Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Keeping My Fingers' Crossed For Something Better: See What Tomorrow Brings By The Archangels

The time is ticking and the days are dropping off one by one.  After being dealt a bad hand last month, we've been sitting around and waiting what the verdict will be.  When the news came down, I felt that the floor that I've been standing on was starting to crumble so this time around, I swore that I'd be more open and consider my options when the envelope is opened.  All this in the hopes that it would lead to a better future.  Hoping for a better future reminds me of the song "See What Tomorrow Brings" by The Archangels.

I've been in this situation before and back then, I didn't handle it right.  As a result, I struggled hard not once but twice.  As much as I wanted things to keep going, it happened again.  This time around, I swore that I would be less stubborn.  I have no choice as I have to make do with what's there and not much to go with.  It doesn't help that this comes at a time when I already have enough to deal with but if that's what I got to do, then that's what I'll do.

Right now I'm just making my preparations and keeping my mind open to whatever options are there.  Too rumors are floating around but I'd rather lay the foundation on what I got to do when the time comes.  All I want is something better after going through all this.  I know it doesn't happen by magic and I have to work hard for it to come true.  Well, I'll just keep my fingers cross and see what tomorrow brings.

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