Thursday, June 13, 2013

Habits That We Want To Break: One Bad Habit By Micheal Franks

Ever had that situation where you make the same mistakes again and again?  You ask yourself why that happens despite every precaution that you make?  One of the reasons why that happens is because of certain habits that you do.  These habits have a way of preventing you from achieving your goals and that's why you have to find a way to break them if you want to succeed.  Wanting to break certain habits that do that reminds me of the song "One Bad Habit": by Micheal Franks.

What are these habits that often keep us from attaining success?  Well they can hesitation and doubt, laziness, negative attitude or refusal to come out of your comfort zone.  We don't want to admit but we all have some habits that often act as a distraction and it could distract us at a time when we least need it.  When it does get the better of us, that's it.  Everything goes down the drain and deep inside you know why that happened.

Our inner demons often produce these habits.  We grapple with them constantly as we make it through the day.  If we want to succeed, we have to break these habits as well as not to give in to our own fears.  It's not easy but if you want to make it happen that's what we need to do.  Habits are hard to break but if the rewards are worth it, do it.

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