Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anything To Make A Buck : Opportunities By The Pet Shop Boys

The recent economic recession sure hit people hard all over the world. Due to the financial, people are struggling as how to make ends meet. Some are taking a gamble by going to work overseas, while others are trying to a side line to earn extra income. Desperate times sure breed desperate measures. When I think about all the hard times that we face, I recall that song of the Pet Shop Boys called "Opportunities".

For some reason, I still can't understand the sudden downturn which put us all in this mess. All I know is the hard life has suddenly become harder. People are so desperate that they'll do anything to earn more. It's not that people are getting greedy, it just that they want to maintain that which they worked so hard to build on. The problem is in desperation some people wind up losing more than they gain due to bad financial decisions or money making scams. You really have to be very careful when it comes to money matters since money is so hard to come by now.

Some opted to work at call centers even if the job requires long hours at night. Others just go abroad sacrificing family life just to make more. Others simply cling to what they have. Either way, they'll do anything to get by. I can't blame them because it's felt by everyone everyday. Well good luck to finding something better but remember there's more to life than just money.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Radio Still Rules : Portable Radio By Hall And Oates

Whenever I see all the new technological gadgets that people are using, I really feel old. These new devices way beyond anything that we enjoyed during our time. Today's generation can simply download all the favorite tunes from the net in a snap. Yet there are some songs that you still can't get on the radio and only I few stations play them which is why I still listen to the radio rather than download. The song "Portable Radio" by Hall and Oates, embodies my weekend love affair with radio.

Whenever 99.5 rt's 24K Weekend rolls along, I am practically hooked from morning to night. Texting or calling my requests and playing the waiting game which is part of the thrill when listening to this program. Whether I listen to an MP3 player or a banged up transitor radio, so long as I hear my request from begining to end, it makes my day. Apart from the thrill of playing it on the air, I also get to share it with other people, making it all the more worth while. This is what the weekend is all about: listening to the good hits I grew up with.

Thrill of the waiting and getting it played is always been a thrill for me. The good that I like about today's technology is that I can hear it anywhere I go. Whether I'm at home or out on the road, so long as I hear them, that's good enough. Even in the net, you get to find these rare hits. That's the reason why radio still rules for me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give Back To Nature: Nature's Way By Spirit

With all the talk of sun screen and swimwear, I forgot that that on April we celebrate Earth Day. Although this is the day where we are most active in preserving the environment, it should be practiced the whole year round. These days you don't have to be an environmentalist to realize there's something wrong with the environment. It's quite obvious that the planet aint as fresh as it used. This is what I realize when I listen to the song "Nature's Way" by Spirit.

I have to admit I'm no expert when it comes to conserving the planet's resources, let alone solving pollution. The planet is already telling us that it's having a really hard time supporting us with the disappearance of resources; piles of garbage getting bigger, air becoming less fresh, inconsistent weather and so on. Sometimes we brush off such signs as being just a plot in a movie. Sadly, it's happening and it's no science fiction film. It's becoming more and more obvious that we need to change things before it's too late.

It's a good thing that a lot of people are now moving to take action. In my city, Paranaque, we have implemented several ecological projects such waste segregation and river rehabilitation. Not only in my city, but in other places as well are people taking actions. Tree planting, recycling are now are starting to take off. Ordinances promoting healthy lifestyles as well as promotion of alternative fuels are now the talk around the world. It's good that we're starting to set thing right because it's our way of giving back to nature what we have taken in the first place.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Those Really Get Pissed: Digging In The Dirt

So far, so good because there's no uproar that has been occuring lately. Lately, that's the best way to describe a good day. Despite the calm, I can't shake off that paranoid feeling that something bad is going to happen. As a result, I keep myself ready to douse any flame that starts to blaze, but sometimes I too get pissed which is really a bad thing because that's when everything burns. Whenever I listen to the song "Digging In The Dirt" by Peter Gabriel, it reminds me of the times when all hell breaks loose.

This is one of the angriest songs and even angrier videos that I have heard and watched. I can relate with the scene when he was driving and started to smash the windshield due to a mosquito or insect that annoyed him because whenever I drive, there were times when my companions would drive me up the wall. other times when an uproar comes about and you become the target even if you didn't do anything, that really pisses anyone of. Soemtimes when you go home and they drop a bomb at you, it sure ends your day at a bad note. It really gives new meaning the saying "spread your hate around".

