Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Was Was: Was By Kenny Wayne Shepherd

You know they say what happens and in the past is past.  No matter how many times you go back to it, you can't change it.  What's worse is if you continue to dwell on it, you'll be trapped in it forever. That's why it's always important to move on.  When I think about what was, the song "Was" by Kenny  Wayne Shepard comes to mind.

Sometimes when you dwell on the past, you don't remember much of it except its impact on you.  This is especially true when it was some thing that was bad or worse something that scarred you to this day. As time goes by, when you remember that event, you tend to have some differences on how it happened.  Yet one thing will remain constant and that's the pain that you've felt during that time.  That will never change and it stays with you no matter what you do.

Well what was will always be that.  There's nothing you can do to change it.  That's why for me, it's best to move on. I don't want to take control of my life.  That part of me is over so I move on in the hopes of finding something better.  Cause that's what life is all about and that's why I keep moving on.

Another Day Has Ended: Daylight Fading By Counting Crows

Just got back work and it's very late.  I had cold dinner and I got ready for bed.  Still despite accomplishing all those tasks there are still some things that remain unresolved.  Those are things that keep bothering me day by day for quite some time now.  Now another day has ended and once again, I feel that I got no answers.  I guess that's the reason why I'm listening to the song "Daylight Fading" by Counting Crows.

Though I don't speak about it, deep inside there are things that bother me which I can't shake off.  I guess this is brought about by the fact that things are getting tougher and tougher.  Each day I try my best to find the solution but alas I always run into a brick wall.  Before I know it the day has ended.  Once again I feel frustrated.

Still tomorrow is new day.  With new days comes new opportunities as well as new hope.  I guess that means I get to try again.  Don't how many tries it'll to get right but maybe one day will that day.  As I think about it to warm me up, I get ready to call it a night.  The day has faded so that all for now.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Harsh But True: Only The Strong Survive By Bryan Adams

When we look back at the past generations. one thing that can say about them is that they were a strong bunch.  Especially those who were born from the 20's to the 50's because they went through the toughest and yet they manage to come through it all and made their dreams a reality. Sometimes I wonder if we're ever measure up to them? These days the times are also getting tougher are we and the generations to come up to it?  That's the question I ask myself when hear Bryan Adams' song "Only The Strong Survive".

I wonder about that because there have been a lot of bad things happening around here making this world a difficult place to live in.  Problems \just keeping more than you can solve it.  It's like a video game where a mass horde just comes at you and all your lives and weapons are just running trying to fend them off.  Still if you give up that's it and if there's one thing I don't want to do anymore is giving up.

For me, I've made a lot of bad choice that I gotten either nowhere or in an awful mess.  Still, I won't accuse me of being quicker.  I'm still alive so that means there's still things I can do.  This world may get meaner but it won't get me down.  Only strong survive and I'll stick by that old motto as I keep up with life's hard jokes.

(P.S. Unfortunately this is the only video that I can post from YouTube.)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Swinging And Being At Peace: Iduyan Mo By Basil Valdez

Back when I was young, I remember one of the things that I looked forward to during the summer vacations was when my parents would buy a large hammock. We'd tie to a tree at one end and to post on another.  Once it was set up we would all climb and on board and swing as high as we can.  We'd swing so high, we thought we were flying.  It was one of the fun things that we did when we were kids.  Remembering that hammock and all the fun we had with it reminds of the song "Iduyan Mo" by Basil Valdez.

When I remember that hammock, there were also times when I'd just lie there the whole day and do nothing.  Still, it was relaxing and all I could see was the sun shining down on our garden while the mango trees gave me some shade.  During that state, I felt that time stood still.  If I had my way, I'd stay like forever.  I never more at peace while lying down that hammock.

Nowadays, there's no good place to relax.  The next best thing is a lunch break nap at the office and it's so hard to get some snooze time when your sitting on a chair and putting pressure on your arms with your head. The hard part is waking up with your arms numb due to the weight of your head.  All I have left is the memory of that hammock.  It was in those times when I was swinging and being at peace that I really miss most.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Rock Song That Made Me Want To Rock: Tayo'y Mag-Rock And Roll By Maria

I remember the first time I heard of Pinoy Rock or rock music written and performed by Filipino bands with locally written lyrics was from my brother.  I remember he pasted the wall of his room with cut-outs of Pinoy bands and their logos that he got from music magazines.  One of the earliest songs that I heard from that genre was from the band Maria Cafra.  One of their songs was one of my first favorite Pinoy Rock songs,  That song was "Tayo'y Mag-Rock And Roll".

