Friday, July 31, 2009

I Hate It When They Do That: You Did It Again By Kylie Minogue

I remember I long time ago during my down periods when my family tricked me into an activity that was "supposed" to straighten me out. I found myself participating in an activity that I really didn't like. Since then, one of the effects that it had on me was a paranoid fear of being forced into something that I didn't want to do. Well tonight, I was once again "conned" into a situation that I detested. Everytime they do that, it really pisses me off! Whenever I see myself getting into these despicable tricks, I remember the song "You Did It Again" by Kylie Minogue.

Whether you're forced to join an activity that you hate or even made to go to a person that you detest or worse, having to be the "human shield" because some people need something and they can't approach that person are all the things that fit into this hateful category which I really hate so much! The funny part about it is that the ones who promoted this "activity" are now the ones speaking against it. They are like leopards who can change their spots. In short, the best term to describe these jerks are "sell-outs". They can make a killing selling products on the Home Shopping Network.

As I have blogged before, another thing that pisses me off is when angry people piss on you and not on those who really caused it. They remind of those people who go on killing sprees just because they had a bad day. Well my answer to that is F@%#K YOU TOO! Self-rightheous a@##$-holes who think they know it all really pisses me off! Then when the anger is over and the mess is all over the place, they wash their hands of it and forget about what they did and you know what: I REALLY HATE THAT THEY DO AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

All About The Style In The 80's : Sharp Dressed Man By ZZ Top

I don't know if it was because it was generation but I always regarded the 80's as one of the most fashionable decades. I can never the sudden change on how people looked during that time. Pastel colors, loafers and slacks were endless back then. Whenever I saw most of my classmates during a function, it was like everybody was trying to outdo the other in terms of wardrobe. When think about how fashion conscious people were, I remember the song "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top.

This ranks up there with my entry of Blondie's song "Call Me". You can tell who was the social guy from the outcast. Guess where I fit in? You guesssed it, the later! I was very much a loner back then and didn't care much for what was in and what was out. As I've said before, I went against the flow and stayed with the few who chose to live by that code in a very high society environment.

Going back to the music, as much as I liked and enjoyed listening to ZZTop with their hits during the 80's, you can tell how the prevailing norm effects even the music. As good a blues and rock band as they were, I really started to appreciate them when I listened to their earlier hits which were deeper and more edgy. Be that as it may, atleast they were still able to retain their signature tune even in a very shallow decade. Although they were not that deep, it was still ZZ Top. Trying to stick to who they are and reach out to new and alien audience at the time was hard act to pull but they did and I tip my hat to them.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hard Working/Putting Everying That I Got Song: Baba O'Riley By The Who

With the recession and other economic woes baring down on us, things are tough all over. A lot of people are really breaking their backs and their savings just to make ends meet. A lot of people are turning to socialist economic models to help solve the current economic crisis. Yet are those out there who refuse to let the pressure break them and no matter how hard things are out there, they are still doing the best that they can for themselves and their families. These guys remind us that tough people will always outlast the tough times. When I think about these tough people who keep trucking, I feel like listening to the Who's song "Baba O'Riley".

The first part of this song really blows me away. Who wouldn't be awed with that line of guy fighting for his meals and breaking his back into his living. With tough times upon us, we have to choose to either give up or fight to restore what once good and prosperous back to society. I was never that clever a person, but I always put my heart and soul into everything that I do and if I fail, l want to learn from my mistakes and make sure that I succeed in my next try. I don't to see things that I dreamed of and worked hard for get taken away from me. I'm at that point where there's too much at stake and I really to make my dreams come true.

Right now I'm trying to learn all that I can and use all the resources that I have at my disposal to their full potential. I also seek advice from others and learn from what they have to say. I have to admit that putting what you learn to practice is not always easy but it's better than not trying at all. I have a long way to go but I will figure out how to make things work to get by during these hard times. No matter how tough things are I've seen others who have overcome because they were tough people who outlast tough times and I aim to do the same thing.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Time Is Now: It's About Time By The Lemonheads

I keep babbling about how hard things are yet, I always find myself in the same position from where I started. In worse case situations, when things fall apart, it becomes a total shutdown from the trauma of the loss. During those times, I felt like I was a zombie or worse somebody who was dragged into hell where the torment was nonstop. Right now things are a bit okay but once again I'm in square one. Right now what I want is real change and it's high time it happened. The need to really have real change is something that I really want to happen now and that's what's on my mind when I hear the song "It's About Time" by The Lemonheads.

I keep hearing myself say "isn't it about time that you straighten your act out?" Looking back, I have no one to blame but myself and I'm trying to pick the pieces and make do with what I got. They say life gives you lemons than make lemonade; well I got enough lemons to stock a warehouse. It's just a matter making the lemonade that's left I guess. Right now time is gold and I shouldn't be wasting it. I know that time is gold and a lot of it has gone down the drain with no results. It's obvious that there's little time left so I better get started while there is still time.

