Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Remembering The Happy Days Of The Old House: Our Town By Marshall Crenshaw

Last week was very stressful and now I gotta get up early because has started and I wanna beat the traffic.  To add to my woes, the air of uncertainty stills hangs heavily around me as I still don't what awaits us.  I swear, I'm beginning to think life is starting to play jokes on me.  Only the good memories of summers' past give me comfort during these hot months.  Remembering great times I enjoyed as I kid to my early adult years reminds me of Marshall Crenshaw's song "Our Town".

Back then, we always frolic and ran wild in the summer.  The old house was big enough to do anything and there was always  something to do in the summer time.  If we didn't go out, we'd play war day after day.  As we got older, friends would drop by and we'd party till we'd drop.  That was how we would spend the summer year after year.  It was really a blast.

Today is a different story.  The last couple of summers brought a heat of a different kind as problems to pop around this period.  Each really stressed me out to the end of the year.  I really wish I can go back to that time when life was fun but I can't.  The good memories of those summers are all I have left.

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