The songs message was simple:  Forget your blues and let's rock!  It was a very uplifting sound and it was great for chasing the blues away.  First time this caught my ear, I was hooked and I kept playing this song again and again.  The only person that didn't approve of this song was tutor and she wonder why a kid my age was listening to this music.  The answer was simple:  It rocks!  Since it rocks, it a cool song and that's that.

I'm really glad that YouTube posted this song.  I've missed listening to it for such a long time.  I thinks I'll be repeating it again and again for tonight.  That's a sign that it's a good song.  Especially when you just rock and rock hard.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hanging In There When Times Are Tough: You'll Never Walk Alone By Gerry And The Pacemakers

A few days I woke up and did my usual routine exercise and breakfast before heading out to work.  As I got ready I was the Sports Channel and they had a soccer program on and I thought of turning the channel.  Then I was surprised as fans from Liverpool started singing I song that I knew way back then.  What made me watch it more was the intensity in the way the fans sang that song with one of them wiping his eyes after singing it.  The song was "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Gerry And The Pacemakers.

I guess this song caught my attention because of the many storms that's happening lately.  Things are so hard right now and every choice that I make seems to strike out.  The worse part is it often happens at times when so much is at stake and these things fail me.  Hearing this song kinda gives me some solace when things have not gone as I had hoped.  I dare say it helps me stay gives me hope to stay in the mix no matter how daunting it can be.

Nobody likes it when things fall apart and times are tough.  Still, you have to hang in there.  It's easy to just give in during times like these.  Still, there are people who still believe in you which means things aren't that bad.  Bad times are a part of life but so are the good times.  So long as you have hope, you'll never be alone in your struggles and if you hang in there, things will be better.


Still Trying To Reach For The Light: Nobody Said It Was Easy By Le Roux

Whether we are young or old, we all have dreams and aspirations that we want to see fulfilled.  Everybody tells you that it's all out there and it's yours for the taking.  That said, don't expect things to simply land on your lap.  If you think that way, you're going to be in for a tough time.  Listening to Le Roux's song "Nobody Said It Was Easy" often reminds me of the struggles it takes if you really want to make your dreams come true.

When someone tells you that it won't be easy don't take it negatively.  They're just telling you the truth no matter how daunting it sounds.  It's easy to have a dream or a goal but you have to realize that making it come true is another story.  A lot of times, you'll do it yourself and you can't rely on others.  The worse part is that it won't come true instantly and there will be times when you feel frustrated that you're tempted to give it up.

That doesn't mean that you should just give up just because things are so hard.  If that were the case, I would've thrown in the towel a long time ago.  The fact that people told me it was impossible makes me more determined to succeed.  Though I have to admit that I'm still feeling my way around, I'm still hanging in there.  I still believe despite the nasty obstacles that life throws at me.  I'm sure one day I'll make it come true and when that happens, the light will shine.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Here Today Gone Tomorrow: Touch And Go By Rupert Holmes

They say that nothing lasts forever in this world.  I learned that the hard way.  When the good times came in, everyday was a joy and it seemed that it would go on and on.  Then all of a sudden, the party was over and the harshness of reality just wrecked it all.  When the party's over, it's definitely over. How fast the times change from this to that and the things we lose along with it reminds me of Rupert Holme's song "Touch And Go".

When is it good?  That's when everything is going your way and you feel no stress,  You're inspired and feel no stress despite some hassles that the day may bring.  When the good times are gone and the bad times set in, things start to fall apart.  Everything you work on just doesn't cut it and a lot of times what you thought were opportunities turned out to be a waste of time.  What's worse is that there's no one to help you when that  happens and what's worse is that you get heaped with criticisms that  never seems to end.  How fast things can change from good to bad.

