Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Song That Reminds Me Of My Sick Carousel Ride: Secret Separation By The Fixx

Life seems to throw lots of rocks along my way. This meaning that every time I try to break the cycle that I have blogged about so often, something comes out of the blue and I wind up getting stranded again. It's like those cliffhangers where you think you make it out only to have someone snatch you up and put you in a trap. Though it has happened time and time again, I am sick and tired of it and I wanna break free from this dreary cycle. Another song that reminds me of this wretched situation that I want out of is "Secret Separation" by The Fixx.

How do I describe this? For some reason, I feel that I have been put in one miserable situation after another. Sometimes I see an opening which means I have a chance to get out and get a taste of freedom. Just when things are starting to look bright, something happens as if a thief comes along and snatches that which would have meant my salvation. Next thing I know I'm back in the chain gang in worse way than before.

I really sick and tired of this and I don't funny anymore. I just to get my act together and every time I try to fix things, something happens and it all falls apart. I was taught that we can change our lives if we try hard enough and that's what I am determined to do even if there will be stumbling blocks along the way. One day I will break out of this funk and live my life happily again. This monotony will end and I still have the will break this and break it I will.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Partying All Month Long: Got To Give It Up By Marvin Gaye

Just got up early today and am preparing to go to work. Had a hard time getting up cause of a very stressful weekend where I got no rest and was full of worry. Right now, the kids have it easy since it's summer and for those with no failing marks, they are probably sleeping all day from partying all night. I guess they've earned after sticking to the books all year long so they are just hanging loose and are enjoying the month as best as they could as they get excited for the next day's gimmick. When it comes to partying all through the summer, the song "Got To Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye comes to mind.

When I hear the start of this song, I get the urge to party and I wouldn't be surprised if others feel the same way. This is probably the best song to get the party started and let people loosen up. Pretty soon the party would be roaring on its own weight and everybody's swinging to the beat. No time limit since it's summer and and the only time it would stop is once everybody drops from exhaustion.

Well, I got to go to work now and the traffic is probably light since there is no school. The kids will probably come out later in the day as they're still recuperating from the previous night's escapade. Right now I'm envious and would like an extra day off just to really recharge my batteries so I'd be able to really face the day. Well kids, here's to a lively summer so have fun. Just be careful while you're doing it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

When Time Is Gold: Killing Time By Triumph

When you're young, you have nothing but time to spare but when you're older, it's a different story. With so much commitments and decisions to make, what was once something that you have in abundance is suddenly becoming scarce. It gets worse when things in your life goes wrong and you reach that point that time has passed you by. You're just left feeling alone and abandoned and at night you think about the things that could have been but didn't happened. For who feel that their time has come and gone and nothing's coming anymore, the song "Killing Time" by Triumph comes to mind.

You know a person's wasted his time when he has that faraway look as if he or she is trying to find something that would make him or her complete. The reasons for could be due to wrong choices, hesitations, an error in judgement, hesitancy, fear, peer pressure, etc. What ever the reason what could have been turned into never will be. These are the people who die a little when they lie in bed. That's because they knew what they have lost and they have no one but themselves to blame because if they were determined to be what they want to be, they wouldn't be feeling this way.

Right now a new batch of kids have just graduated better learn that lesson early. They think they have all the time in the world but if before they know it, it's gone and they find themselves out in the cold as a new batch overtakes them. When it's gone, it won't come again and regret it or not, you have to move on and build with what's left. I guess that's why they say that you live your live to the fullest cause you only get to go around the world once. Make the most of it cause time is gold and if you waste it, its really your loss.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Man What A Night: Rock This Town By The Stra

Oh boy is my head's still aching! That's because yesterday I attended a meeting with my boss where we met with other people who were in the same line of work as we were. Initially it was strictly business as we met and discussed important issues that could affect our line of work. However, when that was over with, things really started hanging with the traditional "two-buts". One thing's for sure, it was a rocking night that really made me feel good. Obviously I think Stray Cat's song version of "Rock This Town" would be appropriate for this post.

Boy, can these people cut loose! The brew was flowing and everybody was having a good time. Some sang karaoke and to top it off, there was a neat raffle. There was a lot of cool stuff there and nobody walked away empty-handed. The food was and the drinks were cold and the people were warm. That's the way to end the week!

Well, my head's a little bit better. Reality once again has made put my head back in its place in a rather unpleasant way. Well, I guess the party's over. Still, that was cool night that I had with very cool people to boot. Man, that was one great night!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer's The Time To Go Wild: Wild Wild Life By Talking Heads

Well just back from work and boy am I beat. Tomorrow I got a busy schedule with a meeting that will last from morning and will end in the evening leaving me bushed again. Though I'm no longer the party animal that I use to be. sometimes I miss the roller coaster gimmicks that we had during the summer breaks. Things sure were crazy then. When I think about those crazy days, the song "Wild, Wild Life" by Talking Heads fits the bill.

