Monday, June 24, 2013

Well Another Summer Has Passed: Summer Is Over" By Dusty Springfield

I've been so stressed out lately that it just dawned upon me that it's not as hot as it was two months ago.  Apart from that, when I pass by the local mall, they are now posting sales on school supplies and uniforms while removing all the beach balls and inflatable pools.  It all point to one thing:  Summer is now over.  That means that over hear, apart from getting ready for the rain, half the year is now over.  I guess the song "Summer Is Over" by Dusty Springfield is appropriate for this post.

Once again, I failed to enjoy the summer and instead got a lot whole lot of heat.  It was bad enough that I had a lot of problems to deal with only to find myself in a really bad situation where I and my friends are hanging by a thread.  It was a cruel let down after working so hard and experiencing one disappointment after another.  The long dark shadow casts by that one bad development still hangs heavy as rumors and gossip fill the air and we prepare for the worse.  It's a disappointing verdict but those were the cards we were dealt with.

I don't like dwelling over spilled milk but when the thought of what could have been really cuts like a knife, especially when we thought it was a sure thing.  It was a brutal reminder that you have to expect the unexpected and this was something nobody expected.  Now the air smells of water as the rain starts pouring hard whenever I go home.  After bearing the summer's heat, we now have to deal with both our personal storms and the elemental storm brought about by the rainy season.  The summer's gone and the rainy season is now here so I have to put this pass me and just move on.

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