I'm tired of seeing things fall apart and get hurt from it. What I really want is real change and I've got to move if I really want that to happen. I know I'm hesitating but I also know that if the rewards are great, then go do it. I really want things to work now and I don't want to let anything ruin it this time around. It's about time that I take charge of things cause I'm tired of this bad cycle and I want to break it permanently.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Planning Rather Than Making Things Up As We Go By: The Way By FastBall

As much as we want to cruise down life without any care, eventually there comes a time where you have to start coming up with a plan on what you want to do in the future. Even if it feels so annoying, when people who care about you keep asking you what you're going to with your life, they're just doing so because they care about you. As many would find out later on, when you don't have a plan, things are going to get very difficult very quick. Later when things start to pile up, you'll be lucky if you are able to make things up as you go by. When I hear the song "The Way"by FastBall, it reminds me that you have to have a plan in life, no matter how carefree you are.

Planning for the future should always be on everyone's mind, especially when we grow older. Sometimes we have to really sit down and make a decision on what it is we want to do. It's not enough that we say that this is what we want to do and this is what we want to be. You also have to know what you need to do in order to make that plan work and stand by your decision no matter how strange it may sound to others. If you can't do that then it will always be be dream and nothing more. More importantly, if things don't work out, always have a back up plan because sometimes what we want may not be meant for us.

Making things up as time goes by can work for the moment, but in the long run you'll going nowhere. The hard part about not having a plan or a purpose is when you will like you're going through life but things don't feel right. Deep inside you feel empty and you find you're living a life you don't like and you're find yourself more dead than alive. Right now trying to have a plan and getting it done is what I'm trying to do. I know I'm a bit late but better late than never.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Don't Mistreat Those Who Support You: Long Train Running Late By The Doobie Brothers

One of the things that I have learned in life is that you should never hurt people who support you and care for you. It's good to be kind to those who hate you but always be kind to those who help you. A lot of us out there take people who care for them like replaceable objects. They only realize how important they are when they are no longer there and the love that they have given is gone. When I hear the song "Long Train Running" by The Doobie Brothers, it reminds me of this important lesson.

It's ironic that we take for granted those who have helped us through our bad days and it's even worse when treat them like dirt. There was a time when I did take someone for granted and now that that person is gone, not a day goes by that I don't miss that person or regret that I should have done something in return. People who stand by us through good and bad are one of the best gifts that the Almighty would ever give to a person because people like that are gems among rocks who stand out from all the fakes for their honest compassion. We often forget that people like this are among the reasons why we get as far as we have in life. When we abuse their kindness and treat them poorly, it is probably the worst thing that a person can give in return and mind you there are consequences to such terrible behavior.

It is sad that such people are treated that way after all that they have done for others. We should never ignore or scoff at the way they stand by us because such devotion is now becoming a rare quality. Especially now when most people only care about themselves. It is through their love that we have got by which is why we should never treat them like trash. They helped us when nobody else would so take good care of them as they have taken care of you. And if you do take them for granted, just think where would you be now without their love and think hard.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

When The Time Is Right : Settle Down My By Men At Work

I know that at my age I've reached the crossroads of my life and it really stinks that I still haven't gotten things together yet. As I have mentioned before, I spent most of my life trying to finish my studies that I felt that there were many things that I took for granted and now I find myself so incomplete. What's worse is that right now there are so many things that need looking after and a lot of times it could be overwhelming. I know I'm not young anymore and by this time things are supposed to be in order but right now I have a hard time trying to do that. So when I hear Men At Work's song "Settle Down My Boy Settle Down" I'm trying to achieve just that.

A lot of things have happened and in all that time, what could have been didn't. All things that I didn't do and all those dreams that were never meant to be have made me feel incomplete and unsatisfied. The funny part about it is that there are others out there like me and even my brother told that a lot of classmates in his batch haven't settled down yet. With all these missing pieces and this feeling of being incomplete hanging heavy on my mind, I just can't settle down yet. I feel that there still things that I need to do and though I know that it's been long overdue, I want to take time and try to find what it is that I feel I have lost.

Right now I'm concentrating on my work and the needs of the people at home. I am trying to work on something would at least give increase my income and when things get a little stable, go back and cross old bridges and make peace with the past. I know I've made a lot of mistakes in the past, but I'm still here and while I'm still here, there still a chance that I will be able to find the answers and things that I need to put myself at ease. Life is too short and I want to atleast feel whole while there's still time. When I'm at peace with myself, then I'll think about settling down.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Trying To Get By: Round Here By Counting Crows

Whenever I read the business section of the newspaper, the first thing I look at is the exchange rate and right now the one dollar is equal to forty eight pesos. When I multiply that by one thousand, I start thinking that's a lot of money. Right because of the economic downturn which is still felt globally, money is now a scarce commodity and pressure can be felt by all of us. Yet despite the harsh realities that we face, there are still some things that could still bring a smile to our faces and give us that little push to keep going even when it gets too much. I get a feeling of hope and desperation rolled into one in these kinds of situations just like the song "Round Here" by Counting Crows.