I sure was young back then and the only thing that you had to worry about was whether there was anything happening or not. That wasn't a problem cause there was all something happening somewhere. All it took was a phone call and cool people to people to light up the place. After that, anything goes. Just cut loose and the good times roll.

These days, I go to work even in the summer and as temperature rises, so do the bills. Instead of partying, I spend most of my time trying to make ends meet. Wild isn't exactly how I'd describe my life right now. It's more like monotonous stress. Well, those were the days when my life was wild in the summer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Making My Way Through This City: Living For The City By Stevie Wonder

Well, it's another one of those days again. Right after the long weekend's over, the stress starts to jolt me in its usual nasty way. I won't go into details but when problems starts popping out of the woodwork, it's a sad reminder of how hard things are and to make it worse, it's getting harder. Already, I am feeling the burn and I try hard not to get it down. What is important is that we make through the day in the crazy cities that we find ourselves in.

Holy Week just ended and once again we are confronted by the harsh realities of life. It's bad enough that you can't earn a permanent slot at work anymore. Prices are going up and things start breaking down. Sometimes you think that someone's playing a sick joke on you. Rather than give in to the pressure, you just brace yourself and take it all in cause its a fact of life no matter how annoying it gets.

Sometimes your lucky if you make just enough to make ends meet. Some people out there don't and are suffering right now. Well, I've made it thus far and haven't thrown in the towel. Hopefully, things will get better one day and I will keep working to make that happen. Until then, I'll just do what I can. Until then, I'll do what I can to make through the crazy situations that this city throws at me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speak It Your Mind: Tell It Like It Is By Don Johnson

One of the reasons why some people don't get anywhere is because they can't express what is that's inside them. A lot of times, we let doubt and apprehension get in the way of saying what it is we really want or how they really feel. It gets worse when the fear overcomes their resolve and they wind up keeping it all bottled up inside themselves. I guess this is what William Wallace meant when he said about in your beds every night. The importance of expressing what you think and feel reminds me of the song"Tell It Like It Is" by Don Johnson.

Why is it that we can't say what we really mean? Is it because we are afraid of being ridiculed? Maybe it's because it runs counter to what is prevalent at the moment. One thing's for sure, when you let the chance slip, don't be surprised if you feel like crap afterwards. That lost opportunity will sure gnaw at your insides for failing to do so. In the end, you have no one but yourself to blame because if you were serious, nothing and nobody would stop you.

I remember B.J, Penn said something about pleasing other people can lead to your failure or something to that effect. Not speaking what you think and feel is one good way of going there. For those of you who still have the chance, don't afraid to speak your mind. It's one good sign that your headed to where you're going instead of keeping things inside you which can make you feel stranded in nowhere land.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Remembering The Sacrifices: Remembrance Day

Today we celebrate National Heroes' Day which is a holiday in my country and that means no work today. That said, is that all this day means to us? Today we honor those who fought in the many wars in our country's history and we honor their the sacrifice that they made. That we should never forget be it this day or any other day. When remembering those who died in battle, Bryan Adam's song "Remembrance Day" is appropriate for this post.

When it comes to honoring the deeds of the fallen, I feel a little awkward. This is because I was never there and never felt what they went through during those hard times. Many fought for what they believe in and many continue to fight today. The sad part about is that that their stories won't be told. One thing can't be questioned and that's these guys sacrificed a lot to keep us safe.

Today, many of us are divided in our opinion if the deaths of these people were worth it. Some revere them as heroes and patriots while others call them fools threw away their lives for nothing which i sharply disagree. True some wars were caused by the greed and ambition of a few but the courage and conviction that these fallen warriors showed on the field should not be forgotten. I detest war just like anyone else who values life but without their sacrifice, we wouldn't be enjoying the things we have today. You can question the war that they fought but you can't question their bravery. That's why it is fitting that we always remember that on this day.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Making The Most Of The Long Week End As Best As I Can: YYZ By Rush

Well the Holy Week is over but since it's Sunday, I guess I'll to squeeze as much quality time as I can. Getting a good night sleep as well as some nap time in the afternoon. More importantly, I do hope to be able to find a way to generate income via the internet. This is because I don't get any down time anymore and by the time I do, I simply fall asleep from exhaustion. Once the long weekend is over, I'll be overwhelmed with work and other demands and the fact that the long weekend will be over soon is stressing me out. That feeling of urgency to use my time wisely reminds me of Rush's song "YYZ".