You never know when these things will happen so you just have to do your best to be prepared when it does.  I guess that's why when the times are good, we live it up while we still can.Once it's over and the hardships begin, it'll be a distant memory.  Sometimes your up and sometimes you're down.  That's how life is when everything is touch and go.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sitting Around Somewhere Just Looking At The Sunset: Sitting

Whether I'm at home or on vacation, I'd like to start my day and end my day sitting somewhere in a comfortable spot where the scenery is good.   In the morning, I witness the sun starting to chase the night away as a new day rises while drinking my coffee.  After a hard day's work, I'd go to the same spot and watch the sun's color turn orange as it sets down at the day's end. Enjoying the view while forgetting all the bad things that have happened.  For some reason, I feel at peace when I do that.  Doing that reminds me of the song "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" by Otis Redding

Every time I would be ask to draw myself at workshops I often depict myself sitting somewhere gazing at the sun.  Even when I was studying,  I often try to look for places where I can be by myself where there's a lot of peace and quiet.  Why do I do this?  It's because I'm trying to find some place where I can be at peace.  More importantly, maybe I'm trying to find peace of mind.

Things are more hectic now.  I seldom have time to gaze at the rising and setting of the sun as make preparations for the day's task.  The best I can do is simply look out my window and breathe a deep sigh.  Hopefully when all things are settled, I'll be find a peaceful place.  And when I do, I hope to find some peace of mind.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Song That Reminds Me Of Life's Circular Course: Full Circle By Collective Soul

No matter what I do, there are times when I feel that life seems to take a certain course.  It starts at a certain point only to end at a certain point.  It always does so at fixed amount of time.  Just when you think that you've avoided that course, you realize that you just ran it in the end.  I got reminded of that when I was listening to Collective Soul's song "Full Circle".

You can say that I've been dwelling that "vicious cycle" that I've been trying to break that I have been blogging about.  You do what you can and take every precaution.  You look out for the signs and try your best to learn from every mistake.  Still something always comes out of the blue.  When that happens you find yourself back in that cycle again like dude who's been pushed into a roller coaster and tied there to ride it again and again.

This year was no different.  Sometimes the signs are subtle you don't even notice them till it's too late.  Man, it stinks whenever that happens.  Still I'm not giving up even if it's getting me down.  I will figure out how to break this course or cycle or whatever it is no matter how long it takes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving It Your All: Everything In My Heart By Corey Heart

Everyday life just keeps getting harder and no one is spared.  As if the weak is being weeded out from the strong.  Still with a lot of things at stake, you just can't give up.  If you want to succeed, you have to give it your all.  When it comes to giving your all, the song "Everything In My Heart" by Corey Hart comes to mind.

They say if you're going to to do something half-hearted, you're most likely going to fail.  The same is true when you have doubts or hesitations.  If you believe it is possible, it will erase all doubts in your mind like gate that's opening letting you into the place you want to go.  Sure you need to know the facts to get it right.  Still, when you're determined that means nothing can stop you. Anything is possible if you are dedicated enough.

Why am I blogging about this?  I guess it's to remind myself of that lesson.  These days, there are too many things that's putting me down.  The worst is that it's the truth.  Still, now that I know the truth, that won't stop and I should use it to my advantage especially if I put my heart and mind to it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Will Always Love The Old Songs: It's The Same Old Song By The Four Tops

The reason why I never tire of tuning to 24K Weekend that happens every Saturday.  As I've said again and again in most of my posts, the songs being played can't found anywhere else for they the rarest of the rare.  Apart that, the memories of my past come alive with every song being played.    I never grow tired of them as I request them every Saturday. It's just like that song "It's The Same Old Song" by The Four Tops.

Why do I never tire of the old songs?  Like I said earlier, each song is a part of the things I experienced when I was young.  Sometimes I can use to reflect on certain situations that I find myself in.  Still, the best reason is that I had a lot good times when these songs came out.  It's like the past coming alive and you're back reliving the glory days.  Those tunes are a part of you and that's why you never tire of them.

Today you can surf the internet and download your favorite tunes for free.  You can store them in a flashdisk or burn them on a CD to preserve them.  Though I've collected quite a lot of my favorite songs and stored them in a disk, I still request them on 24K.  That's because I want to hear them on the airwaves where everyone who's listening can hear them as well.  They may tend to play the same songs every weekend but it doesn't matter cause these special songs or they wouldn't be worth their weight in 24K Gold.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just To Get Away From It All: Down To The Waterline By Dire Straits

Right now I'm using my imagination.  I imagine staring at a road with large muscle car besides me.  I wear my shades and look at the sun as it color grows red while it starts to set marking the day's end.  I get into that muscle car and turn on the keys and step on the gas, driving into the sunset.  While I'm imagining all this, I am  listening to the song "Down To The Waterline" by Dire Straits.