Whenever I listen to the songs in their first album "August And Everything After", it takes me back to one of those "bad periods" when things just weren't going right. Hard times when all doors were locked and there was nobody around as you struggle to make it out of the quagmire. To add insult to injury were the constant preachings which you cannot avoid and must swallow every bitter drop because you screwed up. You try your best to keep your head on your shoulders because if you lose it, then you lived up to everybody's expectations that you're bound to loose. Only by keeping it together despite the pain can you find the light out of the darkness.

I still shudder when I think those bad times and like said in that seminar, I don't want to make the same mistake again. Nowadays, I want to learn more things that would help me make it in this dismal world that we live in. Don't get me wrong, I do have hope, but sometimes when the black mood hits me during these times, it really throws me in a loop and things come to a stop. Still, I want something better not only for me, but for those around me. It's what I want to do if I'm to make round here where things are getting tougher and more melancholic everyday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sax Crazy: Baby Jane By Rod Stewart

One thing that I noticed about today's music is that I seldom hear any horns in any of the new bands. When I listen to a lot of the music and bands that I grew up with, I noticed that once in a while there was always a good horn solo, specifically that of the saxophone. For some reason,it added more soul to the music. With the exception of metal and hard rock, whenever I hear a good sax blare out from the background, it really catches your attention. One good example of this is Rod Stewart's song "Daisy Jane".

No don't get me wrong, a lot of songs that I have entered into this blog have really good sax play. Among them are Nicolette Larson's Lotta Love, Bruce Springsteen's I'm Going Down, Little River Band's Cool Change, Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street and even Billy Idol's Catch My Fall among others have better sax sounds. I guess the reason why I focused on the sax is because this the best thing about this song that I like.
For some reason good saxophone can the steal the show from wild drums or fast guitar riffs. That's how I see it.

Although this is a another typical love song from the 80's, nevertheless it retains that 24K quality which is simply that it hasn't been played anywhere else, it practically disappeared with the decade and only RT remembers it. Just like other 24K songs, it keeps me glued to the radio once it starts playing. It took me a while to appreciate it but now that I'm older, I appreciate now. The sax play alone was worth it. I hope RT preserves this and plays other 24K songs on the weekend to let other know what good song this is.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Of My Favorite Movie And Movie Sound Track: Princes Of The Universe By Queen

When we were kids, we use to spend the weekends and holidays always playing war with each other. A lot of times, the games we enjoyed the most was sword fighting as we would slash each other with toy swords until they broke. When I was a senior at high school, one of the coolest movies that I saw was "Highlander" about immortals who battle each other until one is left and claims some sort of power as the prize. The swords and fight scenes were pretty cool back then. What I liked best about that film was the sword play and the sound track which was "Princes Of The Universe" by Queen.

I must admit I saw this movie again and again when it came out and even now I never tire watching it. Like I said, there were a lot great sword fighting sequences were each immortal carried a different type of sword ranging from a katana, broadsword, scimitar or spanish blade. The notion that these guys mastered several fighting arts through time also appealed to me since martialarts was one of my passions and still is. The sound track was fitting for a film about loners who wage their own private war in their own private world. The fact outsiders were never permitted to enter, let alone be part of it, appealed to me even more.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Only On 24K: Good Music By Joan Jett

I must be getting old because I don't listen to the radio anymore nor do watch MTV or any music video channel. I just can't relate with the music that being put on air. There was a time that I did but as the years went by, the sound was getting more and more alien to me. I guess that's why I keep my ears glue to 24K on the weekend because those were the tunes that I really dig. I can understand what Joan Jett with her song "Good Music".

These days the music is just a rehash of the sounds of the past and it's a poor imitation at that. One good thing about the internet is that is that somewhere in the web, there's a site with the songs that you really like listening to. Still, there's nothing like hearing good music on the radio where you don't need any hi-tech gadgets just to listen it. I was so dissatisfied with the crap they played on air that when I heard that 24k was back, I was jumping for joy the whole day long. It was the first that I realized just how important those tunes were to me and to here if only for the weekend, was enough to make me smile.

These days with everything on hold, good music is enough to help me make it through the day. If it isn't the weekend yet, then I just play the tunes of my youth burned on CDs. And when 24K Weekend, rolls along then I load my cellphone and text all the songs I want to hear and let the past come to life. That's how important good music is to me in this day and age. The only place that I can still find is of course, on RT's 24K!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trying To Get Out Of The Box: Boy In The Box By Corey Hart

A lot of people have a hard time figuring me out. One reason for this is because I mostly keep to myself and when I was a kid, I had a hard time relating with others. Even today, I tend to be very secretive about myself and to myself even when interactive with others at work or with other people outside the family. Even when I'd like to seek the company of others, I still tend to lean towards being alone. Whenever I hear Corey Hart's song, "Boy In A Box", it reminds me of the shell that I still live in and how I try to live with it day by day.