True, a lot of times there are valid reasons when people blow their top but sometimes I wish that they would do so constructively. For people who are angry all the time, they should take anger management classes or take anti-stress medications to curb their anger. Physical activity can also do well to cool a person since the stress gets focus on more productive routine. Either way, whenever you get angry please find productive ways to get it out of your system. That way nobody gets pissed as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cool Party Time Music: Late In The Evening By Paul Simon

Well the rain has stopped today and summer heat is on full swing. No doubt, that's good news for those who are partying at the beach. Good music, good booze and good company in the warm summer sun can make anybody's day cool. I'm not s fwurprised when the sun goes down, the real fun begins and it's not just on the beach but every other cool spots that people meet and pary on. When the music plays, the whole place starts to spin. When I hear the song "Late In The Evening Paul Simon.

This is one of my all time favorite party songs. When I watched Paul Simon's concert and he played this song, there's no way you can stop yourself from dancing. This is the type of music that really spreads its magic around everyone in a bar. Whenever I hear this music I see a street full of cool bars and people drinking, laughing and grooving to this awesome tune. Now that's the way to enjoy this song.

I really must thank all those online video sites who posted this song for it is truly a classic. Once again I also thank Chris "The Bliss" who let my brothers record this tune which we immensely enjoyed during our gimick days. I hope that the younger generations enjoy this song as much me, my brothers and my friends did. This song is really a must have not for partying but also for just feeling good and tripping about the good times of the past. Most of all, like a lot of the songs in this blog, I really feel all right when I hear it.

Be Careful Out There: Hot Child In The City By Nick Gilder

With vacation time up, it's no surprise that there are a lot of restless souls looking for action out there. Even with the sudden rain, kids are still determine to find some some gimicks to fill in the summer days. Unfortunately, some of them get into situations that's too much to handle. In some cases, what seems to be an adventure can be disastrous when people don't know what they're getting into. That's the impression I get when I hear the song "Hot Child In The City" by Nick Gilder.

This is one of my favorite songs that I listened to when I was growing up. Though I find a cool tune, it does remind of being careful whenever I go out of some excitement. It's not that I'm paranoid, but some people really don't know what they're getting into when they're all wound up and need some excitement. They think they can handle it, but when the crap hits the fan, that's when regret comes too late. You'll be lucky if you get out of it with just an "I told You So" lecture cause some really get it bad due to a wrong move out there.

I'm not one to be a kill-joy, but please be careful when you go out, especially at night where things can really go wrong. Some people think that they can flaunt it, but in reality, they're just asking for trouble. In some cases, it can really lead to terrible conseaquences which could affect everybody severely. It's okay to venture out and be adventurous, but remember to keep your guard up and cause a commotion. Trouble is easy to find so please for all of those guys with a lot of gimicks planned this summer: Please be careful out there.

Friday, April 24, 2009

When The Good Times Come To An End: Suddenly Last Summer By The Motels

Despite, the freaky rains, to everyone's mind, it's still summer and even if the rain has sent everybody scurrying for shelter, that won't stop them from having fun. I've had my share of good times and bad times during the summer. When things are great, the good times really roll and you're having the time of your life. Then before you know it, the summer's over and it's back to the grim realities of the everyday grind. It'sad when good times don't last long and especially when you haven't had your fill of them yet. Thinking about that reminds of the Motels' song "Suddenly Last Summer".

I can understand why kids go crazy when vacation time because they want to get the most out of those two and a half months alloted to them. After all that studying or even working, we all need some time to enjoy a bit. When we do find something that gives meaning to this period, we want it to last a lifetime. When we really get deep into it, we think that time stops for us. You get that feeling that you don't need anything else for you are now in bliss and wish that it could last forever.

Sadly, like a good dream, there comes a time for it to end. It's getting a rude awakening after savoring a good dream from a deep sleep. As much as it stinks, it's time to move on. Still, we did have some great times and that will always remain in our minds and in our hearts. Even if we didn't get our fill, there's always next summer and that is enough.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bliss Raggae: Dreadlock Holiday By 10cc

This sudden downpour sure has caught everybody by surprise. Just when you're all set for some sun and surf, it start pouring buckets and instead of swimwear, you're reach for your raincoat. This sure is a contradiction in the weather. Despite all this strange developments, it won't stop people from having a good time. One song that would have listen to if it was on a sunny day at the beach would be "Dreadlock Holiday" by 10cc.