In my imagination, I drive as fast as I could. I'm worried since I gotta full tank of gas as I speed on down the highway.  Places and people flash by me as I continue my drive and night as come.  As I make to the city and the neon lights brighten the night, I take it easy and ease off the gas.  After driving as far as I could and doing all that I want to do, I head on home and call it a night.  Then I open my eyes and here I am back to reality.

Well the first two paragraphs shows how I have a need to get away from it all, especially when things get crazy.  Unfortunately in the real life, I don't have such a car.  A lot of times, I wind up wrap around the madness whether I like it or not.  Oh well, that imagination combined with this song is the next best thing.  Maybe one day if God permits, I'd be able to do that for real.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Times When I Just Want To Get Away From It All: Everybody's Talking At Me By John Nilsson

Ever had those times when people can just irritating?  This is especially true when find yourself down in the dumps or when you're an easy target because of what happened to you in the past.  They give their two-bits worth like throwing it in your face as if they're standing in some balcony of a cathedral.  Times like that you just want to get up and go far away from it all.  I got that idea listening to Harry Nilsson's song "Everybody's Talking At Me".

I remember hearing this from the movie "Midnight Cowboy".  Just like all my 24K songs, I liked it the moment I heard it.  Anyway I play this song when I just had an ear full from all those two-bits as if people know what they're talking about when they don't know jack-you-know-what.  Afterwards, I take a short walk just to clear my head or simply get away from it all. There are times when we need to do that, especially when we got too many things on our minds.

Sadly, you can only do this momentarily.  Do it all the time and you're just running away from it all.  That would just add up to what's bothering you know.  So if you need some time out, this is a good song to listen to but when you feel better, get back to the fray. That way you need not get away anymore.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chilling The Night Out Again: Here Comes The Night By Van Morrison

Well, it was another hard day again.  Didn't get much sleep last night and I was full of anxiety when I woke up.   I tried working out but that didn't cut it.  To top it off, I had stressful day at work and I went home late which is one of my pet peeves.  Well after having dinner and washing the dishes, I'm chilling again in my room listening to another 24K song. This time I'm listening to Van Morrison's cover of the song "Here Comes The Night".

This year's bomb has sure filled me with anxiety and the fact thing's are getting harder isn't helping.  Well now that the day has ended, I'm just trying my best to clear my thoughts of anything stressful.  It seems the wee hours of the evening are the only time that I have to do that.  Sometimes I think of happy thoughts or sometimes I try my best to get motivated for the next day.  Anything to chase the blues.

The night doesn't last very long and you need the rest of it to get a good night's sleep.  That's something that I  haven't had in a long time.  Still, right now I want to just listen to this song and relax a bit.  Well the song's over and I feel sleepy enough to call it a night.  Hopefully, the day will turn up something good.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Down With 70's Funk: Machine Gun By The Commodores

I remember when I watched the film "Boogie Nights" Mark Wahlberg's character went shopping for some new clothes and he bought a pair of high shoes that were in fashion at the time.  He then wore them to the disco to Heather Graham's character while he's dancing and she asked what material they were made of and he replies they're Italian.  I found that scene amusing.  Still, I recognize the song being played at the scene.  It was called "Machine Gun" by The Commodores.

I remember when my brothers first bought the cassette of this group.  They played everything from both sides of the tape. It wasn't much of a disco song but more of funk.  Later on it got played in disco so it was considered under that category.  Still, my first time to hear something funky.

As the years went, things got more techno and the funk started to fade away.  Though funk made it way briefly back in the 90's, it wasn't the same.  These days I can't relate to the music anymore and I doubt if any of them are funky enough to match this song.  I just can't down with the music these days.  It's not funky enough for me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reasons: For All This: Reasons By Earth, Wind And Fire

Well the day is over and the  night has come signifying the end of another weekend.  Once again, at time I am taking a deep breath cause any plans that I have are once again changed by certain circumstance and there are things I still can't figure out.  What's frustrating is that I've wrestling with this thing for quite some time and no matter how much I research I still can't get it right and the weekend is the only time that I have to really scrutinize it.  With all the crap that's happening, I can't help but wonder if there is any reason behind and will it make sense in the end.  I guess that''s why I'm listening to Earth, Wind And Fire's song "Reasons"

As much as I am bewildered and frustrated by every nasty surprise that's suddenly thrown my way, I try to rationalize why it's happening.  Maybe there was something that I did or didn't.  Or maybe it was something that I overlooked.  Still, figuring out the reasons these doesn't even help. Sometimes it even makes things more crazy than before.  It just gets so frustrating dealing with all these things with no explanation in sight.

