking, stories about tourists getting attacked, robbed and held up for ransom, gives me second thoughts about packing my bags. Still, that shouldn't deter me or anyone else to go out of town to see what life's like on the other side. Just remember to take measures to protect yourself when traveling (especially when going abroad). Keeping that in mind, reminds me of the song "Down At The Border" by The Little River Band.

I guess this paranoia stems from watching movies like "Hostel", "Midnight Express", "Return To Paradise" as well as documentaries of foreigners getting locked up abroad or falling victim to country's criminal elements. Based on what I've read on other websites some of the ways to ensure a safe trip are use credits cards rather than cash when conducting transactions abroad; avoid carrying jewelry or anything that may attract the attention of thieves; always carry important papers with you as well as the contact number of your embassy when you are traveling; avoid associating with strangers while on a trip; avoid trouble spots in the city; keep copies of your documents on hand if the need arises and avoid any untoward incidents such as arguments that could blow up into a dangerous situation. When traveling with family, make sure that children stay close to you and give them important phone numbers of the hotel or relatives living in the area to make sure that they know how to contact if the need arises. There are several other tips you can try from other websites which can also be helpful. It might be going overboard but it's better than regretting it later.

I hate it when criminals pray on tourist who want to appreciate the beauty of a foreign land. It not only causes damages to human life but also kills a country's chances to earn from tourism. Guys like that give their country a bad name. So for those of you are about to travel have fun but be careful. You didn't travel all they way to where you're going just to get victimized so don't let your guard down.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back Then People Couldn't Get Enough Of This Song: Just Can't Get Enough By Depeche Mode

I remember when New Wave first hit the radio when I was in high school. With its continuous barrage of keyboards and computer effects, all my classmates were hooked on this genre. I was listening to old school music back then, so to say that I wasn't a fan of this type of music was an understatement. What made me less of a fan was the outrageous hairstyles and the semi-punk/leather outfits they use to wear which really made me wary. Still, it was one of the types of music that ruled the 80's and eventually will find its way to this blog. One song that I remember was always on the radio was "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode.

The title clearly represents the song because I kept hearing wherever I go. Whether it was the radio or music videos, this song always kept popping up. There was no escaping it since it was the trend. To make matters worse was the weird dances that people usually make when listening to it. Even local commercials used the song to promote their products. I thought it would go on forever.

Then one day, they disappeared. New Wave and Techno was replaced with Grunge and Alternative Music. They came back with a hit from the early 90's and later again in the early 2,000's. With the popularity of the 80's revival now in style, I wouldn't be surprised to hear this song again. I guess even now people just can't seem to get enough of this song.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Song About Bands Struggling To Make It Big: Rock And Roll Band By Boston

Though I treasure my 24K sounds, I still like listening to hard rock or even metal tunes every now and then. One of the problems that I had with rock and metal songs was that during my day bands who were into this genre were a rare breed indeed. Trying to find a good place to listen to a good rock and roll band was equally hard to find. Back then, trying to make it big was very difficult indeed. The song "Rock And Roll Band" by Boston really illustrates the hardships that bands go through both then and now to break into the big time.

When I was in college, I was fortunate to make friends with some guys who were into rock. I remember these guys would play anywhere just to have people listen to their music. Some were willing to play for free just to have the chance to play on stage to small audience and there were few venues where they could play back then. The 90's was a good decade for rock as alternative music became the trend, more and more bands who played rock were starting get recognition in the mainstream which landed them good contracts which were once an impossible dream. Still, I have seen some bands made and some who didn't which saddens me because many of those who didn't make it were real deal who didn't compromise their music just to fit the trend of the times.

Nowadays, there tons or new talent out there and there now many rock bands who play to mainstream audiences. Some of them even land gigs on television and get their music promoted on cable networks as well as local radio. You know these bands who are currently enjoying their new found celebrity status should thank the old pioneers whose music they have adopted. These guys paved the way for them to be successful. That is one thing that they should never forget.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Song About Being Excited About A Gimmick: Time Out Of Mind By Steely Dan

As the days past, summer vacation is starting to draw to a close. Still despite the fact that there's barely a month left, a lot of kids only think about what they're going to do for the day (as well as the night). With time running out, they plan to make the most of it. As I've mentioned in past entries, they're probably going to gimmicks where they come home out of their heads. Remembering those wild parties where you are excited to go knowing that all restraints are off reminds me of the song "Time Out Of Mind" by Steely Dan.