Once again I think Chris "The Bliss" for letting my brothers record this cool song. Ironically, we played in Baguio rather than in a beach in Boracay or Puerto Galera. For a good jamming song, it sure talks about the dangers getting involved with the wrong people while on vacation and hating things, but actually loving them. It's really contradictory and complex package rolled in a cool song. I just wished somebody played this during the training seminar that I had a few weeks ago.

This is one of the few raggae songs that's not by Bob Marley that I like. Times like this I really miss those days when we congregated without a care in the world. In my head, I play the song and the images of those good times come to life once more. Chris sure had great taste in music and this was one of them. Thanks man, you and 24k rule!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getaway Song: Escape By Rupert Holmes

I can understand why when summer comes up, people want to loosen up and party out. Daily grinds can really take a lot out of a person, especially when is always A.S.A.P. The fact that the heat starts to swell doesn't really inspire another hard day in a guy. That's when there's a chance to getaway from it all, people will most likely do so. With all this escapist attitude brought about by the summer heat, I think about Rupert Holme's song "Escape" a.k.a. "The Pina Colada song".

Though I'm not one to swim or ride a banana boat, a good hard drink is good enough for me to beat the heat. This is especially true during the hot afternoons where you need not fuss to much. Just sip your drink and enjoy the view as the sun goes down. It gets better when you have friends and some "herbs" to enjoy the atmosphere. With all that in play, there's now you'd remember all that crap that you bolted out from.

Well I had my time in the sun. Right now, I need to focus on some important things which I need to do because I want this to bear good results. For those who are still longing to go, just remember to fix up all the loose ends before doing so. When you have settled everything, then go and enjoy. Just remember to be careful out there. Get the most out of this summer and have fun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When I Was Free To Roam: Romeo's Tune By John Forbert

I' m taking a little time out from writing summer tunes due to this wierd weather development where tbere's rain instead of sunshine. Despite this strange development, I remember a time when I free to go where I wanted to go and do what I wanted to do. Whether it was sun or rain, I always get to roam and hang out which I did every weekend. There were times when I thought those would never end. When I think about those good times, I remember the song "Romeo's Tune" by John Forbert.

Back then, there was not a stressful feeling in my chest and my mind had not a worrisome thought. A chill time kept me relaxed as I hung around any place that I fancied. It matter what I did, just so long as I felt good while doing it. When I finally had my fill of the day, I would just move on out and head home. Man, those were the good old days.

I know I sound monotonous but as I have said time and time, these days are the complete opposite. My mind's so pre-occupied that I can't even relax for just one sec. I just that what I'm working on will bear fruit. That way, some of my current worries will be put to rest. When that day comes, I'll be feeling alright again. Till then, I'll keep working on it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Capturing Memories: Freeze Frame By The JGeils Band

For me, the best years of my life started in 1982 because as brothers we started doing more things together and it was more than they old play time routine. We were more adventurous and the fact that we were all in it, made whatever escapade that we got ourselves into all the more memorable. This was heightened by the fact that we were converted the outside gym into our own private sanctuary. Whenever I think about the crazy times that we did during that period, I'd like to capture every single memory in a frame and gaze at it fondly. Thinking about that reminds me of the song "Freeze Frame" by the JGeils Band.

This was another song that was among the first to be featured in MTV. Is is also one of the songs we frequently played during our gym days. Back then, videos weren't much but the fact that they were translated visually got everyone excited back then. Anyway, when I recall all those crazy times we spent together in that place, I thought the fun would never end. Everyday, there was a party and everyone thought that it would never end. It was really a crazy time to be young.

When I look back, I feel sad that I don't have anything to remind me of those great times. When I see all these high-tech gadgets such as digital cameras, dvds and computer programs, I wish we had such devices back then. That way, we can capture all the good times and preserve it and see it over and over again. Right now I try hard not to forget those good times because there all that I have left of the past. Times like that, it would have been nice to capture every frame of every moment because they are worth their weight in gold.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot Even At Night: In The Heat Of The Night By Brian Adams

problem with the summer season is that whether you stay in or go out, it is HOT!!! You either hang out in the mall or turn up the airconditioner to cool down (especially since you've just drain alot of your leave credits from frolicking in your favorite vacation spot). The trouble with that is that whichever you choose, you'll wind up with a big hole in your wallet since electricity, gas and everything else has skyrocketed. You have to contend with the heat during the day as well as the night. Thinking about this unrelenting heat reminds me of the song "In The Heat Of The Night" by Brian Adams.