I know that this is more of a love song but since it's about reasons, I felt it was appropriate for this post.  Plus like of a lot of my 24K songs, it helps calm my nerves which is a small consolation when things are hard to understand.  There are just too many things that life throws at you and it's just so hard to deal with it.  I just hope the reasons for it will be made clear in the end.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Allure Of Leather Jackets: Black Leather Jacket By Motorhead

When you get older, you'd see fashion trends come and go.  One minute, this is what's in and before you know it, something else is in style.  I was never one for the tends or what currently in style.  I have to admit, there some types of clothing that will never go out of style such as:  cowboy or worker's boots, sneakers, jeans etc.  One type of clothing that I know will never run out style and probably my favorite is the black leather jacket.  My obsession with that kind of clothing can best be described in the song "Black Leather Jacket" by Motorhead.

Nothing makes quite a statement when one dons a black leather jacket. Whenever you someone wearing it, it tells that this guy is mean or tough.  I remember when the weather was cold and my friend was wearing one, I felt like I had to have one.  I got first jacket when I was in college but the quality wasn't very good and the leather was soft.  Later in life when my parents when to the States, they bought a bonafide leather jacket as well as accessories to clean it and I was so happy that I took good care of it to this day.

Some people criticize that it's impractical to own here because it's always hot and when the weather's cold.  I don't care so as I own, I'm happy with it and I still maintain it.  At least I have something to use when I go to a cold place.  No matter what the fashion trend is, it can't be denied that when you don a black leather jacket, it makes a statement.  That's what I like about it.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not Enough Of The Good Times: Why Can't This Night Last Forever By Journey

Sadly, one of the things that I've noticed these days that there's too little of the good times and too much of the bad.  When the times are good, you really have to enjoy it to the fullest.  If you don't, before you know, it's gone.  Why is it that the good don't last very long?  Whenever I ask myself that question, it reminds me of the song "Why Can't This Night Last Forever?" by Journey.

Yeah I know this song is about a relationship  but just like this song, you'd want the good times to last.  It's been a while since something really good happened.  When it does it goes by in a flash.  then the harsh realities of life slaps you awake When the crap comes in, you'll never the end of it.  Life sure is a bummer these days.

Why is it that there's too much of the bad and too little of the good?  I wish I knew.  One thing's for sure, that's why we treasure the good times,  Especially now that things are tough all over.  I just wish there was more of the good times than there are bad cause everything's just plain bad these days.

Friday, November 9, 2012

You Have Been Warned: I Was Warned By Robert Cray

A few months ago, I wrote a post about heeding warnings.  If it's posted from walls or featured on t.v. or the internet and radio, then it must be something serious.  Still, there are times that we don't heed these warnings despite the fact that they are everywhere.  Well for those ignore it, just remember that you were warned.  That said, it reminds me of the song "I Was Warned" by Robert Cray.

When a lot of people tell you don't do it, you better believe them.  Sometimes the problem is that when we warn them, they take it badly and even yell at us for interfering with their affairs.  What's worse is that they cite your deficiencies as if you have no right to tell them.  When it all falls down, you just bow your head in sadness because it could've been avoided but the warning wasn't heeded.

Well, there is still hope if you realize your mistakes, then do what you can to fix.  It may be hard but you try, anything is possible.  For those who've lived through mistakes, remember what you went through as well as what caused it.  Lightning does strike twice and if you forget, it will happen again.  You have been warned so it be wise to heed it.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

This Situation Sucks: Bittersweet Me By R.E.M.

Man after the many crapfalls that rained on me yesterday, I sure grumpy.  The morning wasn't good either because I lost my keys which are important to me and though I was able to find them, I left the house late because of that.  Just when I thought I'll be able to wrap things up by Friday, another nasty surprise came out of the blue.  This is just a reminder of the times when life sucks.  This grumpy feeling that I have can bests be describe as I listen to the song "Bittersweet Me".