This was one of my favorite Steely Dan songs, especially when I know the gimmick that I'm going to is going to be a blast. When the drinks are cold and all the guys are around, that alone is enough to get you to want to go there and party. Once you get there, nothing else matters. In its own way, everything turns magical as you start partying and all worries are banished from your thoughts. A good can do that to a troubled mind especially when everyone there is his best buds.

Still, there you're priorities are about having a good time, preparation for school and other obligations are starting to call. Tine to sober up and put your priorities in order. I'm not saying that play time's over, but you attend to more important matters. Still that doesn't mean that it's the end of good times; it's just a matter of time management. I have to admit though, there are times when I still get excited about going to a good party where time stops and nothing else matters in my mind.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Thoughts On Machida's Loss At UFC 113: In The Burning Heart By Survivor

Last year I was singing my praises when Lyoto Machida won the UFC Light-heavyweight Championship belt. Sadly, last Sunday he lost it to Mauricio Rua in rematch set in UFC 113. When they fought last November, Machida won by controversial decision which left fans demanding for a rematch. I was hoping to see a stronger, more aggressive Machida but Shogun's desire to win carried him through the fight. When I think about the determination to win during that fight, the song "In The Burning Heart" by Survivor comes to mind.

When the fight started, I was hoping that Machida would at least change his style and be more aggressive. My hopes were raised when he was able to take Rua to the ground twice. That hope faded as he didn't attempt a ground and pound, let alone a submission. Later on, Rua got the upperhand and floored him with a punch to the head. Though I was a Machida fan, I congratulate Rua for his win and deserves winning the belt.

I am still a loyal Machida fan, but this is where the true test of his fighting spirit really begins. Will he fold and quit the UFC or will he learn and be stronger and take back the belt? Sometimes a loss can be just as beneficial as a win, if you can learn from it. Take time to nurse your wounds and when you're ready, we'll be waiting for you. Despite the loss, you have done a lot not just for Karate but for all traditional martial arts as well.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Of The Funniest Songs/Music Videos That I Wish 24K Would Place: One Step Beyond By Madness

I remember when MTV first burst into the small screen. For the first time, fans not only got to listen but visualize their favorite songs on television. A lot of times, the early videos did not match the theme of the songs and many were surprised that the bands didn't look like the voices who sang these hit songs. Still, it was thrilling to hear and watch your favorite artists belt out their hits at the same time. One of the funniest songs that I saw on MTV's early days was Madness' "One Step Beyond".

I remember the first time I saw the video of this group, my brothers and I were were a little "stewed" at the time. I was about to doze off when suddenly this video burst into the screen with the band looking like geeks on steriods. From the get-go, I was laughing so hard that I fell to the floor gasping for air. Their funky dancing and funny antics kept me laughing all night and when I saw this again on Youtube, I still laugh my eyes out to this tune. That was one of the best laughing fits that I had in my life.

Apart from listening to this tune, I often use this to tease my "friend" who would always chase me all over the school when he couldn't take my jokes. I do hope Rt gets to add this to their roster of classic 24K hits. The tune of the song alone is worth the listen. The video is enough to keep you laughing all day. Truly a good song that deserves to be on 24K.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everybody Has Their Own Way: This Is How We Do It By Montell Jordan

With only one month left, I guess kids are going all out to make the most of what remains in the summer. Whenever I go to a gimmick, I always try to keep an open mind because when you're invited to a party, that means the people who invited you think highly of you. Of course when I say an open mind, it means I do my best to blend in and have a good time. When you associated yourself with different kinds of people, you have understand that they do things differently from you so you have prepare yourself and that includes parties and gimmicks. When it comes to people doing things their way, the song "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan comes to mind.

As I have mentioned in the past, I hung around with different kinds of people such as rockers, slackers, geeks and even on some occasions, even social types. Each has their own way of partying and majority of those invited are of like mind and taste. I have learned that the best way to break the ice is to find some common ground and build from that. Once you've accomplished that, the rest is easy. In the end, what matters is that everybody has a good time.

