Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Staying Upbeat Even Though It's Raining: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head By BJ Thomas

Though it's a bit hot in the morning, don't be fooled.  After lunch, the clouds start to turn dark grey and a rumbling sound coupled with a scent of water in the wind fills the air.  Before you know it, it starts pouring buckets as the rainy season has finally arrived.  It's a downer especially when you got a lot on your mind and no money in your pockets but it won't stop from being hopeful.  Staying during the rainy season reminds me of the song "Raindrops Are Falling On My Head" by B.J. Thomas.

This was taken from the soundtrack of the movie "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid" during famous bike scene.  Going back to the rainy season, it could be a hassle when you have to commute to work most of the time logging around your rain gear and trying not to get wet.  Apart from that, you got problems at home and at work hanging on your head.  Still, you have to set that aside and concentrate on what needs to be and what you can do.  Rain or shine, it'll always be with you but if you hang it there, it will eventually it will be resolved.

Well it's starting to pour again and I try to get a ride as quickly as I can.  Though, my coat, trousers and shoes are soaked, I'm sweating inside cause of thickness of my clothing.  Another hard as ended and the only difference is that I come home wet instead of sweaty.  Still, I made it through and am still hopeful that something good will happen if I keep on trying.  Not even the rain can prevent me from doing that.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why We Love The Outlaws: The Outlaw Blues By Peter Fonda

You know every time there's a movie about outlaws or rebels challenging authority, people are quick to watch it. These are the guys who often challenge authority even when the odds are against them. From books to movies, no character gets so much fascination as an outlaw. I guess because they're willing to do things that we are ourselves are afraid of.  When I think about this fascination, the song "The Outlaw Blues" by Peter Fonda comes to mind.

Why do we admire these guys even when what they do is against the law?  It's because despite their unlawful acts, they are not afraid to challenge the establishment.  As blatant as they are, they are willing to keep going when where we are afraid to tread.  Most of all, they do it in style.  Now who wouldn't love that?

I'm not saying that I want to do something reckless or dangerous but when someone has guts to throw down when we don't, it inspires us to do the same.  Those who are afraid simply throw taunts and wait for the opportunity for the guy to fall  just to heap insults on him. When they do that, it only shows how afraid they really are because they can't where these guys can.   In the end, we love because they can and they will even if they lose.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Well Another Summer Has Passed: Summer Is Over" By Dusty Springfield

I've been so stressed out lately that it just dawned upon me that it's not as hot as it was two months ago.  Apart from that, when I pass by the local mall, they are now posting sales on school supplies and uniforms while removing all the beach balls and inflatable pools.  It all point to one thing:  Summer is now over.  That means that over hear, apart from getting ready for the rain, half the year is now over.  I guess the song "Summer Is Over" by Dusty Springfield is appropriate for this post.

Once again, I failed to enjoy the summer and instead got a lot whole lot of heat.  It was bad enough that I had a lot of problems to deal with only to find myself in a really bad situation where I and my friends are hanging by a thread.  It was a cruel let down after working so hard and experiencing one disappointment after another.  The long dark shadow casts by that one bad development still hangs heavy as rumors and gossip fill the air and we prepare for the worse.  It's a disappointing verdict but those were the cards we were dealt with.

I don't like dwelling over spilled milk but when the thought of what could have been really cuts like a knife, especially when we thought it was a sure thing.  It was a brutal reminder that you have to expect the unexpected and this was something nobody expected.  Now the air smells of water as the rain starts pouring hard whenever I go home.  After bearing the summer's heat, we now have to deal with both our personal storms and the elemental storm brought about by the rainy season.  The summer's gone and the rainy season is now here so I have to put this pass me and just move on.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

All These Bad News Can Really Drive A Guy Nuts: Delirious By ZZ Top

These days it never fails that something will happen and turn my world upside down.  Whether I do something or not, crap just happens and it's been happening way too frequently.  Too much so that I'm just trying my best to keep up with all this craziness.  Still, getting too much crap isn't good and I am determined to fight through this insanity to make things happen.  Dealing with all these crazy surprises reminds me of the song "Delirious" by ZZ Top.

