Saturday, June 1, 2013

It Is How I Feel Lately: Whipping Post By Allman Brothers Band

It's the weekend but I still feel low.  The same anxiety that has hit me two weeks ago continues to haunt me like the grim reaper on a terminally-ill patient.  So far, everything that I banked on went bust as if life forbids me to enjoy any kind of achievement.  When things keep going bad, you feel like you're being whipped all the time.  This is the reason why the song "Whipping Post" by The Allman Brothers comes to mind.

Nothing's been going right for a lot of us lately.  Every time I try to hope for the best, those hopes get shot down like a duck during hunting season.  What I get instead are a ton of problems and the worst part about is it happens when you already have too much to deal with.  Every bad news is like a lash on the back with a whip.  It makes you wonder if anything good will happen at all.

Well, right now I am just taking the bad as well as the good that life throws at me.  With more bad than good, that sure is hard to do.  Still I try my best to keep my head high despite all the disappointments.  Hopefully the day will come when all this bad juju will disappear.  When that happens, I won't be feeling like a whipping post anymore.

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