Life can be so unfair because a lot of times, things that you want, you don't get while it forces into situations you don't to be in.  A lot of times, those situations can be unbearable to the point of torture.  It gets to the point where you're so numb, you're oblivious to everything already.  Either that or you start getting this paranoid mentality that something that you dread is just around a corner so many nasty surprises that life throws at you.  The worst thing about it is when the things that you want are no gone and that really sucks big time. l
In that last sentence, that part holds true for me as everything I wanted to do or be is now gone like dust in the wind.  I'm just making do with what's there and a lot of it is crap.  Still, I soldier on because I don't want things to remain this way.  Hopefully one day, things will be better.  Till, I'll keep on trying till I finally get it.  Still, this situation really sucks.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's What One Feels When Things Fall Apart: Whatever I Fear By Toad The Wet Sprocket

In most of my posts, I often that life cycle that I'm trying hard to break.  The reason for that is because although I was able to make it out of the bad times, I have never forgotten the pain I felt going through that period.  The emotional scares tend close then open depending on cycle I find myself in.  One thing I do remember was that feeling of dread during those when everything fell  Remembering that painful reminds of Toad The Wet Sprocket's song "Whatever I Fear".

What I hated most about the times starts off like everything is going very well then without warning, it all comes down and it comes down hard.  What follows next is trying to pick up the pieces as well as that feeling of disgrace as you try to hide yourself so as not to be object of criticism.  You feel like someone hung the scarlet letter around your neck and you do your best to stay under the radar while looking for something to make it all better.  The worst part is when people bombard with the should've and would'ves while you no choice but to listen since you screwed up.  I'll tell you it''s not an experience that I would want anyone to go through.

Still I firm believer in Henry Bergson's Shipwreck Theory where problems will eventually be solved.  It all depends on how strong you to tough it out.  Still those experiences still haunt me as I try my best to stand on my own two feet.  That's why when I see people going through a bad period I feel sorry for them as I understand what they're going through.  Stay strong and through look bad, you can over even after everything has fallen apart.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Follow That Which Makes You Happy: Follow Your Bliss

A lot of people I see who are happy are usually those who are fulfilled.  Why are they fulfilled?  Because they stayed true to their dreams.  No matter how silly or how crazy it seems to other people, they didn't care.  What was important is that they are happy that they followed their dreams and now they're reaping the benefits from doing so.  I feel like listening to the song "Follow Your Bliss" by the B52s when I think of such people.

People are different and what what one man's dream may be another man's folly.  I have seen people leave high-paying careers to start something ludicrous.  Yet despite the jeers and the criticisms thrown at them, they don't care.  Because they finally found that which makes them happy.  If you have that nothing else matters.

Different strokes for different folks they say.  If you don't like it, leave it while you still can.  I've seen people who lived in regret because they weren't honest with themselves.  So don't lie to yourself and regret it later Follow your bliss and it will make you happy in the end.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Cut To The Chase: To Cut A Long Story Short By Spandau Ballet

With all the nasty surprises that I've been getting, I really prefer to cut to the chase.  When someone to come here or when they nod simply to set me aside, I get the bad case of the jitters.  If you're going to tell me something bad, please spill out quick.  I really hate beating around the bush.  Giving it to me straight reminds me of the song "To Cut A Long Story Short"  by Spandau Ballet.

Sometimes people tell me that I'm too jumpy.  I can't help it because a lot of bad things have been happening lately that I'm having a hard time dealing with it. It's bad enough having all these things thrown at you all at once so it's a pain to get more bad news and to listen to it with all the drama.  That's like prolonging the agony.

Sometimes I think life can play a lot of cruel jokes.  Still you have to keep your head on your shoulder and figure things out. Once you do that, it'll solve the problems and help ease the headaches.  All I ask is that you cut to the chase.  I can't stand the suspense let alone the drama anymore.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Be Careful About Flying Too Close To The Sun: Flight

Remember the story of Daedelus and Icarus?  They were imprisoned on an island that was in the middle of the sea and after being there for so long, they decided to escape.  They fashioned a pair of wings with wax and used it to fly out of that place.  The problem was when they flew out of there, Icarus got so excited that he flew too high to the sun and his wings fell apart causing him to fall to the sea.  I guess that's the reason why I'm listening to the song "Flight Of Icarus" by Iron Maiden.