With all the problems that we face, the summer sun really has a way of turning up the heat. Even the night doesn't provide relief from the hot weather for the air is hot. When that happens, it's hard to shake off problems that often hound you in the day. Instead of getting a good night's sleep, you wind up tossing and turning as the hot air fills the room and adds more discomfort. You windI up going to kitchen drinking glass after glass of water, hoping to that it will cool you off. Instead, you wind up bloated and still unable to beat the night heat.

I guess summer is really only for the young. I really get a big headache whenever the temperature goes up and to add problems to that really stinks. You sleep with the heat and wake up with it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to cope. There's no escaping the heat whether it's day or night in the summer.

Heat of The Night - Bryan Adams - ดูวิดีโอทั้งหมด กดที่นี่

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Beach Song About An Elusive Girl: Rio By Duran Duran

Boy it's so hot outside that everytime I step out, I feel that I'm melting. Turn on the airconditioner and the electric bill goes up the roof (along with my father's temoer). You know it's ironic that when it gets hot, people go to the beach which is even hotter. Despite the heat, the clear blue water, the white sandy beaches of Boracay and Puerto Galera as well as all the babes who shed their clothes make it all worth while. The hard part is there is a strong possibility that alot of them are taken or worse elusive. Those elusive ones who leave a deep impression of on a guy just like that song "Rio" by Duran Duran.

This song was a hit during my first year in high school which reveals just how old I am. When you're on the beach and spot one that stands above the rest,it's obvious that she's a tall order. To say that you're going to have competition is an understatement. When they walk on the sand, it's like what Y & T said: Poetry in Motion. You also know when they play hard to get when they throw you a look and disappear in the crowd, don't be surprised if you get that lingering feeling of wanting to find her.

I wouldn't be surprised if that happens a lot on the beach. Well if you can't find her, then don't despair. When they say that there plenty of fish in the sea, the same can be said for girls on the beach in summer. Don't limit yourself to one choice cause where you failed in one, you might succeed with another. Just be careful of how you present yourself. Have fun and enjoy the summer heat.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Girl Power In The Summer: Cruel Summer By Bananarama

With summer in full swing, majority of the people are heading out to the beach cool down and party. I remember the stint we had in Puerto Galera during that training seminar that we had and when we went to the main beach, man there were alot of girls in two piece swimsuits. Some had the figure while others simply had the nerve. Either way when women flaunt it, we guys really get hooked to it. I guess I've been away from the beach and it's been a while since I've seen so many wearing such outfits. Remembering those sights and the way they flaunted it reminds me of the song "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama.

First time I started my blog, one of my early entries was Y & T's "Summertime Girls" which reminds me of another reason why men go from the beach apart from cooling off. I'll have to admit alot of those girls on that beach had a lot of confidence to wear such daring outfits in a crowded area. For those who had the body to go with the suit, I tip my hat to them for showing a wondrous vision which takes the pressure away from the usual routine. It was like sit back and enjoy the show. And man, that was good show.

I guess you can say that's one form of girl power. Being able to do that is not very easy given our cultural trait. On that beach however, they were not shy to about their outfits. When you got it, flaunt it. As for us guys, we love it. You go girl cause you got K and power this summer!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Memories Of Summer II: Summer Breeze By Seals And Crofts

This is one of the hottest summer seasons that I have ever experienced. Once you stepped into the airconditioned sanctuary of the office, you don't ever want to venture outside for fear of melting like an ice cube. The best time to step out is when the sun starts to set and breeze cools down. As I have blogged earlier, whenever that happens I just want to sit down somewhere where watch the sun's color change as the cool air washes over me. During that time I just let my mind wander to the good old days when bonds and summer days were fun. When I hear the song "Summer Breeze" by Seals And Crofts, it clearly describes the mood that I feel during that state.

