Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trying To Relax Again Tonight: Keep Same Old Feeling By Willie Boboo

One of the reasons why I've been to jazz again is to try to chill out more.  These last couple of years have left  me so tense that I have the word "worry" written all over my face.  Apart from that, there are little venues where I can find where I can put myself at ease.  Sometimes a good jazz can do that.  That's why I'm listening to Willie Bobo's "Keep Same Old Feeling" as I write this post.

While I'm listening to this song, I try to clear my mind of all the crap that keeps dogging me day in day out.  I try to remember the good old days when we'd laugh at the end of the day.  Think of things that make me smile and goals that I want to achieve.  I know this is only for the moment but let it be a moment that I can savor as well as purge those bad experiences that ruin my day.  It's not much but it helps me face whatever the daily grind brigs my way.

I'm trying to run away from my problems (I'm too old to do that and that won't solve anything).  I'm just saying that I just need some time to chill.  I have to admit I miss that feeling where you don't have to worry and everyday was a breeze.  That's why I'm listening to this song tonight.  I just want to relax and relive that feeling if only for a moment.

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