Friday, June 7, 2013

A Loner At Heart: The Loner By Gary Moore

Whenever someone would ask me how describe myself,  I would always I'm a loner.  I was always the type of person who didn't exactly fit in with others when I was young.  This was because my first exposure to society didn't start well and it took me a long time to get along with others outside my family.  To this day, I still maintain a certain degree of separation from others even though I get along with them.  This is because deep inside I am a loner who still longs to find something that will give me some peace of mind.   That's why for this post, I am using the song "The Loner" by Gary Moore.

Ever since that bad debut into society, I always kept a certain distance from what was going on.  This went so far as not even getting into the "in" stuff that people enjoyed at the time.  I was always selective of the people who I hung around with.  Like me, most of them were lone wolves who wanted to find a place where they can be themselves.  I didn't want to be part of the crowd but to get away from and find that which I can feel I belong in.

To this day, I still have that loner mentality.  Oh I get along bests as I can and do what I have to do because it's part of surviving in this world where no man is an island.  But inside is a restlessness in me that wants to be where I can be with my own kind.  Maybe when I find that which I am looking for, only then will I truly loosen up.   The restlessness in me stills fuels my being a loner because a lot of times no one understands and I doubt if any of them ever will.

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