If you think you have trouble which party or gimmick to go to, consider yourself lucky. A lot of other people don't get invited at anything at all. Just keep an open mind and explore the possibilities. Just because it's different, doesn't mean it's not fun. In the end, it's all about enjoying yourself.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Please Give The Results: Please, Please Tell Me Now By Duran Duran

Like many of our countrymen, me and my family flocked to our local precinct to vote for our candidates in the recently concluded 2010 elections. With the advent of new voting machines, we thought that it would be faster this around and we'd be back home in no time. Alas, with methods, come new problems that were not forseen and as a result, we had to go back later in the afternoon to vote. With that over, we couldn't wait for the results because the political future of the country is at stake. When I think about the anxiety and tension that waiting causes, the song "Please, Please Tell Me Now" by Duran Duran comes to mind.

With a lot at stake, I wasn't surprised that so many people were angry at the delay. It got worse the day after. What was supposedly a quick declaration once again ran into problems as the computers kept on hanging due to the large amount of data being processed. As a result, we had another delay in the process. Still, all's well, ends well as the proclamation was made in the afternoon and the victorious candidates were presented to their constituents. It wasn't that bad in the end.

What have we learned from this? Sometimes the more advance the technology, the more problems you might encounter. When something is new, expected some glitzes in the process. Well live and learn from this experience. You need to give these things a chance. Let's just hope that they perfect the system and make streamline the process next time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Everybody Wants To Be A Politician: I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician By The Byrds

Right now the election period in my country is at a fever pitched as the candidates vie for both local and national positions. With the campaign period at its last week, candidates go all out to promote their platforms in order to sway folks to vote for them. Many of them promise great changes to their constituents if they get elected into public office. The question is will they stand and deliver the changes that they promised or will it all be just empty words with voters feeling that they were duped. With so many candidates competing in this month's coming election and the promises that they have for the country, the song "I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician" by The Byrds cames to mind.

We see it at every cycle in every country where candidates, whether old or new go all out in voicing their vision for the country's future. They make grand promises such as ending poverty, providing more benefits, opening new relations and so on. Depending on what the biggest problem that affects the country will be the factor that people will look for when they start to vote. Apart from that, whoever sways public opinion will also get a greater chance of getting elected. If the present administration did a bad job, then it's very likely that people will vote for the other side since they want change.

The problems is can these people bring about the promises that they made during the campaign. There are some who claim that they will do better yet their reputation has been tainted by past scandals and failed promises. There are those who are either naive or just being controlled by the party to serve their backers' own interest. The sad part is that a lot of times, these guys are so indebted to their supporters that they are first on the list and some of the promises wind up getting shelved at the very bottom of the barrel. So all I can say is be very careful about who you are voting for because they might be selling you a load of B.S.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Remembering Our Mothers: Mother By John Lennon

Well today is a special day for all mothers around the world. The reason for that is because it's Mother's Day. Today we honor the women who gave us life and brought us into this world. They have always been there for us day and night as well as the good times and bad. It is only fitting that we show our gratitude and more importantly, our love because they have loved us from the day we were born. I guess that's the reason why I chose John Lennon's song "Mother" for today's entry.

It takes a special kind of woman to give her all for her children. They have sacrificed their own personal dreams just to make sure that we grow up right. A lot of times we never appreciate and worse, we give them heartache in return. Still, they're devotion to us can never be measured and even if at times, they don't understand us, they love us nevertheless. That is something we should never forget.

As I have mentioned before, I lost my father a couple of months ago and when my mother cries, it really breaks my heart. My brothers and I do all that we can to comfort her during these difficult months. So today, we go all out to show how much we care for our mothers to remind them that we love them and are grateful to them for all that they have done for us. It should not be on just Mother's Day but everyday as well. They have never stopped loving us and we should never stop showing them that we appreciate it in return.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Good Mood Song: Just My Imagination By The Cranberries

I remember what Wilhelm Defoe's character said in Platoon that "feeling good's good enough". I couldn't agree more with that. It doesn't matter if it is natural or artificial. When you feel good, that's all that matters. It gets better when things are going well and everything is going the way you want it. Remembering how it feels to be stressed free and loving every minute of it reminds me of the song "Just My Imagination" by the Cranberries.