As I've said earlier, the weekend is about to end and if I don't accomplish something, I feel that I've just wasted precious time and when that happens it gets on my nerves. The fact that things are getting tougher and that I've had so many setbacks has given no peace of mind for quite some time now. When the work load piles up, I try to do things early in the morning before I go to work but that leaves me very sleepy and when nothing comes out of it, I feel like I wasted an effort. Sometimes a lot of distractions both in the internet as well as outside of it pop out of nowhere and once again, nothing gets done. What's worse is that there's a lot to figure out with so little time and no one do to help you so you're literally by yourself.

I guess the fact that this song makes my heart pound with the volume in full blast reminds me of the pressure I feel to get it done while there's still time. It's been a struggle every weekend and holiday to figure out and so far, I come up bare. Well, that doesn't mean I will just give up and die. I'll find a way no matter what and no obstacles will stop me. As for this weekend, there's still time so I do hope to make the most of it while it lasts.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Let Him In:Sweet Surrender By Amo

Well tomorrow we will be celebrating Easter Sunday and that is the day our Lord has risen from the dead. More importantly, we should remember that with his Resurrection, he has conquered death and opened the way to salvation. Still, many of us (including me) tend to resist his call to spread the word and at this age of so-called "progressive thinking", that resistance is getting more and more stubborn. Still, there comes a time when you have to let him in and listen a bit to what he has to say which could change your life. When it comes to yielding to the Big Guy's word, the song "Sweet Surrender" by Amo comes to mind.

Like I said earlier, I can be very stubborn when it comes to resisting the Big Guy and there are times when I get angry when things don't go my way. Still when things don't go my way, I guess it's time to listen to what he has to say. I guess my stubbornness and rebelliousness stems from the fact that too many people keep making me do things I don't like doing. I just hope that his suggestions can help me find what it is I am looking for. I guess the fact that nothing's going my way should make me consider what he has to say cause it may not be to my liking but it might do me some good.

I guess that loss of control, especially when we haven't achieved any of our dreams. I'm not saying his is way wrong but I hope he considers what it is I want and need and find a compromise from that. I know I can't discuss let alone demand the terms but if it is good, sure I'll give it a try. Even if I don't like it I know He has my best intentions in mind. It's just a matter of letting him in and hear what he has to say.

Friday, April 6, 2012

We Always Demand Proof: King Herod From Jesus Christ Superstar

It's Good Friday and though I think I should've posted this yesterday, I guess I will post it today. Anyway we all know the story when Christ was presented to King Herod and how he demanded Christ to prove himself to be the Messiah. When Jesus refused, he was sent back to suffer more agonizing tortures leading to his death on the cross. When I think about that sad chapter in the last hours of Christ, we are no better cause these days we always demand proof to believe. When I think I about that, it reminds me of the scene in "Jesus Christ Superstar".

I remember when Jesus said to Thomas "Blessed Are Those Who Do Not See And Believe". One thing that Thomas and Herod had in common was that only if they see with their own eyes will they believe. Sometimes I think more and more of us are like them. Yet there's a big difference between the many miracles that Jesus made and plain parlor tricks just as there is a difference between faith and fad. The miracles were meant to show God's grace and his love for his people while parlor tricks are just for entertainment and personal gain.

Sadly, these days there are more doubters as society becomes more secularized and spirituality is now equated with superstition. There is a difference and that in true faith, you can believe and know its true even without seeing. I don't claim to be virtuous let alone holy, but I know deep in my heart it is true. Still, even if you see with your own eyes, it doesn't it is true. Your heart and your will tell you that it is.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why I Try And Work So Hard: I Got What It Takes By Koko Taylor

Lately I feel so tired that I guess my body's starting tell me to take a break. There are times when I want to but until the job's done. The reason for this is because apart from wanting to finish what I started, I don't want to be called a quitter. Most importantly, I want to prove that I got what it takes to get it done. That's why I chose the song " I Got What It Takes" by Koko Taylor.

I found out the hard way that this world doesn't quitters and if you'e one such person, then you're going to have a really hard time. Competition's tough and those who's track record shows that they can are the ones who often land it. These days, opportunities are scarce and its survival of the fittest. There's no room for being meek and you really want it, you better show or prove that you can be worthy of it. There are no free rides anymore and that's the way it is.