Why am I remembering this story?  I guess it's a tale to remind us about balancing high expectations against hesitation.  Too much hesitation and you'll wind up getting nowhere and dying in your bed every night.  Too much high expectation and you might be flying to high only to come crashing right down to earth. Life's full of risks that you have to be careful.

I've seen too dreams shot because I let my imagination run wild only to come up with nada.  There were also times when I hesitated and regretted doing so.  I've guessed I've come to the conclusion that you be realistic in both your dreams and fears.  There's nothing wrong with aiming high.  Just be careful not to get shot down in the process.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Best Describes How I Listen To My 24K Collection: Looking Out My Back Door By Credence Clear Water Revival

The only pleasure I get on Saturday is listening to my favorite radio program which is DWRT FM's 99.5 rt's 24K Weekend.  As I've stated time and time again, it really back the memories when I hear those old songs fill airwaves. As I listen it takes me back in time when things were simple and my problems were non-existent. I think happy thoughts and if the weekend starts to suck, the tunes help make it bearable.  The song "Looking Out My Back Door" by Credence Clear Water Revival bests describes how I feel when I'm listening to this program.

I'd best describe this as Prozac song cause it makes me feel good every time I listen to it.  I wear my earphones on my trusty MP3 player (can't afford the more advance stuff yet but it does the trick) and tune in.  As I listen, I got that silly grin on my face as my head shakes from left to right while I sit next to the window instead of a back door and watch as the scenery change to a more pleasant image of happy people with rainbow shooting from the sky and everything is all right.  It gets even better when you play while you're driving down the road. It's like you're driving away from all the crap and let the happy thoughts take you to a better place.  Now that's getting inspiration from the airwaves.

Well, the weekend is almost over as the night sets in.  The program's over and my player's battery is used which is fine with me since the program's gone. And it's back to reality, the very ugly reality but you have to face nonetheless cause it's the only reality that's there.  Well, I'm recharging the player and this time, I'll be listening to the songs from the program that I've collected over the years.  That why I'll still have happy thoughts as I face the daily grind.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Into A Mess And Cleaning It Up: Here's Another Fine Mess By Paul Williams

Ever heard of the saying "Every Dog  Has Its Day"?  As much as we hate to admit it, there are times when we make a mistake so bad it really brings the whole place down.  We didn't want that to happen but sadly it happened.  Still, the best thing to do is to face up to it; clean it up and start over.  I got that from the song "Here's Another Fine Mess" by Paul Williams.

I first heard this song from the movie "The End" that starred Burt Reynolds as rich man dying of an incurable disease who tries unsuccessfully to commit suicide. For me, this song embodies the many messes that I've gotten myself into.  I never wanted it but happened.  The worst part about is that it happened not once but twice and I'll you it was not a pleasant experience.  It took away some of what could've been the best years of my life.

There was nothing to do but face up to it; clean it up and bear the humiliation that went with it.  There are times in life where things can go so wrong  can really make you miserable.  However, I still believe that if you keep trying, it'll be better in the end.  From what I have learned from such an ordeal is that you remember what happened, what it felt and who helped you along the way.  Learn from it so that you would never go through it again.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Enjoy Life While You Can: No One Lives Forever By Oingo Boingo

Well Halloween has just passed and now I'll be visiting my loved who have left this world and so will others as I make preparations to go to the cemetery as part of our observance of All Soul's Day.  When I visit them ,I remember how energetic and fun it was to be with them.  They sure lived life like there was no tomorrow.  If there's anything that I learn as look at the many graves and tombstones, it's enjoy your life where you still can.  When I think about that, I feel like listening to Oingo Boingo's song "No One Lives Forever".

  That's easier said than done.  Life hasn't been very kind lately cause just when you've a lot of crap to deal with, life's just keep it pouring.  The last time I was enjoying life, people accused me of being selfish.  I admit that I did had a little too much fun but I don't  I  was that selfish.  Right now I'm just coping with a lot of things while the best years of my life have passed me by.

When I look at the graves around me, I do so hope that these guys died in peace.  Life is short but I still it's how you live your life that counts.  Still I do hope that I life would be kind enough to let me and family go back to the good times again.  Life is really short so enjoy it while you can.  No one lives forever.