This is definite a good chillout song to beat the summer and once again I thank Chris "The Bliss" for providing my brothers the means to record this song. Whenever the summer afternoons cool down the heat, I play this song and man, it does wonders in taking the stress away. Just close your eyes and let the song carry you to a better place. It gets better with some rum coke or beer and fine "green rolls" to stimulate the imagination. If there's a song that'll take you to never-never land, this is probably it.

These days most of my time is occupied in the daily demands of the office and taking care of things at home. There's not enough time for chilling out as there things and people that need to be attended to. Still, whenever I hear this song and any other 24K hit, I'll be up to the task. It's incredible what good music does for the soul. This song as well as all the great 24K music will always make me feel fine no matter how tough things get.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crazy Summer Antics: Land Down Under By Men At Work

I guess I'm getting older because most of the time, I have a lot of things to do and even more on my mind. When you're young, there are a lot of things you don't think, let alone worry about. When summer sets in, the only thing that's on your mind is what crazy gimick you're going to do next. When came to crazy antics and adventures, we can write volumes about them, both as the five of us, solo or with other of our buddies. When I think about all those crazy times, it reminds of the song "Land Down Under" by Men At Work.

Everytime I hear this song and watch the video, I can't help but reminisce about all those good and crazy times we did together. There was always something to do; somewhere to go and some to see. You can bet everytime something goes down, we either start laughing our heads off or wind unconscious or moaning on the floor. Either way, it always had to do with something crazy and fun You can say it was summer well spent. I guess we sure gave our parents one big headache from our escapades.

Right now, it's all work and responsibilities. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever do another crazy gathering again. More importantly, I hope to hear all of us laughing like there was nothing to worry about. Those days are a distant past now but them alive in my mind and in my heart. Who knows, one day the beer will be flying and everyone will laughing and the feeling will be passed from one to another which is why I wait for that day when I hear the thunder and let the fun begin.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Memories Of Summer: The First Picture Of You By The Lotus Eaters

As I have said earlier, summer isn't always about big splashes in beaches or horse-back riding in Baguio or crazy gimicks. There are times when the suns starts to set and the summer wind starts to cool, I find myself suddenly looking back at the past and thinking of all the the things that have happened in my life. It's like a slide-show if images where you see yourself in your youth in good times and bad times. When they come together, it really hits you and time suddenly stops. It takes a while to come to my senses whenever that happens. One song that reminds me of all those summer memories is the song "The First Picture Of You" by the Lotus Eaters.

I remember they always showed this video back in the summer of 1986. Even when it was still new, I felt sense of nostalgia from listening to it. This was heightened by the fact that a lot of things both good and bad happened that schoolyear. There were hopes and aspirations and lot more disappointments softened by some good times. Those memories still haunt me to this day.

Whenever this gets played, I get the urge to sit outside the garden or look the window and the images from days past stream past my eyes. You can say I'm still a little unsatisfied and unfulfilled since the past has such a hold on me. Be that as it may, there were still some good times that made it worth while. You can't turn back time, but seasons have a way of bringing the past to life. And what I feel when I hear this song play on 24k regardless of the season.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Feel Good Summer/Beach Flick: Rush Hour By Jane Wiedlin

I have to admit when I first heard this song and saw the video, it has been one of my "closet songs" which I don't admit I like but deep down, I do. It's one of those songs that just grows on you and makes you feel good. I guess now that I'm older, I can admit I like it. I just wish that it got played more often in 24K. The song is "Rush Hour" by Jane Wiedlin.

It's ironic that she came out with a really upbeat song right after "Blue Kiss" which had a very melancholic tone. If I were in a mood to take to the beach, this song would have talked me into it. Just like a lot of 24K songs, this one also stops me in my tracks. Better yet, it helps chase the blues away when things don't go well. That's a 24K song in my book.

It's been 23 years and this song still retains it's spell on me. No matter how time goes by, it's still soothes me whenever I get hotheaded. It's really a very catchy tune that never fails to uplift. With the summer season in full swing, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of my batchmates are listening to it now. A good song to beat the heat. It'll always be one of my favorites.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jesus Is Arlight: Jesus Is Just Alright By The Doobie Brothers

Today is Easter Sunday and it not only signifies the end of Lent, but also celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. With his resurrection, he proved that life is eternal and death is just part of crossing over. When I was a kid, I never tire of that religious program where Peter tried to convince the diciples that the Lord has risen and then Jesus suddenly appears before them, showing his wounds as proof that he is no ghost. When he asked for something to eat and they gave him food, I'll never forget the smiles on their faces as the watched Jesus consume the fish they laid before him. When I think about the Resurrection, I want to listen to the Doobie Brothers' hit "Jesus Is Just All Right".