I guess it's because I was raised in a very secluded place where I had no one but my parents and my brothers to interact with. Staying in that place for almost 30 years bred two kinds of people: Those who enjoyed the seclusion and those who longed to go outside. I guess I was the former because ever since I was thrusted to the outside world, I always had a hard time interacting with people. I had a hard time getting along with people and it took me a long time before I was able to adjust to interacting with others. In struggling to adapt to the demands of the outside world I realize that no man is an island and that meeting and exchanging ideas with others helps you grow a person which help motivate me to get off my shell or my "box".

These I'm not as reclusive as I once was back then for I am making an effort to interact with others. Although I sometimes prefer to be in loner mode, I now realize just how important it is to be able to interact with others. Interacting helps you grow by learning new ideas and seeing new things which I admit I missed out by being reclusive. Right now, I am trying to catch up to the things that I missed and hopefully, my efforts will bear fruit. It's a whole lot better than being locked in a box where you just wind up eating yourself inside out where you gain nothing but spite and loneliness.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Of My Favorite Rock Songs: Raised On Rock By Keel

The trouble of growing up in the eighties was that a lot of the songs and music were mostly pop songs, most of which I wasn't able to appreciate during my youth. This was because most of the music I listened were the ones that my brothers played in the house such as rock, blues, jazz, folk and metal(there was some disco at the time and I was glad they broke that habit). As a result, I was always going against the flow and I had a hard time fitting in. That's why whenever there was a good rock song being played, I savored it like sweet water in the middle of a drought. One such song that I enjoyed listened to when I was younger was "Raised On Rock" by Keel.

This was one of those hair "metal" bands which was the prevalent type of rock during my generation. A lot of them had big hair, leathers and spandex, but they knew how to get the fans going once the volume went full blast. This was played a lot of times when I was on my way to school. One good thing about this song was that it waked me up in the mornings which got the adrenalin running and prepared me for my class. The effect was always better than pot of coffee when it came to waking up the soul.

More than just a good song, I had a lot of good memories about it such meeting good friends, sharing a drink and going places with other people. When the 90's rolled in, grudge became the "in" thing which didn't last very long. These days I really feel old because I can't relate to the music that's being played on regular days. That's why whenever the weekends roll in, I keep my ears glued to 24K Weekend cause it's music I can relate with and all the memories come alive for two straight days. I hope RT plays this song because there are a lot of good memories go along with it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

When You Need To Stop And Assess What' s Happening: We're On A Road To Nowhere By Talking Heads

I know I often blog about the many mistakes and missed opportunities that have happened in my life which has caused me great pain in my life. Apart from that, a lot of those bad experience really threw a wrench in the works and often lead to long difficult periods that I thought I wouldn't survive. With all those ups and downs, it was like three steps forward, two steps back which means going back to the drawing boards just when things were supposed go full-speed forward. Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about all that's happened and I really down something to for real change to happen and get this life running on the right course. When I remember Talking Heads' song "We're On A Road To Nowhere", I need to charge of things while there's still time to work things out.

I remember I use to tease a friend of mine about this song because of the video where there were two wrestlers with suits and masks by telling him that he was probably one of the two. But seriously, whenever 24K plays this song, I'm get that melancholic feeling of a person who went through missed out on a lot of things and is struggling with the situation he's put himself into. That's these days I'm trying to take charge of my life by making the most of things that I can do and the resources that are still within my disposal. A lot of times, I also seek the advice of those in the know as well as their critique of how to get things done. There's a lot at stake and I'm doing this not only for me but for the people around me.

Like I've said before, just because I weathered one storm doesn't mean, I want to go through it again. These days I want to make sure these mistakes don't happen again and that things start moving and keep moving. A round to nowhere a future I almost found myself in and as much as possible a path I don't want to travel. It's not going to be easy, but other people have done and I want the same thing too. A lot of bad things have happened, but I'm still here and that could mean that there's something good out there and I just have to find it. I know I can achieve it if just travel the right path that leads to it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It"s How You Use What You Got : It's In The Way That You Use It By Eric Clapton

They say that when life gives you lemons, then make lemonade. These days, I keep that lesson firmly in my head. The reason for doing so is because I've seen and read a lot about people who were given less chances in life or have had many struggles only to overcome their plight and achieve their dreams in the end. They never whine or complain about the situation that they were placed or the little resources that they had to cope with, instead used whatever talent they had to the best of their abilities to make to the top. People like that are role models to all of us who struggle with the obstacles that hinder our path to our dreams. A good song that embodies this lesson is Eric Clapton's "It's In The Way That You Use It" from the movie The Color Of Money.

Why is it that there are people their who are less gifted or less privileged succeed than those who have all talented and have everything at their disposal? It's those with less already know what it's like to struggle just to make ends meet and want something better which a lot of well-to-do folks take for granted. They will take stock of the things that they can do and put it to good use. But most important of all is that they are not afraid of losing because the rewards are more than worth the risks. They are willing to lay it all on the line and work relentlessly if it will give them a better life than the one that they are struggling with. Most of all, they just do it and don't hesitate to put their plan into action for once they start, there's no turning back.

