Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Most Pleasant Wait: Little Darling I Want You By The Doobie Brothers

I remember the first time someone caught my fancy. I was waiting for my ride home and it was getting late. I was tired from Karate practice and the only thing I wanted was to go home, take a shower and have beer. All of a sudden, she popped out of nowhere and it seemed that she too was waiting for her ride. All of sudden, waiting for my ride home wasn't so bad after all. Remembering the high I felt with her reminded of the song "Little Darling" by The Doobie Brothers.

With nothing to do, we started talking as we waited for our respected rides to come for us. She was so cheerful and that she made me forget about my impatience of waiting for my car to arrive. The longer we talked, the more I wished to prolong the moment. Sadly all good things come to end. Her car arrived and in few minutes, so did mine. For the first time in my life, I wish I could have stayed longer.

As I got back home, I could still feel the excitement of that moment. It was the first time a had a fruitful conversation with someone and yes you can say Cupid had playful moment for me that time. Even though I am and still prefer to stay single, that day has a special place in my heart and I still think about that girl cause she helped ease the agony of waiting. It turned an annoying situation into a pleasant encounter. When you have someone to wait with you, it is the most pleasant wait you could ever have.

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