I remember the good old days when it was Easter, this was the first song that we would play. It affirmed that just because we listened to hard rock and metal, it doesn't mean we're either crazy or devil worshippers. The great thing about Jesus is that He mingled with people from all walks of life and everyone was a friend, brother or sister. He neglected no one and wanted salvation for all which we must never forget. More importantly, no it is up to us to spread His word to others.

When it comes to spreading the word part, it doesn't have to be dramatic, rather it's just about doing the right thing both for yourself and others. I'm no pure angel, but it is good to help others every now and then. These days I a lot of people are sluring not only the Church but Jesus Himself, saying that it wasn't true as well always citing the failures and flaws of the Christian faith. For all its mistakes, the Church still has a lot of good and it's sad that people only see its flaws. Well like the song's lyrics my response to that is simply I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY MAY SAY; I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY MAY DO; I DON'T WHAT THEY MAY SAY; JESUS IS JUST ALRIGHT OH YEAH!!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wishing It Didn't Had To Go Down That Way: Could We Start Again Please From Jesus Christ Superstar

When we Christians go through the sober week of Lent, I keep thinking about what our Lord went just to save us from the eternal agony of Hell. It's sucks when people are hung out to dry for screw-ups we made. What's worse is that it took the most innocent and the most holy to bear the awful yoke of sin. A lot of times, I wonder if it didn't have to go that way or better yet if we had learned what He was trying to teach, could it have avoided. That's what I think when I hear the song "Could We Start Again Please" from Jesus Christ Superstar.

I guess when Jesus and the gang started traveling, things were really cool and then came the moment were He had to go through that awful trial to save mankind from sin. I can understand what Peter's feelings when he said that God made his point and wished that it didn't have to be that way. In the end, there was no avoiding it because it was the only way to usher a new begining. That's why I like the part in in the movie "The Passion" where Christ crushed a snake's head after praying. Even if critics said it was overkill, it nevertheless asserted that nothing can keep God from fulfilling his destiny.

These days, critics all are trying to attack the truth of the Church's teachings about Christ with some going far as saying he didn't die on the cross. To make it worse, some people make movies about clergy hitmen who kill to protect it's teachings which is crap in my view. I'm not a perfect person, let alone a perfect Christian, but I know if these jerks can crank up the devil, then there's still a God and He's up there watching us. Only in the end, will the truth be revealed to us all. In the end, I remember what FBI agent Scully said about God making a show and not even the devil can make it rain so what will be will be.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Everyday With The Lord: Day By Day By The Fifth Dimension

Right now it's Good Friday and on this day, we really should focuse on God's suffering and death on the cross. Even though it's not Lenten Season, we should always keep God inside us. Not just during religious festivities, but even in the ordinary days when we need him most. Apart from that, we should do our best to understand his teachings and by doing understand them more clearly, but to appreaciate his concerns more deeply. That's the feeling I get when I hear the song "Day By Day" by The Fifth Dimension.

The first time I heard this song I was hooked. It was just an expression of faith, but for some reason it makes me feel good as well as strenghtens my faith. I really get to appreaciate my faith a little more thanks to this song. It feels that the day will be good and we should always dedicate what we do on that day to the Good Lord. Even when the day didn't so well, this song still reassures me that God is still there.

I have to admit there was a time when things were so bad that I lost my faith. After recovering from those tough times, I realize that I was wrong to do so. I'm still prone to making mistakes and losing it every now and then. Though I admit, I'm not perfect I don't want to loose sight of my faith anymore, especially now that things are always bad. I do know things will get better because He's there. Knowing that He is there is and that's what matters the most.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What We Need To Focus On Lent: My Sweet Lord By George Harrison

Although it's now summer and everyone is breaking out their swim gear and party essentials, let's not forget that today is Maundy Thursday which is the high point of Holy Week. At this time, let's not forget to reflect on the Good Lord's teachings and sacrifice. Now I'm no angel or saint, but I have to admit there are times when we should do a little sacrifice and reflect on reflect on the last days of our Lord Jesus Christ here on earth. It won't hurt to renew our faith during these very sacred days. Whenever the Holy Week kicks off, I feel like listening to the song "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison.