These days, I want to achieve the same thing. The reasons that I have enumerated are the principles that I am trying to follow. I have a plan and I want to follow it through the end. I have to admit, it's going rather slow but I will stay the path. Whether I succeed or not, the important thing is that I will not let my fear take hold of me. Just keep on trying and if something goes wrong, learn from it. It doesn't matter how little I have but what matters is how I use it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Somethings That I Just Won't Go For: I Can't Go For That By Hall And Oates

A lot of times, people tell me that I'm too "nice". I always thought that it was a virtue to be that way. Later in life, I learned that when you're too nice, people tend to take advantage of you which and before you know it, you're doing things that you don't like which could lead you to trouble. Pretty soon jerks like are indulging themselves at your expense. That kind of crap shouldn't go on and we should take a stand against it. I learned that from the song "I Can't Go For That" by Hall and Oates.

One thing that people should learn is when to draw the line of such requests. There are people who are generous to help others. Unfortunately, they sometimes get exploited by those who they help and they get drained in the process. In some cases, even those who we love are the ones who always badger us with unreasonable requests and threaten us in return for our efforts. Situations like that piss me off and I've learned that we should never encouraged the spoiled whims of such indulged ingrates. Because people have hardened their hearts and are no longer willing to go out of their way for others.

If there's anything that I learned about people making unreasonable requests to give them a big slap in the face with reality. Who the heck do they think they are and if they want something, let them do it themselves. Stand your ground and tell them "no". If they give you any lip, give them a piece of your mind and throw them out. Ingrates like that don't deserve any help, especially when you're the one being drained in the process. Screw them and kick them out and later on when everybody else shuts them out, then they'll realize their blunder.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Makes You Tick: Every Little Thing By Jeff Lyn

One of the reasons why I started the 24K blog is because there was a time when all these great tunes flooded the airwaves. Then in a flash, they suddenly disappeared. When I heard about 24K and tuned the radio to the program, all those great songs and memories came back to life in a flash. So when I set this blog up, I wanted to preserve these great hits and remember the times I had while listening to them as well as apply them to my expriences and points of view. A good song that I want 24K to add to their roster about relationships and getting to know more about people is Jeff Lynn's "Every Little Thing".

When it comes to wanting to know people better, this song fits the bill. Nowadays, people don't want to reveal to much of themselves because it is so difficult to trust people. When it comes to people we like, you sometimes get the feeling that there's a large and thick wall between you and that person. If you nothing or too much, you might wind up losing that person. At times like that, you have be very patient if you want to knock those walls down. To do that, you have to ask around and be able to utilize that information wisely if you really want to win that person.

It's not going to be easy but if it your determined, then you'll win in the end. Just remember not force yourself too much or that person might take offense at your actions. Just remember, don't let your emotions get the better of you, because it might just an impulse. It's only through knowing a person thoroughly that will determine if that person is right for you. Take your time and get to know them better and it benefit you in the end.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Never Let Shoot You Down: Never By Heart

One thing that I like about 80's is that they are always upbeat. They have way of shaking you out of a bad funk and inspire to your to get in the game. It's like having someone helping you snap out during a bad time and make you believe that it's possible. I guess that's why there were a lot of people who very confident and very energetic during my time. They were determined to succeed and didn't the naysayers put them down. One song that best describes these successful and determined breed is Heart's song called "Never".

For a restrictive word, this band succeeded in using in a positive manner and it was one of my favorite songs from high school to college. It not only rocks but also tells me that anything is possible if you stop giving up and make dreams come true. When a lot of doubters pour their crap on you, it could really drown you in sorrow which is is something that you should never allow to happen. It teaches me that we should lie to ourselves and we should live the life that we want to live. Go for what you want and never let them shoot you down as the sisters sang which is very good advice.

These I'm taking the advice that this song is trying to convey and that is to go for what I wanted. There'll be a lot of obstacles and a lot of things to learn, but I'm determine to learn all that I can and do things right. It's a bumpy road, but one I'm willing to travel if it's worth it all. This time around, I'm not backing down and I'll try to put to practice the things that I learned. If I hear the word "never", it be never fail and never surrender.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself: Take It Easy By Andy Taylor

The last couple of years sure have taken their toll on me and lately I've been feeling the stress. I guess it's because I worry about a lot of things that it's getting to the point that it's taking it's toll on me physically. Man, how I wish I could turn the clock 25 years back when things were so easy and there wasn't a care in the world. These days, I try to loosen up a bit because I feel that I've beating myself up over nothing. I think I'll take Andy Taylor's advice in his song "Take It Easy".

This song offers some good advice for people who are tightly wound up all the time. I guess the reason why I'm so uptight is because there are so many things that I want to accomplish but I keep hitting a brick wall all the time. When I look at the song and see the video, I have to admit I envy the people there because they don't have anything to worry about. I guess I need to clear my head a bit and get a hold of myself to figure things out. Maybe if I just relax a bit, things might start to pick up.