Every month,  I keep my fingers crossed hoping that something would come out from all this hard work only to come up with nada.  To add insult to injury, it happens when I need it most.  To top it off, some nasty situation comes out of the blue leaving rattled and almost delirious.  It really sucks the life out of me and I am sick of it.

They say, life doesn't give you something thatyou can't handle.  I just wish life would be a bit kinder cause I still have a lot to deal with and it's really killing me.  Well, it's either you beat it or it beats you.  I'm going so that means there's hope.  It drives me crazy something but doesn't stop me as I keep trying till I get it done.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Keeping My Fingers' Crossed For Something Better: See What Tomorrow Brings By The Archangels

The time is ticking and the days are dropping off one by one.  After being dealt a bad hand last month, we've been sitting around and waiting what the verdict will be.  When the news came down, I felt that the floor that I've been standing on was starting to crumble so this time around, I swore that I'd be more open and consider my options when the envelope is opened.  All this in the hopes that it would lead to a better future.  Hoping for a better future reminds me of the song "See What Tomorrow Brings" by The Archangels.

I've been in this situation before and back then, I didn't handle it right.  As a result, I struggled hard not once but twice.  As much as I wanted things to keep going, it happened again.  This time around, I swore that I would be less stubborn.  I have no choice as I have to make do with what's there and not much to go with.  It doesn't help that this comes at a time when I already have enough to deal with but if that's what I got to do, then that's what I'll do.

Right now I'm just making my preparations and keeping my mind open to whatever options are there.  Too rumors are floating around but I'd rather lay the foundation on what I got to do when the time comes.  All I want is something better after going through all this.  I know it doesn't happen by magic and I have to work hard for it to come true.  Well, I'll just keep my fingers cross and see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trying To Relax Again Tonight: Keep Same Old Feeling By Willie Boboo

One of the reasons why I've been to jazz again is to try to chill out more.  These last couple of years have left  me so tense that I have the word "worry" written all over my face.  Apart from that, there are little venues where I can find where I can put myself at ease.  Sometimes a good jazz can do that.  That's why I'm listening to Willie Bobo's "Keep Same Old Feeling" as I write this post.

While I'm listening to this song, I try to clear my mind of all the crap that keeps dogging me day in day out.  I try to remember the good old days when we'd laugh at the end of the day.  Think of things that make me smile and goals that I want to achieve.  I know this is only for the moment but let it be a moment that I can savor as well as purge those bad experiences that ruin my day.  It's not much but it helps me face whatever the daily grind brigs my way.

I'm trying to run away from my problems (I'm too old to do that and that won't solve anything).  I'm just saying that I just need some time to chill.  I have to admit I miss that feeling where you don't have to worry and everyday was a breeze.  That's why I'm listening to this song tonight.  I just want to relax and relive that feeling if only for a moment.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Song About Preparing For The Worst: Worse Comes To Worst By Billy Joel


Nobody's talking about what they intend to do when that bomb went off two weeks ago.  Some are just trying to get by while others are already making their plans or considering their options.  Until we find what the verdict is, I guess anything can happen.  We hoped for the best but now we have to prepare for the worst.  That's why for this post, Billy Joel's song "Worse Comes To Worst" is a good choice for this post.

It's a wicked game of Pascual's Wager where you have try to make the best and safest choice possible.  It's a dark reminder that you have to be prepared for anything.  That's the reason why you need a plan B because you don't what to expect and life doesn't always go the way you want it.  We are now learning it the hard way.  We didn't expect it to happen and now we are scrambling to salvage what we can.

Right now it's a matter of wait and see.  Most of us already have our cards prepared and we are now waiting for the dealer to show his hand.  The waiting is tough and a lot is riding on this gamble.  Whatever happens will happen.  Just be prepared.  That's all you can do when worse comes to worse.