Nobody's perfect but there are times when we do want to have some time with the Big Guy and this is the perfect period for it. Though I'm not that deeply in the faith, I feel that during this time, there's a need for everything to stop and reflect and meditate. Even when you're on your favorite vacation spot, it doesn't hurt to pause a bit and pray or visit a church for a while. Although I still admit that I do make a lot of mistakes and have had doubts every now and then, I admit there are times when going to Church does me good. There was a time when I did lose my faith and I don't want that to happen again.

I have nothing against people who want to go on vacation during this sacred week. Just remember to give the Man His due by setting even a little time with him. I don't want to sound like a preacher or a self-righteous lout, but these days, a lot of people tend to forget about that. Sure go ahead and have some fun because we all deserve some Rn'R this summer. Just don't forget what the Big Guy did for us.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A More Sober Summer Mood: Summertime By Janis Joplin

Right now, everybody is in an upbeat mood because everyone's punched out and it's off to your favorite getaway for the summer. The vacation leaves' have been approved and filed and the party begins. Right now, I'm in a more sober mood, mainly because tomorrow is the high point of the Lenten season. A lot of times when that time comes up in the summer, I tend to be more reflective and though I'm not deeply religious like my parents, there's something about this period where there is a need to pause look inward. Everytime I do that, memories and images from the past would start to flash through my head. One song that brings the past in my head is Janis Joplin's song "Summertime".

This is one of those songs that you have to listen to by yourself and whether yourfield or by the seashore, the intensity of songs emotion really get to you. A little booze or some herbs really put your emotions at ease when the memories tend to overwhelm you when listening to this song. You're gonna need it when the emotions from those memories start to get to you. When they come alive only to disappear again, it really hurts. All your left with is that empty, lomging feeling of what could have been while the past just blows away with the cool summer wind.

A lot of times, I find myself looking back at the past during the summer. This happens when I need to just sit down and take stock of things. In short, some chillout time. When the summerwind comes blowing, it really awakens alot of intense memories of good and bad times that left a mark on me. Atleast, I there was some good even during the bad times which is just as well in the summertime.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vacation Time's Here: Vacation By The Go-Gos

As I have blogged earlier, I just came back from a training seminar held at Puerto Galera. Since there were a lot of changes that happened this year, I felt that I should since it's about keeping the team together. Although I've said many times that I'm no fan of the beach, I didn't want to let my officemates down and thought it would be a learning experience for me. Besides, I didn't want to dampen my friends' excitement about the trip because aside from getting to know each other better, it's a chance to leave all that office baggage behind. Thinking about what happened reminds me of the Go-Gos' song "Vacation".

I had to admit that I was making an early Lenten sacrifice, since I never liked the beach, let alone, walking around in swimming trunks for all to see. I felt like Dexter Morgan in the episode where they were all dancing and he felt very uncomfortable. Yet when I saw the smiles and heard the laughter of my co-workers, I couldn't let them down. Somehow I manage to just stay ashore watch them splash about the salty water. Oh well, atleast there was alot of booze and that was enough for me.

In the end, I manage to live through it and although I didn't swim, I was able to do my part during the seminar and that was enough. When I came home, I was beat and slept the rest of day off. I guess the important part is that I did my share though I don't know what the next seminar will bring. Oh well atleast my friends enjoyed themselves and that is what's important. It's the closest thing to a vacation that we'll ever get.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Time For Some Sun: Mexico By Firefall

Well summer is already here and stepping out of an airconditioned room means you're toast. Once again I reiterate that I'm not a sun person and that's ironic being born in a tropical climate and the only I liked about summer back then was that it was vacation time. Yet as I blog, a lot of people are now heading out to the beach and getting themselves some sun and partying themselves away. A lot of people have already left town and are now living it up mostly at the beaches either at Puerto Galera or preferably at Boracay. When I think people heading to the beach after the holiday cold, the song "Mexico" by Firefall comes to mind.

Although I pefer the cold weather, I can understand why people are crazy about the beach. With all the water, good food, booze, other parapharnalia and of course the girls. It's the only place where you get and wet at the same time and if you're lucky, meet some interesting people along the way. If you're in an introverted mood, a walk in the shore with some fine herbs and booze will do you good. That part about beaches, I do like.

