Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why We Love The Outlaws: The Outlaw Blues By Peter Fonda

You know every time there's a movie about outlaws or rebels challenging authority, people are quick to watch it. These are the guys who often challenge authority even when the odds are against them. From books to movies, no character gets so much fascination as an outlaw. I guess because they're willing to do things that we are ourselves are afraid of.  When I think about this fascination, the song "The Outlaw Blues" by Peter Fonda comes to mind.

Why do we admire these guys even when what they do is against the law?  It's because despite their unlawful acts, they are not afraid to challenge the establishment.  As blatant as they are, they are willing to keep going when where we are afraid to tread.  Most of all, they do it in style.  Now who wouldn't love that?

I'm not saying that I want to do something reckless or dangerous but when someone has guts to throw down when we don't, it inspires us to do the same.  Those who are afraid simply throw taunts and wait for the opportunity for the guy to fall  just to heap insults on him. When they do that, it only shows how afraid they really are because they can't where these guys can.   In the end, we love because they can and they will even if they lose.

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