There are still a lot of things that need to be done around here. Before I resume that, I need to concentrate on what I want to do and find out how to do it. Apart from that I really have to psych myself cause if I really want it, I have to go get it. Before that I need to ease up a bit. Relax and enjoy life a little because we all need a little of that. So for now, I'll just take things easy, but that I still am determine to accomplish what I set out to do.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keep The Dream Alive : Dreams By Van Halen

When I hear kids say what they dream of doing in the future, I always wish them the best. When we were all young, we each had our own dream as to what we want to do with our lives. It's easier said than done, when we get older as we face a lot of obstacles to achieving our goals. Despite all those hurdles, if we are determined enough, then we will achieve our dreams. When I hear Van Halen's song "Dreams", it makes me believe that we can make dreams come true.

Sadly, for me, a lot of things that I wanted to be have all fell apart. Despite all those disappointments, I still believe that something good will come true. This time around I am going to do all that I can to make my dreams a reality. To achieve this, I have to know I what I have to do and the hardships that I will face in order to achieve them. True there will be a lot of criticisms and snide remarks which will bring you down. Instead, disregard the snide remarks and try to use the criticism as a constructive advice to getting what you want.

Listen to those who know and piece together your gameplan to achieving your dreams. More than that, have the courage to implement the plan and try to make flexible to fit the situations which could affect your progress. This time around, I'll do what I can and though, it might be a long climb, but I'm going to start climbing. Everyone deserves to fulfill their dreams. Just have the right plan and the courage to make it happen.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

If GQ and Esquire Made A Video: Avalon By Roxy Music

Man, when I think about the eighties, it was the time things started to be more streamlined and classy. I remember all the GQ and Esquire magazines that my brother would bring home and we'd look over the clothes, especially the jackets and the shoes to see what was in. People back then were starting to get really fashion conscious as they tried to keep up with what was "in". A lot of the trend was more on high class and for the A crowd. When I think about those days, I remember the song "Avalon" by Roxy Music.

If a fashion magazine made a music video, they'd probably use this song. For some reason, everytime, I hear this song, I feel like I'm in one of those high-class environments where everybody wears formal attire while trying their best to look good in it. From my last years in high school to college, I have to admit, I had to attend a lot of functions where I had to be in formal attire. Though I felt very awkward at such occassions, it was kinda neat to dress up good once in a while. Trouble was I was never the kind of person for such a place and it was never my style to keep up with the jonesess.

These days, I just keep it simple and I seldom venture out to such gatherings. With the way things are right now, other people are doing the same. When it comes down to it, I'm just an average joe. Still, being able to look your best and be at such places has its good points such as learning proper manners and how to act properly with other people These are things which brings out the best in you is a skill you'll need in the real world. I just chalk it up to experience.

Friday, July 10, 2009

When Dreams Get To Vivid: Running Down A Dream By Tom Petty

Ever had those times when you're a sleep, you suddenly start dreaming. In that dream, you find yourself so immersed in the situation that you're in, you think it was all real. Then all of a sudden there's a burst of light and the next thing you know is that you better get dress and get to work cause you'll be late. Even though you make it in time, you can still remember the dream or parts of it because it was so vivid. That's the thought that enters my head when I hear the song "Running Down A Dream" by Tom Petty.

Whenever I get into one of those deep dreams, it's kind a freaky how real it can feel, especially the scary ones. It could also be surreal, when you find yourself in a situation where you never thought you would be in. When the dream is good, you'd wish you never wake up and when it's a bad one, you want to open your eyes. Some of the bad ones end without any conclusion really get to me because I wonder if it was real or if it will happen in the future. When that happens, it takes some time for me to shake it off.

A lot of times the vivid ones really get to me cause I can't help but think that it's either trying to tell me something or is it a preview of what the future holds. I'm not a superstitious but when something that deep isn't resolved, it really gets to me. In the meantime, I just go about my daily routine and hope the day ends well. I'll know when I'll be running down a dream again, but if I do, I hope it would be something good this time around.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

When Things Are Just Too Much To Digest: Go Insane By Lindsay Bukingham

Ever get that feeling that too many things are happening at once that you're having a hard time coping with it? These days bad stuff keeps popping up when you already have too much to deal with. It's like opening your closet and everything just spills out and buries you in the process. It's enough to drive even the best of us crazy. Whenever things like this happens, it reminds me of the song "Go Insane" by Lindsay Buckingham.

I agree with the line in the song about two kinds of people as well as the two kinds of troubles in this world. With all the bad things that's been happening lately, I'm surprised that I'm not in the nut house. Going back to the two kinds of people, there are those who fight on and those who break to the pressure. I haven't been much of the former, but I do not want to be the latter. There are still things that I want to do and people I need to look after. If anything, that is what keeps me going.

