Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Too Many Things In My Mind: Voices Inside My Head By The Police

I remember when I had an activity in a workshop I attended where people would write what they thought of a person's face when they saw them.  Whenever I get piece of paper, it always says that I think too much or I have a worried look on my face.  That was 17 years ago if I had a worried look back then, it's a heck of a lot worse right now.  Lately, I've had so many things in my mind, I don't get any sense of peace day in day out.  That's why I'm using "Voices Inside My Head" by The Police for this post.

These days, I've got the weight of the world hanging on my mind.  There have been a lot of problems that I'm still dealing with in the past and more problems keep coming my way.  The latest one has my livelihood hanging by a thread.  Whether I'm awake or asleep, these problems keep dogging me like voices that won't clam up.  I may look okay on the outside but my mind is so full of these things that I don't what to do.

I just try to deal with it as best as I can.  I am just preparing for the worse as my hopes were dashed last May.  I just hope that when I rise above it, things would get better.  Till then I do what I can and it's not much but it's something.  Hopefully when all is resolved, these voice will stop.

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