The first couple of lyrics of this song reminds me of how I use to spend my weekends and summer vacations. Waking up when I want to and leaving the house of a stroll to chase the cobwebs out of my brain or going out to check some stuff or have my favorite meal all the while letting the stress out while soaking up the good vibes. Sometimes I sit back and let my imagination flow as I take a breather from strolling as I take in the sights and sounds in my head and let it all play out as I want want it to be. When I'm done, I hit the road feeling refresh which is good enough for me.

These days, I have to make some adjustments due to the responsibilities that I have to deal with. Things have changed and I have to roll with the changes. Still, that doesn't mean that I don't do it anymore, let alone don't get into a good mood. It's just a matter of adjusting to the way things are now. All it takes is some positive attitude and some imagination to get things set.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Energetic Feel Good Morning Song/Great Horns: Jazzman by Carole King

There's really nothing better to start the morning than with a good song full positive vibes. For me, it's the best substitute for coffee cause it really fills you up with positive energy to face the day. Worried about waking the neighbors? Just plug in your earphones and let the music wake you up for a really good morning. One song that does that is Carole King's "Jazzman".

The one thing you want to do in the morning is to start it right. What better way than to tune in to good song like this to wake you up. Just like lyrics, this is one of those songs that takes my blues away whenever I hear. On top of that are the terrific sounds of the saxophone which really gets deep inside of you. I have to admit I'm a sucker for really powerful blast from a saxophone that suddenly dominates a song and this is one of them.

I know keep saying this but today's music lacks the same soul as my 24K collection. Most of the time, these contemporary bands sing as if their voices couldn't hold a high note. When compared to classics like these, those songs don't cut it in my book, let alone my ears. I really lament the fact that there are no more powerful horns in songs anymore. Whenever I hear them, it really blows me away and it still does to this day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bracing Myself For The Necessary Changes: Winds Of Change By Jefferson Starship

I remember a few years ago, I used the song "Roll With The Changes" by Reo Speedwagon to describe how I should handle situations when things start to change. The advice to ride the wave of change came from my brother which I still believe is a good piece of advice to this day. Recent events, however, are starting to prove a huge challenge in living up to this advice which I hate to admit is really overwhelming. Right now, I am bracing myself for the changes and if God gives me strength, I hope that I will be able protect certain things that we hold dear from those changes. The Inevitability of change reminds me of the song "Winds Of Change" by Jefferson Starship.

I have to admit there were times when things went down the drain due to my carelessness. With all the things that are at stake, I can't afford to do that again. I don't be the grasshopper who sang all throughout spring only to starve and freeze during the winter. Nor do I want to be like the 10 foolish maidens who missed an opportunity and were locked out. Right now the fact that things are at a precarious state hang heavy on my head. Not a day goes by where I haven't wracked my brains out on needs to be done.

One thing is sure and that is if I don't come up with something, everything we have might disappear one by one. I really want to do something to protect what we have against the effects of the changes brought about by recent events. I also want to contribute more to ease the burdens of those who are already helping. Right now, I am doing what I can to prevent the worst. Change is here and I better do something about it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is By Chicago

You know your summer vacation's really great when you loose your sense of time. Not knowing or not even caring what time it is so long as your vacation's on a roll is all that matters. After all that pressure from school, you can go crazy and dance in the street without a care in the world. You're at that point when you are in a natural high. That feeling of being free from time's constraints while on vacation reminds me of the song "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is" by Chicago.

This is one of my favorite "feel-good" songs where the whole point is just to enjoy yourself. Apart from loosing that sense of time, another sign that you're on a role is when all worries and trouble seem to just melt away as you bask in the sun and make most of the day. No matter how much others try to force you to attend to other matters, all of that is on hold because right even the air gives you inspiration. When pressed for work, the answer will always be "Later". Can you blame them, they're on vacation so don't disturb them now cause it's their time.

