Saturday, June 15, 2013

He Was The Last Of The Tough Dudes: The Last Rebel By Lynyd Skynyrd

In the midst of my melancholy state, I find myself my friend from my high school days who I wrote a couple of posts in my blog.  Man he wasn't cool but he was tough as well.  Yet despite that being cool and tough, he hung around with anyone so long as you proved yourself to be the real deal.  Sometimes I wonder if there any from this generation who would be as tough let alone as cool as he was.  Listening the song "The Last Rebel" by Lynyrd Skynyrd made me ask that question.

 What separates him from other toughies in my batch was he never had to swing his weight around nor did he had to intimidate others just to show that he had guts.  In fact, he was tough without having to act tough and you can feel it coming from a mile away. If a fight erupted, his fist would be the first one in someone's face cause if you want it, you got it. He hated the fact that there were negotiations going on and when it was suppose to be a rumble because it was wasting his time.  He was never one to start a fight but if a fight got started he had your back and that just goes to show how tough he really was.

I still think of him and my other friends fondly and I wonder how they are doing.  I doubt if I would see them in a class reunion because they hated to stand out.  Maybe I'm getting older but when I look at the younger generations, they weren't as tough as that dude let alone the guys before him.  They just act tough and get into trouble but don't know the meaning of what really being cool is all about.  As I look back, I can truly say he was the last rebel that school will ever have.

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