As hard as life gets, I try hard to stay focus on what is important. I've also seen other people go through tougher times and came out on top in the end. If they can do it, so can I. I just need to do things smarter and be more aggressive. There's something that I'm working on and I'll do my best to make it come true. Either that or go insane and I don't want that to happen, no way!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mirko Crocop/Mad Max And Whatever Your Imagination You To: Wild Boys By Duran Duran

You can every generation has a strange song that stimulates your imagination. With the advent of MTV during my time, you can bet that the interpretation of the song can depend on the video that they made. As the years go by, you can bet that it's getting to a point where sky's the limit. The downside is that the song's meaning get's lost in translation. Duran Duran's song "Wild Boys" is one such example.

I remember when I first heard this song and saw the video, I was thinking that they were trying to put a gothic twist on Mad Max with all that apocalyptic visions and gay dancing demons. This song also reminds me of MMA fighter Mirko Crocop whom I admired at first, but was later disappointed after he tricked the UFC after all the trouble the organization went through to build him up a gain after two bad performances. If anything, he proved that he was not UFC material and he'll never fight in the UFC again. I wonder if Mirko ever knew that this song was mostly played in gay bars in this country.

Well there you have it. What your interpretation of this song is up to you. MMA entrance song, Mad Max remake or simply something that you play in the gay bar. During the band's height, a lot of their songs,including this one was play on and on. It still lives on as Crocop's entrance song and is still probably being played at gay bars around. I leave it up to you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not In The Plan/Resisting The Temptation Caused By The Urge :

A few months ago, I was again ask the question "Why are you still single"? I simply said that it's not in the plan right now. It didn't mean that I wasn't attract to some people whether it was in the past or the present. It's just that there are a lot of things that I need to deal with right now. If I were to get involve in a relationship now, I would bringing more trouble upon myself and others. Curbing the urge reminds me of the song" I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen.

This is one of those songs that when you play it, the wind spreads it around, making it play for a long time. Anyway, when it comes to relationships, it not always about heart. You got to think things through, no matter how passionate you are. Cause if all you're after is a O.N.S., then you might wind up with something that you can't handle. It maybe great for the moment, but in the end its just that: a moment.

I'm not saying that you should give up so easily. If you are committed and you can handle it, then by all means, go for it. If not, better walk away while you still can. Sometimes our urges get the better of us and it often leads to our downfall. Just remember to think things through in these kinds of situations. It'll save you a lot of grief in the end, as if you don't have any already.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Of Failed Dreams And Beautiful Dancers: Mr. Jones By Counting Crows

Just like any other guy, I've had my visits to "red light" bars where you not only get to drink but also enjoy the "sights" as well. However, if you look closely, you would see that everyone there has a story to tell. With every swig of beer or every performance, people are looking for something even if it only lasts until the night ends. Some people get lucky while others keep on trying. When I hear Counting Crow's song "Mr. Jones", it reminds of people who have stories to tell or are just trying to find a way out anyway they can.

This song reminds me of images from a Van Gogh painting that came to life. There's always a reason why people wind up in such a place. For the customers, it might be to get lucky or to just forget while the performers probably are wishing they were somewhere else. The fairytales are probably dreams that went up in smoke and they hope that that by "scoring it" with the dancers can help ease the loneliness. The sad reality is that when you find yourself in such a place, you know you hit rock-bottom. No amount of liquor or beautiful dancers can erase that fact and it really hurts when you're just reduced to wishful thinking.

If there is anything that I learned from this song is that sometimes we need to get away and just pour out our frustrations on what could have been. Yet we should never forget that there are still people other who believe in us and that we can be happy if we try to. A good night in such a place is good once in a while, but it's not the solution. How to be happy is something we figure ourselves. Just try to believe and don't lose faith. Hopefully, the world will turn as King said the movie Platoon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ultimate 24K Song!: Opposites Do Attract By The Allsports Band

Whenever it's 24K Weekend, my ears are glued to the radio and my cellphones loaded with enough credits for all the songs I want to request. Whenever I make a request it is usually the songs that I grew up with and were only played on RT, many of which can no longer be found on a conventional record shop or even the internet. One such that I have always requested stands out as the rarest of the rare. I have to listen to it for without, it's not 24K. That song is "Opposites Do Attract" by the Allsports Band.

Although the band never went further from their self-titled album, this song has been firmly imprinted in my mind like no other. Everytime I request it, it's like a game of hunter and prey as I wait for the song and would listen to it from begining to end. Everytime someone tries to bother me whenever I'm listening to this song, they usually regret it because I really get pissed off when that happens. More importantly although it's about romance, it takes me back to the days when we did everything together and all our friends were here as the party never stops. Only RT plays this song on 24K and they practically own it.