Well, whether you go to the beach or head to Baguio or Antipolo, just be careful while you'e out there. Live it up while you still can. Just remember to keep your head on your shoulders no matter how wild things get. The whole point is to relax and enjoy yourself. So order that pinacolada, meet those senoritas and throw those worries away because it's summer.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Summer!!!: The Heat Is On By Glenn Frey

As I said a while back, I've returned from a training seminar in Puerto Galera where all my co-workers swam till they dropped. When you're in one of the best beaches in the country at the onset of summer, it's time to break out the trunks and sunbloc. Even when we made our way home, the highway was filled with vehicles obviously going to the beach and some of my friends talked about going back after getting their productivity pay. It's always like that when the temperature rises and the holidays from work drive people to take a splash. One of the songs that best describes this craze is "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey.

This was a soundtrack from the first Beverly Hills Cop movie which is still the best. Whenever I hear this song, the things that comes to mind are swimsuit clad girls and the usual family outing to beat the heat. I'm not surprised if a lot of people have already filed their vacation leave ahead to make sure it's all systems go for the summer. Others manage to squeeze a little r n'r to fit their busy work schedules. Either way, F-U-N is on the mind of every individual as they make the most out the time that they have in the sun and shore.

I guess I outgrew my infatuation with the beach a long time ago. Still, it's good to see people enjoy themselves in the shore doing anything from swimming, beach volleyball, surfing, banana boat riding and trying to pick people up. Well, for those who are either making their way or are now enjoying themselves, make the best of it. Just be careful while you're there and remember the whole point is to enjoy the season. Paty up for the heat is on!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time To Shine This Summer: Find A Place In The Sun By Pablo Cruise

Well classes are over and that means the heat is on because summer is now upon us. As I was driving back home I noticed that all the expressways are packed with cars loaded with families and luggage. No doubt, many of them are headed for the beach to soak up some sun and sea water. Now as I have said many times, I'm not a beach person and being a Filipino, I know that's quite a surprise since I prefer the concrete of the city to the sands of the beach. Still, this is the time where everyone, especially the young wants to stand out and do something memorable. One of the best songs that I can think of that describes is Publo Cruise's "Find A Place In The Sun".

This song really tells you to do something great in this two months of sweltering heat. Even if it's not summer, I like this song because of its upbeat and inspiring tone. Best time to listen is with the gang all gathered at the beach shore with alcohol and herbs galore partying out and enjoying the sights as the cheerful spread all around group. From noon till dawn, the party rolls on.

I'm not surprised if even the most grumpy and boring guy might find himself dancing to this tune even if he ore she is not under the influence. Well, if you're heading to the beach, make sure you bring all the essentials, especially for the score. Go out and find an adventure cause now is the time to make your mark. Just remember be careful and don't loose your head. Happy summer everyone!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Vacation Time/Bad Bonfire Idea: School's Out By Alice Cooper

Before I start, I would like to apologize for not putting in new entries in my blog because I had to attend a training seminar for the past three days. Anyway, summer is already here and I'm not surprised if last Friday, kids are already stampeding out of their classrooms and tossing their books in the air and writing goodbye notes on their friends' uniform. I would caution them not to throw their notes away because they're still gonna need it, not just in school but when it comes time to look for work. I learned that the hard way back in the summer of 1980. When that comes to mind, I remember the song "School's Out" by Alice Cooper.

I remember the schoolyear has just and ended summer vacation has begun. Just like the song, we were wild with joy because we didn't have to wake up early or study for the next two and a half months. As a way to mark the start of summer, my brothers and I started a bonfire with all our notebooks and scratch notes and we were wildly cheering that we're again. However, when the next schoolyear came by, we found out too late that the notes we burned were the key to understanding some of the subjects during that schoolyear. Needless to say, now we didn't have any references to fall back to and things got pretty tough for a while. So goes the old saying that regrets are usually found at the end and when that happens, it too late.

My advice to all those kids who are now starting their vacation is to keep those notes intact. Believe me because not only do you have references to fall back on, but those questions are kind companies give for an entrance exam for applicants. If you keep them, it will come in handy. Don't do what we did during that time. You'll really regret it because it's proof that learning never stops at the classroom.