Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Song That Encourages Me To Keep On Trying: Just A Loser By Robert Cray

Lately the problems have been piling up around me one after another and this blog is the only venue where I can vent my frustrations about it.  I can bear if it's just me but lately even people I care about have been having a hard time lately.  Still, that doesn't mean that I'll curl up and hide.  Despite the setbacks and the pile-ups, I am still determine to keep on trying till I get it right. I can Robert Cray's Song "Just A Loser" to that lists of songs about trying again despite repeated failure.

This lasts couple of years have stressed us all out.  The worse part of it all is that problems are getting bigger and more difficult.  As of now, all of us are feeling the pressure and things that we thought would remedy the situation turned out to be a dud.   Still though I haven't gotten it right, I won't quit.  I know the answer is out there so I keep on trying.  This is not only for me but for people around me as well.

You're only a loser if you give up the fight.  No one will call me or anyone around me that.  I know it's easier said than done but there's no other way.  I still believe I can turn things around because I did once and I can do so again. The fact that you're still trying doesn't make you a loser so cheer up and good luck.

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