Monday, June 17, 2013

Really Need Some Quality Time: Time (Time Of The Heart) By Culture Club

With all the bum deals that keeps taking me by surprise .lately, I feel the need to have some quality time for myself.  Lately, I've been alternating from being restless to being beat and worse part about it is that I haven't made use of the time given to me properly.  I guess it's because I haven't found the answers that I need to get things started.   As a result, whether it's a day or month, I still don't feel that it's enough and I'm left feeling restless and tired at the same time.  The need to find quality time and be satisfied about it reminds me of the song "Time (Time Of The Heart)" by Culture Club.

That feeling of being restless and tired at the same time is not a good feeling.  You want to find answers or accomplish something but your body wants to have some time to rest up.  When it doesn't get done, it sure weigh heavily on you especially if it's something that's vital to your everyday needs.  When the days and there are no gains, that's a real bummer.  It's another reminder that you wasted good time over nothing.

Man, I still believe that it's out there.  I wouldn't be wasting my time if it wasn't because I was able to reap the benefits of it before and I believe that I can do it again. With so much at stake, I can't give it up now.  When I do find it and harness it, only then I can truly rest.  Hopefully, I'll really enjoy some quality time.

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