I'll never get tired of this song and even though I now have it (which cost me a king's ransom but was worth the price), I'll still keep on requesting it on 24K because I want to keep the song alive on the airwaves and it's only way that I know how to share it with everyone who listens to the program. If the day comes where I kick the bucket, I want this song to be played on my funeral. It's the ultimate 24K song and the rarest of the rare since no videos were made; it was only play on RT; and cannot be found on the internet. In closing, it's not 24K without this song.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Man That Hurts: Wounded by Honeymoon Suite

As I write this entry, the day is over and the cold air of the night starts to permeate through the room. Everytime the night comes, the memories start flashing through my head like an automatic dvd player. With all the melancholy events that transpired during the last few years, I have to admit my chest feels a little tighter everyday. A lot of times, it was like a blast to the chest whenever bad things happened and before I know it, I'm on the floor, barely breathing. When really bad things happen, it hits you hard really bad like the song "Wounded" by Honeymoon Suite.

Whether it's trouble from within pack, rejection from the outside or a dream going down in flames, it really hits you hard. It gets worse when it was something that you put your whole effort on or when it was something that you wanted so bad. One for sure, even if you are still breathing, it's not an easy thing to recover from. Don't be surprise if such a victim of cruel fate walks around like a zombie and is oblivious to everything and everyone. A cruel blow can really do that to a person and it takes a while to recover from.

In this recent situation, it sure took everyone for a wild and very bad ride. I wonder if the stupid jerk and his cohorts who did this realized what they have done. Just when things have settled down, here comes another chest-blower and boy, it really flew all over the place. So once again we are left with another emotional blowout and we are trying to carry on as best as we can. Now I understand how Micheal Corleone felt when he told Fredo that he broke his heart.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What You Can Achieve With What You Got: One Trick Pony By Paul Simon

A lot of times we take for granted all the things that are at our disposal as well as the talents that we have. When things don't go as planned, we make excuses for why we can't seem to get things right. Yet there are those with very little resources, limited talents or physically or mentally handicapped who succeed in life. More importantly, many of them are happy with what they have and ask for nothing more. Whenever I see how well they accomplish things despite so many obstacles and very little resources, I think of Paul Simon's song "One Trick Pony".

This song reminds of that old lesson that it's not what you got, but how you use them that's important. Seeing a lot of people succeed with much less, I realize that I have all these resources and I haven't used them to their full potential. After talking to a person my friend referred me to, I'm trying to do my best to implement all that she told me. I want to make the most of what I got and use them properly so that they can produce good results. I know it's easier said than done, but if guys with lesser abilities can do it, so can I.

Making the most of what you have is a lesson that I am presently trying to re-learn. I don't to be like those people whine all the time rather than do something to solve the problem. I've been reading a lot of articles, trying to establish contacts and networks and most importantly trying to go beyond my safety zone to achieve results. What I am trying to achieve is not just for me, but for the people around me as well. I just hope this time I'll succeed which is why I'm doing my best to make my dreams come true.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cruising Into The Night: Midnight Blue Lou Gramm

You know if I ever get to have my own car, one of the things that I would like to do is to take it for a spin into the night. Just myself at the wheel, cruising down the road with nothing but the city lights and my 24K collection blasting through the speakers. If there's no rain, I'd open the window and let the cool night wind blow and chill out. Now that's my idea of a road trip. A good song that I would probably play first would be Lou Gramm's song "Midnight Blue".

After a crappy month caused by a bunch of jerks who destroyed the calm of this house, it's really taken a while for things to settle down. Apart from that, these past years have been a bad roller coaster ride of ups and downs (more down than up). I guess that's the reason why I've had night cruising on my mind to forget about all those things, even for a while. The chance to drive and let the wind blow away all these cobwebs sure appealing. Just disappearing into the night to get away from it all and not let anything bother you sure is tempting.

Of course there'll come a time for the ride to end and get yourself back to the grind. Atleast when you're done, you feel much better having left all that crap fly away with the wind. Well right now, I have to settle for approach of the night signaling the end of the day where one just for the sandman's sprinkle and hope for a better day. Hopefully, I get to do that one day when things come together. Till then, I just toughen it out and make through the hard demands of everyday life.

FOREIGNER Midnight Blue

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still Doing Fine: So Far So Good By Sheena Easton

I have to admit that I sound like a parrot when I blog how tough times are and how they're getting tougher everyday. Everytime I go home, I breathe a deep sigh that the day is over. Despite how hard things are all over, I've learned that you shouldn't always dwell on the negative. Even during the lowest of lows, there are some bright spots that shine through. Whenever that happens, I guess there really is a reason to be thankful. The song "So Far, So Good" by Sheena Easton reminds me that things are still okay despite the setbacks.

These last couple of years, I've trying to figure out ways to turn my luck around. A lot of times those attempts have all been a big bust. As I grow older, the urgency to achieve my goals grows heavy inside of me every minute and second of the day. Nevertheless, I'm still thankful that I'm still here and so is my family and despite all troubles, we're out there and we're fighting. Even when things didn't go well, we still manage to smile about it and look forward to tomorrow.

Well, there's still a lot to do and yet my efforts have yet to yield any results. There are some things that I'm still hesitant to do, but they need to be done if I am to make my dreams come true. Still, I got change in my pocket, clothes my back and friends and family. Some people got worse and yet they still manage a smile which inspires me. Well I got long way to go but right now, so far, so good.