I know it sounds cruel bu those are the facts. That's why I work as hard as I can and make sure that what I come up with is what they expect. Sure it can be a burn out but it's either that or you get booted out. As things get harder, you have to be ready to learn all that you can to keep with the pack. You do what you have to do to prove that you have what it takes if you want survive in hard world that's getting harder to live in.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Those Who Are Hoping To Ger Lucky This Summer: Good Vibrations By The Beach

Well I just got from work and at last I reach the house. Traffic was terrible and didn't it was late until I saw the time and this was due to the traffic. No doubt the cause was due to the fact that everybody's rushing to the beach to soak up the long weekend. I wouldn't be surprised that apart from the sun and surf, people are also hoping to get lucky at the beach. That's why I chose the song "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys for this post.

Why do you think people diet, jog and exercise like crazy whenever summer is around the corner? Simply because they want to look good when they get a tan at the beach. And with looking good, many of them are hoping to hit it off with someone else. Whether it be at the shore or at the bar, summer is not fun if you don't have anyone to spend it with. And it gets better if you hit it off with someone who more than meets your criteria.

Well, since its Holy Week I'll be spending the holiday reflecting rather than roasting in the hot summer sun. I'm not much of a sun person anyway and getting more sleep is good enough for me. As for those guys and gals who are now on their way, have fun while you're there. Just make sure that you don't ruckus while you're there. Remember feel if the vibes are good before you make your move.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Missing The Good Times Spent In Summer: Seasons In The Sun By Terry Jackss

Last weekend, my brother invited the family to a graduation celebration and I saw how the kids were now that the school year was over and vacation time was finally here. For some reason it brings me back to days when you finished school and spent a great vacation with your friends. Things are going so great that you thought it would never end. Then winds get cooler and you start packing up your summer gear, that's when you know that its over but the memories of those times will always be with you. Remembering those great summers reminds me of the song "Seasons In The Sun" by Terry Jacks.

I know this song is more about death but in a way parting of season (especially a good one) can be considered death. I still about those days when we woke and either played or just went places all week long. Things got a little rowdier when we got older and we stayed longer at night slept late in the day. Whether we partied at home or in some friend's house, we partied to the fullest cause we know that two months go fast. So we gave it our all till the season ended because look back smiling that it was a good summer.

Now that I'm an adult, I have to admit I get when the summer months are here. This is because for kids, it was a time for them to party to the fullest and without a care. That's why when I see them getting excited and making plans for the summer, I can't help but get jealous because they get to do what they want to do and more importantly spend them with the gang while they're still intact. For me, me, the summer is now occupied by assignments and deadlines. All I got left are the memories of the great summers when the sun was at its peak.

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's About Having Fun: In The Summer Time By Mungo Jerry

Well despite the crazy weather that we're having, it's definitely summer and today I am feeling the heat. No doubt that graduation has just finished, a lot of kids are probably burning their burning notebooks and are buying latest fashions for the summer. I have to admit when I see the kids get all excited with the summer reminds me of the good old days when the summer came and time stood still. If there was a lot that you had, it was time and it was spent just having a good time. That's that's summer is all about. When summer, I remember the Mungo Jerry's song "in The Summer Time".

Those who think that this was Shaggy's song should brush up on their music history. Anyway, I remember when I first heard this song it was during a hot summer night in the middle of the week. Let's just say that me and brothers were hanging out and since it was summer, there was no need for a curfew. Apart from that we were just taking a few brews and spouting a few jokes when this song starts playing on the radio. That was when my brother suddenly did comical square dance with a that weird look on his face. We all fell down laughing under the hot summer night and though there was no internet or cable, we nevertheless had a blast.

I guess my whole point is that no matter what we did in the summer, it was always fun. Even if we didn't have any money and had no where to go, something always came up and the day was well spent. I just hope that the kids today enjoy this summer and other summers till they step into the real world. Live everyday to the fullest and always do something that will it unique from other vacations. In the end, the summer is all about having fun.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Need A Shot Of Adrenaline: Heat Seeker By AC DC

AC/DC was one of my all time favorite rock bands. I started listening to them way back in 1982 during the best times of my youth. Whenever, we slipped the cassette into the stereo, you can bet you're in for a blast. No matter what the occasion, one song from these guys is enough to get you fired up. One such song is "Heat Seeker".

This last week just stressful and I felt really drained. Apart from that, there was something I've been figuring out that is very important because it might provide me with additional income which is giving me difficulty due to the constant distractions and hesitations that keeps me from moving forward. Not wanting to resort to anything that will turn my brains to mush, I put on my head phones and listen to this song. I tell you, it sure busted all the barriers that kept holding me back.

Well tomorrow is another day and no doubt, there'll be a lot of things to do. As always, these things are gonna bear down me from the moment the clock strikes 8:00am. That's not the way to start the day. to blast all the crap away, I think I'll listen to this song again. That what way, I get my dose of adrenaline to face the day without fear.