Of course, the time will come when work and school will come calling. When it does, it's time to put your working hat on and prepare yourself for the daily grind. Still, after a good summer you are probably all fired up to start the day's choirs. Quality time can really do that to a person. This especially true when you don't about the time anymore cause you're feeling all right.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Perfectly Describes How I Would Spend My Free Time: Rock And Roll Girl

As I have said many times before, my pleasures are very simple. Some people are very difficult to please and I wouldn't be surprised if many really force you to dig down deep. When summer rolls in, this is usually one of the stumbling blocks that people face as to how they can enjoy the season and cope with the cost. Me all I need is to a clear radio where I can listen to my 24K tunes with a cold brew and good cigar. John Fogerty's song "Rock And Roll Girl" describes how I spend my free time whether it is the summer or not.

I guess you've noticed by now how important these tunes are for me. Whether I hear them at home or on the road, so long as I hear them, then everything is all right. I'm not a very extravagant person and just going for a stroll with all these classic and rare tunes flooding ears is heaven to me. Heck, the music itself helps me to escape to another place where everything is cool. I guess I can relate with the part about the rainbow in one's mind in that song.

Hearing my songs as the sun starts to set is one of my favorite settings and I hope one day I achieve that. I just need to attend to a few things first. You can't appreciate the tunes if some chores are left undone. Get them done first before you start relaxing. When they are done then you can rock and roll on to the night.

Monday, May 3, 2010

For All Those Who Are Cooling Off At A Public Pool: Se A Vida E By The Pet Shop Boys

I remember during the summer, we would often beat the heat by going to the public pool where we spent the whole day soaking up from morning to the afternoon. Of course on a really hot day, the pool would be crowded with other people who also wanted to cool off. Still, so long as you beat and the heat and had fun, that was all that it matters. Life was a lot simpler then and prices were a heck of a lot cheaper. Remembering those days reminds me of the song "Se A Vida E" by The Pet Shop Boys.

Of course when you're a kid, your eyes light up upon hearing the word "swimming pool". The chance to splash around and immerse your body into water was way more fun rather than getting water from bucket and splash it all over you again and again. It gets better when you have or an inflatable toy to play in the water. The best part was seeing all the girls jump in with their swimwear. When the sun starts to cool, it was time to call it a day.

These days, I'm not much of pool person than I was when I was a kid. I'd be content to just install a bathtub in the bathroom and fill it up with water and large amounts of ice and stay there to beat the heat. Add some 24K music and I'm set. Still that didn't mean that I didn't enjoy myself when I was a kid. It was just one of those childish pleasures one enjoys during the summer.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Play War Days: The Trooper By Iron Maiden

My fondest memories of summers were way back when we did nothing but play war the whole day long. One moment we'd be swinging sword and shield and then shooting guns the next. It was a crazy time for us back then, but we had a blast. We wouldn't stop playing till the sun went down. Remembering those days reminds me of the song "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden.

We probably spent the summer that way until the late 80's. If we didn't go out of town or went sight-seeing, this is what we were probably be doing the duration of the summer. We'd save up for the swords and guns that we would buy and when we went home, let the battle begin. We'd be swinging and shooting at each other as it was real. For those who were expose to this reckless activity of ours, it was a real culture shock.

Though those days are past me now, I still get the urge whenever I pass by the Toy Section of the local mall. I'm glad to see that one of my nephews taken after us. Getting into a sword fight with him really brings back memories of the good old days. We all had a blast doing that way back then. To this day, I would choose that than playing the latest video game cause you really let your imagination run wild.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Cheapest Way To Enjoy The Summer: Get Out Of My Room By Cheech And Chong

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people were already making their summer plans at the start of this year. The fact that it started getting hot last month probably got a lot of people excited about getting away already. Still, for some people, all they need is to stay in their room and just waste the day away. It's not much but for them it's good enough. For those guys are content to spend the summer that way, the song "Get Out Of My Room" By Cheech And Chong comes to mind.

Whether it's summer or not, one's room is one's private little world. It is the only place in the house which you can call your own and where you can really have some privacy. For me, turning the music up and listening to my favorite hits as well as getting stewed till the wee hours of the morning were good enough for me. I was probably asleep till noon much to my parent's annoyance. Well, it was summer and it's the only time a kid can sleep all day and party all night.

Well even if those days are behind me now, I still consider my room my own private idaho. So much so that I feel very uncomfortable in other people's room. Messy or neat, it is still my room. There I can do whatever I want because that place is designated for me. That's why I want to be left alone once I am in my room.