Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hoping That The Start Of The Day Will Be A Good Day: Come Morning By Grover Washington, Jr.

Lately I haven't been getting a good night's sleep because I tend to linger a little bit too much before I turn in. I'm doing this too often but I do so because I'm trying to find answers to questions that nag me to no end.  Sadly, I keep coming up with nada which adds to the frustration.  I guess this is why I wake up earlier than I should cause I hope that when the day starts, it would lead to something good for a change.  Hoping that the would be good day reminds of Grover Washington, Jr.'s song "Come Morning".

Everyday I try hard to find answers to questions that hang heavy inside me.  Just when I thought I find something that will lead me to the answers I seek, it turns out to be a bust.  As a result, every time I wake up, I always have too things on my mind.  Still, when I see the darkness fade into dawn, it gives me hope that  there is another day and with another chance to find that which I seek.  New day means new hope that I'll find it.

Why do I keep going?  I was able to do it once but something happened and now I'm back to square one.  Still, if I was able to do it before, I am still hopeful that I will do it again.  I just have to keep on going and keep on learning.  Maybe come morning, I might be able to get the answers that I seek.

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