Monday, February 27, 2012

Remembering Someone Special/Lack Of Closure: Letters To Elise By The Cure

As February is now at its last days,, I sometimes remember a lot of lost loves that could have been and the one in particular that I keep remembering concerns my first post. Whenever the summer is fast approaching, memories of her start haunting me. I guess it's because the last time I saw was my college graduation where I watched her from a far. There were just too many things that weren't resolved and I really we had a proper parting before going our separate ways. Whenever I think about her and that lack of closure, I think of the song "Letters To Elise" by The Cure.

I guess the reason why I keep remembering her is because she really made an impression on me. Her smile always brightened up my day because she was always fun to be with. talk to and be with. That's why it hurt me when she suddenly became distant. I was wondering if I had done something wrong to upset her and I still wonder to this day. I think of her so much that she became the topic of my first post on my blog.

Well, as they say yesterday is gone and I can't keep dwelling on the past. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her and I wish things turned out differently. Alas, what's done is done and all I can do is wish her well. I do so hope that she is happy out there even if she's with someone else. Still, if only we had some closure to really close this chapter that continues to haunt me to this day.

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